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Re: KDE upgrade questions

> but something must be wrong because in backports there is no new version
> of gnome-volume-manager which depends on hal
This is the stock version and gnome-volume-control isn't being removed because 
of udev or hal. Some kde component is removing it, that's fine with me.

> If if misunderstood something feel free to correct me, but I think there
> must be a newer version of hal.
Not that I can find.



> >Thank you Frank
> >
> >On Tuesday 14 March 2006 10:38 am, Frank Küster wrote:
> >>Kate Draven <borgqueen@earthlink.net> wrote:
> >>>Its seems like a bad idea to have hal, hal device manager. and udev
> >>>removed, or hal, hal device manage and hotplug with a udev upgrade.
> >>
> >>AFAIK, current udev replaces hotplug, and this has nothing to do with
> >>KDE.  The same may be true for hal, but I never installed it.
> >>
> >>Regards, Frank

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