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Re: bogofilter-sqlite doesn't work

norbert@tretkowski.de said:
> Humm. I saw that warning when building the package, but it was just a
> warning... if it completely fails, why isn't there an error?

good question.

> I personally only use the -bdb package... I wonder if it's worth to
> add an sqlite backport for bogofilter.

I expressly want to change from -bdb to -sqlite. The -bdb version
recently started saying "bogofilter[32215]: cannot join environment:
Invalid argument". Although it seems to still work, I'd like to fix it.
And fixing it would be the fourth time, I think, where I needed to go
screw around with bdb to keep it happy. Either bdb or bogofilter's usage
of it is very error-prone. (I suspect bdb because of similar rumors about
the reliability of svn's bdb backend).

But I can keep fixing bdb too. or, horrors, actually learn how bdb works
and avoid breaking it in the first place.


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