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Re: bogofilter-sqlite doesn't work

* Jason Lunz wrote:
> the bogofilter-sqlite package is built against sarge's libsqlite3-0
> 3.2.1-1. When you run any of the -sqlite binaries, they say
> "WARNING: please update sqlite to 3.2.6 or newer.". Simple tests
> such as dumping and restoring a wordlist database fail.
> So I suppose the backports bogofilter-sqlite package should be
> either removed or rebuilt against a newer libsqlite3.

Humm. I saw that warning when building the package, but it was just a
warning... if it completely fails, why isn't there an error?

I personally only use the -bdb package... I wonder if it's worth to
add an sqlite backport for bogofilter.


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