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Re: mysql broken on amd64 ?

* Christian Hammers wrote:
> On 2006-03-06 Norbert Tretkowski wrote:
> > I couldn't test it, because I don't own an AMD64 system. I hope
> > Christian Hammers (maintainer of mysql-dfsg in Debian) can say
> > something about it, I CC'ed him.
> I will try that installing that "horde" thing at home during the
> next days as I have an amd64 there. So far I was not aware that
> MySQL 5.0 has generally problems on amd64 (normally such things get
> reported pretty fast and there will be no 4.1 in the next Debian
> release :))

Did you realize that we were talking about the mysql-dfsg backport
from backports.org? I don't know if the package from unstable is also
affected, probably it's not.


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