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etckeeper_0.43~bpo50+1_amd64.changes is NEW

(new) etckeeper_0.43~bpo50+1.dsc optional admin
(new) etckeeper_0.43~bpo50+1.tar.gz optional admin
(new) etckeeper_0.43~bpo50+1_all.deb optional admin
store /etc in git, mercurial, bzr or darcs
 The etckeeper program is a tool to let /etc be stored in a git, mercurial,
 bzr or darcs repository. It hooks into APT to automatically commit changes
 made to /etc during package upgrades. It tracks file metadata that version
 control systems do not normally support, but that is important for /etc, such
 as the permissions of /etc/shadow. It's quite modular and configurable, while
 also being simple to use if you understand the basics of working with version
Changes: etckeeper (0.43~bpo50+1) lenny-backports; urgency=low
  * Fix cleanup of /var/cache/etckeeper/packagelist.pre-install after
    an upgrade where no conffiles are changed.
  * Prevent cron job autocommit from happening if pre-install file
    is present, to avoid committing state in the middle of an apt run.
    Closes: #567538
  * Add /etc/webmin/webmin/oscache to ignore list. Closes: #567255
  * Check owner of tty to determine who has su'd to root when committing,
    based on a patch by Jakov Sosic.
  * Add apparmor.d/cache/ to default ignores.
  * Record real committer username in the darcs log, so that the man page
    can say that for every VCS the username is recorded.

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