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Re: Postfix backport

--On January 3, 2006 8:13:10 AM +0100 Norbert Tretkowski <norbert@tretkowski.de> wrote:

* Michael Loftis wrote:
Manuel <mdltorre@gmail.com> wrote:
> Do I need to add another pin for lsb-base?, do I need to change
> any pin priority?

Yes. But why do you want to use pinning for this?

IMHO this new method, from the standpoint of a user, is much more

Huh? It's easier, because you don't need to touch sources.list if you
want to install a new backport.

Yeah, but then you have to pin multiple entries and make out the dependency tree manually under this new method. Or you don't get any updates. Unless I'm mis-understanding some special behaviour of -t...

And of course, it's _much_ _much_ easier to handle for me, which was
the main reason for switching. :-)

Oh I know that :)

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