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Re: pinning and groups of related packages

Am Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2005 21:15 schrieb Norbert Tretkowski:
> * Jason Lunz wrote:
> [...]
> > I'm aware I can use "apt-get -t sarge-backports bogofilter", but the
> > problem there is that it's temporary. So although I can use -t to
> > get apt to prioritize the backports packages the way I want _once_,
> > it won't tell me when there are backports.org upgrades available for
> > those same packages, right?
> Wrong. If you installed a package with 'apt-get -t sarge-backports
> install foo', you'll get updates from backports.org for that package
> with just running 'apt-get upgrade'.
> I couldn't believe it myself, but I tested it last weekend, and it
> worked. :-)

Hello Norbert,

yes, it works the same way when you are mixing etch und sid. As long as the 
version of a package refers to sid it will be updated from sid even when you 
set Default-Release to testing. But when the package migrates to etch before 
there is an update of it in sid, it will not be updated anymore to sid 

Quite handy that is ;-).

Martin Steigerwald

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