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bpo, mirrors, lists


To have it not only in a random blog which noone reads:

Following nobse’s news: Yes, it is done, backports.org is running with
the new setup. The inclusion of bpo into the second wanna-build network
is pending, and then the buildds should come up shortly after that.
Should be a matter of only a few days now.

So, next point: Mirrors. That’s my part. We already have 2 mirrors[1] up
and running, and are ready to get more. So if you are a mirror and want
to have backports.org please read our little mirror howto[2], which
should have any information you need to know.

Please: For the sanity of your users: Do not mirror randomly with
cronjobs. We are happy to add you to our mirror network, sending you a
push whenever something changed in the archive, so you only mirror when
it’s really needed. We are updating our archive hourly (whenever there
is something to install), so cronjobs are just always outdated.

And I have just another point: While we were changing backports.org we
changed mailinglists too. lists.backports.org now runs on another
machine. The most visible change there is the webarchive, we are away
from the ugly mailman thing to lurker, which has a much improved[3]
interface. Most interesting part here was to get lurker to run in a
“virtual host” style setup, only showing lists that the current used
host should have, as the machine now hosts two list setups.

[1] http://www.backports.org/backports.org/README.mirrors.html
[2] http://www.backports.org/~joerg/
[3] http://lists.backports.org/lurker/list/backports-users.html

bye Joerg

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