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Re: bpo, mirrors, lists

* Arnt Karlsen wrote:
> Joerg wrote:
> > So, next point: Mirrors. That???s my part. We already have 2
> > mirrors[1] up and running, and are ready to get more. So if you
> > are a mirror and want to have backports.org please read our little
> > mirror howto[2], which should have any information you need to
> > know.
> ..size plans? I've got 4.1 G in my old mirror box (but only 1.2B
> left space out of 33G for debian i386, and I've been offline these
> last 6 days, so, it's getting tight). ;o)

Growing fast... we have buildds for some archs already, and the amount
of backports is growing too.


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