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Re: mysql broken on amd64 ?

* Mickael Marchand wrote:
> Mickael Marchand a écrit :
> > I am setting up a new server (actually a 'vserver'), and installed mysql
> > from backports into it.
> > as I am testing our website, I noticed that mysql sometimes get stuck on
> > some queries (like INSERT INTO). It locks down the whole website :/
> > It's not always stuck but sometimes it does. It seems to be quite random.
> > 
> > sadly I can't gdb the server because of the vserver (ptrace is locked).
> > the only thing I can do is to kill -9 mysql's locked thread.
> > (/etc/init.d/mysql stop does not work either)
> > 
> > I will investigate more on monday probably.
> > 
> > has anybody else seen something similar ?
> now I can confirm mysql-server 5.0 is awfully broken on amd64, I've been
> able to reproduce with a real fresh amd64 installation.
> I had to get back to mysql 4.1.
> wanna test ?
> install server 5.0, install horde, try to load horde's mysql script to
> create the database, enjoy the infinite locks on INSERT
> advice : don't use it
> since there is no debug symbols, I can't provide a usefull backtrace sadly.
> I'll try to rebuild with debug enabled some time near.

I couldn't test it, because I don't own an AMD64 system. I hope
Christian Hammers (maintainer of mysql-dfsg in Debian) can say
something about it, I CC'ed him.


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