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Re: Trouble with kernel 2.6.15

Norbert Tretkowski <norbert@tretkowski.de> writes:

> * Emilio Jesús Gallego Arias wrote:
>> I guess the controller goes offline when doing the initrd with
>> yaird, so maybe some sysfs poking by yaird is the cause. This seems
>> very bizarre.
> I just uploaded a backport of klibc and initramfs-tools, could you try
> to rebuilt the initrd with initramfs-tools?

Thanks very much, it's really strange that the controller goes offline
when building an initrd.

I'll try again ASAP, but this is a semi-production server so it may
take a week to reboot it.



p.d: Iván, if you're going to be next to server please reply me in
private so we can reboot it.

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