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Backports of Asterisk 1.2.1 to sarge


I'm new here.  I've managed to do a quick and dirty backport of the
Asterisk 1.2.1 packages from unstable to sarge (on i386), all that
really was involved was recompiling them (after incrementing the
version number, and putting my name there so things are signed with my
PGP key).  At the moment they've got my odd version numbering on them
(for lack of a proper HOWTO).  Any pointers after this about
submitting them?

The packages (and also apt repository) for the packages is currently at:


There's also an all-in-one tarball with all the packages I built in
it.  Compression didn't yeild any better file size, so it is quite
large (17MB), so please be nice to my uplink. :)


And the source packages, all in one:



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