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Accepted lintian 2.2.18~bpo50+1 (source all)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 11:29:12 +0100
Source: lintian
Binary: lintian
Architecture: source all
Version: 2.2.18~bpo50+1
Distribution: lenny-backports
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Debian Lintian Maintainers <lintian-maint@debian.org>
Changed-By: Joerg Jaspert <joerg@debian.org>
 lintian    - Debian package checker
Closes: 22919 25823 27442 29444 30020 30192 32113 32532 33250 33411 35224 35761 36017 36680 37259 38710 39835 41041 41613 42036 42348 42399 43706 44425 44897 45081 45770 45999 46332 46582 46740 46863 46903 47076 47248 47775 48048 48296 50293 51778 51811 52524 53626 54710 55083 56440 58943 59141 59508 59733 60361 63542 64674 68655 69259 69422 69423 70438 70673 70974 71396 74684 74751 75115 75246 75324 75570 75744 75746 75878 75889 76339 76686 76811 77216 78277 78420 78532 78880 79744 80122 80192 80255 80348 80348 80373 80376 80377 80447 80813 81004 81453 81644 81737 81738 81868 81970 82452 82479 82541 82654 82970 82970 83188 83411 83969 84066 84083 84088 84400 84722 84750 84759 85225 85326 85441 85530 85584 85876 86707 86709 86710 86711 87527 87528 87772 87805 88182 88333 88340 88526 89069 89070 89257 89488 89624 90019 91798 91837 92192 92224 92372 92472 92624 93056 94031 94267 94316 94534 94901 94902 94928 95140 95785 95795 96227 96350 97502 97518 98288 99885 99886 103177 103
 893 103940 104766 106324 107679 107815 107815 108123 109244 109631 109721 109970 109971 110337 110465 110891 110991 111020 111098 111215 111948 112043 112083 112205 113164 113285 113497 114118 114123 114164 114281 114474 114740 115486 115744 116309 116384 116386 116584 117260 118080 118098 118479 118694 118823 118824 119045 119048 119094 119097 119414 119618 119786 120261 122285 122742 122760 122855 123585 126687 127494 129509 129510 129548 129581 129581 129582 130016 131484 131632 131747 133027 135546 136831 138216 139288 145802 146831 147301 148548 149451 149700 150466 153144 154005 157317 157318 157369 157423 157449 157942 157942 159874 160819 161716 161820 162248 164017 164813 165574 166309 166483 167079 168621 169260 169382 169831 169872 170093 170437 170860 170860 171175 171295 171472 171721 171737 171763 172049 172052 172211 172444 172541 173548 173583 173609 173610 173823 174042 174150 174595 174928 174929 175295 175318 175602 175920 176683 176784 176946 177769 17834
 7 178441 179145 179278 179435 179614 180280 180421 181552 181899 182512 183193 183642 184104 184640 184640 184655 184660 184729 185035 185721 185816 185882 186269 187111 187415 188095 188245 189656 189776 190067 190067 190714 190897 192037 192278 192300 193293 193598 194257 194283 194787 195201 196122 197951 197955 198171 198611 198615 198617 199341 199346 199898 199903 200046 200171 200280 200802 201470 202856 202950 203373 203389 203831 204801 205924 205934 206674 207063 207529 208945 210576 212811 214231 214949 215125 215234 215235 216117 216327 216536 217384 218304 218543 222648 225293 225837 226879 229460 230182 231770 231884 232442 232849 232875 233116 233740 234202 234379 234531 234545 234608 234978 235356 235735 236606 236846 239115 240806 242345 242479 242484 242789 244628 244830 245138 245883 246060 246507 247171 247197 247708 247805 248194 248997 249414 249435 250632 251075 251262 252695 253011 253405 253498 253884 254367 254420 254482 254498 255083 255155 255593 
 255595 257503 257650 257898 257904 258604 258815 258824 259109 259227 261435 261602 261603 261890 261891 262649 262749 264218 268077 268688 271014 273309 274286 274832 275124 276504 276945 277393 277441 278290 278513 280080 282030 284662 284728 285152 285335 285419 285471 285540 286681 286842 287209 288287 288568 288634 289723 289773 290505 292055 292981 293296 293443 294409 294661 294894 294926 295072 295093 296233 299792 301056 302196 305173 305575 307639 308569 309203 309220 311471 311786 313118 314187 314879 315538 316523 317049 318104 318110 319212 319370 320382 321135 321139 321206 321564 321650 321750 322241 322244 322288 322291 323053 323098 324121 324255 324673 324944 325225 325372 326643 327859 328612 328612 328850 329170 329458 329953 330025 330548 331672 332400 332770 333311 333736 333955 336700 337034 339360 339750 339829 340222 340856 342707 343865 344266 344269 344421 344609 344899 344928 344998 345005 345487 346335 347169 347510 347999 348380 349272 349273 34
 9614 349616 349616 349792 350228 350653 351324 351624 352606 353294 353659 353770 354890 355032 356051 357433 357541 357636 357838 358523 359178 359646 360214 360216 360217 360227 360534 360711 361601 361644 361986 362145 362566 364297 364330 364521 364943 365030 365041 365452 365466 365503 366104 366233 366481 366531 367324 367327 367534 368206 370720 372190 372748 373668 373767 373918 374167 374314 374399 374878 374899 375246 375318 375479 375638 376030 376109 376119 376184 376596 377141 377182 377392 377616 377654 377740 378054 378055 378088 379176 379558 379749 380286 380399 381180 381485 381800 381965 382327 383203 384219 384476 385178 385833 386014 386798 386968 387269 387357 387360 387845 388786 388824 389070 389615 389960 393975 394104 394419 394720 395028 395468 396278 398670 399245 399392 399456 399525 399714 399857 400338 400342 400957 401046 401070 401442 401881 402319 402662 403515 403553 405840 406349 406731 409099 409104 409108 409109 409122 409131 409138 4100
 42 412406 412577 414237 414964 416140 417067 417067 417912 418105 419446 419461 419847 420077 420160 420465 420526 420558 421011 421549 421549 421995 423096 423171 423229 423519 424164 424746 426469 426628 426950 427577 428403 428681 429528 429840 431259 431395 431545 431629 431844 432268 432959 433411 433516 434744 434978 435963 436058 436180 437463 437707 437925 437959 438202 438203 438602 438860 439508 440825 440830 441636 442709 442711 443827 444336 444355 444642 444642 444651 444651 444661 444889 446768 446796 447257 447718 448207 448652 448677 448783 449257 451668 451689 452215 452216 452316 452336 452804 452839 453177 453302 453416 453417 453779 453931 454238 454239 454358 454516 454518 454688 454723 454730 454790 454790 454941 455211 455732 456286 456318 456405 456515 456582 456629 456802 457067 457219 457501 457513 457523 457527 458036 458074 458164 458376 458596 458742 458785 458831 458896 459042 459252 459254 459293 459502 459509 459514 459787 459851 459871 460168
  460347 460499 460625 460731 460964 460966 461350 461575 461822 461823 461978 461982 462065 462456 462586 462601 462635 463028 463138 463142 463281 463474 463476 464026 464461 464511 464626 464709 464775 464837 464992 465132 465192 465258 466501 466617 466665 466701 466714 466979 467019 467425 467642 468362 468370 468759 468927 469018 469024 469106 469222 469301 469603 469924 469925 470403 470912 471740 471751 471838 471853 471869 472247 472499 472513 472665 472933 473156 473428 473840 474052 474077 474478 475026 475400 476149 476417 476565 476587 476681 477057 477471 477628 478192 478578 479088 479318 479651 480574 480636 480939 481152 481256 481368 481787 481787 482040 482450 482869 483384 483475 483775 483845 484028 484549 484600 485474 485879 485884 485954 486145 486795 487746 487780 488114 488397 488832 489191 489222 489860 490227 490264 490374 491135 491252 491296 491302 491365 491440 491578 491578 491625 491685 492626 492930 493156 493660 493903 493920 493921 494400 4
 94450 494577 494723 494919 495153 495155 495176 495431 495836 496295 496516 496826 496875 497215 497247 497346 497347 497348 497350 497864 497887 498075 498096 498135 498138 498197 498617 498668 498875 498876 498883 498892 498897 498994 499737 499847 500063 500661 500720 501523 501722 503695 504070 504257 505826 505868 506673 506697 506793 507241 507273 507278 507331 507461 507740 507740 507761 507763 507849 507849 508307 508341 509147 509286 509624 510190 510398 510869 510954 510957 511213 511496 511536 511859 512119 512196 512363 512478 512560 512563 512678 512738 513083 513086 513132 513336 513423 513650 513766 513767 513795 513823 513831 513946 513996 514095 514203 514491 514495 514496 514497 514641 514697 514853 514951 515068 515069 515137 515538 515601 515689 515690 515795 515831 515998 516067 516221 516250 516427 516530 516534 516687 516706 516856 517191 517555 517629 517635 517650 517778 517899 518684 518712 518801 518873 518966 519268 519300 520640 521012 521257 521
 595 521621 521782 522384 522527 522530 522623 522643 522660 523001 523352 523408 523708 524228 525005 525133 525280 525484 525997 526019 526435 527363 527843 528003 528377 528744 529457 529924 530008 530565 530622 531164 532013 532158 532394 532508 532550 532837 532838 532892 532984 533116 533202 533571 533618 534134 534139 534141 534212 534218 534234 534276 534326 534486 534580 534640 534684 534942 534942 535308 535432 535566 535582 536397 536404 536405 536434 537207 537606 537607 537608 537737 537768 537969 538055 538716 538929 539403 540348 540425 540594 541119 541143 541144 541372 541744 541977 542046 542072 542389 542584 543259 543262 543641 543779 543781 543873 544004 544221 544277 545219 545430 545716 545781 546404 546641 546927 547345 547555 547631 547670 547773 548210 548218 549596 550924 551051 551134 552013 552526 552707 552729 553207 553262 553264 553469 553487 553697 554393 555278 555320 555617
 lintian (2.2.18~bpo50+1) lenny-backports; urgency=low
   * Backport, no changes needed
 lintian (2.2.18) unstable; urgency=low
   The "synchronize severities with ftpmaster's Lintian checks" release.
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Removed:
       - copyright-lists-upstream-authors-with-dh_make-boilerplate
     + Promoted from experimental:
       - spelling-error-in-binary
       - template-uses-unsplit-choices
   * checks/binaries.desc:
     + [RA] Remove experimental marker on spelling-error-in-binary.  Change
       severity to minor; spelling errors are minor bugs.
     + [RA] library-in-debug-or-profile-should-not-be-stripped,
       binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath, arch-dependent-file-in-usr-share, and
       binary-in-etc, binary-file-compressed-with-upx,
       binary-with-bad-dynamic-table, and embedded-zlib are now
       serious since they can result in ftpmaster rejects.  embedded-zlib,
       missing-dependency-on-libc, and binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath are
       possible rather than certain since overrides are allowed.
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [FL] Avoid various Perl warnings which can be caused by
       completly broken changelog files.
   * checks/conffiles.desc:
     + [RA] file-in-usr-marked-as-conffile is serious (ftpmaster reject).
       Add a Policy reference and improve the description.
     + [RA] non-etc-file-marked-as-conffile is serious/possible rather than
       important/certain (ftpmaster reject unless overridden).
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Say to use (= ${binary:Version}) to fix weak dependencies
       between a library dev package and the shared library.  Thanks,
       Norbert Preining.  (Closes: #548218)
     + [ADB] Fix an uninitialised value warning when processing a
       -dev package which has no Depends: fields.  Thanks, Lucas
     + [RA] build-info-in-binary-control-file-section and
       debian-control-with-duplicate-fields are now serious (ftpmaster
     + [RA] Allow -dev dependencies based on source:Upstream-Version or
       source:Version if the -dev package is architecture: all.  Thanks,
       Mike Hommey.  (Closes: #552729)
   * checks/control-files.desc:
     + [RA] not-allowed-control-file, control-file-has-bad-permissions, and
       control-file-has-bad-owner are now serious (ftpmaster reject).
       Mention that the config control file should also be executable.
   * checks/copyright-file{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Add special exception to no-copyright-file for perl.
       See #522827 for discussion.  (Closes: #553262)
     + [FL] Extend match for exceptions to copyright-refers-to-symlink-license
       to catch more ways to specify Perl's license.  Patch from
       Salvatore Bonaccorso.  (Closes: #549596)
     + [RA] copyright-lists-upstream-authors-with-dh_make-boilerplate
       removed, as some package maintainers prefer to use Author(s) and
       have filled out the copyright file.  (Closes: #553469)
     + [RA] Add additional dh_make template strings to the
       helper-templates-in-copyright check, including the templates for
       upstream author or copyright holder, which effectively replaces
       copyright-lists-upstream-authors-with-dh_make-boilerplate with far
       fewer false positives.
     + [RA] Remove a duplication of the check for "This copyright info was
       automatically extracted from the perl module" by dh-make-perl, and
       ensure that this is copyright-contains-dh-make-perl-boilerplate and
       not helper-templates-in-copyright, since it is lower severity.
     + [RA] copyright-refers-to-old-directory, old-style-copyright-file,
       copyright-refers-to-incorrect-directory, and
       copyright-contains-dh_make-todo-boilerplate are now serious
       (ftpmaster reject).  copyright-contains-dh_make-todo-boilerplate is
       possible (overrides allowed).  Significantly improve the description
       of usr-share-doc-symlink-without-dependency to mention that Lintian
       doesn't look at transitive dependencies, and change to possible.
   * checks/cruft:
     + [FL] Add automake1.11 to list of autotools packages.  Thanks,
       Laurent Bigonville.  (Closes: #551051)
     + [RA] Allow CMakeCache.txt files in the debian directory.  Thanks,
       Aaron M. Ucko.  (Closes: #553264)
   * checks/debconf.desc:
     + [FL] Remove experimental flag from template-uses-unsplit-choices.
       This was only done to not disrupt the lenny freeze.  Thanks,
       Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #553487)
   * checks/description.desc:
     + [RA] Downgrade description-synopsis-might-not-be-phrased-properly to
       minor and fix the cross-reference to point to devref, not Policy.
     + [RA] description-is-dh_make-template is serious (ftpmaster reject).
   * checks/etcfiles.desc:
     + [RA] file-in-etc-not-marked-as-conffile is serious (ftpmaster
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Fix lib-recommends-documentation tag to correctly exclude dev
       and doc packages.  Patch from Stéphane Glondu.  (Closes: #548210)
     + [FL] Allow source formats 3.0 (quilt) and 3.0 (native).
       (Closes: #552707)
     + [RA] Multiple maintainer-* and uploader-* tags for syntax errors or
       localhost addresses are now serious (ftpmaster reject), as are
       section-is-dh_make-template and bad-relation.
   * checks/files.desc:
     + [RA] Add a note to wrong-file-owner-uid-or-gid that it's possible to
       construct a Policy-compliant package that triggers this tag by
       creating users in preinst, and asking package maintainers to file a
       bug against Lintian if they encounter a case where this appears to
       be necessary.
     + [RA] package-contains-ancient-file, package-installs-python-pyc
       symlink-has-too-many-up-segments, and package-contains-info-dir-file
       are now serious (ftpmaster reject).
     + [RA] dir-or-file-in-var-www is now serious/possible (ftpmaster
       reject unless overridden).
     + [RA] dir-or-file-in-{tmp,mnt,opt,srv} are now serious and have the
       proper File Hierarchy Standard cross-references and descriptions.
     + [RA] Don't suggest creating a symlink to the python-feedparser
       library.  Just use the normal Python import mechanism.  Thanks,
       Jakub Wilk.  (Closes: #555617)
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [CW] Add lucid as an allowable distribution for Ubuntu, and remove
   * checks/manpages.desc:
     + [ADB] Mention in the description for manpage-has-errors-from-man
       that Lintian passes "-E UTF-8" to man when running checks.  Thanks,
       Raphaël Hertzog. (Closes: #555320)
     + [RA] Also suppress failures to break lines if the reported line is
       a .UE macro, which marks the end of a block defining a URL.  Thanks,
       Martin Stigge.
   * checks/patch-systems:
     + [RA] Do not issue patch-system-but-no-source-readme for packages in
       3.0 (quilt) format.  Patch from Stéphane Glondu.  (Closes: #553207)
     + [RA] Don't consider the "index <sha1>..<sha1>" line added by git
       diff to be a patch description.  (Closes: #553697)
     + [RA] If a diff outside of the patch system only creates new files
       that can be copied into place by the package build rules, suggest
       just putting them in the debian directory rather than using a patch
       system.  Thanks, Charles Plessy.  (Closes: #550924)
   * checks/rules.desc:
     + [RA] missing-build-dependency is now serious/possible (ftpmaster
       reject unless overridden).
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add some more details to executable-not-elf-or-script about
       possible causes and how to correct them.
     + [RA] Suggest mkfifo in mknod-in-maintainer-script if the script was
       creating a named pipe.
     + [RA] Add rep.  Thanks, Rodrigo Gallardo.  (Closes: #510954)
     + [RA] Add r.  Thanks, Dirk Eddelbuettel.  (Closes: #555278)
     + [RA] Add rackup.  Thanks, Sebastien Delafond.  (Closes: #552013)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [FL] Add /usr/lib/python*/dist-packages to exception list for
       incorrect-libdir-in-la-file.  Thanks, Mathieu Trudel.
       (Closes: #551134)
   * data/changelog-file/ubuntu-dists:
     + [CW] Add lucid as an allowable distribution for Ubuntu, and remove
   * data/doc-base/sections:
     + [FL] Update from doc-base 0.9.5. Adds Typesetting section.
       Thanks Julian Gilbey.  (Closes: #552526)
   * data/fields/architectures:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/fields/perl-provides:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/fields/virtual-packages:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/files/fonts:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Add additional explanation of experimental tags.  Remove the
       comment that pedantic tags are frequently wrong; that's not what
       they're for.  Improve the explanation for -i to not imply that
       everything Lintian finds is a Policy violation.
   * private/refresh-perl-provides:
     + [ADB] Special-case libio-compress-perl; the package contains the
       modules which used to be in libio-compress-* but does not contain
       IO::Compress.  Patch from Niko Tyni.  (Closes: #554393)
 lintian (2.2.17) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Urgency medium to beat libclass-accessor-perl into testing.
   * checks/control-file:
     + [RA] Correctly exclude lib*-dev dependencies on other lib*-dev
       packages that contain a version number.  Thanks, Yves-Alexis Perez.
       (Closes: #547773)
   * debian/control:
     + [RA] Explicitly depend on libclass-accessor-perl, since we use it
       directly.  (libparse-debianchangelog-perl was implicitly ensuring it
       was installed.)
 lintian (2.2.16) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added:
       - dh_undocumented-is-obsolete
       - lib-recommends-documentation
       - weak-library-dev-dependency
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check that -dev packages depend on exactly the same version of
       the shared library package.  (Closes: #537768)
   * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check for use of the obsolete dh_undocumented debhelper
       program.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #541977)
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check for library packages that recommend documentation
       packages.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #527363)
     + [RA] Fix regex for recognizing CVS repositories available via
       anonymous ssh.  Thanks, Thorsten Glaser.  (Closes: #546927)
   * checks/menus{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Exclude examples from documentation that may require doc-base
       registration.  Thanks, Mikhail Gusarov.  (Closes: #547345)
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add /usr/bin/ir as an interpreter provided by the ironruby
       package.  Thanks, Matthias Klose.  (Closes: #547555)
     + [ADB] Fix a typo in the description of example-script-uses-bin-env
       (pth -> path).  Thanks, Jakub Wilk.  (Closes: #547670)
   * lib/Lintian/Output.pm:
     + [ADB] Import Exporter before Class::Accessor to avoid accidentally
       calling Class::Accessor::import().  Thanks, Niko Tyni.
       (Closes: #547631)
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Additional spelling corrections from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Return the count of spelling errors and support suppressing the
       tag by passing undef for the tag name so that the spell checking
       functions can be used to test tag descriptions for spelling errors.
       (Closes: #546641)
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Include all tag types in the qa-list.txt file instead of just
       errors and warnings.  The new order of columns is errors, warnings,
       info tags, pedantic tags, experimental tags, and overridden tags.
 lintian (2.2.15) unstable; urgency=low
   The "BTS cleanup" release.
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added:
       - build-depends-on-non-build-package
       - desktop-entry-limited-to-environments
       - example-interpreter-in-usr-local (pedantic)
       - example-interpreter-not-absolute
       - example-script-without-interpreter
       - example-script-uses-bin-env
       - example-shell-script-fails-syntax-check (pedantic)
       - example-wrong-path-for-interpreter
       - example-unusual-interpreter (pedantic)
       - global-data-in-games-directory
       - init.d-script-does-not-provide-itself
       - init.d-script-possible-missing-stop
       - init.d-script-provides-virtual-facility
       - init.d-script-should-depend-on-virtual-facility
       - init.d-script-starts-in-stop-runlevel
       - ocaml-custom-executable
   * checks/binaries{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add a new check for OCaml bytecode executables.  Patch from
       Stéphane Glondu.  (Closes: #498138)
     + [RA] Allow ldconfig to be statically linked.
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Don't warn about a symlinked changelog file if the version
       contains ubuntu.  Thanks, Benjamin Drung.  (Closes: #536434)
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Moved the essential package list to data/fields.
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Data to read the essential package list.
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [RA] Ignore whitespace when checking debian/compat, since Perl will
       when converting it to a number.  Thanks, Niels Thykier.
       (Closes: #545430)
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Exclude base-files from the needlesly-depends-on-awk tag
       and from the warning about depending on a virtual package without
       a real package for the awk virtual package.
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Data to read the essential package list.
     + [RA] Stop allowing unversioned build dependencies on coreutils.  The
       migration from fileutils is long since finished.
     + [RA] Check for build dependencies on packages that should not be
       used for builds.  (Closes: #540594)
     + [RA] Allow architecture-dependent metapackages, since it can be
       useful for metapackages to change dependencies based on the
       architecture.  Thanks, Vagrant Cascadian.  (Closes: #544004)
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Suppress non-standard-dir-perm for /tmp, /var/tmp, /var/local,
       /var/lock, and /usr/src if they have their normal owner and
       permissions.  This suppresses some Lintian tags for base-files.
     + [RA] Allow base-files to ship /var/backups and /var/local.
     + [RA] Remove swfobject.js from the known packaged Javascript
       libraries.  The version in libjs-yui is old and the new version is
       not packaged.  Thanks, Giuseppe Iuculano.  (Closes: #542046)
     + [RA] Allow t1- and xfonts- as prefixes for font packages since the
       font regex is also looking for Type 1 fonts.  Thanks, Rogério
       Brito.  (Closes: #542389)
     + [RA] Stop looking for *.pcf files outside font packages.  The check
       wasn't triggering since PCF files are always compressed, and the
       situation for PCF font packages is more complex and not suitable for
       the same check.
     + [RA] Add mootools.js to embedded-javascript-library.  Patch from
       Marcelo Jorge Vieira (metal).  (Closes: #545716)
     + [RA] Check for putting data that should be in /usr/share under
       /usr/share/games.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #534486)
   * checks/init.d{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add new checks for starting in runlevels 0 and 6, providing a
       virtual facility, not providing a facility matching the script, not
       depending on a virtual facility, and inconsistent stop runlevels.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #544221)
   * checks/manpages{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Add HTTPS to the list of recognised protocols for URLs in manpages
       which should not cause manpage-has-errors-from-man to be emitted.
       (Closes: #543641)
     + [RA] Document the MANWIDTH variable when running man by hand to
       check for man page errors.  (Closes: #542584)
     + [RA] Adjust the exclusion of pod2man's .IX macro for the new
       output format from groff.
   * checks/menu-format{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add a pointer to desktop-file-validate in many of the tag
       descriptions for desktop tags.  (Closes: #539403)
     + [RA] Mention in the description of desktop-entry-invalid-category
       that whitespace isn't allowed and categories are case-sensitive.
     + [RA] Add a new check for desktop entries that are limited to
       multiple environments.  NotShowIn was probably intended instead.
       Thanks, Andrew Lee.  (Closes: #537737)
   * checks/rules:
     + [RA] Anchor the dh_quilt regex to not trigger on commented-out
       calls.  Patch from Cesare Tirabassi.  (Closes: #543259)
     + [RA] When checking for out-of-order debhelper calls, take into
       account the -p flag and only check within each package.  Thanks,
       Michael Koch.  (Closes: #545219)
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Don't warn about missing dependencies on programs if the
       program invocation is followed by || true.  Thanks, Aurelien Jarno.
       (Closes: #541372)
     + [RA] Permit diversion of a man page as long as the package is
       installing a man page by the same name in the same numeric section,
       even if the specific section is different.  Thanks, Niko Tyni.
       (Closes: #543781)
     + [RA] Check example scripts for most of the same issues as scripts
       elsewhere in the package, but report problems with a different set
       of tags with info or pedantic severity.  Patch from Damyan Ivanov.
       (Closes: #543873)
     + [RA] Add seed.  Thanks, Josselin Mouette.  (Closes: #543779)
     + [RA] Add pike 7.8.  Thanks, Magnus Holmgren.  (Closes: #543262)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [RA] Allow ld.so to be executable.  (Closes: #538716)
   * data/fields/essential:
     + [RA] New list of essential packages.
     + [RA] Add dash.  (Closes: #541744)
     + [RA] Add diffutils and remove diff.  (Closes: #544277)
   * data/fields/no-build-depends:
     + [RA] New list of packages that should not be used as build
       dependencies, currently containing only java-propose-classpath.
       Thanks, Josh Triplett.
   * data/files/fonts:
     + [RA] Refresh and include Type 1 fonts and packages as well.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
     + [RA] Stop looking for the special OCaml symbol.  OCaml custom
       binaries are now detected another way.  Patch from Stéphane Glondu.
   * lib/Lintian/Schedule.pm:
     + [RA] If declining to add a duplicate file to the Lintian check
       schedule, return success to avoid a spurious error message.  Patch
       from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #542072)
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add spelling correction for "aplication."  (Closes: #546404)
   * private/refresh-fonts-data:
     + [RA] To match what checks/files looks for, also look for *.pfb files
       and packages starting with t1-.
   * reporting/{html_reports,templates/clean.tmpl}:
     + [JP] Don't link to full report if the maintainer only has clean
       packages. (Closes: #545781)
 lintian (2.2.14) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Policy 3.8.3" release.
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added:
       - debhelper-overrides-need-versioned-build-depends
       - maintainer-script-modifies-ld-so-conf
       - missing-dependency-on-install-info
       - multiple-distributions-in-changes-file
       - patch-system-but-no-source-readme
       - package-modifies-ld.so-search-path
       - possible-documentation-but-no-doc-base-registration
     + Removed:
       - file-in-usr-something-x11-without-pre-depends
     + Renamed:
       - build-depends-on-x-metapackage => build-depends-on-metapackage
       - depends-on-x-metapackage => depends-on-metapackage
   * checks/changelog-file.desc:
     + [RA] Document the "Old Changelog" way of marking historic changelog
       entries that shouldn't be syntax-checked in the long description for
       syntax-error-in-debian-changelog.  (Closes: #541119)
   * checks/debconf:
     + [CW] Permit Help: in .templates files, which is supported as of
       cdebconf 0.143 and used in the installer.
   * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
     + [CW] Check for the use of debhelper override targets, which require
       debhelper 7.0.50.
     + [RA] Don't warn about recently deprecated debhelper commands in
       possibly optional portions of debian/rules.  (Closes: #537607)
     + [RA] Don't warn about missing build dependencies for commands in
       possibly optional portions of debian/rules.  (Closes: #537608)
   * checks/description:
     + [RA] Decode descriptions from UTF-8 before checking length.  Thanks,
       Charles Plessy.  (Closes: #537207)
     + [RA] Avoid duplicated word false positives from words that contain
       punctuation.  Thanks, Nelson A. de Oliveira.  (Closes: #540348)
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [FL] packages named lib*-camlp4-dev should be in section ocaml
     + [RA] Move debian/rules parsing to check build dependencies to
     + [RA] Allow any package to be in section oldlibs without triggering
       warnings.  Thanks, Rene Engelhard.  (Closes: #537606)
     + [RA] Lower wrong-section-according-to-package-name to possible.
     + [RA] Recognize packages as metapackages even if they contain Lintian
       overrides, thus fixing two packages that added a Lintian override
       for having dependencies only permitted for metapackages, which in
       turn ensures that they keep getting that tag.
     + [RA] Recognize packages as metapackages even if they contain files
       in /usr/share/cdd.
     + [RA] Renamed the tags for depending or build-depending on X
       metapackages to make them generic and load the list of metapackages
       from data/fields/metapackages.  Always consider known metapackages
       to be metapackages for the dependency check.
     + [RA] Don't require a tilde after lp: in bzr URLs.  Thanks, Benjamin
       Drung.  (Closes: #541143)
     + [RA] Fix spelling of xfonts-encodings in the xfont dependency
       exception.  (Closes: #540425)
     + [RA] Allow :ext: CVS repository references if the username looks
       like it won't require autentication.  Thanks, Thorsten Glaser.
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [CW] /var/lock and /var/run are not temporary filesystems in d-i, so
       don't emit errors about their use in udebs.
     + [RA] Warn about packages containing files in /etc/ld.so.conf.d that
       don't appear to be part of libc.  Policy 3.8.3 no longer permits
       modification of ld.so.conf.
     + [RA] Remove the check for x11-common pre-depends before installing
       files in /usr/{include,lib}/X11.  Policy 3.8.3 removes this
   * checks/infofiles{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add missing leading * to example info directory entry.
     + [RA] Check that packages with info files depend on dpkg or
       install-info as recommended by Policy 3.8.3.
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [RA] Expand multiple-distributions-in-changes-file description and
       add a reference to the Policy section.  Change certainty to
       possible, since this may be fine for non-Debian uploads.
   * checks/menus{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add info-level tag for packages with apparent HTML or PDF
       documentation in /usr/share/doc but no doc-base registration.  Based
       on a patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #469018)
   * checks/patch-systems{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check for a patch system in use but no debian/README.source.
       Based on a patch from Jonathan Yu.  (Closes: #537969)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [CW] Don't emit not-using-po-debconf if all templates are marked "for
       internal use".  (Closes: #492626)
   * checks/rules{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Moved checking of build dependencies based on programs invoked
       in debian/rules from checks/fields to here.
     + [RA] Expand Lintian's understanding of which targets are run for the
       clean target to include targets invoked via pattern variable
       expansion.  (Closes: #536405)
     + [RA] Make the handling of make variables as rule names more robust
       and avoid generating invalid regexes.
     + [RA] Packages including /usr/share/mozilla-devscripts makefile
       fragments in debian/rules must Build-Depend on mozilla-devscripts.
       Thanks, Benjamin Drung.  (Closes: #541144)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Fix parsing of dpkg-divert commands diverting a file ending in
       a number, followed by a redirection.  Thanks, Andreas Beckmann.
       (Closes: #534942)
     + [RA] Warn about maintainter scripts that modify /etc/ld.so.conf.
       Policy 3.8.3 no longer permits this.
     + [RA] Avoid command-with-path-in-maintainer-script false positives
       with backtick expressions as arguments to commands.  Thanks, Stefan
       Fritsch.  (Closes: #536397)
   * checks/watch-file:
     + [RA] Fix false positives in debian-watch-file-should-mangle-version
       when an upstream version is specified in the watch file and give the
       line number of mangling issues.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #536404)
   * data/debhelper/*:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/fields/architectures:
     + [RA] Refresh architecture list against dpkg, adding avr32
       and kopensolaris.  (Closes: #538055)
   * data/fields/metapackages:
     + [RA] New file listing known metapackages that should not be used in
       Depends or Build-Depends.
     + [RA] Add mono-complete.  (Closes: #538929)
   * data/fields/virtual-packages:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/files/fonts:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/standards-version/release-dates:
     + [RA] Add the release date for Policy 3.8.3.
   * debian/control:
     + [RA] Update standards version to 3.8.3 (no changes required).
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Enable multiple-distributions-in-changes-file now that Policy
       documents that this does not work with the Debian archive.
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [ADB] Correctly parse Lintian output for pedantic tags.  Thanks, James
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add spelling correction for precedence.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [JP] Accumulate tag-specific statistics in a new variable, and pass it
       to the appropriate templates.
   * reporting/templates/tags{,-severity}.tmpl:
     + [JP] Remove duplicate code to calculate tag statistics.
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Update standards version to 3.8.3.
 lintian (2.2.13) unstable; urgency=low
   The "triggerized install-info" release.
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added:
       - install-info-used-in-maintainer-script
       - package-contains-info-dir-file
     + Removed:
       - info-documents-not-removed
       - install-info-not-called-with-quiet-option
       - missing-comma-after-substvar
       - postrm-calls-install-info
       - preinst-calls-install-info
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Rework missing-separator-between-lines to only include two
       specific package stanzas in the extra tag data and not include
       newlines.  Generalize it to also detect missing commas between
       substvars, replacing missing-comma-after-substvar.
   * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Don't warn about outdated libtool if the package build-depends
       on libtool.  Thanks, Kurt Roeckx.  (Closes: #534134)
     + [RA] Fix typo in *-contains-ht-tags-file description.  Patch from
       Peter Pentchev.  (Closes: #534218)
   * checks/fields:
     + [ADB] If the Debian r-cran makefile include is used in the rules file,
       cdbs, debhelper and r-base-dev are required in Build-Depends.  Thanks,
       Charles Plessy.  (Closes: #534684)
     + [RA] Allow variable settings before ant, dpatch, and dh when
       checking debian/rules for dependencies.  Thanks, Ryan Niebur.
       (Closes: #535432)
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Allow non-core Python packages to install files into
       /usr/lib/python*/dist-packages, the extension location for Python
       2.6 and later.  Thanks, Julian Andres Klode.  (Closes: #534212)
     + [RA] Check for /usr/share/info/dir files included in the package.
       Thanks, Bas Zoetekouw.  (Closes: #535566)
   * checks/infofiles{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Ignore dir files; they're a different error that's now caught
       by checks/files.
     + [RA] Remove all checking of maintainer scripts, since info dir
       entries are now handled with triggers.  Now always warn of info
       files without INFO-DIR-SECTION, even if install-info were called
       with a --section argument.  Warn of info files without a DIR-ENTRY
       section.  Thanks, Raphaël Hertzog.  (Closes: #534640)
     + [RA] Fix a bug in the detection of bad info file extensions that
       missed extensions containing the string "info".
     + [RA] Improve the long descriptions of tags about compression of info
   * checks/init.d:
     + [RA] Take into account dangling symlinks in /etc/init.d.  Patch from
       Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #534139)
     + [RA] Don't require symlink init scripts to be conffiles and realize
       they are included in the package even if the symlink is dangling.
       Thanks, Steve Langasek.  (Closes: #534326)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [RA] Don't warn about hyphens used as minus signs inside draft mode,
       since \- cannot be used there.  Based on a patch by Gennaro Oliva.
       (Closes: #535308)
   * checks/patch-systems:
     + [RA] Don't include the package name as extra data in tags that are
       only issued for source packages.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Lower certainty of read-in-maintainer-script to possible and
       mention false positives.  Thanks, Raphaël Hertzog.  (Closes: #534276)
     + [RA] Allow for output redirection when parsing diversions in
       maintainer scripts.  Thanks, Andreas Beckmann.  (Closes: #534942)
     + [ADB] Detect the use of the "source" bashism when the sourced filename
       contains a tilde or consists of a single character.  Thanks, Raphael
       Geissert and Ryan Niebur.
     + [RA] Avoid a false positive in the bashism check for trap with
       signal numbers when the the trap command contains a number.  Thanks,
       Julien Cristau.  (Closes: #534580)
     + [RA] Check for any maintainer script running install-info, since
       this is now handled with triggers.
   * checks/watch-file:
     + [RA] Use a consistent way of displaying the line number of a problem.
   * collection/strings:
     + [ADB] Handle the fact that, when Lintian is run as root, the output of
       "file" on set[gu]id files may include the fact that they are set[gu]id.
       Thanks, Peter Pentchev.  (Closes: #533618)
   * lib/Read_pkglists.pm:
     + [RA] Increment the package list format and expect the archive area
       as an additional argument.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add changes misspelling.
     + [RA] Fix correction for endianness.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #535582)
     + [RA] Only strip most punctuation from the end of each word, not from
       anywhere in the string.  We don't want to strip the period from
       res.size.  Thanks, Zack Weinberg.  (Closes: #534234)
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [RA] Replace all newlines in tag data with \n, not just the first.
       (Closes: #534141)
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] The archive area may be a comma-separated list of areas.  Patch
       from Raphael Geissert.
   * private/update-coverage:
     + [RA] Provide a breakdown of tags only covered in the legacy test
       suite by test name.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Change area back to section in the loop for generating the
       package index pages to be consistent with the page template.
     + [RA] Allow for multiple archive areas in the front page summary.
     + [RA] Add the archive area to the tag information.
   * reporting/templates/maintainer.tmpl:
     + [RA] Include the archive area in the source package heading if it's
       not main.  Include the archive area in the binary package heading if
       it's different than the source package archive area.
   * unpack/list-{bin,src,udeb}pkg:
     + [RA] Collect information from multiple archive areas and include the
       archive area in the package list.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #516530)
 lintian (2.2.12) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Policy 3.8.2" release.
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added:
       - debug-symbols-directly-in-usr-lib-debug
       - dh_desktop-is-deprecated
       - dh_scrollkeeper-is-deprecated
       - file-in-discouraged-x11-font-directory
       - file-in-unknown-x11-font-directory
       - init.d-script-sourcing-without-test
       - init.d-script-uses-usr-interpreter
       - missing-separator-between-items
       - package-contains-multiple-dpi-fonts
       - package-mixes-misc-and-dpi-fonts
     + Removed:
       - missing-comma-between-items
   * checks/binaries{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Diagnose installing detached debugging symbols directly in
       /usr/lib/debug instead of in an appropriate subdirectory.  Patch
       from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #532394)
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Allow both comma and pipe as valid separators between items when
       detecting whether a separator has been omitted.  As a consequence,
       rename the missing-comma-between-items tag to the more descriptive
       missing-separator-between-items.  Based on a patch by Rafael
       Laboissiere.  (Closes: #533202)
     + [RA] Allow a newline immediately after the field name, since this
       does work with fields that can be wrapped (such as Build-Depends).
       Thanks, Stephane Glondu.  (Closes: #528377)
   * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Issue package-lacks-versioned-build-depends-on-debhelper always
       if the debhelper dependency isn't properly versioned, not just for
       compat levels newer than 5.  (Closes: #522384)
     + [RA] Warn about dh_desktop calls since the command is now
       deprecated.   Thanks, Nelson A. de Oliveira.  (Closes: #531164)
     + [RA] Include the line number in deprecated and obsolete dh_* command
     + [ADB] Warn about dh_scrollkeeper calls since the command is now
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Update source-field-malformed to serious and don't allow
       capital letters in source package names.  Check source package names
       for validity even when checking only source packages to be sure the
       package name is syntactically valid.
     + [RA] Permit quilt in Build-Depends for arch-independent packages if
       dh_quilt_* programs are called in the clean target.  Thanks, Daniel
       Moerner.  (Closes: #528003)
     + [RA] If one of the gnome-pkg-tools makefile fragments is included,
       gnome-pkg-tools is allowed and required in Build-Depends.  Thanks,
       Emilio Pozuelo Monfort.  (Closes: #532892)
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Diagnose files installed into discouraged or unknown
       subdirectories of /usr/share/fonts/X11 per Policy 11.8.5.
     + [RA] Diagnose packages including both 100dpi and 75dpi fonts or
       mixing misc and Xdpi fonts.
   * checks/init.d{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Also check unregistered init scripts for other syntax problems.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Don't think required init.d options are implemented just
       because they occur in a comment.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Diagnose init scripts sourcing /etc/default files without
       checking first whether they're present.  Patch from Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #533571)
     + [RA] Diagnose init scripts that use interpreters in /usr.  Patch
       from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/menus{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Read menu-methods files from the collected location instead of
       the unpacked binary package and change the unpack level of menus to
       1.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Per Policy 3.8.2, read-in-maintainer-script is now of serious
     + [RA] Catch obsolete dpkg checks in more contexts.
     + [RA] Check for invocations of fc-cache in maintainer scripts.
       Thanks, Josselin Mouette.  (Closes: #532984)
     + [RA] Catch more commands with paths in maintainer scripts.  Thanks,
       Raphael Geissert.
   * collection/menu-files{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Collect menu-methods as well as menu files.  Refactor to remove
       code duplication.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * data/standards-version/release-dates:
     + [RA] Add the release date for Policy 3.8.2.
   * debian/control:
     + [RA] Update standards version to 3.8.2 (no changes required).
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Update standards version to 3.8.2.
 lintian (2.2.11) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added:
       - missing-comma-between-items
       - non-conf-file-in-modprobe.d
       - non-free-flash
       - section-area-mismatch
     + Removed:
       - section-category-mismatch
   * checks/binaries{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Extend the description of spelling-error-in-binary to mention
       that misspelt words are always output in lower case, and give some
       suggestions for finding the error oneself.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert
       and Paul Gevers.  (Closes: #526435)
     + [RA] Downgrade certainty of tags for which we recommend overrides.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #530008)
     + [ADB] Don't consider an 64-bit kernel module shipped in a binary
       package for the corresponding 32-bit architecture to be "from other
       architecture".  (Closes: #532013)
     + [ADB] When checking for binaries which define rpaths, don't exclude
       rpaths of /lib and /usr/lib, even if the directory is shipped by the
       package.  (Closes: #532508)
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Refer to main, contrib and non-free as archive areas rather
       than categories.
     + [ADB] Rename section-category-mismatch to section-area-mismatch.
     + [ADB] Update the description of section-area-mismatch to clarify
       that source packages in main may build binary packages in contrib.
     + [RA] Skip duplicate description checks for udeb packages.  Thanks,
       Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #529924)
     + [ADB] Warn about missing spaces between items in a control file which
       have been omitted when spanning the dependency line over multiple
       lines.  Based on a patch by Damyan Ivanov.  (Closes: #516706)
   * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Downgrade certainty of tags for which we recommend overrides.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] When looking for tar errors from dpkg-source, ignore gpgv
       output as well as gpg output.  (Closes: #533116)
   * checks/debhelper.desc:
     + [ADB] Correct Unpack-Level to 1.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Allow python << dependencies without Python-Version if the
       package depends on python-support, which doesn't use the
       Python-Version field.  Adjust the long description of
       old-versioned-python-dependency to make it clearer it only applies
       to python-central.  Thanks, Bernd Zeimetz.  (Closes: #525997)
     + [ADB] Refer to contrib and non-free as "archive areas" rather than
     + [ADB] Accept Architecture fields in .dsc files which contain both
       "all" and one or more binary architectures.  (Closes: #530565)
     + [ADB] If a ruby-pkg-tools make include is used in a rules file,
       require a build-dependency on that package.  Patch by Ryan Niebur.
       (Closes: #532837)
     + [ADB] Replace a misplaced "build-depends" with the correct "depends"
       in the description of the "missing-build-dependency" tag.  Patch by
       Ryan Niebur.  (Closes: #532838)
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Downgrade symlink-has-double-slash and symlink-ends-with-slash
       to minor.  These are violations of a Policy should, but are unlikely
       to cause practical problems.  (Closes: #527843)
     + [RA] Explain in the symlink-contains-spurious-segments description
       that these segments can cause problems in the presence of symlinked
     + [RA] Downgrade certainty of tags for which we recommend overrides.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [ADB] Add a new tag indicating that the filename of a Flash file
       it may be a known non-free file.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #516250)
     + [ADB] Check for files in /etc/modprobe.d with filenames which do not
       end in ".conf".  Based on a patch by Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #521595)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [ADB] Remove support for detecting whether man supports the --warnings
       flag.  The version of man shipped in lenny supports it so the
       compatibility code is no longer required.
   * checks/menu{s,-format}.desc:
     + [ADB] Correct Unpack-Level to 2.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/po-debconf.desc:
     + [ADB] Correct Unpack-Level to 1.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/scripts:
     + [ADB] Do not include an empty alternative in the list of suggested
       dependencies for an interpreter when the interpreter may be
       unversioned but the dependency may not.  For example, pikeX.Y provide
       /usr/bin/pike and /usr/bin/pikeX.Y but there is no "pike" package.
     + [ADB] Add ksh and zsh to the list of packages providing the /bin/ksh
       alternative.  Thanks, Guillaume Delacour.  (Closes: #529457)
     + [ADB] Detect shellscript wrappers which embed a call to "exec" in a
       conditional statement.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
     + [ADB] Fix a syntax error in the shellscript wrapper detection that lead
       to it returning a part of the wrapper script rather than a simple
       success value.
     + [ADB] Remove "\\" from the list of unsafe backslash escapes in the
       shell script checks.  POSIX does not prohibit its use and it works in
       all shells in Debian.
     + [RA] Add escript to the list of known interpreters.  Thanks, Nicholas
       Jefferson.  (Closes: #532158)
   * checks/shared-libs.desc:
     + [RA] Downgrade certainty of tags for which we recommend overrides.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * data/debhelper/{dh_commands,dh_packages,maint_commands}:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.  (Closes: #530622)
   * data/fields/{perl-provides,virtual-packages}:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/files/fonts:
     + [ADB] Refresh against unstable.
   * debian/control:
     + [ADB] Depend on libapt-pkg-perl.
   * debian/rules:
     + [ADB] Re-order the commands in the runtests target so that the
       "new style" testset is run first, as it now also tests the harness.
       Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [ADB] Rename the --section command line option to --area in line
       with Policy's use of the term "archive area" to describe main, etc.
       Also rename the corresponding environment and configuration file
       variables.  In each case, the original name is permitted as a
     + [ADB] Reset the timezone in the environment before running any
       tests so that tar's "implausibly old timestamp" errors use a
       consistent epoch.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * lib/Lintian/*.pm:
     + [ADB] Fix a few errors and add missing example variable declarations
       in POD synopsis example sections.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.
   * lib/Lintian/Relation/Version.pm:
     + [ADB] Rework to use libapt-pkg-perl rather than calling "dpkg
       --compare-versions" repeatedly and keeping a potentially large
       cache of previous results.
   * lib/Lintian/Schedule.pm:
     + [ADB] Correctly display package versions of 0 in status messages.
       (Closes: #532550)
   * lib/scan_script.pl:
     + [RA] Removed.  A start at parsing shell scripts that was never
       finished and wasn't usable in its current form.
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [ADB] Add a number of new corrections from Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #526019)
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [ADB] Document the new --area command line option and update the
       documentation of --section to indiciate that it is deprecated in
       favour of the new option.
   * private/refresh-debhelper-data:
     + [ADB] Update the contents file parsing to handle the fact that
       there are now section names containing hyphens.
     + [ADB] Use LC_ALL=C to preserve sort order regardless of the user's
   * private/refresh-fonts-data:
     + [ADB] Use LC_ALL=C to preserve sort order.
   * private/refresh-perl-provides:
     + [ADB] Special-case libio-compress-zlib-perl to account for the fact
       that it does not contain IO::Compress::Zlib.  Patch by Niko Tyni.
       (Closes: #528744)
   * reporting/config:
     + [ADB] Use $LINTIAN_AREA rather than $LINTIAN_SECTION in the default
       configuration file.
   * reporting/harness:
     + [ADB] Use the new $LINTIAN_AREA variable to determine which packages
       to process.
     + [RA] Include pedantic tags in lintian.log, but don't report them on
       the web site.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [ADB] Use the new $LINTIAN_AREA variable to determine which archive
       area we are generating reports for, and pass it through to templates
       where relevant.
   * reporting/templates/index.tmpl:
     + [ADB] Modify the statistics table to refer to archive area rather
       than section.
   * t/runtests:
     + [ADB] Run the test scripts before all other tests as they now test
       some fundamentals which are required to pass in order for the harness
       itself to work.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Run prove recursively in the scripts directory.
     + [RA] Skip scripts tests if a tag was specified.  Patch from Raphael
   * t/scripts/minimum-version.t:
     + [ADB] New script by Raphael Geissert to ensure that all our scripts
       can run with Perl 5.8.0.
   * t/scripts/needs-info.t:
     + [ADB] Renamed to needs-info-exists.t.
   * t/scripts/needs-info-missing.t:
     + [ADB] New script by Raphael Geissert to check whether scripts using
       Lintian::Collect{,::*} declare the required collection scripts in
   * t/scripts/pod-synopsis.t:
     + [ADB] New script by Raphael Geissert to ensure that example code in
       module's POD synopsis section is valid.
   * t/scripts/{static-lab,tags}.t:
     + [ADB] New test scripts splitting some of the "harness checking" out
       of the runtests script.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.
   * t/scripts/strict.t:
     + [ADB] New script by Raphael Geissert to check that all our scripts
       "use strict".
   * t/scripts/unpack-level.t:
     + [ADB] New script by Raphael Geissert to check that all checks scripts
       declare the correct unpack level.
   * t/scripts/version.t:
     + [ADB] New script to test Lintian::Relation::Version.
   * t/tests/lintian-overrides:
     + [ADB] New testset for the {malformed,unused}-override tags.  Patch by
       Raphael Geissert.
   * unpack/list-{bin,src,udeb}pkg:
     + [ADB] Use the new $LINTIAN_AREA variable to determine which package
       list to read.
 lintian (2.2.10) unstable; urgency=low
   The "do something useful with tar errors, plus bug fixes" release.
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added:
       - ancient-autotools-helper-file
       - tar-errors-from-control
       - tar-errors-from-data
       - tar-errors-from-source
     + Removed:
       - desktop-mimetype-without-update-call
       - package-uses-breaks
   * checks/conffiles:
     + [RA] Fix a false negative in duplicate-conffile by improving
       normalization of conffiles before comparing and restructure the
       check a bit.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Split outdated-autotools-helper-file into ancient- and
       outdated-, preserving the 2004 date for ancient and checking for at
       least June of 2006 for outdated.  The latter is needed for AVR32.
       Thanks, Bradley Smith.  (Closes: #525280)
     + [RA] Set certainty for ancient- and outdated-autotools-helper-file
       to possible instead of certain.  Some packages contain extra copies
       that aren't used during the Debian package build.
     + [RA] Document that cdbs still requires the autotools-dev build
       dependency to update config.{sub,guess} at build time.
     + [RA] Report errors from tar or dpkg-source when listing or unpacking
       the source package, skipping and suppressing some harmless errors.
   * checks/deb-format{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Report tar errors from listing or unpacking the control or data
       members of the package, suppressing uninteresting errors or errors
       that are caught some other way.  (Closes: #367327)
     + [CW] Ubuntu's archive allows packages whose data members are
       compressed with lzma.
   * checks/etcfiles.desc:
     + [RA] Remove unused Needs-Info: etcfiles.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Remove package-uses-breaks.  dpkg in stable now supports it.
       Thanks, Julian Andres Klode.  (Closes: #522660)
     + [RA] Fix Needs-Info.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/files{,.desc}
     + [ADB] Anchor the regular expression for the "gz-file-not-gzip" tag so
       that files with names that contain ".gz" but do not end in that string
       are not flagged.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #523352)
     + [RA] Remove desc for removed possible-name-space-pollution tag.
   * checks/manpages.desc:
     + [RA] Remove desc for removed no-manpage-in-correct-directory tag.
   * checks/menu-format{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Remove desktop-mimetype-without-update-call.  This is now
       handled by triggers.  Thanks, Chow Loong Jin.  (Closes: #525133)
     + [RA] Remove desc for removed menu-item-adds-to-root-menu tag.
   * checks/patch-systems.desc:
     + [RA] Mention that empty dpatch patch lists or quilt series files
       will disappear in a non-native source package and hence produce the
       warning about a missing file.  (Closes: #525005)
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Handle command delimiters, $() expressions, and braces and
       parentheses in the checks for correct diversion handling.  Patch
       from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #523708)
     + [RA] Clarify the php-script-but-no-phpX-cli-dep description to
       explain why it warns about a php4-cli dependency.  (Closes: #525484)
     + [RA] Add jruby1.2 and allow an unversioned jruby reference.  Thanks,
       Sebastien Delafond.  (Closes: #523001)
   * checks/shared-libs{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Strip trailing slashes from the libdir path in *.la files
       before checking it for correctness.  Thanks, Patrick Matthäi.
       (Closes: #524228)
     + [RA] Special-case *.la files for Python modules installed in
       /usr/share/pyshared, since they're moved during install.  Thanks,
       Jonas Smedegaard.  (Closes: #522623)
     + [RA] Requires unpack level 2 to read the *.la files.
   * checks/standards-version.desc:
     + [ADB] Fix a couple of spelling mistakes ("verison" -> "version").
       Thanks, Guillaume Delacour.  (Closes: #522643)
   * collection/file-info:
     + [ADB] Call "file" with "--" to ensure that any filenames in the package
       that start with "-" aren't interpreted as options to "file".  Thanks,
       Trent W. Buck.  (Closes: #523408)
   * collection/strings:
     + [RA] Make strings gathering on ELF binaries robust against file
       names containing "ELF" or a colon.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * doc/desc-files:
     + [ADB] Mention the new Standards-Version field available for tests.
       Patch by Raphael Geissert.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Stop reporting $! when unpack scripts fail.  It will almost
       never contain anything useful.
     + [RA] Move override parsing to the Tags module.  Patch from Raphael
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
     + [CW] Add missing 'use Parse::DebianChangelog'.
   * lib/Lintian/Output.pm:
     + [RA] With --color=html, display the HTML rendering of the long tag
       description rather than the text version and escape HTML
       metacharacters in the tag information.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #522527)
   * lib/Lintian/Relation.pm:
     + [ADB] Fix a spelling mistake ("verison" -> "version").  Thanks,
       Guillaume Delacour.
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add spelling correction for "verison".
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [RA] Add a function to parse overrides, moved from frontend/lintian.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * t/runtests:
     + [ADB] Allow a default Policy version to be specified in template files.
       This avoids the need to update every test each time a new Policy version
       is released, unless one specifically wishes to keep a particular test
       using an older version.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.
     + [ADB] Use extended regular expressions in "post_test" sed scripts.
       Patch by Raphael Geissert.
   * t/tests/README:
     + [ADB] Mention the new Standards-Version field available for tests.
       Patch by Raphael Geissert.
   * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1:
     + [RA] Save control unpack errors in control-errors, control listing
       errors in control-index-errors, and package listing errors in
       index-errors for later processing by deb-format.  (Closes: #522530)
   * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l2:
     + [RA] Save data unpack errors in unpacked-errors for later processing
       by deb-format.
   * unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l1:
     + [RA] Save source listing errors in index-errors for later processing
       by cruft.  Don't fail the unpack if tar exits with non-zero status.
       star-created archives will cause tar to blow up, but the listing
       and unpacking still works.
   * unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l2:
     + [RA] Save source unpack errors in unpacked-errors for later
       processing by cruft.
 lintian (2.2.9) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added:
        - wrong-section-according-to-package-name
        - vcs-field-uses-not-recommended-uri-format
        - vcs-field-uses-unknown-uri-format
     + Removed:
        - dev-package-should-be-section-libdevel
        - doc-package-should-be-section-doc
        - perl-package-should-be-section-perl
        - python-package-should-be-section-python
   * checks/deb-format.desc:
     + [RA] In the tag description, the first required element should be
       debian-binary, not debian-control.  Thanks, Judit Foglszinger.
       (Closes: #521012)
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Update list of valid sections.  (Closes: #521782)
     + [RA] Fix dbg-package-missing-depends check when the dependency is
       followed by a comma.  (Closes: #520640)
     + [FL] Add package name checks for the new sections.  Move all package
       section checks to one tag "wrong-section-according-to-package-name"
       instead of one tag per section.
     + [FL] Add checks for well formatted Vcs-* fields.  (Closes: #517635)
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [CW] Add karmic as an allowable distribution for Ubuntu (thanks, Soren
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Fix a hash collision that could suppress a correct
       remove-of-unknown-diversion tag if the diversion was removed in
       multiple maintainer scripts including postrm.
     + [RA] Handle variables in maintainer scripts when adding and removing
       diversions.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #519268)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [RA] Correctly handle SONAMEs in symbols files that contain regex
       metacharacters like +.  Thanks, Daniel Kobras.  (Closes: #521621)
   * collection/file-info:
     + [RA] Use chomp instead of chop to remove newlines.
     + [RA] Ignore error returns from file.  file returns non-zero if it
       can't parse some files, but the resulting output is still fine for
       Lintian's purposes.  Thanks to Raphael Geissert for the problem
       identification.  (Closes: #521257)
   * data/changelog-file/ubuntu-dists:
     + [CW] Add karmic as an allowable distribution for Ubuntu (thanks, Soren
   * debian/rules:
     + [RA] Remove and recreate debian/tests before runtests or check-tag to
       avoid spurious test failures from lingering old files.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Belatedly bump the lab format version for many recent changes.
   * lib/Lintian/Command.pm:
     + [RA] In kill, initialize the result status and use &&= instead of |=.
       Partly addresses #521257.
   * unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l1:
     + [RA] Better anchor the regexes that parse the file list in a source
 lintian (2.2.8) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Policy 3.8.1" release.
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - dir-or-file-in-var-lock
       - dir-or-file-in-var-run
   * checks/changelog-file.desc:
     + [RA] Using UTF-8 is now a Policy must and hence serious.
   * checks/control-file.desc:
     + [RA] Using UTF-8 is now a Policy must and hence serious.
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [CW] Emit dir-or-file-in-var-lock or dir-or-file-in-var-run, as
       appropriate, for packages shipping directories or files in /var/lock
       or /var/run. See policy bug #514326.
   * checks/menus{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Revert the change to not require update-menus in postinst.
       This is still needed due to #518919.  Don't require update-menus in
       postrm for regular menu files, only for menu-methods, but also don't
       warn if it's present.  (Closes: #519300)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Policy allows scripts to assume that /bin/sh supports local
       with simple variable assignments.
     + [ADB] Check all added and removed diversions at once rather than
       as each maintainer script is processed.  This avoids differing
       results and false positives if the postrm is processed before other
       maintainer scripts.  (Closes: #518966)
   * data/debhelper/*:
     + [RA] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/fields/virtual-packages:
     + [RA] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/files/fonts:
     + [RA] Refresh against unstable.
   * data/output/manual-references:
     + [RA] Refresh reference data against Policy 3.8.1, doc-base 0.9.1,
       and developers-reference 3.4.1.
   * data/standards-version/release-dates:
     + [RA] Add release date for 3.8.1.
   * debian/control:
     + [RA] Update to standards version 3.8.1.
   * lib/Dep.pm:
     + [RA] Remove, replaced with Lintian::Relation.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
     + [RA] Fix POD errors.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
     + [RA] Fix POD errors.
   * lib/Lintian/Command.pm:
     + [RA] Fix POD errors.
   * private/refresh-debhelper-data:
     + [RA] Remove symlinks as a (possibly temporary) workaround to
       packages that contain broken links to dh_* commands.
     + [RA] Exclude dh_gencontrol from debhelper commands that set
       ${misc:Depends} since it only sets it to empty when not already
   * private/refresh-fonts-data:
     + [RA] Correctly handle not specifying a Contents file on the command
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Add support for running test scripts under t/scripts via prove
       (the standard Perl test harness).
 lintian (2.2.7) unstable; urgency=low
   The "debhelper 7.2.3 and lots of fiddly infrastructure fixes" release.
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - apparently-truncated-elf-binary
       - copyright-refers-to-nonexistent-license-file
       - debian-control-has-unusual-field-spacing (pedantic)
       - diversion-for-unknown-file
       - embedded-zlib
       - gz-file-not-gzip
       - incorrect-libdir-in-la-file
       - orphaned-diversion
       - package-uses-local-diversion
       - remove-of-unknown-diversion
     + Removed
       - description-synopsis-has-leading-spaces
       - postinst-does-not-call-installdocs
       - prerm-does-not-call-installdocs
   * checks/binaries{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check for embedded copies of zlib in ELF binaries by looking
       for the inflate and deflate copyright strings.  Patch from Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #318104)
     + [RA] Avoid capturing parentheses in regexes due to their minor
       performance penalty.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Report apparently truncated ELF binaries separately from
       apparently corrupted ones.  The current binutils now distinguishes.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #517778)
     + [RA] Allow i386 binaries in amd64 packages for right now.  Thanks,
       Paul Wise.  (Closes: #516856)
     + [RA] Suggest, when fixing spelling errors in binaries, that one
       unfuzzy gettext translations as well.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Avoid capturing parentheses in regexes due to their minor
       performance penalty.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Correctly handle changelog.gz files that aren't compressed with
       gzip.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Move all information used only in one check script from here to
       the relevant check script.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add pedantic tag for weird spacing after the colon of a field.
   * checks/copyright-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Avoid capturing parentheses in regexes due to their minor
       performance penalty.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Avoid false positive for versionless license files when the
       file is referred to without a hyphen; instead, issue a separate tag
       that explains the problem.  Based on a patch from Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #517191)
     + [RA] Allow commas between the GFDL license name and version when
       suppressing false positives for the 1.1 version.  Thanks, Aurelien
       Jarno.  (Closes: #516687)
     + [RA] Don't warn about versionless GPL references if the word version
       appears nowhere in the copyright file.
   * checks/debconf:
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Relation rather than Dep.
   * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Relation rather than Dep.
     + [RA] Add dh_bugfiles to version requirements, added in 7.2.3.
     + [RA] debhelper compatibility level V4 is now deprecated.
   * checks/description{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Remove description-synopsis-has-leading-spaces.  Policy
       explicitly says this is not a bug.  Adjust for the changes to Util
       that preserve leading whitespace in continued fields.
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Precompile constant regexes with qr.  Patch from Raphael
     + [RA] Load Lintian::Data objects only once.  Patch from Raphael
       Geissert.  Also use all caps for global variables.
     * [RA] Move data from common_data.pm to here and use Lintian::Data to
       get the list of known architectures.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Avoid capturing parentheses in regexes due to their minor
       performance penalty.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Precompile constant regexes with qr and only load the list of
       font packages if needed.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Warn about yui-*.js as well as yahoo-*.js.  Patch from Raphael
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Relation instead of Dep.
     + [RA] magpierss was renamed to libphp-magpierss.  Patch from Marcelo
       Jorge Vieira (metal).  (Closes: #518684)
     + [RA] Diagnose files ending in *.gz that aren't compressed with
       gzip.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #518873)
     + [RA] Simplify some checks now that we're guaranteed leading and
       trailing whitespace will be stripped from field values.
   * checks/manpages:
     + [CW] Run man with '-E UTF-8' to avoid producing bogus warnings on
       localised manual pages due to attempting to recode through ASCII.
     + [RA] Set MANWIDTH to 80 in the environment when running man to force
       it to assume 80-column lines even when Lintian is run in a smaller
       window.  Thanks, Joey Hess.  (Closes: #517629)
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Relation::Version when determining whether the
       installed version of man supports the --warnings option.
   * checks/menus:
     + [RA] Cache the reference to the section list.  Thanks, Raphael
       Geissert.  Also use all caps for global variables.
     + [RA] Move known doc-base formats from common_data.pm to here.  Patch
       from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Explicit update-menus calls in postinst and postrm are no
       longer required unless menu-methods are installed.  Thanks, Eric
       Lavarde.  (Closes: #518712)
     + [RA] Explicit install-docs calls are no longer needed since doc-base
       registration is done with triggers.  (Closes: #518801)
   * checks/nmu:
     + [RA] Calculate the regex for Ubuntu distributions only once.
   * checks/patch-systems:
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Relation instead of Dep.
   * checks/rules:
     + [ADB] Remove some obsolete code and therefore stop use-ing Dep.
   * checks/scripts:
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Relation rather than Dep.
     + [ADB] Update lists of known interpreter versions (add jruby1.1,
       octave3.1 and remove jruby0.9)
     + [RA] Diagnose various problems with creating and removing
       diversions.  Based on a patch by Jörg Sommer.  (Closes: #516221)
   * checks/shared-libs{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] When parsing symbols files, correctly ensure that meta-information
       occurs between the end of the dependency template(s) and the start of
       the symbol list.  The code that was intended to check this resulted
       in a false positive syntax error being generated if a file with
       alternative dependency templates used meta-information.
     + [ADB] Extend the parsing of dependency templates in symbols files to
       handle ORed dependencies.
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Relation rather than Dep.
     + [ADB] Avoid capturing parentheses in regexes due to their minor
       performance penalty.
     + [RA] Check the libdir path in libtool *.la files and ensure that it
       matches the installed location of the *.la file.  Based on a patch
       by Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #302196)
   * checks/version-substvars:
     + [RA] Be robust against whitespace in the Architecture field.
       Thanks, Gonéri Le Bouder.  (Closes: #517555)
   * collection/*.desc:
     + [RA] Remove the output key and instead add a version key.  Patch
       from Raphael Geissert.
   * collection/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Remove the remains of a previous run before starting.
   * collection/diffstat:
     + [RA] Remove the remains of a previous run before starting.
   * collection/objdump-info:
     + [RA] Recognize truncated binaries.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * collection/source-control-file:
     + [RA] Remove the remains of a previous run before starting.
   * debian/control:
     + [CW] Depend on man-db (>= 2.4.0) for '-E UTF-8'.
   * data/fields/architectures:
     + [RA] Replace the runtime-generated list of known architectures with
       this data file, built from the current dpkg files.  Patch from
       Raphael Geissert.
   * doc/desc-files:
     + [RA] Document new Version field for collect scripts and remove
       Output field.  Document pedantic severity for tags.  Document
       Sequence, Options, and Skeleton for test suite descriptions.
       Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * doc/lintian.sgml:
     + [RA] Document pendantic tags.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Stop loading FileHandle.  We no longer use it.
     + [RA] Run all the collect scripts within a given order in parallel.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Create marker files in the laboratory for each collect script
       that has successfully including its current version number.  Use
       these marker files rather than the existence of output files to
       determine when to run collect scripts.  Re-run collect scripts if
       the current version doesn't match what's in the lab.  Patch from
       Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #517650)
     + [RA] Add oldstable to the known distributions for *.changes files.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
     + [RA] Recognize truncated binaries.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * lib/Lintian/Command.pm:
     + [RA] Add support for running commands in the background using a
       final argument of '&'.  Allow reap() to take multiple opt hashes and
       reap all of them in a loop.  Add a kill() function to kill
       outstanding jobs.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * lib/Lintian/Tag/Info.pm:
     + [RA] Strip leading whitespace from continued lines.
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Optimize the spell-checking algorithm.  Patch from Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #514495)
   * lib/Util.pm:
     + [RA] Fully comply with Policy in whitespace handling when parsing
       Debian control files.  Multiline fields will now have the leading
       whitespace of subsequent lines left in, and leading tabs are no
       longer handled specially.  Trailing whitespace is now uniformly
       stripped, as is leading whitespace on the first field line.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Document strings collect script.
   * private/refresh-archs:
     + [RA] Script from Raphael Geissert to refresh known architectures.
   * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1:
     + [RA] Run the separate commands involved in unpacking a binary
       package in parallel where possible.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l1:
     + [RA] When processing tar output, we may not get complete lines at a
       time.  Save partial lines and glue them back together again when we
       get the next burst of data.  (Closes: #517899)
     + [RA] Do a little bit of parallelization when writing out the sorted
       index of the source package.
     + [RA] Ignore leading whitespace in the Files section.
 lintian (2.2.6) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - binary-from-other-architecture
       - icon-size-and-directory-name-mismatch
       - lzma-deb-archive
       - multiple-distributions-in-changes-file (disabled)
       - spelling-error-in-binary (experimental)
       - unsupported-source-format
   * checks/binaries:
     + [RA] When checking for dependencies on libc, don't use /o on the
       regex.  Otherwise, lintian produces false positives when run on
       multiple packages with different architectures, since the libc
       package name is not the same on all architectures.  Thanks to
       Raphael Geissert for the report.  (Closes: #516067)
     + [RA] Check for binaries from other architectures than the declared
       architecture of the package outside of known multiarch directories.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #513996)
     + [RA] Check the data section of ELF binaries for spelling errors.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Virtual packages now come from data.
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Don't warn about uncompressed ChangeLog files in doc.  They may
       be small files and the maintainer may be installing some other
       upstream file as the upstrema changelog.  (Closes: #515601)
     + [RA] Fix improbable-bug-number-in-closes so that it works.
   * checks/control-file:
     + [ADB] Properly exclude packages built from the glibc source package
       from the "hardcoded depends on libc" test.  (Closes: #515831)
   * checks/cruft:
     + [RA] For Format: 2.0 and Format: 3.0 (quilt) packages, check
       the *.debian.tar.(gz|bz2|lzma) contents instead of expecting
       diffstat output.  (Closes: #515069)
     + [RA] Ignore cruft in the upstream source in directories that look
       like part of a test suite.  The files may be part of the test
       cases.  (Closes: #515137)
   * checks/deb-format{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Recognize data.tar.lzma binary package components and use a
       different tag than malformed-deb-archive.
   * checks/description:
     + [ADB] Warn of homepages embedded in the description which use the
       syntax "Homepage: <http://example.com>" using the warning level
       tag description-contains-homepage rather than the info level tag
       description-possibly-contains-homepage.  (Closes: #515998)
     + [RA] Don't warn about too-short long descriptions for transitional
       or dummy packages.  Thanks, Andreas Beckmann.  (Closes: #515538)
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Load virtual packages from data/fields/virtual-packages.
     + [RA] Warn of unsupported source package versions.
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Warn of PNG icons whose size doesn't match the size indicated
       by the directory in which they're installed.  Patch from Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #509624)
     + [RA] Make static regexes global to avoid recreating them for each
       file we scan.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [ADB] Modify the check for embedded Javascript libraries to ignore
       yahoo.js as there are similarly named, but unrelated, scripts in
       the archive.
     + [ADB] Lower the certainty of the embedded-{javascript,php}-library
       tags to "possible" as they trigger purely on filenames and not
       content.  (Closes: #515690)
     + [RA] Offer advice for duplicate-font-file for when the font package
       is huge.  Thanks, Thijs Kinkhorst and Paul Wise.  (Closes: #515689)
   * checks/patch-systems.desc:
     + [RA] Improve the suggestions in the long description of
       quilt-patch-missing-description and dpatch-missing-description based
       on suggestions from Paul Wise.  (Closes: #516534)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Make static regexes global to avoid recreating them for each
       file we scan.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [RA] Save a local reference to objdump information to reduce the
       number of method calls.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [ADB] Correctly handle alternative dependency lines in symbols files
       which contain multiple entries.  (Closes: #516427)
   * collection/strings{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Collect a list of ELF binaries in the package and the output of
       strings on each binary except for those in /usr/lib/debug.  Based on
       a patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #514951)
   * data/fields/obsolete-packages:
     + [RA] Add foomatic-data, lambdamoo-{core,server}, and old kernel
       packages.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * data/fields/virtual-packages:
     + [RA] New file listing known virtual packages.  Based on a patch by
       Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #514497)
   * debian/postrm:
     + [RA] Use set -e, not #!/bin/sh -e.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [ADB] Split the Distribution field of a .changes file into individual
       distributions and then check each of them against the list of known
       distributions.  (Closes: #514853)
     + [ADB] Anchor the regular expressions for the backports, security and
       proposed-updates distribution checks, so that etch-backports is
       accepted as a valid distribution but etch-backportss is not.
     + [ADB] Add a new check for .changes files which contain multiple
       entries in their Distribution: field.  The check is currently
       disabled as the syntax is currently accepted by dak although it is
       likely to stop being so in the near future.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
     + [RA] Recognize Format: 2.0 packages as non-native.
   * lib/Lintian/Command.pm:
     + [RA] Disable IPC::Run debugging.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Don't load Data::Dumper.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add spelling correction for "mroe".
   * lib/Util.pm:
     + [RA] Minor optimizations to {read,parse}_dpkg_control.  Patch from
       Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Only take the first space after a field name as the separator
       and treat the rest as part of the field value so that other parts of
       Lintian can see the leading spaces.
   * private/refresh-virtual-packages-data:
     + [RA] New script to generate the list of virtual packages.  Based on
       a patch by Raphael Geissert.
   * private/update-coverage:
     + [RA] Add support for source package tests.
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Add support for raw source package checks in the source
       subdirectory.  See t/source/README for more details.
   * unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l1:
     + [ADB] Handle a number of different ways in which upstream directory
       trees may be represented in tarballs.  (Closes: #515795)
     + [RA] Support LZMA-compressed upstream source.  (Closes: #515068)
     + [RA] Analyze the upstream source tarball to extract its prefix and
       save it in the laboratory.  Also fixes unpacking of source tarballs
       that have no common subdirectory.
 lintian (2.2.5) unstable; urgency=low
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/{Binary,Source}.pm:
     + [ADB] Add a missing "use Lintian::Relation".  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #514697)
 lintian (2.2.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Relation::Version instead of Dep.
   * checks/control-file:
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Relation instead of Dep.
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Collect for dependency information.
   * checks/cruft:
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Collect for dependency information.
   * t/runtests:
     + [ADB] Correctly handle epoched package versions. Patch by
       Raphael Geissert.
   * testset/runtests:
     + [ADB] Correctly handle epoched package versions.
   * unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l1:
     + [ADB] Correctly determine the source package version for packages
       with epoched versions.  Based on a patch by Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #514641)
 lintian (2.2.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - description-possibly-contains-homepage
       - dfsg-version-in-native-package
       - dfsg-version-with-period
       - dfsg-version-misspelled
       - experimental-to-unstable-without-comment (pedantic)
       - homepage-for-cpan-package-contains-version
       - maintainer-script-without-set-e (pedantic)
       - source-contains-prebuilt-binary (pedantic)
       - source-contains-prebuilt-windows-binary (pedantic)
       - using-first-person-in-description
     + Removed
       - non-us-spelling
   * checks/changelog-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add pedantic check for a distribution of unstable when the last
       version had a distribution of experimental and there's no comment
       about the change.  (Closes: #483845)
   * checks/common-data.pm:
     + [ADB] Remove the obsolete non-US from the list of recognised archive
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [RA] Treat License: GPL-2+ as "GPL version 2 or later" for the
       purposes of the check for a correctly versioned license reference.
       Patch from Evgeni Golov.  (Closes: #513946)
   * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Downgrade all source-contains-* tags to pedantic.  These are
       upstream problems the packager can't do much about and they have
       no practical effect on the Debian package.  Wishlist implies that
       a wishlist bug against the package would be appropriate, which
       seems too strong.
     + [RA] Add pedantic check for binaries in the upstream source.  Patch
       from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #127494)
   * checks/description{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check for using first person in package descriptions, similar
       to the existing check for debconf questions.  Patch from Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #514491)
     + [RA] Add check (wishlist/wild-guess) for apparent home page URLs in
       the long description with no Homepage field.  Based on a patch by
       Paul Wise.  (Closes: #339829)
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Remove checks for the capitalisation of the obsolete non-US
       archive section.
     + [RA] Warn about Homepage fields pointing to search.cpan.org pages
       containing a version number.  Based on a patch by Paul Wise.
     + [RA] Warn of dfsg versions in native packages.
     + [RA] Warn of ".dfsg" versions and recommend "+dfsg" for version
       sorting reasons.  Thanks, Paul Wise.  (Closes: #514203)
     + [RA] Warn of the "dsfg" typo in versions.  Thanks, Paul Wise.
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Relation and the new Lintian::Collect support for
       retrieving parsed relationship fields.
   * checks/files:
     + [ADB] Don't report duplicate-font-file for udebs.  Patch by Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #514095)
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add pedantic check for maintainer scripts using #!/bin/sh -e
       instead of set -e in the script body.  (Closes: #119045)
   * collection/file-info{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Also run file-info for source packages.  Patch from Raphael
   * lib/Lintian/Collect.pm:
     + [RA] Defer loading of the subclasses until the constructor to avoid
       circular dependencies at compilation time.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
     + [RA] New method relation() to return a Lintian::Relation object for
       a given relationship field or set of relationship fields.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
     + [RA] New methods relation() and relation_noarch() to return
       Lintian::Relation objects for a given build relationship field or
       set of fields.  New method binary_relation() to return a
       Lintian::Relation object for a given relationship field in a binary
       package built from this source package.
     + [RA] Add file_info() method to return file information for source
       packages.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * lib/Lintian/Relation.pm:
     + [RA] New class based on the existing Dep module that handles package
       relationship analysis.  Now includes documentation, uses a more
       object-oriented structure, and removes a special case handling of
       Perl alternatives.  This module will eventually replace Dep.
   * lib/Lintian/Relation/Version.pm:
     + [RA] New module containing the version comparison code from Dep.
       This module will only be needed until Lintian is converted to
       Dpkg::Version or AptPkg::Version.
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add some additional typo and case corrections.  Patch from
       Raphael Geissert.
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Copy test suite data based on checksum, not size and time,
       since some files change one character and Git doesn't preserve
       timestamps.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #514496)
   * unpack/list-{binpkg,udebpkg}:
     + [RA] Preserve the source_version field from the previous list when
       adding new packages, remove some dead code, and restructure for
       improved readability.  Thanks to Jordà Polo for the analysis.
       (Closes: #507849)
     + [RA] Generate an index of files in the upstream source tarball.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
 lintian (2.2.2) unstable; urgency=low
   The "this is why spooky action at a distance is bad" release.
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [ADB] Treat the new copyright file format's "License-Alias: Perl" as
       indicating that the package is licensed under the same terms as Perl.
       Thanks, gregor herrmann.  (Closes: #513831)
   * checks/debconf:
     + [RA] Reset $/ before issuing duplicate-fields-in-templates to
       prevent problems if -i was given.
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [RA] Remove stray localization of $/, which broke -i when issuing
       tags about ${misc:Depends}.
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Stop pointlessly setting $/ while parsing debian/rules and then
       restoring it to the wrong value, which broke -i when issuing some
       tags if they were the first tags issued.
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Add nickle as a known interpreter.  Patch from Julien Cristau.
       (Closes: #513823)
   * lib/Util.pm:
     + [ADB] Localise a use of $_ in control file parsing to avoid overwriting
       it and leading to uninitialized value warnings in check scripts.
       (Closes: #513795)
 lintian (2.2.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - copyright-refers-to-symlink-license (pedantic)
       - copyright-refers-to-versionless-license-file
       - debhelper-compat-not-a-number
       - debhelper-compatibility-level-not-a-number
       - duplicate-font-file
       - font-in-non-font-package
   * checks/copyright-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add checks for references to the versionless FSF license files,
       pedantic if the package license allows relicensing under later
       versions.   Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #497346)
   * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Use binary_field() to read control fields for binary packages.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Read only the first line of debian/compat, matching debhelper's
       behavior.  Improve the parsing of DH_COMPAT to pick up values that
       aren't numbers.  Warn of compatibility levels that aren't numbers.
       Use the same compatibility level that debhelper would use in some
       other checks.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #513767)
     + [RA] default-jdk and default-jdk-builddep provide dh_nativejava as a
       special case.  (Closes: #513423)
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Allow but do not require a libmodule-build-perl dependency if
       the Build script is referenced in clean.  Thanks, Charles Plessy and
       gregor herrmann.  (Closes: #421549)
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Run dbg-package-missing-depends against the source package
       instead of the binary package and check that it has a dependency
       against another binary package built from the same source rather
       than making assumptions about the package name.  Patch from Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #513336)
     + [RA] Use binary_field() to read control fields for binary packages.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add check for fonts in non-font packages.  Thanks, Paul Wise
       and Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #513650)
     + [RA] Add check for fonts that duplicate already packaged fonts.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.  Thanks to Paul Wise for analysis and
       data.  (Partly addresses #298545)
   * checks/shared-libs.desc:
     + [RA] Add references to the UsingSymbolsFiles wiki page in the tags
       requesting generation of a symbols file.
     + [RA] Provide details on how to manually check some of the shared
       library problems that Lintian diagnoses.  (Closes: #513086)
   * checks/standards-version:
     + [RA] Be robust against unparsable timestamps in changelog files.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #513766)
   * checks/version-substvars:
     + [RA] Use binary_field() to read control fields for binary packages.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * data/files/fonts:
     + [RA] New file listing all font filenames in Debian and the
       containing package names.  Generated by private/refresh-fonts-data.
   * data/output/manual-references:
     + [RA] Manual reference data used for formatting tag descriptions.
       Moved from lib/manual_refs and added an explanatory header.
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Tag::Info instead of Read_taginfo.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
     + [RA] Add binary_field() method to return a binary package field from
       debian/control for a source package.  Based on a patch by Raphael
     + [RA] Rewrite the binaries() method to use binary_field().  Based on
       a patch by Raphael Geissert.
   * lib/Lintian/Output.pm:
     + [ADB] Add a colour for pedantic tags to avoid warnings when colourised
       output is used and make the combination more useful.  Thanks, gregor
       herrmann.  (Closes: #513132)
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Tag::Info instead of Read_taginfo.
     + [RA] Force early exporting of functions to be more robust in the
       face of circular library dependencies.  The circular dependencies
       had already existed but not previously caused problems.
   * lib/Lintian/Output/LetterQualifier.pm:
     + [ADB] Add support for pedantic tags.
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Tag::Info instead of Read_taginfo.
   * lib/Lintian/Tag/Info.pm:
     + [RA] New module providing an interface to tag metadata.  Currently,
       this only supports formatting the tag description, merging the
       actions previously done by Manual_refs.pm and Read_taginfo.pm.  It
       defers loading of manual references until they're needed, which
       removes the requirement that LINTIAN_ROOT be already set in the
       environment before running the reporting harness.  It also saves a
       small amount of time in runs without -I.
   * lib/Manual_refs.pm:
     + [RA] Removed, merged into Lintian::Tag::Info.
   * lib/manual_refs:
     + [RA] Moved to data/output/manual-references.
   * lib/Read_taginfo.pm:
     + [RA] Removed, merged into Lintian::Tag::Info.
   * lib/Util.pm:
     + [RA] Force early exporting of functions to be more robust in the
       face of circular library dependencies.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [ADB] Fix the spelling of "pedantic".  Thanks, Michal Čihař.
       (Closes: #513083)
   * private/refresh-fonts-data:
     + [RA] New script to refresh the list of font filenames and containing
       packages in Debian.  Based on a script by Raphael Geissert.
   * private/refresh-manual-refs:
     + [RA] Renamed from manual_refs_update.pl.  Add a section heading to
       the output file and update the file in Lintian's data directory
       directly rather than printing to standard output.
   * reporting/config:
     + [RA] Set a bin directory and disable signature checks by default.
   * reporting/harness
     + [RA] Add the bin directory to the path and create a gpg link to
       /bin/true if signature checks are disabled.  This is a hack to work
       with the etch version of dpkg-source.  In lenny, the --no-check flag
       will be used instead.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Tag::Info instead of Read_taginfo.
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Add support for selecting a different test package skeleton.
   * t/templates/pedantic{,.upstream}:
     + [RA] New template that passes all pedantic checks.
 lintian (2.2.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - direct-changes-in-diff-but-no-patch-system (pedantic)
       - no-homepage-field (pedantic)
       - no-upstream-changelog (pedantic)
       - package-depends-on-hardcoded-libc
       - weak-dependency-on-misc-depends
   * checks/*.desc:
     + [RA] Replace `' "balanced" quotes with straight double-quotes.  The
       old style looks strange with modern fonts.  Based on work by Raphael
   * checks/binaries:
     + [FL] Fix check for directories in the package in RPATH check.
   * checks/changelog-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Collect to read the changelog.
     + [RA] Enable no-upstream-changelog as a pedantic check, since it's
       often incorrect for multiple binary packages generated from the same
       source.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #470912)
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Fix a typo ("arne't").  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Check for hard-coded package dependencies on libc.  Patch from
       Evgeni Golov.  (Closes: #512196)
     + [RA] Check package-depends-on-itself for Suggests as well.
   * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Remove no longer required "Type" fields from a couple of
       entries.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
     + [ADB] Fix a couple of typoes.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Allow ${misc:Depends} in Pre-Depends and warn of
       ${misc:Depends} in Recommends or Suggests.  Patch from Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #512478)
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add pedantic check for no Homepage control field.  Patch from
       Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/files:
     + [RA] Add swfobject.js to embedded-javascript-library.  Thanks, Paul
       Wise.  (Closes: #512363)
   * checks/nmu{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Collect to read the changelog.
     + [RA] Only treat the mention of NMU as a maintainer acknowldegement
       if the "ack" string appears before the mention of NMU.  Avoids
       changelog-should-mention-nmu false positives for "NMU with ACK from
       maintainer."  Thanks, Evgeni Golov.  (Closes: #512738)
   * checks/patch-systems{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Add pedantic check for changes to the upstream source in the
       diff without using a patch system.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/standards-version{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Add source-control-file to the list of information needed by
       the script.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #512563)
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Data to get the standards versions and release
       dates.  Dates are now in seconds since epoch, so remove the date
       conversion code.
   * checks/version-substvars.desc:
     + [RA] Mention when the binary:Version and source:Version substvars
       were introduced.  Thanks, Steffen Moeller.
   * collection/*.desc:
     + [RA] Replace `' "balanced" quotes with straight double-quotes.  The
       old style looks strange with modern fonts.  Based on work by Raphael
   * data/standards-version/release-dates:
     + [RA] Known standards versions and their release dates in seconds
       since epoch, taken from checks/standards-version.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Add --pedantic option to display pedantic tags.  Patch from
       Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #373767)
   * lib/Checker.pm:
     + [ADB] Remove some unused code.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
     + [RA] Add a changelog() method to return the parsed changelog.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
     + [ADB] Add a missing "use Util" as the module uses the fail() function
       from that module.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #512560)
   * lib/Text_utils.pm:
     + [ADB] Add a missing "use Util" as the module uses the fail() function
       from that module.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [RA] Add support for pedantic tags.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Document the new --pedantic option.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Add support for a new tag index sorted by severity and
       certainty.  (Closes: #511496)
   * reporting/templates/index.tmpl:
     + [RA] Link to the new tag index.
   * reporting/templates/tags-severity.tmpl:
     + [RA] Template for a tag index sorted by severity and certainty.
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Add support for specifying the Lintian options to use when
       checking a test package.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #512678)
     + [RA] Expect the desc files for tests to be in the test directory
       rather than at the top level and move the sequence number to an
       attribute in the test description rather than in the desc file
 lintian (2.1.6) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - diff-contains-cmake-cache-file
       - diff-contains-hg-tags-file
       - duplicate-uploader
       - empty-debian-diff
       - malformed-changes-file
       - missing-comma-after-substvar
       - source-contains-hg-tags-file
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check for missing commas after substvars in dependency fields.
       Thanks, Jari Aalto.  (Closes: #409099)
   * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Error on CMakeCache.txt files added or modified in the diff.
       Thanks, Joerg Jaspert.  (Closes: #510957)
     + [RA] Warn about .hgtags files in the diff and source.  Thanks,
       Holger Levsen and Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #464837)
     + [RA] Warn if the Debian diff or a non-native package is entirely
       empty.  (Closes: #498668)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [RA] Ignore architecture when checking whether sufficient build
       dependencies are present for dh_* commands.  If the maintainer has
       architecture-restricted build dependencies, they presumably know
       what they're doing.  (Closes: #511859)
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Warn about an individual uploader appearing multiple times
       in Uploaders.  Thanks, Joerg Jaspert.  (Closes: #511536)
     + [RA] Ignore architecture qualifications when checking for missing
       build dependencies.
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [RA] Add tag description for malformed-changes-file.
   * checks/menus:
     + [RA] Recognize type as a way of checking for binaries, even though
       it's a bashism, so that we don't issue confusing duplicate tags for
       one same problem.  (Closes: #512119)
   * checks/nmu{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Suppress NMU warnings for packages with "local" in the version
       number or "local package" in the first line of the changelog.
       Thanks, Zack Weinberg.  (Closes: #501523)
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Mention type as a bashism and recommend which or command -v.
     + [RA] Recognize type as a way of checking for binaries, even though
       it's a bashism, so that we don't issue confusing duplicate tags for
       one same problem.
   * checks/standards-version.desc:
     + [RA] Add a pointer to the debian-policy upgrading-checklist.txt.gz
       in out-of-date-standards-version and ancient-standards-version.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Check that .changes files have at least a Format key.  If not,
       issue malformed-changes-file and skip them.  This catches .changes
       files that were PGP-signed twice.  (Closes: #315538)
   * lib/Dep.pm:
     + [RA] New function, parse_noarch(), which ignores architecture
       qualifications when parsing a dependency field.
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Add pre_upstream hook to modify the upstream source before
       generation of the .orig.tar.gz.
 lintian (2.1.5) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - changed-by-address-is-on-localhost
       - changed-by-address-looks-weird
       - changed-by-address-malformed
       - changed-by-address-missing
       - changed-by-name-missing
       - duplicate-long-description
       - duplicate-short-description
       - malformed-deb-archive
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Tag (severity: wishlist) duplicate short or long descriptions
       in packages built from the same source.  (Closes: #30020)
     + [RA] Clarify the binary-control-field-duplicates-source tag.
       (Closes: #511213)
   * checks/deb-format{,.desc}:
     + [RA] New check for the format of *.deb ar archives.  Most cases will
       fail during unpack, but dpkg-deb is more forgiving than dak and
       allows ordering problems and extra members that dak rejects.
       (Closes: #292055)
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Use check_maintainer from Lintian::Check, which suppresses
       duplicate tags for some ill-formed maintainer fields.
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [RA] New tag descriptions for Changed-By field tests.
   * checks/rules:
     + [RA] Consider a define command to be the end of a list of target
       commands, avoiding binary-arch-rules-but-pkg-is-arch-indep false
       positives when an empty rule is followed by a definition.
       (Closes: #510869)
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Run maintainer well-formedness checks on the Changed-By field
       of the *.changes file.  (Closes: #183642)
   * lib/Lintian/Check.pm:
     + [RA] New module for checks run from multiple places.
   * lib/Lintian/{Output.pm,Output/*.pm}:
     + [RA] Expect a single string of extra information rather than an
       array, removing duplicate code to convert it to a string.
   * lib/Lintian/Schedule.pm:
     + [RA] Fix Perl warnings triggered by missing fields in the control
       file of a binary package.
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [RA] Avoid Perl warnings if Severity or Certainty isn't set for a
       tag.  (Closes: #507278)
     + [RA] Record statistics for certainty correctly.
     + [RA] Canonicalize the extra tag information once and pass it as a
       string to the other output methods.  Based on a patch by Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #498883)
     + [RA] Fix override checking with extra tag information that Perl
       evaluates to false (such as a bare 0).
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Document new deb-format check script.
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Add support for running lintian on changes files in t/changes
       and checking the tag output.
     + [RA] Add support for building a Debian package using basic tools,
       with more complete control over the contents, and running lintian on
       the results.
     + [RA] Fix exit status when a test fails but -k was given.
 lintian (2.1.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - binary-control-field-duplicates-source
       - brace-expansion-in-debhelper-config-file
       - control-interpreter-in-usr-local (split from
       - control-interpreter-without-depends
       - copyright-refers-to-bad-php-license
       - copyright-refers-to-problematic-php-license
       - copyright-with-old-dh-make-debian-copyright
       - dh-clean-k-is-deprecated
       - desktop-mimetype-without-update-call
       - forbidden-postrm-interpreter
       - games-package-should-be-section-games
       - preinst-interpreter-without-predepends
       - script-calls-init-script-directly
       - unknown-control-interpreter (split from unusual-interpreter)
       - version-refers-to-distribution
     + Removed
       - desktop-file-but-no-dh_desktop-call
       - interpreter-without-predep
   * checks/changelog-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Warn of Debian version numbers containing "testing", "stable",
       or "unstable", or with release code names for uploads not targeted
       at that release, except in NMUs.  Based on a patch by Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #498876)
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Warn (severity: wishlist) of binary control stanzas duplicating
       fields of the source control stanza.  (Closes: #497348)
   * checks/copyright-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Warn (severity: wishlist) about the old dh_make packaging
       copyright, which used (C) without the word or symbol.  Based on a
       patch by Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #497347)
     + [RA] Clean up checks of a symlinked /usr/share/doc directory and
       avoid making package info global.
     + [RA] Warn about older PHP licenses.  Based on a patch by Raphael
       Geissert.  (Closes: #498875)
   * checks/cruft:
     + [RA] Keep the hash of files for which warnings were already issued
       local to each package, reducing memory consumption and false
       negatives for archive-wide runs.
   * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check for use of shell brace expansion in debhelper config
       files that list filenames, which is not supported.  Based on a patch
       from Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #480939)
     + [RA] If dh is used, require debhelper tokens in maintainer scripts.
     + [ADB] Warn about packages declaring a debhelper compatibility level
       of 7 or above and using dh_clean -k, which has been deprecated in
       favour of dh_prep.
     + [RA] Add dh_auto_* and dh_prep to the debhelper scripts that require
       a particular version of debhelper.
     + [RA] De-duplicate the list of scripts with specific version
       requirements before issuing tags.
     + [RA] Upgrade package-lacks-versioned-build-depends-on-debhelper to
       certain (although still minor), making it a warning.  debhelper(7)
       explicitly recommends a versioned build dependency on debhelper.
       Rewrite the tag description accordingly.
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] dh-make-php provides a CDBS rule fragment and hence should go
       into Build-Depends, not Build-Depends-Indep.  Thanks, Mathieu
       Parent.  (Closes: #509286)
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Packages whose executables are all in /usr/games should
       probably be in section games.  (Closes: #509147)
   * checks/menu-format{,.desc}:
     + [RA] If a *.desktop file contains a MimeType key, check that the
       postinst calls update-desktop-database.  (Closes: #488832)
     + [RA] Stop keeping a separate hash of all files in the package and
       use Lintian::Collect information.  The hash was being reused across
       packages, possibly leading to excessive memory consumption and false
       negatives for archive-wide runs.
   * checks/menus:
     + [RA] Keep the hash of files and symlinks local to each package,
       reducing memory consumption and false negatives for archive-wide
   * checks/patch-systems.desc:
     + [RA] Improve the patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff long
       description.  (Closes: #496516)
   * checks/rules{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Remove desktop-file-but-no-dh_desktop-call.  The only action of
       dh_desktop is now checked by desktop-mimetype-without-update-call;
       dh_desktop is unnecessary with other *.desktop files.
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Overhaul checking of maintainer script and config interpreters:
       - postrm scripts must use an essential interpreter.
       - Only preinst scripts require Pre-Depends; Depends is sufficient for
         postinst and prerm scripts.  (Closes: #508307)
       - Separate unknown-control-interpreter from unusual-interpreter
         since it's much more likely to be an error.
       - Separate control-interpreter-in-usr-local from
         interpreter-in-usr-local since the severity is higher.
       - unusual-control-interpreter is certain, not possible.
       - Suppress some cases of multiple tags about the same basic problem.
     + [RA] Check for scripts in /etc that call init scripts directly
       without using invoke-rc.d.  Based on a patch by Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #381485)
     + [RA] Allow dpkg-dev to satisfy a make dependency.  (Closes: #510190)
     + [ADB] More intelligently remove comments from shell scripts, to avoid
       removing some constructs that aren't comments, such as those in
       [ $# -gt 2 ] and "foo # bar".
     + [ADB] Flag the source bashism when its argument is quoted or a bare
   * checks/watch-file:
     + [RA] Recognize additional SourceForge URLs and recommend the
       redirector.  Thanks, Riccardo Stagni.  (Closes: #510398)
   * collection/copyright-file:
     + [RA] Copy copyright files that are relative links, provided that the
       link is safe, and otherwise treat symlinked copyright files as if
       they were empty.  Fixes a Lintian crash on packages where the
       copyright file is a relative symlink.
   * debian/copyright:
     + [RA] Add an explicit key to initials used in changelog entries.
   * debian/rules:
     + [RA] New check-tag target which runs all test cases in the new test
       suite that check for or against a particular tag.
   * data/debhelper/filename-config-files:
     + [RA] New file listing debhelper config files containing filenames.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] When processing the entire archive, do so in sorted order.
   * private/update-never-seen:
     + [RA] Merge data from both test suites and use the tag files for the
       old test suite rather than relying on runtests -v.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] We only care about the first line of the archive timestamp.
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Check that a test produces all tags listed in Test-For and
       doesn't produce any tages listed in Test-Against.
     + [RA] Support finding and running all tests for or against a
       particular tag.
     + [RA] Correctly set up non-native packages for dpkg-source.
   * t/tests/README:
     + [RA] Add documentation of the new test suite.
 lintian (2.1.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - debian-watch-file-should-use-sf-redirector
       - debian-watch-file-specifies-wrong-upstream-version
       - debian-watch-file-specifies-old-upstream-version
       - extended-description-is-probably-too-short
       - shlib-without-versioned-soname
   * checks/description{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check for extended descriptions shorter than three lines; they
       probably don't contain enough information.  Patch from Raphael
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Exclude __init__.py files and Doxygen-generated *.map files
       from zero-byte-file-in-doc-directory.  Improve the tag description
       to add a rationale and a suggestion for when overrides are
       appropriate.  Lower the certainty to possible.  (Closes: #507273)
     + [RA] Move the check for override files in the wrong location so that
       the check for subdirectories of /usr/share/lintian/overrides works
       and improve the tag description.
   * checks/nmu:
     + [RA] Recognize Ubuntu native packages by the target distribution and
       suppress NMU tags for them.  Based on a patch by Adrien Cunin.
       (Closes: #507740)
   * checks/shared-libs{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Remove special shlibs exception for NSS modules.  libc6 now
       includes shlibs entries for them.
     + [RA] Report a more specialized tag for shared libraries with SONAMEs
       that have no version and exclude them from the shlibs file tests
       since they cannot be represented there.  Reported by Raphael
       Hertzog.  (Closes: #506673)
     + [RA] Use the same regexes as dpkg-shlibdeps when parsing version
       information from SONAMEs.
   * checks/version-substvars:
     + [RA] Skip version substvar checks when the dependency is on a
       package whose name is formed by expanding substvars at build time.
       Thanks, Bastian Blank.  (Closes: #507763)
   * checks/watch-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Merge a set of changes by Raphael Geissert:
       - Correctly parse multiple line continuations.
       - Don't attempt any detailed checks on version one watch files.
       - Recognize versionmangle in addition to [du]versionmangle.
       - Add line information to some of the tags.
       - Detect watch files that specify SourceForge download servers
         directly and suggest use of the QA sf.net redirector instead.
       - Detect watch files specifying an upstream version that matches a
         non-native Debian package version in debian/changelog.
       - Detect watch files specifying an upstream version for an older
         changelog entry when the current changelog entry has a newer
         upstream version.
   * data/changelog-file/ubuntu-dists:
     + [RA] New shared list of Ubuntu distributions.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Recognize Ubuntu native packages by the target distribution and
       check them against the correct set of distributions.  Based on a
       patch by Adrien Cunin.  (Closes: #507740)
   * lib/Lab.pm:
     + [ADB] Ensure that the output of unpack/list-*pkg is correctly captured
       so that the reporting harness can use the information to decide which
       packages to process in an incremental run.
   * lib/Lintian/Data.pm:
     + [RA] New all() method that returns all valid keywords.
   * lib/Read_pkglists.pm:
     + [JP] Add a new "source version" field to binary and udeb info files.
       Bump binary and udeb format version to 3 and 2 respectively.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [JP] Group packages by source version instead of binary version.
       (Closes: #507849)
   * reporting/templates/maintainer.tmpl:
     + [ADB] Print tags affecting udeb packages under a heading for that
       package, rather than merging them in to whichever binary package
       was last displayed (or the source package if the udeb is first
     + [ADB] Separate tags affecting a binary package from those of a source
       package with the same name when the binary is the first package produced
       from the source for which there are issues.
     + [JP] Include binary package version in subtitles when it isn't the same
       as the source version.
   * t/runtests:
     + [RA] Parameterize the package section in the skeleton.
   * unpack/list-{bin,udeb}pkg:
     + [JP] Extract source package version from source field.
 lintian (2.1.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [ADB] Accept "html" as a valid argument for --color again.
   * lib/Lintian/Output.pm:
     + [ADB] Re-introduce support for HTML coloured output.  (Closes: #508341)
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [ADB] Document that "--color=html" is supported again.
 lintian (2.1.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - latest-debian-changelog-entry-changed-to-native
   * checks/changelog{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Warn when the version of a package changes to Debian native.
       Based on a patch by Michal Čihař.  (Closes: #504070)
   * checks/fields.desc:
     + [RA] Improve the recommendation for dependencies in debug packages
       to include the case of a debug package corresponding to multiple
       other packages.
   * checks/files:
     + [ADB] Add tests for several more embedded PHP libraries.  Patch
       by Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/patch-systems{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Don't complain about a missing quilt build-dependency if
       the package contains a directory named debian/patches/series.
       (Closes: #507761)
     + [ADB] Lower the severity of {quilt-,d}patch-missing-description from
       minor to wishlist.
   * checks/scripts:
     + [ADB] Enhance the test for command-with-path-in-maintainer-script to
       better match executions of the command rather than the use of its name
       in pattern matching expressions.  (Closes: #499847)
   * collection/{fileinfo,md5sums}:
     + [ADB] Use blocking filehandles to pass the list of filenames to check
       to the spawned file / md5sum.  By default the handles were non-blocking
       which could lead to problems with larger file lists.  (Closes: #507461)
   * debian/{control,copyright}:
     + [ADB] Add Adam D. Barratt to Uploaders and copyright.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [ADB] Don't call lintian-info when --info is specified.  Set a new
       flag on the Lintian::Output module instead.
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [ADB] Add missing "use Text_Utils".  It used to be indirectly pulled
       in via Read_taginfo.
   * lib/Lintian/Output{.pm,/*.pm}:
     + [ADB] Flag a tag as issued when printing it.
   * lib/Lintian/Output.pm:
     + [ADB] Make sure the default list of colours is initialised before
       attempting to use it.  Thanks, gregor herrmann.  (Closes: #507241)
     + [ADB] Maintain a list of tags which have been issued.
     + [ADB] Optionally include the description of a tag when displaying it.
   * lib/Lintian/Output/ColonSeparated.pm:
     + [ADB] Fix uninitialized value warnings by displaying the type code
       rather than the (no longer present in description files) Type field
       and handling non-overriden tags.
   * lib/Lintian/Output/LetterQualifier.pm:
     + [ADB] Optionally include the description of a tag when displaying it.
   * lib/Lintian/Output/XML.pm:
     + [ADB] Add a missing angle bracket to the closing "tag" tag, so that
       the XML is well-formed.
   * lib/Lab.pm:
     + [FL] Fix breakage of populate_with_dist() I introduced in 2.1.0.
   * lib/Read_taginfo.pm:
     + [ADB] Move the work of formatting a tag's description to a separate
       function so that it can be called from multiple locations.
     + [ADB] Properly export those functions which are called from other
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Don't add unnecessary backslashes in the list of spelling
       corrections.  They're copied into the output.  Thanks, Micah
       Anderson.  (Closes: #507331)
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [ADB] Don't output a "Processing binary package foo.changes" message.
       Thanks Sandro Tosi for pointing the issue out.
   * lib/Text_utils.pm:
     + [ADB] Properly export those functions which are called from other
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [ADB] Add missing "use Text_Utils".  It used to be indirectly pulled
       in via Read_taginfo.
 lintian (2.1.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added
       - debhelper-but-no-misc-depends
       - missing-build-dependency-for-dh_-command
       - quilt-patch-missing-description
       - shlib-calls-exit
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [FL] New variable $known_shells_regex which matches known shell
       names.  This removes some synchronisation issues between the
       different regexes in use.
   * checks/debconf{,.desc}:
     + [CW] Update my e-mail address.
     + [ADB] Don't detect the use of "?" as a literal character or wildcard
       as part of a question in an extended template description.  Based
       on a patch by Stephen Gran.  (Closes: #500661)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [FL] Use Lintian::Data for list of debhelper commands that modify
       maintainer scripts.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.
     + [FL] Add new tag missing-build-dependency-for-dh_-command for
       debhelper commands that are not from the debhelper package.
       Patch by Raphael Geissert.
     + [FL] Add new tag debhelper-but-no-misc-depends which warns
       about missing misc:Depends if you use commands that might
       set it.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #499737)
   * checks/fields:
     + [ADB] Ignore non-dependency fields when considering whether a
       versioned dependency is satisfied by the perl core packages.
       Based on a patch by Niko Tyni.  (Closes: #500720)
     + [RA] Stop checking for a libmodule-build-perl build dependency since
       Module::Build now comes with Perl.  Thanks, Raphael Hertzog.
       (Closes: #506697)
   * checks/files:
     + [ADB] Apply patches from Raphael Geissert to update the list of
       embedded PHP libraries:
       - Add detection for the Snoopy and GeSHi libraries and the use of
         phpmailer.inc (rather than .php).
       - Enable the libmarkdown-php check, as the package is now in unstable.
       - Add support for the (not currently packaged and thus disabled) IXR
         and kses libraries.
   * checks/infofiles:
     + [FL] Use $known_shells_regex from common_data.
   * checks/menus:
     + [FL] Use $known_shells_regex from common_data.
   * checks/patch-systems{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Don't include dpatch comment lines containing no content
       when determining whether the patch includes a description.
       (Closes: #503695)
     + [ADB] Add missing "diffstat" to the Needs-Info field.
     + [ADB] Check whether quilt patches include a description.
       (Closes: #498892)
   * check/scripts:
     + [FL] Use $known_shells_regex from common_data.
     + [FL] Add icmake as a known interpreter as requested by
       Frank B. Brokken.  (Closes: #505868)
   * checks/shared-libs{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Don't issue both symbols-file-contains-debian-revision and
       symbols-file-contains-current-version-with-debian-revision for any
       given symbol, as the latter implies the former and may thus create
       noise in the tests' output.  (Closes: #505826)
     + [ADB] Add an experimental tag flagging shared libraries that call
       _exit() or exit() without at some point calling fork() (a somewhat
       inaccurate heuristic, but one which should weed out a number of
       false positives).  (Closes: #504257)
   * collection/objdump-info:
     + [ADB] Only use readelf to emulate objdump if objdump returned "file
       format not recognized".  In cases where the objdump output was "invalid
       operation", the output of etch's readelf is not particularly useful
       and it's easier to simply let the checks scripts handle the objdump
   * debian/control:
     + [FL] Add dependency on libipc-run-perl for Lintian::Command.
   * doc/lintian.sgml:
     + [ADB] Correct a few typos in the "overrides" section.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [FL] Convert to use Lintian::Output.
     + [CW] Add jaunty as an allowable distribution for Ubuntu, and remove
       the EOLed edgy and feisty.
     + [ADB] Don't complain about unused overrides if the check script
       for the overriden tag hasn't been run (or --tags was used and
       the overriden tag not specified).  (Closes: #501722)
   * lib/Lintian/Output:
     + [FL] New module to bundle output methods.
   * lib/Tags/{ColonSeparated,LetterQualifier}.pm:
     + [FL] Move to lib/Lintian/Output and convert to subclasses of
   * lib/Lintian/Output/XML.pm:
     + [FL] New experimental output format.
   * lib/Lintian/Command:
     + [FL] New utility module as a replacement for Pipeline. Provides
       a convenient wrapper around IPC::Run.
   * lib/Lab.pm:
     + [FL] Convert to use Lintian::Output.
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [FL] Convert to use Lintian::Output.
   * lib/Pipeline.pm:
     + [FL] Remove, replaced by Lintian::Command.
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add subversion to Subversion correction for package descriptions.
       Thanks, Sandro Tosi.  (Closes: #506793)
     + [ADB] Don't check text contained within square brackets for
       capitalisation mistakes.  This allows for lists such as "[ cvs |
       subversion ]" to be included.
   * lib/Util.pm:
     + [FL] Convert to use Lintian::Output.
     + [FL] Add some new utility functions: delete_dir copy_dir gunzip_file
   * private/refresh-debhelper-data:
     + [FL] New script to update debhelper related data by Raphael Geissert.
       - data/debhelper/miscDepends_commands: debhelper commands that set
       - data/debhelper/maint_commands: debhelper commands that edit
          maintainer scripts
       - data/debhelper/dh_packages: packages that contain debhelper commands
       - data/debhelper/dh_commands: mapping of debhelper commands to
          packages they are contained in
   * testset/{diffs,filenames}:
     + [ADB] Generate the files "files/'\ " and "filenames.c~" at build time
       instead of including it in the source package, to allow lintian to be
       imported in to Bazaar.
 lintian (2.0.0) unstable; urgency=low
   The "and this is only the beginning" release.
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Allow tildes in the optional version number in the Source
       field.  Thanks, Rene Engelhard.  (Closes: #500063)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [ADB] Detect brace expansions with either a leading or trailing
       blank component (e.g. "{foo,}"). Thanks to Jonny Lamb for pointing
       this out.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [FL] Fix config file parsing which I completly broke in ~rc1.
   * lib/Lintian/Schedule.pm:
     + [FL] Fix parsing of source package entries in package lists.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [FL] Remove a stray backslash.
   * reporting/harness:
     + [FL] Include STDERR output in lintian.log.
 lintian (2.0.0~rc2) experimental; urgency=low
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added:
       - package-superseded-by-perl
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [FL] Also detect v1.1 of CeCILL license, not only v2.0.
       (Closes: #498994)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [FL] Use new Lintian::Collect::Source->binaries method.
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Warn about Perl module packages superseded by Perl
       core.  Patch by Niko Tyni.  (Closes: #498897)
   * checks/rules:
     + [FL] Do not issue desktop-file-but-no-dh_desktop-call if the
       package uses dh.  (Closes: #497247)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] Accept the ocaml virtual packages as providing ocamlrun.
       Based on a patch by Stephane Glondu.  (Closes: #495431)
   * checks/standards-version:
     + [FL] Use new Lintian::Collect::Source->binaries method to
       fix udeb detection.  Thanks to Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #498096)
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [FL] Add support for ranges to --display-level.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
     + [FL] New binaries method that returns a hash with binary package
       names and types.
 lintian (2.0.0~rc1) experimental; urgency=low
   * [FL] Merge the results of the GSoC project by Jordà Polo,
     which fully implements a tag classification system in two
     dimensions (Severity and Certainty).
     The default output is unchanged, see the documentation on
     how to utilize the new features.
   * Summary of tag changes:
     + Added:
       - description-contains-dh-make-perl-template
       - doc-base-uses-applications-section (actually a split of
          doc-base-unknown-section in two tags)
       - embedded-pear-module
       - embedded-php-library
       - improbable-bug-number-in-closes
       - maintainer-also-in-uploaders
       - maintainer-script-ignores-errors
       - manpage-has-errors-from-pod2man
       - ored-build-depends-on-obsolete-package (actually a split of
          build-depends-on-obsolete-package in two tags)
       - versioned-dependency-satisfied-by-perl
       - windows-devel-file-in-package
     + Removed:
       - package-needs-python-policy-debhelper
   * checks/*.desc:
     + [ADB] Fix a number of spelling mistakes and typoes.
   * checks/changelog-file{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Warn about closing a bug number less than 100; this is likely
       a typo or placeholder.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #497350)
   * checks/debconf:
     + [ADB] Avoid flagging a template as unused if its definition is
       followed by a string of whitespace.
   * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Do not require versioned build-depends for compat level 5
       anymore.  Sarge is not supported anymore.  (Closes: #496826)
     + [FL] Drop package-needs-python-policy-debhelper.  Sarge is not
       supported anymore.
   * checks/description{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Warn about left-over dh-make-perl statement.
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check for a maintainer also listed in uploaders.  Patch from
       Raphael Geissert.
     + [ADB] Don't issue an error tag for obsolete packages in Build-Depends
       fields if the package is part of an "ORed group" of packages and is
       not listed first.  As with Depends, an info tag will still be issued
       for such packages.  (Closes: #496875)
     + [FL] Check Enhances together with the other relational fields.
     + [FL] Add ant to @rule_clean_depends.  (Closes: #498135)
     + [FL] Due to a logical error "source-field-malformed" was never actually
       checked.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #498197)
     + [FL] Check for unnecessary versioned dependencies on Perl core modules.
       Patch by Niko Tyni.  (Closes: #497887)
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [RA,FL] Patches from Raphael Geissert:
       - Check for embedding copies of jsjac and jsMath.
       - Check for embedded copies of tinymce/2 and allow the usage of
         regexes on pkgs names.
       - Add xinha on the embedded js lib check, which is not yet in the archive
         thus disabled.
       - Add experimental check for embedded copies of PEAR PHP modules.
     + [ADB] Rework the description for embedded-javascript-library to make
       it clear that the listed libraries are examples rather than an
       exclusive list.  Also fix a spelling mistake.
     + [ADB] Re-add an accidentally removed slash to the check for embedded
       Javascript libraries, removing some false positives.  (Closes: #497215)
     + [FL] Check for Windows Development files in packages.  Based on a patch
       by Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/manpages{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Warn about the POD ERRORS sections pod2man generates.
       (Closes: #497864)
   * checks/menus{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Do not complain if the unknown doc-base section is the subsection
       of a known section.  The doc-base documentation seems to suggest that
       this is o.k.  (Closes: #495836)
     + [FL] Issue a special tag if the doc-base section would be valid except
       for a prefixed App(lication)s.
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] Change all regular expressions in depends_needed to
       require spaces after the command and not \b. There are
       very few cases where this would produce false negatives
       but there are reported false positives for the current
     + [RA] Improve the check for possibly insecure /tmp files to check
       variable assignment as well and reduce false positives by ignoring
       uses with $RANDOM or without a filename.  Based on a patch from
       Raphael Geissert.
     + [FL] Update lists of available interpreter versions (remove: jruby1.1,
       pike7.7, php4, octave2.9, add: tcl8.6, tk8.6).  (Closes: #485954)
     + [FL] Add . and + to regex for command-with-path-in-maintainer-script.
       Based on a patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [FL] Check for missing set -e in maintainer scripts. Patch by
       Raphael Geissert.
     + [FL] Add mksh as a valid interpreter.  (Closes: #498075)
     + [FL] Handle continued lines in maintainer shell scripts correctly.
       Based on a patch by Rafael Laboissiere.  (Closes: #495176)
   * collection/objdump-info:
     + [ADB] Correctly handle shared objects with no symbol versioning when
       using readelf.
     + [ADB] Update the readelf version table parsing code to handle hidden
   * data/fields/perl-provides:
     + [FL] Data about Perl modules that are available both in Perl and as
       separate packages.
   * private/refresh-perl-provides:
     + [FL] Script to update data/fields/perl-provides.  By Niko Tyni.
   * doc/lintian.sgml:
     + [FL] Document wildcard support in overrides.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Ensure we close the pipe to lintian-info before exiting, since
       otherwise lintian-info may print the rest of our output after
       lintian exits, producing confusing output interleaved with the
       shell prompt.  (Closes: #496295)
     + [FL] Actually make package version available to output formatters.
       Currently used only by experimental colon-separated output.
     + [FL] Use new module Lintian::Schedule and make package architecture
       available to output formatters if possible.
       Currently used only by experimental colon-separated output.
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [FL] Add support for specifying wildcards in overrides.
       (Closes: #253884)
   * lib/Tags/ColonSeparated.pm:
     + [FL] Update for new features and make a little bit easier to read
       for humans:
       - Update the format to include the new severity/certainty info.
       - Include information whether the tag is experimental.
       - Move the detailled override info to the end but include info
         flag about the override status in the same column that also
         includes the experimental flag info.
   * lib/Lintian/Schedule.pm:
     + [FL] Factor out some scheduling code.
   * lib/Lintian/Data.pm:
     + [FL] Extend Lintian::Data to handle key/value pairs.  Patch by
       Niko Tyni.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [FL] Document udeb support in description for --packages-file.
   * reporting/templates/maintainer.tmpl:
     + [ADB] Don't list packages in the summary at the top of the main
       report page if all of the issues reported for the package were
       "info" or "experimental".  (Closes: #498617)
   * t/runtests:
     + [FL] Copy the changes to testset/runtests from JP's branch.
     + [FL] Remove global tests that were duplicated from testset/runtests,
       which will not go away in the forseeable future.
     + [FL] Print a warning if no tests were run.  Based on a patch by
       Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Fix single test mode.
   * testset/runtests:
     + [FL] Print a warning if no tests were run.  Based on a patch by
       Raphael Geissert.
 lintian (1.24.4) unstable; urgency=low
   The "[JP] is Jordà Polo" release.
   * checks/*.desc:
     + [JP] Update, fix and unify various manual references.
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [ADB] Don't flag copyright files using phrases such as "previously
       distributed under the GNU GPL" as lacking a reference to the license.
       Thanks Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Add new check for outdated libtool files.
       (Closes: #293296)
     + [FL] Don't exclude all of lintian, but only files in the test suites.
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Don't warn about embedded Javascript libraries in the package
       that actually provides the library. Thanks Raphael Geissert for
       pointing out the problem.  (Closes: #494577)
     + [ADB] Enhance the description of package-contains-empty-directory to
       mention how to remove such directories when building the package.
       Thanks Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #495153)
     + [ADB] Add libjs-yui (the Yahoo User Interface Library) to the list of
       packages which contain Javascript libraries and should be depended upon
       rather than embedded in other packages.  Patch from Chris Lamb.
       (Closes: #495155)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [RA] Also ignore "cannot adjust line" errors from man for lines that
       contain URLs.  Thanks, Stéphane Glondu.  (Closes: #491578)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [ADB] Split the "read without variable or with invalid options" bashism
       test in two, thus enabling the checks to be more accurate and avoiding
       an uninitialized variable warning.  (Closes: #494450)
     + [RA] Add dash to the recognized characters in a command in
       command-with-path-in-maintainer-script to avoid truncation.  Thanks,
       Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #494723)
     + [RA] Add jruby1.1, thanks Sebastien Delafond.  (Closes: #494919)
   * checks/shared-libs{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Clarify that shlibs-declares-dependency-on-other-package can be
       issued for a version mismatch.  (Closes: #494400)
     + [ADB] Correctly match alternative dependency templates in symbols
       files which specify an unversioned dependency.
   * checks/standards-version:
     + [FL] Avoid Perl warning if only the timestamp could not be parsed.
   * collection/objdump-info:
     + [ADB] Correctly parse a readelf symbol version block containing the
       definition of a single symbol.
   * debian/rules:
     + [FL] Use $(PERL) instead of a hardcoded path.
     + [FL] Clean-up the binary-indep code.
     + [FL] Add build stamp file.
   * doc/README{,.in}:
     + [FL] Move README to README.in and add the listing of lintian
       options on build time from lintian --help.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [FL] Do not try to use fail() before the lintian libraries are
     + [JP] Allow tags from the "lintian" checkset to be specified with --tags.
   * lib/manual_refs:
     + [JP] Regenerate with new manual_refs_update.pl script.
       (Closes: #493660)
   * lib/Read_taginfo.pm, lib/Manual_refs.pm:
     + [JP] Add support for new manuals, allow specifying manual
       sections by id and not only by section number.
     + [JP] Link manpages to manpages.debian.net.
   * private/manual_refs_update.pl:
     + [JP] Add support for many more manuals (FHS, debconf-spec,
       {menu,python,perl}-policy, libpkg-guide).
 lintian (1.24.3) unstable; urgency=low
   The "greetings from Argentina" release.
   * checks/binaries:
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect throughout rather than reparsing file-info
       and objdump-info.
   * checks/changelog-file{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect instead of reading the fields/*, file-info
       and objdump-info files.
     + [ADB] Remove a misplaced word from the description of the tag
   * checks/copyright-file{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Drop the "copyright line too long" check.  Most of the issues
       it flags aren't easily fixable, particularly where the copyright file
       is (semi)automatically generated.  (Closes: #491302, #491365, #491685)
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect for accessing control fields and reading the
       list of files in the package.
     + [ADB] Don't flag use of version 1 of the GPL, or licenses using phrases
       such as "compatible with the GPL" (for example, the W3C Software
       License) as missing a reference to common-licenses
     + [ADB] Replace references to the GPL in GFDL and LGPL related tags
       with the appropriate license.  Also remove a misplaced word.
   * checks/cruft:
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect for accessing control fields
   * checks/debconf:
     + [ADB] Don't complain about unused debconf templates in udebs.
       (Closes: #491135)
     + [RA] Try to recognize at least some debconf template uses in Perl.
     + [ADB] Replace fields/* and scripts access with Lintian::Collect
     + [ADB] Don't flag the shared templates used for dictionaries-common
       co-ordination as unused.
     + [FL] Remove debconf-error-requires-versioned-depends since post-lenny
       a tag for the sake of sarge-backports clearly makes no sense anymore.
       (Closes: #493920)
   * checks/description:
     + [RA] Don't warn about a synopsis that ends in "etc."  Patch from
       Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #491252)
     + [ADB] Use Lintain::Collect to read the package's description.
   * checks/etcfiles:
     + [ADB] Walk Lintian::Collect->index instead of reading the "index" file.
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Warn about packages that depend exclusively on makedev.
       Thanks, Josh Triplett.  (Closes: #491625)
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect::field() to determine the content of fields
       from control files rather than reading the fields/* files. This and
       similar changes to other scripts should improve performance as the
       Collect object caches the lookup result.
     + [ADB] Reformat a couple of tags' descriptions.
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Switch to using Lintian::Collect.
     + [ADB] Fix a couple of bugs in the parsing of the list of scripts
       contained within a package which led to scripts in /usr/share/doc
       being incorrectly tagged as executable-in-usr-share-doc.
     + [ADB] Update a couple of Policy references.  Thanks Jordà Polo.
     + [ADB] Warn when a package embeds a copy of the Universal Feed Parser.
       Patch from Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #493156)
     + [FL, ADB] Don't issue tag file-in-unusal-dir for files where we already
       issued one of the specific dir-or-file-in-* tags.  (Closes: #493921)
     + [ADB] Add a missing "have" to package-contains-ancient-file's
   * checks/huge-usr-share:
     + [ADB] Replace (the single) direct access to fields/* with ::field()
     + [ADB] Replace an outdated link to the Developer's Reference.
       Thanks Jordà Polo.
   * checks/infofiles{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect to retrieve information about the files
       being processed.
     + [ADB] Update the tag "install-info-not-called-with-quiet-option"'s
       Policy reference.  Thanks Jordà Polo.
   * checks/init.d.desc:
     + [ADB] Update a Policy reference.  Thanks Jordà Polo.
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [ADB] Add a Policy reference to bad-section-in-changes-file.  Thanks
       Jordà Polo.
   * checks/manpages{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Suppress warnings about inability to break a line that contains
       a URL.  URLs often can't be usefully broken.  Based on a patch by
       Damyan Ivanov.  (Closes: #491578)
     + [ADB] Update the Policy reference for manpage-has-wrong-extension.
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect rather than parsing the "index" and
       "file-info" files.
     + [FL] In description for manpage-has-errors-from-man note how to
       reproduce this errors outside of lintian.  (Closes: #492930)
   * checks/menu-format{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect to parse the list of files in the package.
     + [ADB] Don't raise menu-command-not-in-package for 'sensible-browser'
       or 'sh'.  Thanks Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Warn about .kdelnk files and [KDE Desktop Entry] headings in
       desktop files.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/menus{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Fix a typo; thanks Jordà Polo.
     + [ADB] Use the file list from Lintian::Collect.
   * checks/nmu{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Use Lintian::Collect for maintainer / uploader information
     + [ADB] Add a DevRef reference to changelog-should-mention-nmu.  Thanks
       Jordà Polo.
   * checks/patch-systems:
     + [RA] Combine all patch-system-but-direct-changes-in-diff instances
       into a single message to reduce the noise from packages that rebuild
       all auto-generated files outside the patch system.  Thanks, Julien
       Cristau.  (Closes: #491296)
     + [ADB] Migrate fields/* reading to use ::Collect::field().
   * checks/po-debconf{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Check that at least one complete translation exists.  Thanks Jordà
   * checks/rules:
     + [ADB] Use ::Collect for field access.
     + [FL] Do not complain about using dh in a unused binary-* target.
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Warn about maintainer scripts that prepend a path to commands.
       Based on a patch by Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #376184)
     + [ADB] Don't read fields/*, scripts, index or file-info directly as the
       contents have almost certainly been cached in Lintian::Collect already.
     + [ADB] Update a couple of Policy references.  Thanks Jordà Polo.
   * checks/shared-libs.{,desc}:
     + [ADB] Improve the description of no-symbols-control-file.
     + [ADB] Migrate to using ::Collect instead of parsing the index, file-info
       and objdump-info files directly.
     + [ADB] Disable ldconfig-symlink-before-shlib-in-deb as it can never be
       tested correctly using the information currently available to the
   * checks/watch-file:
     + [FL] Do not issue debian-watch-file-should-mangle-version for
       empty watch files.
   * data/doc-base/sections:
     + [ADB] Resynchronize with doc-base's section list (adding
       Programming/OCaml).  (Closes: #491440)
   * debian/postrm:
     + [FL] Do not try to remove /var/spool/lintian if it doesn't exist
       (dpkg might already removed it at this point).
   * doc/desc-files:
     + [ADB] Update the description of tags to include experimental and info
   * doc/README:
     + [ADB] Add -E / --show-experimental, -T / --tags and --tags-from-file
       to the option list.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [FL, ADB] Add new --tags/-T option to limit the amount of checks
       run not by check names but by names of tags you're interested
       in.  Requested by Joerg Jaspert for ftpmaster.  (Closes: #493903)
     + [FL] Add --tags-from-file option to make it easier to specify
       a long list of tags.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
     + [ADB] When parsing objdump-info, indicate whether a shared object is
       an Ocaml executable.  Also add information on segments which various
       checks scripts use which hadn't made it here yet.
     + [ADB] Make index() return a hash rather than an array
     + [ADB] Add support for parsing the "scripts" index file
   * lib/Read_taginfo.pm:
     + [FL] Handle URLs in the Ref: field.
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [ADB] If --tags was used, don't issue tags that aren't in the provided
   * man/lintian.1
     + [ADB] Update the list of check scripts, removing the no longer present
       deb-format and perl and adding the nmu script.
     + [FL] Document the new --tags/-T option.
     + [FL] Document the new --tags-from-file option.
   * reporting/templates/index.tmpl:
     + [RA] Add a link to lintian.log.  Suggested by Stefano Zacchiroli.
   * t/:
     + [FL] Begin work on a new testsuite.
   * testset/fields:
     + [ADB] New testset from Tobias Quathamer (including some tags which
       previously weren't tested)
   * testset/tags.scripts{,.sed}:
     + [ADB] Munge .changes filenames so that the tests produce consistent
       output across architectures
 lintian (1.24.2) unstable; urgency=low
   The "welcome Adam D. Barratt!" release.
   * checks/binaries.desc:
     + [ADB] Add some FHS references.  Thanks Jordà Polo.
   * checks/changelog-file{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Add missing "use Dep". Thanks gregor herrmann (Closes: #488397)
       looking for missing GPL references.  Thanks, Scott Kitterman.
       (Closes: #490264)
     + [ADB] Fix a typo in the description of syntax-error-in-debian-changelog.
       Thanks Jordà Polo.
   * checks/copyright-file{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Check for over-long lines in copyright files.  (Closes: #479651)
   * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Check for BTS control directories in source packages and diffs
       in addition to the existing binary package checks.  (Closes: #481787)
   * checks/debconf{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Warn about the use of "_Choices" in templates file and suggest
       using "__Choices" instead (Closes: #481152)
     + [ADB] Check all maintainer scripts for issues, rather than just config
       and postinst.
     + [ADB] Detect debconf templates which appear to be unused.
     + [ADB] Replace the {config,postinst}-loads-obsolete-confmodule tags
       with a new loads-obsolete-confmodule test which is used for all
       maintainer scripts and outputs the script name as part of its extra data.
   * checks/description{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Warn about duplicated words in the description.  Patch from
       Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #424746)
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Do not complain about obsolete packages if there are
       non-obsolete alternatives specified and if the obsolete
       package is not listed first.  Issue an info tag for them
       though.  Patch by Adam D. Barratt.  (Closes: #486145)
     + [ADB] Update and add some Policy and DevRef references and fix some
       typoes.  Thanks Jordà Polo.
     + [RA] Recognize and do not warn about Ubuntu security update version
       numbers for multiple releases.  (Closes: #489222)
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Warn if the package contains embedded copies of separately
       packaged Javascript libraries.  Patch by Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #489191)
     + [ADB] Fix a typo in the description of executable-is-not-world-readable
   * checks/infofiles{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Warn if the package's postinst installs info directory entries
       but the prerm doesn't remove them.  (Closes: #182512)
     + [ADB] Treat --remove-exactly as indicating removal of an info directory
       entry as well as --remove.
   * checks/menus{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Check that menu-method files include menu.h (Closes: #184104)
   * checks/nmu:
     + [RA] When comparing maintainers, treat the right-hand side of the
       e-mail address as case-insensitive.  (Closes: #486795)
   * checks/patch-systems{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Check quilt patches as well as dpatch patches, and also check
       quilt patches when using the 3.0 (quilt) package format.  Fix build
       dependency checking and check all dpatch files.  Patch from Raphaël
       Hertzog.  (Closes: #484549)
     + [ADB] Treat 00list* as dpatch series files rather than just 00list.
       (Closes: #482040). Also rename dpatch-index-references-non-existant-patch
       to dpatch-index-references-non-existent-patch.
   * checks/rules{,.desc}:
     + [RA] Warn about use of DEB_BUILD_OPTS.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] Apply File::Spec->canonpath() to rpaths to improve
       matching with directories.
     + [FL] Do not check zsh scripts, since zsh -n gives false
       positives.  Downgrades #485885 to wishlist.  Also see
       #175467.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.
     + [FL] Remove "quoted quotes". They're likely to be inside
       another pair of quotes; we're not interested in
       them for their own sake and removing them makes finding
       the limits of the outer pair far easier.  Patch by
       Adam D. Barratt.
     + [FL] Improve heredoc detection.  Patch by Adam D. Barratt.
     + [FL] Improve script_is_evil_and_wrong() to catch more scripts.
       Patch by Adam D. Barratt.
     + [ADB] Update bashism regexes to add new checks, improve performance
       and reduce false positives. (Closes: #490227)
   * checks/shared-libs{,.desc}:
     + [ADB] Implement syntax and sanity checking for symbols files
       (Closes: #452216)
     + [ADB] Check symbols files for dependencies that are not satisfied by
       the package itself (Closes: #461575)
   * checks/standards-version{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Only issue out-of-date-standards-version once.  Noticed by
       Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Base the two-year clock for ancient-standards-version on when
       the Policy version was superseded, not when it was issued.  Thanks,
       Scott Kitterman.  (Closes: #487780)
     + [RA] Warn for packages declaring a standards version released after
       the date of the most recent changelog entry.  Based on a patch by
       Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/watch-file{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Check for more Debian specific strings in version
       number.  Issue an info tag if the watch file uses
       uversionsmangle to add the Debian specific string. Patch
       by Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #485879)
     + [RA] Warn about watch files in native packages and check those watch
       files for other problems anyway.  Allow whitespace around the
       version declaration.  More correctly handle continuation lines.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Check for using the Sourceforge QA redirector with deprecated
       arguments.  Patch from Raphael Geissert.
     + [RA] Be more explicit when warning about missing watch files that
       Lintian recommends adding a watch file containing only comments for
       any non-native package where it's not possible to write a meaningful
       watch file, not only for packages unmaintained upstream.
   * collection/objdump-info:
     + [ADB] If objdump from binutils 2.17 fails to parse a file then
       attempt to gather the required information using readelf instead.
       This allows us to process 64-bit packages on etch/i386 again
       (i.e. on lintian.d.o)  (Closes: #487746)
   * data/fields/obsolete-packages:
     + [RA] mailx is not obsolete.  It's a virtual package.  Thanks, martin
       f krafft.  (Closes: #488114)
     + [RA] Add the cupsys packages, all of which have been renamed to cups.
       Patch from Raphael Geissert.
   * debian/control:
     + [FL] Adapt VCS-* headers for move from SVN to git.
   * debian/copyright:
     + [FL] Add Patrick Schoenfeld (for checks/watch-file).
     + [ADB] Update repository information and GPL2 URL.
     + [RA] Add Adam D. Barratt to the maintainer list so that readers can
       expand initials in the changelog.
   * debian/{prerm,postrm}:
     + [RA] Move prerm to postrm and remove the default /var/spool/lintian
       lab using shell instead of lintian.  We only want to remove the lab
       on purge, and purge is only passed to postrm, not prerm, by which
       point the lintian frontend is gone.  (Closes: #489860)
   * doc/CREDITS:
     + [FL] Add Raphael Geissert and Adam D. Barratt.
   * doc/lintian.sgml:
     + [ADB] Add reference to new option to display experimental tags.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [ADB] Add a new --show-experimental / -E option which indicates
       that experimental tags should be displayed.
     + [RA] Exit with the correct exit status if no packages were found
       because non-existent packages were specified on the command line.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
     + [FL] Add support for file-info file.
     + [FL] Add support for objdump-info file.
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add a couple more spelling corrections and capitalization
       checks for LaTeX and TeX.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [ADB] (Re-)Add support for experimental tags.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [FL] Document watch-file check.
     + [ADB] Document new option to display experimental tags.
     + [RA] Refer to lintian-info(1) for printing tag descriptions.  Patch
       from Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #490374)
   * reporting/harness:
     + [ADB] Process packages using -E so that experimental tags are included.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [FL] Mark the tag pages with the correct code.
   * reporting/lintian.css:
     + [RA] New style for marking packages that override a tag on the tag
       summary page.  Patch from Jordà Polo.
   * reporting/templates/clean.tmpl:
     + [ADB] Note that the full report includes experimental tags.
   * reporting/templates/tag.tmpl:
     + [FL] Mark overridden tags.
     + [RA] Mark packages that override all instances of a given tag.
       Patch from Jordà Polo.
   * reporting/templates/maintainer.tmpl:
     + [FL] Add useful links for each source package.
       With layout help by Jordà Polo.
     + [FL] Include Co-maintained packages in the summary
       at the top of the page.  Also sort the list.  Patch
       by Jordà Polo.
     + [ADB] Note that the full report includes experimental tags.
   * testset/runtests:
     + [ADB] Support experimental tags
 lintian (1.24.1) unstable; urgency=medium
   The "mostly for the benefit of lintian.debian.org only" release.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [FL] Increase LAB_FORMAT to 8. This should have happened
       in 1.23.47, since the unpack-binpkg-l1 then produced a
       new file which checks depend upon.  Since this only
       affects static labs and only if packages get rechecked
       (i.e. not on harness -i runs) it only got noticed now.
       Use urgency=medium for this fix.
   * checks/watch-file:
     + [FL] Fix the order of two regular expression to use
       the more specific one first.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.
       (Closes: #485884)
   * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1:
     + [FL] Don't include version number from Source: field in
       the source symlink.  Noted by RA.  (Closes: #485474)
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Binary.pm:
     + [FL] New module for retrieving binary package information.
   * reporting/checkout-release:
     + [FL] New helper script for lintian.d.o maintenance.
   * reporting/config:
     + [FL] Generate files in $HOME/www directly instead
       of $HOME/www/reports.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [FL] Allow inclusion of the new shared templates by
       convenient functions. Remove some duplicated data
       setting while I'm on it.
     + [FL] Generate the manual and lintian.log symlinks
       dynamically, so that we don't need the reports subdirectory
       anymore.  Also generate a reports -> . symlink for
       backwards compatibility.
   * reporting/templates/{head,foot}.tmpl:
     + [FL] New templates meant for inclusion by other templates
       for common header and footer parts
   * reporting/templates/index.tmpl:
     + [FL] Remove obsolete reports/ subdirectory from the links.
   * reporting/templates/maintainer.tmpl:
     + [RA] Redisplay the tag name for each separate binary package, also
       fixing list nesting problems in some cases.  Patch from Jordà
   * reporting/templates/*.tmpl:
     + [FL] Replace common headers/footers with calls to the
       new head()/foot() functions.
 lintian (1.24.0) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Policy 3.8.0, infrastructure evolution, and real web design"
   * checks/binaries:
     + [RA] Fix code for filtering out NSS modules from SONAME checks.
     + [RA] When checking SONAMEs against package names, convert all
       underscores to dashes, not just the first one.  Thanks, Gonéri Le
       Bouder.  (Closes: #482450)
     + [RA] Remove several-sonames-in-same-package.  This is frequently not
       an error and Lintian doesn't have enough information to know.
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] armel is now a standard architecture.
     + [RA] Remove %known_obsolete_packages, now handled via data.
     + [RA] Merge %non_standard_archs into %known_archs.
   * checks/control-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for self-dependencies in the source package since the
       current dpkg-gencontrol silently fixes them but they may indicate
       other problems.  Thanks, Patrick Matthäi.  (Closes: #471740)
   * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for copyright files containing the Apache 2.0 license,
       which is now in common-licenses.
   * checks/cruft:
     + [RA] Format: 3.0 (quilt) packages are not native even though they
       have no *.diff.gz.  Thanks, Raphael Hertzog.  (Closes: #483384)
     + [RA] Use the new Lintian::Collect interface to check whether a
       package is native.
   * checks/debconf:
     + [RA] Don't warn about using db_input in postinst if a config script
       also exists and uses db_input.  The package maintainer probably
       knows what they're doing.
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Syntax-check Breaks like other relationship fields.  Warn if
       any packages use Breaks for right now.  Only check for duplicate
       libraries and Tcl versions in dependency fields, not Breaks,
       Conflicts, and other similar fields.  Warn if Breaks is used without
       a version.  Check that Breaks is not inconsistent with other
       dependency fields.
     + [RA] Use Lintian::Data to load the obsolete package list.
     + [RA] When checking whether a debug package has proper dependencies,
       allow a dependency on any package name that starts the same as the
       debug package up to the first dash.  This will hopefully produce
       fewer false positives.  Thanks, Josselin Mouette.  (Closes: #476587)
     + [RA] Remove non-standard-architecture-in-source-relation and
       non-standard-architecture.  These aren't bugs.
   * checks/filenames{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn about BTS data directories in packages (.be and
       .ditrack).  Patch by Ben Finney.  (Closes: #481787)
   * checks/init.d:
     + [RA] Try to allow for postinst scripts written in Perl and still
       recognize the update-rc.d calls.
   * checks/manpages{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Only ignore errors about wrapping lines for Asian locale man
       pages, since that's where the groff trouble lies.  Ignore character
       set errors for all man pages with old versions of man and no man
       pages with current versions of man since the new character set
       handling should cope.  (Closes: #474052)
     + [FL] Ignore more unicode issues with old man.
     + [RA] Warn about inclusion of the country name in the localized man
       page directory unless it's one of the known exceptions.
     + [RA] Mention in binary-without-manpage that the case of the man page
       should match the case of the binary even if man can find it anyway.
       (Closes: #484028)
   * checks/md5sums:
     + [FL] Don't complain about missing md5sums file if the
       package only contains conffiles.  (Closes: #482869)
   * checks/nmu:
     + [RA] Don't treat "Ack NMU" as an NMU declaration.  Thanks, Joe
       Nahmias.  (Closes: #484600)
     + [RA] Binary NMUs of QA-maintained packages are fine.
   * checks/rules{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add some basic checks for whether debhelper programs are called
       in a reasonable order.  (Closes: #471869)
     + [RA] Support pattern rules.  (Closes: #483475)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Catch deprecated chown syntax even when options are given to
       chown.  Patch by Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #483775)
     + [RA] $((var+1)) now works in dash and is in POSIX, so remove it from
       bashisms.  Patch by Adam D. Barratt.  (Closes: #473156)
   * checks/standards-version{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Largely rewritten.  Now contains a list of standards versions
       with the date when they were released, adding 3.8.0.  Only emit tag
       out-of-date-standards-version if the newer version predates the date
       of the package.  Base ancient-standards-version on whether the
       standards version of the package is more than two years old.  Remove
       policy 3.1.0 was a long time ago.  (Closes: #472513)
   * checks/watch-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] New checks for watch files, based on work by Patrick
       Schoenfeld.  (Closes: #234202, #409104, #456629, #472499)
   * data/fields/obsolete-packages:
     + [RA] Moved from common_data.pm.  Removed many very old packages that
       nothing depends on and added many new packages identified by Riku
       Voipio.  (Closes: #475400)
   * debian/control:
     + [RA] Update standards version to 3.8.0.
     + [RA] Depend on libtimedate-perl for convenient date parsing.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Create a new Lintian::Collect object for each package being
       checked and pass it into Checker::runcheck.
   * lib/Checker.pm:
     + [RA] Pass a Lintian::Collect object as the third argument to the run
       function of each check.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect.pm:
     + [RA] New module to retrieve package information.
   * lib/Lintian/Collect/Source.pm:
     + [RA] New module to retrieve source package information.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Copy over images.  Set the maintainer name to "Unknown
       Maintainer" if not known.  Pass the code for a tag into the per-tag
       page.  Based on a patch by Jordà Polo.
   * reporting/images/*:
     + [RA] New logo images from Jordà Polo.
   * reporting/lintian.css:
     + [RA] Significant overhaul of the lintian.d.o design by Jordà Polo.
   * reporting/templates/*:
     + [RA] Significant overhaul of the lintian.d.o design by Jordà Polo.
   * reporting/templates/clean.tmpl:
     + [FL] Include link to full maintainer report.  Suggested by
       Kartik Mistry.
 lintian (1.23.49) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Business as usual" release.
   * checks/binaries:
     + [FL] Ignore rpaths to directories present in the same binary
       package.  Also ignore $ORIGIN since that obviously fulfills
       that criterion.  (Closes: #480636)
   * checks/copyright-file{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Implement new check for dh-make-perl boilerplate.
     + [FL] New check for example URL from dh-make.  Based on
       a patch by Michal Čihař.  (Closes: #481368)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [FL] dh_lintian needs debhelper >= 6.0.7. Patch by David Paleino.
       (Closes: #479088)
     + [FL] Add basic support for debhelpers new dh utility.
       (Closes: #477628)
     + [FL] Suppress maintainer-script-lacks-debhelper-token for
       single-udeb-only packages as well.  (Closes: #471853)
   * checks/files:
     + [FL] Drop xresources-file-in-etc-without-proper-conflicts, since
       the last package that conflict applies to was released with hamm!
       Reported by Julien Cristau.  (Closes: #480574)
   * checks/menu-format:
     + [FL] Don't issue false positives about menu files in format menu-2.
       We don't check them for errors yet, though.  (Closes: #478578)
   * checks/patch-systems:
     + [FL] Add basic support for dpatch list files which use cpp for
       preprocessing.  Patch by Jörg Sommer.  (Closes: #477057)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] Always use /bin/bash for shell script syntax check to give
       consistent errors on systems with changed /bin/sh.  Suggested
       by Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #478192)
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [FL] Don't issue a warning about Distribution: UNRELEASED in
       .changes files.  It can be annoying to have to ignore this error
       during testing and dupload/dput/dak/etc... all will error out
       on it anyway.  Suggested by martin f krafft.  (Closes: #382327)
     + [FL] Add a --keep-lab option to make it easier to debug temporary
       labs.  (Closes: #401046)
   * lib/Util.pm:
     + [FL] Only require Digest::SHA if the code path is really used.
       This makes it unnessesary to install libdigest-sha-perl on
       lintian.debian.org for now.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [FL] Document --keep-lab option.
     + [FL] Fix error in checkname: s/patch-system/patch-systems/.
       Reported by Jörg Sommer.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [FL] Escape $email variable for usage in URI query strings.
       Currently it is not used for anything else, so it is most simple
       to do it in the actual code.  Reported by Sandro Tosi.
       (Closes: #481256)
 lintian (1.23.48) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Perl 5.10 compatibility" release.
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [FL] Add 8.5 versions to known_tcls and known_tks.
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [FL] Also apply the "possible-gpl-code-linked-with-openssl" checks
       to Pre-Depends.
   * checks/menus:
     + [RA] Stop using a deprecated Perl construct that Perl 5.10 no longer
       supports.  Patch from Adam D. Barratt.  (Closes: #479318)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [RA] Fix an unescaped | in the regular expression parsing postinst
       files for ldconfig invocation.  The regex had always been broken,
       but in Perl 5.10 it causes a recursion error in the regex engine.
   * checks/version-substvars:
     + [FL] Also apply the "not-binnmuable-*" checks to Pre-Depends.
       (Closes: #472247)
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Work around a Perl 5.10 bug with Getopt::Long and sub handlers.
   * testset/runtests:
     + [RA] dpkg-source now enables the -i and -I regexes by default.
       Replace the defaults with ones that never match so that we can
       continue testing for cruft left in source packages.
 lintian (1.23.47) unstable; urgency=low
   The "long time no upload" release.
   * checks/binaries{.desc,}
     + [RA] Permit architecture: all packages to have binaries in the
       multiarch directories.  (Closes: #469301)
     + [RA] Suggest an override for arch: all packages containing binaries
       independent of the host architecture (such as for cross-compiles).
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Quash more Perl warnings on badly malformed NEWS.Debian files.
   * checks/control-files:
     + [FL] Add 'triggers' as a valid control file.  Thanks, Joey Hess.
       (Closes: #473840)
   * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Document handling of false positives for GPL, GFDL, and LGPL
       license references and catch the GFDL 1.1 false positive.
     + [FL] Add CeCILL license to false positives list for
       copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-gpl.  Thanks,
       Alexandre Fayolle.  (Closes: #472933)
   * checks/cruft:
     + [RA] Subversion conflicts generate three files, two with revision
       numbers and one with .mine.  Only warn about the revision numbers;
       .mine probably won't occur alone and may be a false positive.
   * checks/etcfiles:
     + [RA] /etc/init.d/{skeleton,rc,rcS} are not conffiles, and README
       files in /etc need not be.
   * checks/fields.desc:
     + [FL] Remove obsolete section base from list of valid sections in
       unknown-section.  (Closes: #471751)
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] /etc/init.d/{skeleton,README} don't need to be executable.
     + [RA] Warn about linda overrides since linda has been removed from
       the archive.  Thanks, Y Giridhar Appaji Nag.  (Closes: #469603)
     + [RA] Check for numeric owners or groups outside of the reserved
       static ranges.  Patch from Håkon Stordahl.  (Closes: #469924)
     + [RA] Issue errors for installing files under /var/www.  This isn't
       in FHS, may not be the document root, and may break local files if
       it is the document root.  Thanks, Joerg Jaspert.  (Closes: #470403)
     + [RA] Don't consider files in bin directories that contain "copying"
       or "license" to be extra license files.
     + [FL] Don't complain about empty directories under
       /usr/share/python-support since those might be needed.  Thanks,
       Josselin Mouette.  (Closes: #473428)
     + [RA] Ignore extra license files in examples subdirectories of
       /usr/share/doc.  Thanks, Daniel Jacobowitz.  (Closes: #476149)
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [FL] Rename md5sum-mismatch-in-changes-file to
   * checks/nmu{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add support for +nmuX versioning for NMUs of native packages.
       Patch from James Vega.  (Closes: #475026)
     + [RA] Don't consider an NMU changelog entries that mention NMU with
       a variation of the word "incorporate."
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Attempt to quash some Perl warnings.
     + [RA] *.py files in /usr/{lib,share}, /etc/init.d/skeleton, and *.ex
       files do not need to be executable even if they look like scripts.
     + [RA] Add clisp, procmail, and rrdcgi, and another way interpretors
       are templated in *.in files.
     + [RA] Expect unversioned dependencies on OCaml packages rather than
       versioned dependencies since the version changes frequently and
       unversioned dependencies are what people are already using.  Thanks,
       Hideki Yamane.  (Closes: #476417)
     + [RA] Add inetutils-inetd and xinetd as additional update-inetd
       providers.  Patch from Guillem Jover.  (Closes: #474077)
     + [RA] If the call to some supporting program like update-inetd is
       conditional on the existence of the program, assume the maintainer
       knows what they're doing and don't warn.
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [RA] Move the default ld.so search path into data.  Drop obsolete
       /usr/lib/libg++-dbg, /usr/X11R6/lib/Xaw3d, and libc5 compatibility
       directories in the process.
     + [RA] Allow and expect ldconfig, SONAMEs, and shlibs treatment of
       libraries in multiarch directories.
   * data/binaries/multiarch:
     + [RA] New file listing multiarch binary directories.
   * data/shared-libs/ldconfig-dirs:
     + [RA] New file listing directories searched by ld.so.
   * debian/compat:
     + [FL] Increase debhelper compat level to 5. There is really
       no need anymore to support building on sarge.
   * debian/control:
     + [FL] Add dependency on libdigest-sha-perl.
     + [FL] Increase debhelper dependency to >= 5
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Qualify relative --root directories so that we don't break
       later.  Patch from Håkon Stordahl.  (Closes: #469925)
     + [CW] Add intrepid as an allowable distribution for Ubuntu.
     + [FL] Support Checksums-* fields in .changes files. Follows
       the same rules as the md5sum check. Add new option --checksums
       as alias for --md5sums.  (Closes: #476565)
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Avoid Perl warnings when called with an uninitialized value.
     + [RA] Correct "meta package" and "meta-package" in descriptions to
       "metapackage".  Thanks, Frank S. Thomas.  (Closes: #476681)
   * lib/Util.pm:
     + [FL] Rename function get_file_md5sum to get_file_checksum and
       support SHA1 and SHA256.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [FL] Drop linda from SEE ALSO since it is obsolete now. Suggested
       by Hideki Yamane. (Closes: #474478)
     + [FL] Add new --checksums option.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Base the generation of clean report pages on the maintainer URL
       rather than the full maintainer string so that maintainers with
       different forms of their name won't have clean reports that
       overwrite dirty ones.
     + [RA] Fix the counts in qa-list.txt, which were broken in several
     + [RA] Don't consider a maintainer's page error/warning free if there
       are errors or warnings in their co-maintained packages.
   * reporting/templates/maintainer.tmpl:
     + [RA] Always add anchors to the package names even for uploaders.
   * testset/copyright:
     + [FL] New testcases by Tobias Toedter.  (Closes: #472665)
   * testset/description:
     + [FL] New testcases by Tobias Toedter.  (Closes: #471838, #477471)
   * unpack/list-srcpkg:
     + [RA] Fix syntax error introduced by Uploaders support.
   * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1:
     + [RA] Extract a tar listing with numeric owners and groups into
       index-owner-id in the lab.
 lintian (1.23.46) unstable; urgency=low
   The "five Lintian committers!" release.
   * checks/binaries:
     + [RA] Anchor file matches for Perl libraries and debugging symbols so
       as to not match partial paths.  Based on a patch from Niko Tyni.
       (Closes: #466501)
     + [RA] Also check for make -i when checking if errors from make clean or
       distclean are ignored.  Thanks, Jörg Sommer.  (Closes: #469024)
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Adjust for the extra space added by Parse::DebianChangelog when
       checking line length.  Thanks, Robert Millan.  (Closes: #467019)
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Accept (and ignore for now) the new Checksums-Sha1,
       Checksums-Sha256, and Checksums-Md5 fields in source packages.
       Thanks, Raphael Hertzog.  (Closes: #466979)
   * checks/control-file:
     + [RA] Skip empty dependencies for stronger-dependency-implies-weaker.
   * checks/control-files{.desc,}:
     + [FL] Warn about empty control files. I can't see any use for
       them. Exclude udebs though, since they might differ there.
   * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Tests for copyright notices must be case-insensitive.  Patch
       from Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #464992)
     + [RA] When looking for cases where Copyright is separated from a year
       by a newline, also allow (C) before or after the newline.  Thanks,
       Michael Meskes.  (Closes: #465258)
     + [RA] Further explain why lintian looks for a valid copyright notice.
       (Closes: #466714)
     + [RA] Suggest an override if only the Debian packaging or some other
       part of the package not linked with OpenSSL is covered by the GPL.
       Thanks, Andrew Pollock.  (Closes: #469106)
   * checks/cruft{.desc,}:
     + [FL] Add hg to the list of <vcs>-control-dir tags.
     + [RA] In the long description of outdated-autotools-helper-file,
       point to autotool-dev's documentation.  (Closes: #465132)
     + [RA] Remove now-unnecessary workarounds for calling File::Find with
       symlink starting directory.
   * checks/debian-readme{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn of references to /usr/doc in README.Debian.  Thanks,
       Guillem Jover.  (Closes: #465192)
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [FL,RA] Merge all the tags for vcs ignore files, inventory files,
       and vcs control dirs. Since the explanations don't actually differ,
       different tags make no sense. While at it, add the mercurial
       equivalents as well and update some of the tag descriptions. Partly
       based on a patch by Chris Lamb.
   * checks/md5sums{.desc,}:
     + [FL] Remove tag md5sums-control-file-is-empty in favour of
       a more general tag in control-files.
   * checks/manpages.desc:
     + [RA] Mention in binary-without-manpage that if the man pages are
       provided by another package on which this package depends, a lintian
       override is appropriate.
   * checks/menu-format:
     + [RA] When the menu or desktop file invokes a quoted command via an
       su program, don't try to check whether the command is in the
       package.  Thanks, Paul Wise.  (Closes: #466665)
   * checks/menus{,desc}:
     + [RA] Check that doc-base files are encoded in UTF-8.  Thanks, Robert
       Luberda.  (Closes: #468759)
     + [RA] Check doc-base sections against the new canonical list.
       Thanks, Robert Luberda.  (Closes: #463474)
   * check/patch-systems:
     + [HE] Warn if the .diff.gz contains changes while the package uses
       a patch system. (Closes: #452215)
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [FL] Warn if a maintainer script is a valid shell script but
       doesn't seem to have any actual code.  Based on an idea
       by Justin Pryzby.  (Closes: #410042)
     + [RA] Update regexes based on checkbashisms to remove additional
       false positives and add additional checks.  Thanks, Adam D. Barratt.
     + [RA] Add kaptain.  Thanks, Tobias Toedter.  (Closes: #466701)
     + [RA] Allow zsh-beta as an alternative to zsh.  Thanks, Joost van
       Baal.  (Closes: #468362)
     + [RA] Add yorick.  Thanks, Thibaut Paumard.  (Closes: #468370)
     + [RA] Add warnings for dpkg --assert* flags for features that have
       been guaranteed for nearly a decade.  Thanks, Bernhard R. Link.
       (Closes: #467642)
   * checks/shared-libs{,desc}:
     + [RA] Rename sharedobject-in-library-directory-not-actually-a-shlib
       to sharedobject-in-library-directory-missing-soname for clarity.
       Thanks, Peter Eisentraut.  (Closes: #467425)
   * data/doc-base/sections:
     + [RA] New file listing known doc-base sections.
   * debian/dirs:
     + [RA] Install the base directory for the Lintian root here.
   * debian/rules:
     + [RA] Redo the installation rules to support arbitrary nesting under
       the copied directories.  As a side effect, install
       lib/Tags/ColonSeparated.pm, unbreaking the experimental
       colon-separated output format.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [CW] Make the presence of an Ubuntu release name in the version number
       trigger the Ubuntu distribution field checks.
     + [RA] Fix option parsing bug leading lintian to incorrectly reject -a
       or -p without a package.
   * lib/Dep.pm:
     + [RA] Skip empty dependencies, avoiding false positives for
       stronger-dependency-implies-weaker.  Patch from Adam D. Barratt.
       (Closes: #469222)
   * lib/Lintian/Data.pm:
     + [RA] New module for loading and querying lists of keywords.
   * lib/Read_pkglists.pm:
     + [RA] Extract Uploaders from the source package list.
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add another spelling correction.
     + [RA] Merriam-Webster and the OED have both given up on publically
       vs. publicly, so we should as well.  (Closes: #466617)
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Load the correct configuration file.
     + [RA] Include packages for which one is an uploader in one's
       maintainer page, marked accordingly.  (Closes: #421011)
   * reporting/templates/*:
     + [TK] Correct Lintian maintainers address in page footers.
   * reporting/templates/maintainer.html:
     + [RA] Include packages for which the maintainer is an uploader.
   * unpack/list-srcpkg:
     + [RA] Include Uploaders in the package list.
   * unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l2:
     + [RA] Don't rely on the output format of dpkg-source to learn the
       source directory and create a symlink.  Instead, tell dpkg-source to
       unpack the source directly into the unpacked directory.  Discard
       output of dpkg-source to allow for the current version, which prints
       things even with -q (fixed in later versions).  Thanks, Raphael
       Hertzog.  (Closes: #468927)
 lintian (1.23.45) unstable; urgency=low
   The "100 open bugs is magical" release.
   * checks/debconf:
     + [RA] Recognize require as well as use when loading debconf modules
       in Perl.  Thanks, Manoj Srivastava.  (Closes: #464775)
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Fix coding error that didn't allow python-all-dev to satisfy a
       Python build dependency.  Thanks, Joerg Jaspert.  (Closes: #464709)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [RA] Ignore another undefined macro generated by pod2man (will be
       fixed with the Pod::Man in Perl 5.10).
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [RA] Also accept nnn_NN names for po files.  nds_DE and nds_NL are
       valid locales.  Thanks, Christian Perrier.
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn of use of start-stop-daemon in maintainer scripts unless
       used with --stop.  Thanks, Kurt Roeckx.  (Closes: #381180)
 lintian (1.23.44) unstable; urgency=low
   The "I can't release a quick fix without *some* other work" release.
   * checks/binaries:
     + [RA] Make an architecture specification after perlapi optional.
       Thanks, gregor herrmann.  (Closes: #464626)
   * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check the copyright file to ensure it contains at least one
       copyright statement with a date or the term "public domain".  It's
       hard to be thorough without false positives, but this should catch
       the most obvious omissions.  Thanks, Justin Pryzby and Jari Aalto.
       (Closes: #286842, #409131)
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Warn of build-dependencies on a Debian revision of -1.  They
       make backporting unnecessarily difficult.  Thanks, Erich Schubert.
       (Closes: #345487)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [RA] Accept three-character language codes for po files.  Thanks,
       Patrick Winnertz and Eddy Petrișor.  (Closes: #464511)
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Don't strip hyphens before checking spelling.  Move all D-Bus
       corrections to the picky list since the correction is too confusing
       even if accurate without capitalization.  Thanks, Nelson A. de
       Oliveira.  (Closes: #464461)
 lintian (1.23.43) unstable; urgency=low
   The "37 bug fixes is enough for one release" release.
   * checks/binaries{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Don't require objdump's errors on files with bad dynamic tables
       to start at the beginning of the line.  Patch from Chris Lamb.
       (Closes: #459509)
     + [RA] Warn for packages that have binaries requiring libc but which
       don't depend on libc.  Patch from Niko Tyni.  (Closes: #461350)
     + [RA] Remove check for libc5 binaries.  libc5 is long-gone.
     + [RA] Remove various dead tag descriptions we no longer issue.
     + [RA] Warn on packages that provide Perl modules but don't depend on
       perlapi-*.  Thanks, Niko Tyni.  (Closes: #463142)
     + [RA] Check files in /usr/lib/debug directories mirroring the main
       file system to verify they are detached debugging symbols and not
       full libraries or executables.  Thanks, Neil Williams and Niko
       Tyni.  (Closes: #462456)
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Decode the changelog entry from UTF-8 before doing length
       checks.  Thanks, Cyril Brulebois.  (Closes: #461822)
     + [RA] Check for mismatches between the latest changelog and
       NEWS.Debian entries if they're for the same package version.
       Thanks, Cyril Brulebois.  (Closes: #461823)
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Add Bugs, Origin, and Breaks to known binary and udeb fields
       and Bugs to known source fields, matching current dpkg.  Thanks,
       Raphaël Hertzog.  (Closes: #459787)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [RA] CDBS now defaults to a debhelper compatibility level of V5.
     + [FL] Update list of debhelper commands that modify maintainer
        scripts. Add dh_icons, dh_installudev, dh_pysupport, dh_pycentral
        and rename dh_installtexfonts to dh_installtex.
     + [RA] Add checks for versioned debhelper dependencies for dh_icons
       and dh_installifupdown.  Thanks, Evgeni Golov.  (Closes: #463028)
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] The CDBS ant rules are in class, not rules.  Thanks, Cyril
       Brulebois.  (Closes: #460168)
     + [RA] Versioned Python dependencies satisfy a Python debian/rules
       requirement.  Add a separate tag for Python build dependencies to
       explain the dependency possibilities.  Ignore dh_python if
       debian/pyversion or a Python-Version control field are present.
       Thanks, Loïc Minier.  (Closes: #460625)
     + [RA] Check that -dbg packages depend on their base package.  Patch
       from Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #458785)
     + [RA] Check the value of Dm-Upload-Allowed.
     + [RA] Warn about packages with a list as the maintainer and no
       Uploaders.  Thanks, Sune Vuorela.  (Closes: #462635)
     + [RA] Remove the package-has-duplicate-relation test.  It gets
       relations with different version strictness in different levels of
       dependency wrong and what it gets right dpkg-gencontrol strips out.
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] In many of the long descriptions for symlink-related tags,
       mention that running dh_link will fix symlink problems.
     + [RA] Fix a long-standing error in the regex checking for *.desktop
       files in /usr/share/gnome/apps that caused the tag to never be
       issued.  Remove the check for /usr/share/applnk, since obsolete or
       not KDE appears to actively use it still.
     + [RA] Check for *.devhelp{2,} files not linked into devhelp's search
       path.  Based on a patch by Bradley Smith.  (Closes: #273309)
     + [RA] Warn about /etc/cron.{hourly,daily,weekly,monthly} scripts that
       won't be executed by run-parts because of periods in the name.
       Patch from Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #458742)
     + [RA] Warn of .gitignore files installed by the package.  Patch from
       Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #459502)
     + [RA] Warn of more language extensions on files in the user's path.
       Patch from Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #459514)
     + [RA] Remove the tag for empty Perl directories.  The underlying
       issue is fixed in Perl 5.10; there's no need to add code to
       debian/rules when 5.10 is landing soon.  (Closes: #463138)
   * checks/infofiles:
     + [RA] Don't issue unknown-intepreter for maintainer scripts with
       weird interpreters.  checks/scripts already handles this and the tag
       wasn't defined.  Thanks, Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #460964)
     + [RA] Fix Perl warnings given a zero-byte maintainer script.  Thanks,
       Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #460966)
   * checks/init.d{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Downgrade a missing LSB Short-Description keyword to info since
       it's not required for functionality.  Thanks, Petter Reinholdtsen.
       (Closes: #460499)
   * checks/manpages{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Make hyphen-used-as-minus-sign more conservative to avoid false
       positives with non-ASCII text and catch hyphens at the start of
       lines.  Thanks, Michal Čihař.  (Closes: #459871)
     + [CW] Use man's new --warnings option to catch use of undefined
       strings, macros, or diversions in manual pages, which usually indicate
       mistaken use of "." or "'" at the start of a line. This check is only
       enabled if man 2.5.1 or later is installed.  (Closes: #377392)
   * checks/menu-format:
     + [RA] Avoid a Perl warning for desktop entries without Exec.
     + [RA] Fix a bug that prevented Exec keys in desktop files from being
       checked at all.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #462601)
     + [RA] Exempt packages providing the su wrappers from the check for
       using su-to-root.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.
   * checks/menus:
     + [RA] Don't issue unknown-interpreter for maintainer scripts with
       weird interpreters.
     + [RA] Fix Perl warnings given a zero-byte maintainer script.
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [RA] Exclude from not-using-po-debconf template files with only the
       shared templates used for coordination with dictionaries-common.
       Thanks, Thomas Bushnell BSG.  (Closes: #460731)
   * checks/rules.desc:
     + [RA] To fix an ignores-make-clean-error, suggest removing "-" for
       static makefiles.  Thanks, Andrea Colangelo.  (Closes: #458164)
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Re-add php4-cli as a valid interpreter for those who want to
       maintain stable compatibility.  Thanks, Thomas Goirand.
     + [RA] Be clearer in the tag name that php-cli dependencies should be
       versioned.  Add more explanation to the long description of several
       interpreter tags about limitations and requested bug filings.
     + [RA] Remove tcl as a valid interpreter since tclx8.3 is obsolete.
       (tclsh is the standard interpreter name.)
     + [RA] Require versioned dependencies for OCaml scripts.  Each version
       is ABI-incompatible.  Thanks, Samuel Mimram.  (Closes: #462065)
     + [RA] Add tcl and tk metapackages.  Thanks, Sergei Golovan.
       (Closes: #463281)
     + [RA] Catch exec wrappers that use $* instead of $@ (not that this is
       a good idea).  Thanks, Adam D. Barratt.  (Closes: #463476)
     + [RA] Integrate several more bashism checks from checkbashisms in
       devscripts.  Patch from Adam D. Barratt.  (Closes: #464026)
   * debian/control:
     + [RA] Suggest man-db >= 2.5.1 for better warning support.
     + [RA] Wrap Uploaders.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Include info tags in the broken-down description of the
       override count since they're included in the total.  Based on a
       patch by Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #459851)
     + [RA] Don't try to report overrides when not checking a package.
       Thanks, Håkon Stordahl.  (Closes: #461978)
     + [RA] Cope with a relative path to the lab.  Patch from Håkon
       Stordahl.  (Closes: #461982)
     + [RA] Don't require *.changes files for source-only uploads to have a
       Description field.  Thanks, Cyril Brulebois.  (Closes: #462586)
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add spelling corrections for PostgreSQL and OCaml and lots of
       new capitalization corrections.  (Closes: #460347)
 lintian (1.23.42) unstable; urgency=low
   The "what did you do on your Christmas vacation?" release.
   * checks/binaries:
     + [RA] Don't warn about unstripped binaries in .../lib/debug.  Some
       packages include debugging symbols in the main package.
     + [RA] Allow rpath pointing to /usr/lib/games/<package>.  Thanks, Bas
       Wijnen.  (Closes: #456318)
     + [RA] Exclude nsswitch modules from multiple SONAME and package
       naming checks.
   * checks/changelog-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Don't spell-check lines that include the word "spelling".
       Thanks, Andreas Hoenen.  (Closes: #456515)
     + [RA] Allow long no-whitespace lines even when spaces or bullets
       precede the text.
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Remove the obsolete base section.  (Policy change pending).
   * checks/control-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Include the package name in stronger-dependency-implies-weaker.
     + [RA] Fix stronger-dependency-implies-weaker description cut and
       paste error.  Thanks, Rafael Laboissiere.  (Closes: #456405)
   * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn about packages covered by the GPL and linked with libssl
       that don't list other common licenses or mention a license exception
       or exemption.  Requested by Joerg Jaspert.  (Closes: #454238)
   * checks/cruft:
     + [RA] Ignore debian/config.cache.
   * checks/debconf{.desc,}:
     + Remove partially-translated-question at the request of Christian
       Perrier.  Only the translator could fix this, and debconf doesn't
       show the translation unless it's complete.  (Closes: #459293)
   * checks/debian-readme{.desc,}:
     + Combine readme-debian-{is,contains}-debmake-template and be less
       particular about the exact formatting of the dh-make template.
       Triggering off the template text is enough and matches linda.
       Thanks, Joerg Jaspert.  (Closes: #458074)
   * checks/description{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Do picky spelling and capitalization checks on the description
       and note and explain this in the long description.
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Handle double-colon rules when checking that build dependencies
       match debian/rules.  (Closes: #457501)
     + [RA] Allow python-setuptools in Build-Depends for arch-independent
       Python packages.  Thanks, Vincent Bernat.  (Closes: #459042)
   * checks/fields.desc:
     + [RA] Remove X.X.X versions from the debian-revision-not-well-formed
       long description.  (Closes: #456286)
     + [RA] Update references and binary-NMU version descriptions.
   * checks/files:
     + [RA] Ignore zero-length files in /usr/share/doc/examples.
     + [RA] The underFooLicense.docbook files from KDE are not license
       files.  Thanks, Sune Vuorela.  (Closes: #458831)
     + [RA] Allow /emul as a top-level directory and files in
       /emul/ia32-linux/{lib,usr/lib}.  (Closes: #459254)
   * checks/files.desc:
     + [RA] Remove a stray variable from the config-file-reserved tag.
   * checks/init.d{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn on init scripts that list S in their Default-Stop LSB
       keyword.  Thanks, Petter Reinholdtsen.  (Closes: #458596)
   * checks/menu-format{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Fix non-wm-module-in-wm-modules-menu-section pluralization to
       match the check and reword the long description to be hopefully
       clearer.  Thanks, Martín Ferrari.  (Closes: #457527)
     + [RA] Warn about use of su wrappers other than su-to-root for desktop
       and Live CD support.  Thanks, Daniel Baumann.  (Closes: #453931)
     + [RA] Only check for desktop files in /usr/share/applications.  The
       ones elsewhere are too strange.  (Closes: #459252)
   * checks/menus{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Spelling errors in doc-base files should only be warnings.  Do
       picky spelling and capitalization checks on the abstract and title
   * checks/patch-systems:
     + [RA] dpatch permits multiple patches to be listed on the same line
       of 00list.  Patch by Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #457523)
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add lua40 and lua5.1.  Thanks, Enrico Tassi.  (Closes: #457219)
     + [RA] Improve recognition of heredocs.
     + [RA] Recognize quoted strings that start at beginning of the line.
     + [RA] Rewrite script path and dependency checking.  Remove scripts
       and packages no longer in the archive.  Add new versions of
       versioned scripts and packages.  Fix the dependencies for pike
       interpreters.  (Closes: #458896)
     + [RA] Reformat long descriptions and collapse some tags.
     + [RA] For consistent results, only syntax-check sh and bash scripts.
       Also ignore all dpatch files, not just those in /usr/src.
   * checks/shared-libs{.desc,}:
     + [RA] New check for version numbers in symbol files.  Based on a
       patch from Raphael Hertzog.  (Closes: #457067)
     + [RA] Exclude nsswitch modules from shlibs file checks.
     + [RA] ld.so may also look in /emul/ia32-linux/{lib,usr/lib}.
   * debian/control:
     + [RA] Suggest libtext-template-perl, needed for HTML reporting.
   * debian/copyright:
     + [RA] Add my copyright statement.
     + [RA] Reference GPL-2, not the GPL symlink, reflecting our license.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Merge all override messages into a single message per run.  Add
       -q/--quiet option to suppress that message.  (Closes: #457513)
     + [RA] Allow + and . in tag names in overrides.  Thanks, Stefan
       Fritsch.  (Closes: #454790)
     + [RA] Check that the argument to --color is valid.
     + [RA] Warn about no package arguments unless --setup-lab or
       --remove-lab are given.  Thanks, Damyan Ivanov.  (Closes: #455732)
     + [RA] Add support for HTML coloring.  (Closes: #458376)
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [RA] Allow for HTML color tags.
     + [RA] Add -a to annotate an override file.
   * lib/Dep.pm:
     + [RA] Allow substvars instead of package names so that dependency
       checks against the source debian/control file don't treat all
       substvars as equivalent.  Thanks, Julien Cristau.  (Closes: #456802)
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Stop doing capitalization checks on all files; there's too much
       of a risk of false positives.  Instead, provide a separate picky
       spelling check function for package descriptions and similar cases
       where we're more sure of the contents.
     + [RA] Expand the picky capitalization checks to catch Debian, GNOME,
       KDE, and Linux.  (Closes: #456582)
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [RA] Add support for HTML coloring.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Document the --color=html and -q/--quiet options.
   * man/lintian-info.1:
     + [RA] Document the --annotate option.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Rewritten.
       - Include info, experimental, and overridden tags in the tag pages.
       - Generate a second report for each maintainer showing all tags.
       - Correctly handle multiple different maintainer strings with the
         same e-mail address.
       - Correctly report the version number of a binary package when it
         differs from the source package.  (Closes: #458036)
       - Formatting changes (hopefully improvements) to the web pages.
       - New template-driven system for easier revision of the HTML.
   * reporting/lintian.css:
     + [RA] New minimal style sheet for the HTML reports.
   * reporting/templates/*:
     + [RA] New Text::Template page templates for the HTML reports.
   * testset/runtests:
     + [RA] Test tags for valid characters.
 lintian (1.23.41) unstable; urgency=low
   The "it would be lovely if there were an actual desktop file standard"
   * checks/*.desc:
     + [RA] Escape all literal angle brackets and fix unclosed and unknown
       HTML tags.  Based on a patch by Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #455211)
   * checks/field{.desc,}:
     + [FL] Add some checks for the Homepage field:
       - warn about enclosing < and >
       - warn about non-absolute URLs
   * checks/menu-format{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add Actions to the KDE-specific desktop file keys.  Add
       Application as an acceptable Main Category even though it's not
       listed in the standard; given how widely it's used, it doesn't
       appear to be worth warning about right now.  (Closes: #444651)
     + [RA] Add GNUstep as an acceptable Main Category, since it's used as
       a non-standard category by GNUstep applications.
     + [RA] Warn about desktop files containing CRLF line endings (and then
       strip the CR for later checks).  The standard is explicit that each
       line ends in only LF.
   * debian/control:
     + [FL] Add liburi-perl to Depends for the Homepage checks.
     + [RA] Wrap Depends for readability.
   * testset/runtests:
     + [RA] Check all tag descriptions for unknown or unclosed HTML tags
       and for stray angle brackets.
 lintian (1.23.40) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Russ's brown paper bag bug" release.
   * checks/doc-base:
     + [RA] My mistaken precedence fiddling with the doc-base checks caused
       them to warn about every abstract containing a period.  Patch from
       Chris Lamb.  (Closes: #454941)
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] Add common mistakes for publicly and spelling.
 lintian (1.23.39) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Ubuntu and doc-base patch merge, with extra fixes" release.
   * checks/*.desc:
     + [RA] Remove the unused Standards-Version header.
   * checks/changelog-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check the latest entry of the Debian changelog and any
       NEWS.Debian file for common spelling errors.  (Closes: #36017)
     + [RA] If this looks like a new package (Debian revision of -1 and
       only one changelog entry), warn if it doesn't close a bug.  Thanks,
       Margarita Manterola.  (Closes: #356051)
     + [RA] Check for lines over 80 columns in the most recent entry.
       Thanks, Guillem Jover.  (Closes: #435963)
   * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Moved spelling-error-in-copyright check to here.
   * checks/debconf:
     + [RA] Go back to not warning about "no" in boolean debconf
       questions.  The word is too common in normal English prose for
       reasons other than assuming a particular debconf interface.  Thanks,
       Rafael Laboissiere.  (Closes: #453177)
   * checks/debian-readme{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Moved spelling-error-in-readme-debian check to here.
   * checks/description{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Moved spelling-error-in-description check to here.
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Python documentation packages should still be in section doc.
       Thanks, Michal Čihař.  (Closes: #454688)
     + [RA] Warn about lib.*-dev packages not in section libdevel.
     + [RA] Warn about debug packages that aren't priority: extra.  Thanks,
       Joerg Jaspert.  (Closes: #454358)
     + [RA] Ignore Original-Maintainer if the version contains ubuntu.
     + [RA] Only warn about Section for Python packages starting with
       python-, not py, since py picks up too many things that aren't
       Python modules.
     + [RA] Only warn about Section for Perl packages matching lib.*-perl
       to avoid false positives for things like dh-make-perl.  Thanks,
       Damyan Ivanov.  (Closes: #454723)
   * checks/files:
     + [RA] Warn about packages providing files in /usr/lib/debug that
       aren't named -dbg.  Thanks, Joerg Jaspert.
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [RA] Add bad-ubuntu-distribution-in-changes-file, merged from the
       Ubuntu patch.
     + [RA] Fix the malformed-override long description.  Thanks, Stefan
   * checks/menus{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Substantial overhaul and expansion of the doc-base control file
       checks.  Patch from Robert Luberda.  (Closes: #448783)
   * checks/nmu:
     + [RA] No packages with ubuntu in the version number are NMUs.  Merged
       from the Ubuntu patch.
   * checks/patch-systems:
     + [RA] Ignore blank lines in 00list and don't report them as patches
       without descriptions.  Thanks, Julien BLACHE.  (Closes: #454730)
   * checks/spelling{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Subsumed into other check scripts and lib/Spelling.pm.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] If the version number indicates an Ubuntu package, check
       against a different list of allowable distributions.  Merged from
       the Ubuntu patch.
     + [RA] Skip check and collection *.desc files whose names start with a
       period (mostly to avoid testing artifacts from editor lock files).
     + [RA] Restore previous override parsing and make the package name
       optional again.  Thanks, Stefan Fritsch.  (Closes: #454790)
     + [RA] Check overrides for implausible tags.
   * lib/Spelling.pm:
     + [RA] New module to do general spelling checks for specific
       misspellings.  Based on the previous checks/spelling and a patch by
       Robert Luberda.
 lintian (1.23.38) unstable; urgency=low
   * The "HE's brown paper bag bug" release
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Don't warn about version numbers going backwards in the
       changelog file if the comment says this is a backport.
   * checks/patch-systems:
     + [FL] Try appending .dpatch to patchnames found in 00list.
            Patch by Leo Antunes. (Closes: #454516, #454518)
   * lib/Dep.pm:
     + [FL] Fix "uninitialized value" warning in pred_implies().
 lintian (1.23.37) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Policy 3.7.3" release.
   * checks/binaries:
     + [HE] Fix RegEx to re-enable 'binary-in-etc' and
            'arch-dependent-file-in-usr-share' checks. (Closes: #452336)
     + [HE] When checking that a lib is linked against libc, search for
            libc.so, not any library beginning with libc. Thanks for
            the bug and patch to Ruben Porras <nahoo82@gmail.com>. (Closes:
     + [RA] Ignore the gf suffix from the gfortran migration when checking
       whether the package name matches the SONAME.  Thanks, Kevin
       B. McCarty.  (Closes: #448207)
   * checks/changelog-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check that the latest changelog entry has a later version than
       the previous entry.  Thanks, Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #449257)
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Add Dm-Upload-Allowed as a control field.  (Closes: #453779)
   * checks/control-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Diagnose stronger dependencies that imply weaker dependencies,
       such as the same dependency in both Depends and Recommends or
       Recommends and Suggests.  Thanks, Joerg Jaspert.  (Closes: #453302)
     + [RA] Upgrade no-section-field-for-source to warning at the request
       of Joerg Jaspert.
   * checks/control-files:
     + [RA] Add symbols as a known control file for debs and udebs.
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [HE] Check that encoding of copyright file is UTF-8. Patch by
            gregor herrmann <gregor+debian@comodo.priv.at>. (Closes: #451689)
     + [HE] Add warning copyright-contains-dh_make-todo-boilerplate
            if the maintainer left the dh_make boilerplate in the
            copyright file. Based on patch by Cyril Brulebois
            <cyril.brulebois@enst-bretagne.fr>. (Closes: #448677)
     + [RA] Check for the complete GFDL included in the copyright file and
       expand copyright-file-contains-full-gpl-license to look for GPL v3
       references.  Also check for correct references to common-licenses
       for the GFDL and LGPL.
   * checks/deb-format:
     + [HE] Remove, not needed any more. (Closes: #447257)
   * checks/debconf:
     + [HE] Explicitly allow the phrase "no longer" in boolean debconf
       questions. (Closes: #447718)
   * checks/description.desc:
     + [RA] Upgrade the legacy Homepage tag to a warning.
   * checks/fields:
     + [HE] Add 'doc-package-should-be-section-doc',
            'perl-package-should-be-section-perl'. Ideas shamelessy
            stolen from linda. (Closes: #452839)
     + [RA] Allow Python dependencies in Build-Depends when using another
       variant for calling Python in the clean target.  Thanks, Bernd
       Zeimetz.  (Closes: #444642)
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [HE,RA] Add 'package-contains-empty-directory' check, but ignore
       dirs in /var and /etc and handle /usr/lib/perl5 and /usr/share/perl5
       directories separately with a lower priority level since they're
       very common.  (Closes: #452316, #357838)
     + [HE] Add checks for game packages that contain no game executables
            (package-section-games-but-contains-no-game) or that contain
            anything in usr/bin at all, which is usually a mistake.
            (package-section-games-but-contains-no-game). (Closes: #451668)
     + [RA] Downgrade symlink-should-be-relative to a warning since it's a
       Policy should.  Thanks, Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #454239)
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [RA] Add critical as a recognized urgency.
   * checks/patch-systems:
     + [HE] Add complete new check script, intended to check for usual
            problems when using patch systems. Start with three
            checks for common dpatch problems. Idea loosely based on
            patch by Carl Fürstenberg <azatoth@gmail.com>. (Closes: #437959)
   * checks/po-debconf.desc:
     + [RA] not-using-po-debconf is now an error per Policy section 3.9.1.
   * checks/rules:
     + [HE] Implement 'binary-arch-rules-but-pkg-is-arch-indep', checking
            for rules in binary-arch when the package is arch: all.
            (Closes: #409109, #119097)
     + [HE] Implement 'desktop-file-but-no-dh_desktop-call', checking for
            missing dh_desktop calls when .desktop files are installed in
            a debhelperized package. (Closes: #409138)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [HE] Allow packages to drop snippets into /etc/csh/login.d
            without a dependency on csh. Files there should also
            be allowed to have csh in the shebang line. (Closes: #453417)
     + [HE] Allow packages to drop snippets into /etc/fish.d/ without
            a dependecy on fish. (Closes: #453416)
     + [RA] Remove possible-non-posix-code-in-maintainer-script entirely.
       Debian Policy now allows local and test -a/-o specifically and this
       is pointless portability.
   * checks/standards-version:
     + [RA] 3.7.3 is now the current Standards-Version and anything older
       than 3.6.2 is ancient.
   * debian/control:
     + [TK] Add Vcs-* fields to point to Lintian's repository.
     + [RA] Update standards version to 3.7.3.
   * debian/dirs:
     + [RA] Stop creating empty /usr/share/lintian/{overrides,info}
       directories.  The latter is no longer used and the former is shipped
       with packages that include overrides.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Add critical as a recognized urgency.
     + [RA] Diagnose malformed override entries; don't just ignore them.
     + [RA] Fix some odd formatting.
     + [RA] Display a summary of overridden tags as an N: output line.
       Requested by Steve McIntyre.  (Closes: #452804)
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Be clearer about what files lintian takes as arguments; in
       particular, mention that source packages are checked by providing
       the .dsc file as an argument.  (Closes: #441636)
     + [RA] Fix a slight spacing problem with the --color flag.
     + [RA] Remove mention of unused /usr/share/lintian/info directory.
   * lib/DebVersions.pm:
     + [RA] Remove.  This isn't used by anything and would produce
       incorrect results (it doesn't understand ~), and Dep.pm provides
       version comparison routines that use dpkg.
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [RA] Keep statistics on overrides by severity.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Change the layout of the per-maintainer lintian pages.  Now,
       each report will be in /reports/maintainer/<email>.html where
       <email> is the maintainer's e-mail address with unsafe characters
       replaced by _.  This should allow better links from the QA pages.
       Thanks, Stefano Zacchiroli.
   * unpack/list-srcpkg:
     + [RA] Escape ; and newline characters in all package fields before
       writing them to the index (uncovered when someone accidentally
       appended a package description to Standards-Version).
 lintian (1.23.36) unstable; urgency=low
   The "grand open change and desktop cleanup" release.
   * {checks,collection,depcheck,frontend,lib,reporting,unpack}/*:
     + [RA] Use the three-argument form of open uniformly, whether needed
       or not, to head off further quoting and whitespace interpretation
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Catch .DS_Store.gz files as well.
     + [RA] Warn about ._ Mac OS X resource files in the package.
     + [RA] Add a hopefully helpful note about how cruft from other
       operating systems can show up in binary packages.
   * checks/menu-format:
     + [RA] Fix detection of commands for menu entries when the command is
       given with its full path.  (Closes: #446796)
     + [RA] Remove Actions from known desktop keys again, as I believe the
       root problem was our willingness to inspect desktop types other than
       Application (also fixed in the previous release).
     + [RA] Fix Perl flow error when skipping some desktop files.
     + [RA] Skip unknown and deprecated key warnings and encoding key
       warnings in desktop files if they were of an unknown type.
   * lib/Dep.pm:
     + [RA] Fix negative implication in some boundary cases when comparing
       two versioned relationships in the same direction.  Thanks to
       Raphael Hertzog for the analysis and fix.  (Closes: #446768)
 lintian (1.23.35) unstable; urgency=low
   The "frantic bug catchup" release.
   * checks/changelog-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add some basic checks for NEWS.Debian files: naming,
       compression, encoding, a syntax check with Parse::DebianChangelog,
       and unreleased for the distribution.  (Closes: #437707)
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Allow Homepage in source and binary packages.
   * checks/control-file:
     + [RA] Support and ignore comments in debian/control.  Thanks, Julien
       Cristau.  (Closes: #440830)
     + [RA] Check for XS-Vcs-* headers and recommend (at info level) that
       they be changed to Vcs-* headers.  (Closes: #444661)
   * checks/cruft.desc:
     + [RA] Fix incorrect tag name for patch failure files.  Thanks, Romain
       Francoise.  (Closes: #437463)
   * checks/debconf:
     + [RA] A cdebconf that supported error was released with sarge, so
       don't require a versioned cdebconf dependency.  Thanks, Thijs
       Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #438860)
     + [RA] Various improvements from Thomas Huriaux: Diagnose select
       templates with only yes/no options, diagnose more question prompts,
       warn on any questions in the extended description, allow yes/no
       mentions in non-boolean templates, and catch more first-person
       language.  (Closes: #439508)
     + [RA] More exactly follow the Developer's Reference recommendations
       by only requiring open prompts for string and password prompts and
       only complaining about imperative wording for select and multiselect
       templates.  Thanks, Steve Langasek.  (Closes: #442711)
   * checks/description{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn (at info level for now) about Homepage pseudo-fields in
       the extended description.  (Closes: #444336)
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Allow python-all as yet another way of satisfying a Python
       build dependency.  (Closes: #444642)
   * checks/fields.desc:
     + [RA] Properly escape < and >.
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn about Thumbs.db files, which are usually useless Windows
       thumbnail databases.  Thanks, Paul Wise.  (Closes: #438202)
     + [RA] Warn about .DS_Store files, used by Mac OS X to store extended
       folder attributes.  Thanks, Paul Wise.  (Closes: #438203)
     + [RA] Improve the recommended command to remove .packlist files.
       Thanks, Justin Pryzby.
     + [RA] Don't think hard links are zero-length files.
     + [RA] Diagnose files with names ending in whitespace.
   * checks/infofiles:
     + [RA] Emacs 22 now allows embedded images in info files, so accept
       and ignore PNG files in the info directory.  More image types may be
       needed.  Thanks, Andreas Metzler.  (Closes: #438602)
   * checks/menu-format{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Reserved categories are okay in .desktop files if OnlyShowIn is
       present, and generally deserve their own separate tag regardless.
       Thanks, Michael Biebl.  (Closes: #442709)
     + [RA] Ignore categories beginning with "X-", reserved for category
       extensions.  Thanks, Josselin Mouette.  (Closes: #443827)
     + [RA] Allow Actions keys.  This isn't in the desktop standard but
       is widely used.  Thanks, Raphael Geissert.  (Closes: #444651)
     + [RA] Ignore desktop files not for one of the known types.  This
       should significantly reduce the noise for KDE packages.
     + [RA] Only check whether a program referenced by Exec is in the
       package if the desktop file is in /usr/share/applications.  Too many
       applications use Exec for desktop files elsewhere without the
       standard PATH.
     + [RA] Ignore Exec fields pointing to kcmshell.
     + [RA] Ignore desktop files in /usr/share/doc or that appear to be
     + [RA] Avoid uninitialized warnings on all-whitespace commands.
   * checks/menus:
     + [RA] Find the targets of hard links correctly.  (Closes: #444355)
     + [RA] Use the three-argument form of open to not fail on doc-base
       files ending in whitespace.  Error on doc-base files with Document
       fields that end in whitespace, since currently they break multiple
       tools.  Thanks, Ian Zimmerman.  (Closes: #444889)
   * checks/nmu.desc:
     + [RA] Remove obsolete note about binary NMUs.  Patch from Thijs
       Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #437925)
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [RA] We now have a csh package.  Allow it as an alternative for csh
       script dependencies.  Thanks, Bernd Zeimetz.  (Closes: #440825)
     + [RA] Allow install-sgmlcatalog --remove in postinst as well as
       prerm and suggest removing it entirely in the long description.
   * checks/version-substvars.desc:
     + [RA] Properly escape < and >.
   * collection/changelog-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Collect NEWS.Debian as well as changelog.
 lintian (1.23.34) unstable; urgency=low
   The "brown paper operator" release.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Use =~ with regexes, not eq.  Thanks, Guillem Jover.
       (Closes: #436180)
 lintian (1.23.33) unstable; urgency=low
   The "menu and cruft reorganization" release.
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [CW] Add automaken as a known virtual package.
     + [CW] Update architectures to dpkg 1.14.5, adding solaris-* and lpia.
     + [RA] Add %known_obsolete_emacs.
   * checks/cruft{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for .git directories in source packages.  Thanks, Julien
       Cristau.  (Closes: #433516)
     + [RA] Substantially rewrite how all cruft checking against source
       packages is done, incorporating debdiff in the process.  There are
       now two tags for most source package cruft problems: one for files
       introduced in the Debian diff or in a native package, and one for
       files present upstream.  The former is at warning severity and the
       latter is at info severity, since it's usually not worth repackaging
       the upstream source to remove such files.  In the process,
       standardize the names of all of the tags and pull the regexes out
       into data instead of code for easier maintenance.  (Closes: #434744)
   * checks/debdiff{.desc}:
     + [RA] Removed, incorporated into checks/cruft.
   * checks/debian-readme:
     + [RA] Replace all uses of tag_error and tag_warn with just tag.
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Tag packages listing emacs21 as the preferred Emacs flavor in a
       dependency.  Thanks, Tatsuya Kinoshita.  (Closes: #434978)
     + [RA] Start tagging unversioned dependencies on coreutils again since
       the transition from fileutils is long-since finished.  Thanks,
       Guillem Jover.  (Closes: #436058)
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for .git directories in binary packages.
   * checks/menu-format{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Switch to the new menu hierarchy, which will be in the next
       release of Policy.  Add specific checks for the major renamings to
       hopefully cut down on the confusion and provide some specific
       guidance.  Remove the code that allowed for applications to create
       new sub-menus, since the current menu documentation says not to do
       that.  (Closes: #431844)
     + [RA] Add checks of desktop files.  The checks so far are basic, but
       do include key and category verification.  Based heavily on work by
       Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña.  (Closes: #277441, #433411)
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [RA] If rm output is redirected to /dev/null, don't think that rm is
       removing /dev/null.  Thanks, Robert Luberda.  (Closes: #431259)
     + [RA] xjed also provides jed-script.  Thanks, Jörg Sommer.
       (Closes: #431629)
     + [RA] Don't complain about ruby libraries in /usr/lib/ruby that have
       shebang lines.  This is a common means for embedding unit tests in
       Ruby libraries.  Thanks, Paul van Tilburg.  (Closes: #431545)
     + [RA] Don't push depending directly on update-inetd in the long
       description of maintainer-script-needs-depends-on-update-inetd.
       Most packages should depend on inet-superserver.  Leave the check
       the same for the time being, however.
     + [RA] Replace all uses of tag_error and tag_warn with just tag.
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [RA] Exclude udebs from dependency checking in the shlibs files
       since binary packages may legitimately declare udeb dependencies on
       other packages.  Thanks, Loïc Minier.  (Closes: #431395)
   * checks/spelling:
     + [RA] Replace all uses of tag_error and tag_warn with just tag.
   * checks/version-substvars:
     + [RA] Don't skip other checks for binNMUability when warning about
       the deprecated ${Source-Version} substvar.  Thanks, Lior Kaplan.
       (Closes: #432959)
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Add \w+-backports to the known distribution list.  Thanks,
       Vincent Danjean.  (Closes: #432268)
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [RA] Replace any newlines in the extra information to the tag
       function with \n.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Remove the mention of the debdiff check script.
 lintian (1.23.32) unstable; urgency=low
   The "stability of output" release.
   * checks/binaries:
     + [RA] Sort the package SONAMEs to provide more stable lintian tags.
       Patch from Cyril Brulebois.  (Closes: #428681)
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Limit the Zope license exception to only .dtml, .pt, and .cpt
       files.  Thanks, Bernd Zeimetz.
     + [RA] Sort the files listed in package-contains-hardlink so that the
       lintian output is stable regardless of the hash order of the
       directory when the tar file was built.
     + [RA] Don't incorrectly skip all other file location checks for hard
     + [RA] Check for files installed in /usr/lib/sgml.  This transition
       was probably completed long ago, but checking for regression can't
       hurt.  (Closes: #90019)
   * checks/manpages{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for dh_make man page templates (by looking for the
       template whatis entry).  Thanks, Bill Allombert.  (Closes: #173583)
   * checks/menus:
     + [RA] Avoid a quadratic search of the files in the package on
       doc-base files that list tons of files individually.  This speeds up
       a lintian check of openoffice.org-dev-doc enormously.
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [RA] Close the template file handle between files so that the line
       numbers for translated default fields are correct.
   * checks/rules{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for ignoring all errors from make clean or make distclean
       and recommend skipping the call if there's no Makefile instead.
       Thanks, Branden Robinson.  (Closes: #325372)
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add Octave as an interpreter, and allow both versioned and
       unversioned forms.  Thanks, Sebastian Harl.  (Closes: #428403)
     + [RA] Check for deprecated install-sgmlcatalog usage.
   * checks/shared_libs:
     + [RA] Report the correct file for shlib-with-nonpic-code rather than
       the last shlib in the package.  (Closes: #429840, #429528)
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Don't require -v in order to report unused overrides; they're
       already info-level tags, which is enough hiding.
     + [RA] Remove old dead unused override code.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Fix a Perl warning when generating the clean maintainer pages.
   * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1:
     + [RA] Sort the output of tar tfv by filename so that the lintian
       output will be stable regardless of the hash order of the directory
       when the tar file was built.
 lintian (1.23.31) unstable; urgency=low
   The "back under 100 open bugs" release.
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Only check for missing colons in bug closers in the most recent
       changelog entry.  Thanks, Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #423171)
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Update architectures to dpkg 1.14.1.  Remove all linux-*
       architectures and add armel.  (Closes: #421995)
   * checks/control-files.desc:
     + [RA] Change unknown-control-file to a warning, since Policy only
       discourages it and doesn't outlaw it.  (Closes: #287209)
   * checks/cruft:
     + [RA] Allow any automake package to satisfy the autotools-dev build
       dependency for suppressing warnings about out of date autotools
       helper files.  (Closes: #417067)
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Require libmodule-build-perl in Build-Depends if the clean rule
       runs perl Build.  Hopefully this isn't too aggressive.  Thanks, Ian
       Beckwith.  (Closes: #421549)
   * checks/files:
     + [RA] Don't warn about LICENSE files in Zope products, since they may
       be used for runtime display.  (Closes: #424164)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [RA] Avoid false positives on binaries with X11 in the name.  Patch
       from Kevin B. McCarty.  (Closes: #423229)
   * checks/menu-format.desc:
     + [RA] Improve the pkg-not-in-package-test long description and add a
       manual reference.  (Closes: #423519)
   * checks/menus:
     + [RA] Allow multiple blank lines between doc-base sections and
       trailing blank lines in the file.  doc-base is fine with this.
       Reported by Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz.  (Closes: #423096)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Add pagsh, provided by openafs-client and heimdal-clients.
     + [RA] Diagnose removal of device files in maintainer scripts per
       Policy 10.6.  (Closes: #268688)
     + [RA] Add jruby1.0.  Thanks, Sebastien Delafond.  (Closes: #426950)
     + [RA] Add jed and friends.  Thanks, Jörg Sommer.  (Closes: #426469)
     + [RA] Move several maintainer script checks specific to shell scripts
       inside the conditional so that they won't run on maintainer scripts
       not written in shell.
     + [RA] Diagnose maintainer scripts looking at /var/lib/dpkg/status
       directly.  Thanks, Guillem Jover.  (Closes: #426628)
     + [RA] Diagnose direct modifications to /etc/services, /etc/protocols,
       /etc/rpc, and /etc/inetd.conf in maintainer scripts.  (Yes, an
       eight-year-old bug!)  (Closes: #32532)
   * checks/version-substvars{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add a check for deprecated ${Source-Version} substvars.  Patch
       from Guillem Jover.  (Closes: #427577)
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [CW] Fix uninitialized value warning after reading a blank line.
 lintian (1.23.30) unstable; urgency=low
   The "beating false positives off with a stick" release.
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Add mktemp and sysvinit-utils as known essential packages.
     + [RA] Add Vcs-Mtn and Vcs-Browser to the known source package
     + [RA] Add Kernel-Version to known udeb control fields.
   * checks/control-files:
     + [RA] Allow clilibs, but don't try to check the syntax of it yet.
       Thanks, Sebastian Dröge.  (Closes: #378088)
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [RA] Exclude the Affero General Public License from the check for
       references to the shared GPL copy.  (Closes: #420077)
     + [RA] Replace yet another hand-rolled dependency parser with Dep.
   * checks/cruft{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for svk commit message files.
   * checks/debconf{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Remove the dependency check for SETTITLE since all debconf
       implementations back to oldstable support it.
     + [RA] Reduce the dependency check for error templates to info since
       all debconf implementations back to stable support it.
   * checks/debhelper{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Downgrade the dependency check for dh_python and the Python
       policy to info since all debhelpers back to stable support it.
     + [RA] Downgrade the dependency check for compatibility level V5 to
       info since all debhelpers back to stable support it.
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] The CDBS Python rules only call pycentral or pysupport during
       the binary targets, so those dependencies can be safely moved to
       Build-Depends-Indep.  Still allow them in Build-Depends, though,
       since that's where CDBS likes to put them.  Thanks, Tristan
       Seligmann.  (Closes: #420526)
     + [RA] Allow the Python core packages themselves to depend on
     + [RA] Remove the version constraints for python-central and
       python-support dependencies since stable released with a working
       version and they weren't in oldstable.
     + [RA] Remove the dependency check on dh_installxfonts for the X.Org
       transition since the debhelper released with stable does the right
       thing and this dependency is not useful for backports to oldstable.
     + [RA] Remove the version on the quilt dependency check.  It's not
       worth the effort to maintain a separate version check for oldstable
       backports.  (Closes: #420160)
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for svk commit message files.
     + [RA] Don't consider {copying,license}.dtd extra license files; the
       Mozilla suite uses them for non-licenses.  (Closes: #420558)
     + [RA] Use $pkg rather than reading fields/package for the x11-common
       pre-depend check.
     + [RA] Allow x11-common to install /usr/X11R6/bin.
     + [RA] Downgrade the pre-depends on x11-common requirement for
       packages installing into /usr/include/X11 or /usr/lib/X11 to info
       since it's only needed for upgrades from sarge or early etch.
   * checks/md5sums:
     + [RA] Don't warn about a missing md5sums file if the package contains
       nothing for which we would generate an MD5 checksum.  Thanks,
       Andreas Beckmann.  (Closes: #420465)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [RA] Cope with more uses of - in *roff escapes that don't need
       hyphen warnings.
     + [RA] Don't consider a binary an X binary if it's a symlink into
       /etc/X11.  (seyon does something weird but probably legitimate.)
     + [RA] Fix manpage-for-non-x11-binary-in-wrong-directory and
       manpage-for-x11-binary-in-wrong-directory output.  (Closes: #295072)
   * checks/menus{.desc,}:
     + [RA] In doc-base control files, check for Index fields for HTML and
       Info documents and require that each section after the header have a
       Format field.  Thanks, Bernhard R. Link.  (Closes: #419847)
   * checks/rules:
     + [RA] Listing a rule as a dependency of .PHONY is sufficient to mark
       it as present for GNU make and hence sufficient for Policy's
       requirement.  Thanks, Peter Eisentraut.  (Closes: #419446)
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Packages calling update-xmlcatalog must depend on xml-core.
       Also avoid false positives when a package itself provides the
       program its maintainer scripts use.  Thanks, Daniel Leidert.
       (Closes: #419461)
     + [RA] Check for maintainer scripts calling read (but exclude those
       that include /usr/share/debconf/confmodule on the grounds that
       they're probably only using it as a fallback).  Based on a patch by
       Luk Claes.  (Closes: #231770)
     + [RA] Add pike7.6 and ruby1.9 as valid interpreters.
     + [RA] Diagnose use of /bin/env with a more specific message than the
       generic unusual interpreter tag.
     + [RA] Remove the version constraint on the gconf-schemas check since
       all versions of gconf2 back to stable provide this script and it's
       not worth maintaining a separate check for oldstable backports.
   * checks/shared-libs{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn if a package declares dependencies in its shlibs control
       file that cannot be satisfied by that package (including via
       Provides).  (Closes: #56440)
   * reporting/harness:
     + [RA] Include overridden tags in the lintian output so that we can do
       statistical reporting on them and see them in lintian.log.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Create stub pages for maintainers with only lintian-clean
       packages.  (Closes: #305173)
     + [RA] Sort packages on each maintainer's page.
     + [RA] Report statistics on info tags as well.
     + [RA] Generate better file names for maintainer pages with weird
     + [RA] Fix Perl warnings.
 lintian (1.23.29) unstable; urgency=low
   The "look at all the stuff that accumulated during the etch freeze"
     + [CW] Update to current text of GPL v2 (which talks about the GNU
       Lesser General Public License rather than Library, etc.; no functional
   * checks/changelog-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for bug closers without a colon after closes, but only if
       there are at least six digits in the bug number and no non-digits.
       Suggestion from Jari Aalto.  (Closes: #373918)
   * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
     + [JA] Update usr-doc-* test to report user-share-doc-* instead.
       New tests added: postinst-should-not-set-usr-doc-link,
       Patch from Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #406349).
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [JA] Perl syntax corrections.
     + [JA] Support the Autobuild: and Vcs-* fields in .dsc files.
       Applied patch to implement this by Ian Beckwith.  (Closes: #403553).
   * checks/control-file:
     + [RA] Allow source in main to generate contrib packages.  Thanks,
       Bdale Garbee.  (Closes: #401881)
   * checks/cruft{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Use Dep to check autotools-dev build dependency rather than
       rolling our own dependency parsing, thus avoiding problems when it's
       the first dependency.  Thanks, Tilman Koschnick.  (Closes: #412406)
     + [RA] Mention that including CVS or .svn directories in a release
       tarball should generally be reported as an upstream bug.  Qualify
       the statement that export should be used instead of checkout to
       refer to snapshot packaging.  Thanks, Jari Aalto.  (Closes: #373668)
     + [RA] Allow a build dependency on automake to satisfy the
       autotools-dev requirement since users may use autoreconf to update
       config.{sub,guess}.  Thanks, Jordà Polo.  (Closes: #417067)
   * checks/debconf:
     + [RA] Rather than munging dependencies to cope with the various
       implementations of debconf, take advantage of our new dependency
       comparison routines and check the full correct dependency.  This
       should really fix problems with checking the dependencies for
       settitle.  Patch from Damyan Ivanov.  (Closes: #349616)
     + [RA] Check that an appropriate versioned dependency on debconf
       and/or cdebconf is present if error template types are used.
       Thanks, Christian Perrier.  (Closes: #416140)
   * checks/debhelper.desc:
     + [RA] Use consistent file naming when diagnosing possibly conflicting
       debhelper compat settings.  Thanks, Jari Aalto.  (Closes: #409122)
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add an exception to maintainer-not-full-name for Wookey and a
       comment to consider removing the check if we get more false
       positives.  Thanks, Neil Williams.  (Closes: #406731)
     + [RA] Rename build-depends-indep-should-be-build-depends to
       clean-should-be-satisfied-by-build-depends to make the reason for
       the message clearer without running lintian -i.  Thanks to Osamu
       Aoki for the suggestion.  (Closes: #405840)
     + [RA] Recognize the +bX convention for binary NMUs.  Warn about use
       of the old three-part version numbers.
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Diagnose creation of subdirectories of /usr/bin other than mh
       and the legacy X11 directory.  (Closes: #417912)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [RA] When checking for hyphen used as a minus sign, avoid false
       positives on \s-1 (small font) and \*(-- (pod2man long dash).
     + [RA] Display the full path for binary-without-manpage tags to make
       it easier to track down problems.
     + [RA] Ignore binaries in subdirectories of the normal binary
       directories (other than /usr/bin/X11 and /usr/bin/mh).  These should
       be caught by other checks and the man page warnings would likely be
       confusing noise.
   * checks/menu-format{.desc,}:
     + [RA] If a menu icon isn't an absolute path, only look for it in
       /usr/share/pixmaps, not in the old X11R6 paths.  Update the long tag
       description accordingly.
   * checks/menus:
     + [JA] Perl syntax corrections.  Removed extra empty newlines.
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [RA] List emergency as a valid urgency.
   * checks/nmu{.desc,}:
     + [RA] List the exact phrases recognized by lintian as marking an NMU.
       Reported by Jari Aalto.  (Closes: #409108)
     + [RA] Recognize the +bX convention for binary NMUs.
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [RA] Now that we're passing --use-untranslated to msgcmp, we have to
       compare the generated pot file with the one in the package both
       directions to catch all out of date errors.  Thanks, Thomas
       Huriaux.  (Closes: #402662)
   * checks/rules{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Fix the policy section for debian-rules-missing-required-target
       and debian-rules-not-a-makefile.  Thanks, Daniel Kahn Gillmor.
       (Closes: #414964)
     + [RA] Warn about use of $(PWD) instead of $(CURDIR).
     + [RA] Setting DH_COMPAT globally in debian/rules is now deprecated in
       favor of debian/compat.  Patch from Luk Claes.  (Closes: #330025)
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [RA] update-inetd is now its own package and netbase may not always
       depend on it.  Update the check to require a dependency on
       update-inetd, inet-superserver, or one of the inet-superserver
       packages that provides update-inetd.  Reported by Tatsuya Kinoshita.
       (Closes: #402319)
     + [RA] Mention SUSv3 in the bashism and non-posix tag descriptions,
       note that use of test -a/-o and local aren't bugs but may still be
       worth avoiding, and mention short circuiting of && and ||.  (Thanks
       to Jari Aalto for the latter).
     + [RA] Add /usr/bin/gbr2, provided by gambas2-runtime.  Thanks, José
       "L. Redrejo" Rodríguez.  (Closes: #403515)
     + [RA] Add /usr/bin/jruby0.9, provided by jruby0.9.  Thanks, Sebastien
       Delafond.  (Closes: #418105)
   * doc/README:
     + Document --color option.  Based on a patch from Loïc Minier.
   * depcheck/deppages.pl:
     + [JA] Perl syntax corrections.
   * depcheck/report2html.pl:
     + [JA] Perl syntax corrections.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [JA] Removed trailing spaces and other perl syntax corrections.
     + [RA] Add --color option to optionally colorize lintian tags based on
       their severity.  Based on a patch from Loïc Minier.
     + [RA] Accept emergency as a valid urgency and check urgencies
       case-insensitively since that's what Policy specifies.  Thanks, Joey
       Hess.  (Closes: #412577)
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [RA] Ignore ANSI color sequences when parsing lintian tags.
   * lib/Checker.pm
     + [JA] Perl syntax corrections.
   * lib/Lab.pm
     + [JA] Perl syntax corrections.
   * lib/Tags.pm
     + [JA] Perl syntax corrections.
     + [RA] Support for colorizing lintian tags based on their severity.
       Based on a patch from Loïc Minier.  (Closes: #399714)
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Document --color.  Based on a patch from Loïc Minier.
   * unpack/unpack-*pkg*
     + [JA] Perl syntax corrections.
 lintian (1.23.28) unstable; urgency=high
   * collection/objdump-info:
     + [RA] Remove unsafe temporary file creation in left-over debugging
       code added accidentally when fixing #399456.  Thanks, Josh
       Triplett.  (Closes: #414237)
 lintian (1.23.27) unstable; urgency=low
   The "we haven't run this against the whole archive in a while" release
   * checks/binaries{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Tag unrecognized ELF binaries as apparently corrupted rather
       than failing with a note that binutils-multiarch is required.  Some
       packages have had ELF binaries recognized by file but unreadable.
       Reported by Bill Allombert.  (Closes: #399456)
   * checks/infofiles:
     + [RA] Don't consider /usr/share/infon to be an info directory.
       Reported by Joachim Breitner.  (Closes: #399857)
   * checks/md5sums:
     + [RA] Also don't complain about missing md5sums for files in
       /var/lib/ispell as they're changed after installation.  Thanks,
       Agustin Martin.  (Closes: #401070)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [RA] gettext 0.16's msgcmp requires --use-untranslated when checking
       for newer templates than PO files or it gives false positives for
       every package.  Thanks, Damyan Ivanov.  (Closes: #400957)
     + [RA] Don't consider directories to be stray template files even if
       named template.  Thanks, Thomas Huriaux.  (Closes: #401442)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [RA] Don't report shlib-with-non-pic-code unless we're sure that
       we're looking at a shared library.  Otherwise, we get many false
       positives on some platforms where text relocations are normal for
       binaries.  Reported by Bill Allombert.  (Closes: #399525)
   * collection/file-info:
     + [RA] Unescape non-ASCII characters escaped by tar before running
       file on the resulting filename.  Otherwise, file can't find the
       file, exits with an error, and lintian aborts.  Reported by Bill
       Allombert.  (Closes: #399392)
   * collection/objdump-info:
     + [RA] Include unrecognized format errors from objdump in the output
       rather than aborting; some packages contain apparently corrupt ELF
   * debian/control:
     + [RA] Depend on gettext 0.16 or later for --use-untranslated.
   * lib/Lab.pm:
     + [RA] Preserve the old package lists when setting up a static lab so
       that the unpack programs can build a list of changed packages and
       incremental mode works.  Thanks, Bill Allmobert.  (Closes: #400342)
   * unpack/list-udebpkg:
     + [RA] Handle compressed udeb Packages files.  Thanks, Bill
       Allombert.  (Closes: #400338)
 lintian (1.23.26) unstable; urgency=low
   * checks/binaries{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add a policy reference for unstripped-binary-or-object.
       Thanks, Bas Wijnen.  (Closes: #394419)
     + [RA] Add a special exception to the shared library dependency check
       for the dynamic loader itself.
   * checks/changelog-file.desc:
     + [RA] Downgrade to a warning several errors with changelog files,
       including compression and a text version of HTML changelogs, that
       are only shoulds in Policy.  (Closes: #289723)
     + [RA] Cleaned up language and use of unbalanced single quotes in
       numerous descriptions.
   * checks/control-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Diagnose a control file that creates binary packages in a
       different archive category from the source package or the other
       binary packages.  Idea from Yann Dirson.  (Closes: #394720)
     + [RA] Close opened files.
     + [RA] Add info-level check for Section in the source section of the
       control file.  (Closes: #322244)
   * checks/cruft{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Tighten the timestamp check on config.{sub,guess} to look for
       files dated 2004 or newer, since that's when x86_64 was added.
       Increase to an error at the request of Ryan Murray since we already
       suppress this warning of config.{guess,sub} are modified by the
       Debian patch or if the package build-depends on autotools-dev.
       (Closes: #190897)
   * checks/debconf{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Take into account comma escaping when checking the number of
       translated choices.  Reported by Frans Pop.  (Closes: #395028)
     + [RA] Only require debconf be loaded in the postinst script if a
       config script exists.  Reported by Josselin Mouette.
     + [RA] Require pre-depends on debconf if debconf is used in the
       preinst script.  Update the long description to deprecate only
       depending on debconf and falling back on another configuration
       system.  Reported by Josselin Mouette.  (Closes: #395468)
     + [RA] Warn of debconf notes displayed with low or medium priority,
       with an exception for Policy-required device file warnings.  Based
       on a patch by Thomas Huriaux.  (Closes: #389070)
     + [RA] Close files after opening them, fixing incorrect line numbers
       when reporting problems with config scripts.
   * checks/debdiff{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for creation of ~ and .xxx.swp backup files in the Debian
       diff, but only at the info level for now since they cause no harm.
       (Closes: #332770)
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Clarify in missing-build-dependency why lintian does not take
       into account transitive build dependencies.  (Closes: #393975)
     + [RA] Avoid Perl warning when diagnosing a Python-Version of the form
       "all, >= 2.4".  Thanks, Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #394104)
     + [RA] Teach the debian/rules parsing about make conditionals and
       don't require build dependencies for lines encountered inside a
       conditional (in other words, assume people using conditionals know
       what they're doing).  Fixes a false positive due to the unusual
       arch-specific build dependencies for openoffice.org, reported by
       Rene Engelhard.  (Closes: #380286)
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for vim .swp files in the package.
     + [RA] Split the warning for NFS temporary files into a separate tag
       from the warning for editor backup files.
   * checks/infofiles:
     + [RA] Close opened files.
     + [RA] debhelper no longer adds a --section flag to install-info, so
       don't warn about any install-info invocation without --section.
       Instead, check each info file for INFO-DIR-SECTION and diagnose
       calling install-info without --section if any info file is missing
       this information.  (Closes: #97502, #398670)
     + [RA] Checks for the compression and suffixes of info files were not
       being run due to a mistake in specifying either /usr/info or
       /usr/share/info as an info directory.  Re-enable them.
   * checks/md5sums{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add a tag for a missing md5sums control file, but only at info
       level, at least for now.  (Closes: #133027)
     + [RA] Do better syntax checking of the md5sums control file and
       report malformed lines as a tag rather than aborting lintian.
     + [RA] Downgrade file-missing-in-md5sums to a warning since it doesn't
       break the package or debsums and may be intentional.
   * checks/menu.desc:
     + [RA] Remove stray commas in Ref strings since the reporting code
       considers commas to be separating two different references.
   * checks/menu-format{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Support the sux, gksu, and kdesu wrappers in menu commands as
       well as su-to-root.  (Closes: #360227)
     + [RA] Fix tag name for menu-icon-cannot-be-parsed.  Thanks, Bill
       Allombert.  (Closes: #399245)
   * checks/po-debconf{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check for misnamed PO files in debian/po, which cause
       translations to be merged into the template with the wrong names and
       not found.  Based on a patch by Thomas Huriaux.  (Closes: #387360)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [RA] Calling ldconfig is also required for libraries installed in
       various subdirectories of its standard search path based on hardware
       capabilities.  Reported by Aurelien Jarno.  (Closes: #396278)
   * debian/rules:
     + [RA] Exclude testset/diffs/binary.c~ from dh_clean.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Add --fail-on-warning option to exit with non-zero status if
       any warnings were found.  Thanks, Daniel Bonniot.  (Closes: #189656)
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Document --fail-on-warning.
 lintian (1.23.25) unstable; urgency=low
   The "dependency and debconf" release
   * checks/debconf:
     + [CW] Don't trigger partially-translated-question when Choices-C exists
       but not Description-C.
     + [RA] Remove select-with-translated-default-field since there are
       cases where this is correct and we can perform a better check
       against the source package.  Patch from Thomas Huriaux.
     + [RA] Fix Perl warnings when a template has no type.
   * checks/debdiff:
     + [RA] Remove the source-tar-is-posix-tar tag.  This was only a
       problem for woody and earlier, and woody support is no longer
       needed.  Reported by Loïc Minier.  (Closes: #385833)
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Improve the long descriptions of the warnings about dependencies
       on essential or build-essential packages to make it clearer that the
       correct resolution is normally to omit the dependency and why.
     + [RA] Add a check for duplicate build dependencies.  (Closes: #359178)
   * checks/files:
     + [RA] Don't consider files named license.rb to be extraneous
       licenses.  Patch from NIIBE Yutaka.  (Closes: #387269)
   * checks/init.d:
     + [RA] Correctly handle LSB keywords which are present but have an
       empty value.  Reported by Erich Schubert.  (Closes: #386968)
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [RA] Add tags for missing and bad Urgency fields in *.changes files.
     + [RA] Improve the no-description-in-changes-file information.
   * checks/md5sums:
     + [RA] aspell dictionary packages may ship files in /var/lib/aspell
       that should not have MD5 checksums in md5sums because they change
       after installation.  Don't complain that those files are missing.
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [RA] Avoid Perl warnings on .po files that don't contain msgstr
       lines.  Patch from Thomas Huriaux.  (Closes: #387357)
     + [RA] Check templates for a translatable Default or DefaultChoice
       field and warn if there isn't a translator comment.  Patch from
       Thomas Huriaux.  (Closes: #388824)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Add /usr/bin/gosh from the gauche package to the list of valid
       interpreters.  Thanks, Tatsuya Kinoshita.  (Closes: #386798)
     + [RA] Add a separate tag for tclsh dependencies to explain about the
       virtual package and improve the description of the wish virtual
       package in its tag.  Fix inverted logic that got the wish dependency
       backwards.  Reported by Hamish Moffatt.  (Closes: #387845)
     + [RA] Allow tcsh to satisfy a csh dependency.  Reported by Yann
       Dirson.  (Closes: #389615)
     + [RA] Improve the check for shell scripts that are actually exec
       wrappers around scripts written in another language.
     + [RA] Allow update-inetd to fulfill the dependency requirements for
       the update-inetd script.  Thanks, Michael Holzt.  (Closes: #389960)
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [RA] Check the existence and value of the Urgency field in *.changes
       files.  (Closes: #384219)
   * lib/Dep.pm:
     + [RA] Improve the dependency resolution engine so that it can prove
       aa|bb implies aa|bb|cc.  Fix the comparison of dependencies for
       inverse implication to catch many more cases.  (The latter code
       isn't currently used in lintian.)
     + [RA] Add an unparse function to take an internal representation and
       convert it back to human-readable text.
     + [RA] Significantly improve and rewrite the get_dups function to only
       find relations that imply each other and to return the complete
       duplicate dependencies in sets.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Document setting TMPDIR to change the location of lintian's
       temporary lab.  (Closes: #388786)
 lintian (1.23.24) unstable; urgency=low
   The "LSB init script" release
   * checks/control-files:
     + [RA] perm2oct definition moved to Util.pm.
   * checks/cruft{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Remove the (info-level) check for .cvsignore files in the
       source tarball.  This isn't an error; those files contain metadata
       that may be useful for people making modifications and it's quite
       common to distribute them.
   * checks/debconf{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Diagnose unknown priorities in db_input and db_text
       invocations.  Patch from Thomas Huriaux.  (Closes: #386014)
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Depending on versioned variants of python-minimal is also an
       error.  Thanks, Adeodato Simó.  (Closes: #384476)
   * checks/files:
     + [RA] perm2oct definition moved to Util.pm.
   * checks/init.d{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Added a warning for init scripts missing an LSB keyword
       section, checks of the syntax of such a section if present, and
       some basic semantic checks of the easiest fields.  Based on initial
       work by Carlos Villegas.  (Closes: #377740)
   * checks/menus:
     + [RA] perm2oct definition moved to Util.pm.
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Properly concatenate the dependencies for a package when
       checking whether the dependency for an interpreter is included.
       Thanks, Vincent Danjean.  (Closes: #385178)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [RA] perm2oct definition moved to Util.pm.
   * lib/Util.pm:
     + [RA] Move perm2oct to here and improve recognition of s, S, t, and T
       characters.  Thanks to Justin B. Rye for patch.  (Closes: #376119)
 lintian (1.23.23) unstable; urgency=low
   The "new Python policy" release
   * checks/binaries.desc:
     + [RA] Greatly expand the binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath long
       description based on recent discussion in debian-policy.  Add a
       reference to the wiki page.  (Closes: #378054, #378055)
   * checks/changelog-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Diagnose changelog files that are symlinks, using the new way
       the changelog-file collection script processes them.
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Add Python-Version as a known source and binary field.
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [RA] Catch "<fill in http/ftp site>" as well as the string without
       "http/".  Thanks, Jari Aalto.  (Closes: #374167)
   * checks/deb-format{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Remove deb-created-with-broken-tar; the bug was actually in
       dpkg, and the dpkg in stable has been fixed.  Thanks Jari Aalto and
       Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #375638, #376030)
   * checks/debconf:
     + [RA] Diagnose a missing template description only once and avoid
       Perl warnings.  Thanks, Thomas Huriaux.  (Closes: #377654)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [RA] Use the standard control file parser rather than a custom
       parser that can't handle continuation lines.
     + [RA] Warn if dh_python is used without debian/pycompat in non-CDBS
       packages and check for the debhelper version required for Python
       policy.  Thanks, Raphaël Hertzog.  (Closes: #375318)
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Don't warn virtual-package-depends-without-real-package-depends
       for Recommends and rewrite the tag description to be more accurate.
       Thanks to Martin F. Krafft for the report.  (Closes: #370720)
     + [RA] ~ is now permitted in version numbers.  (Closes: #381965)
     + [RA] Catch and check dependencies correctly for debconf-updatepo run
       from the clean target.  Thanks, James Westby.  (Closes: #380399)
     + [RA] Warn when encountering an aspell dictionary package that isn't
       arch: all.  Thanks, Piotr Engelking.  (Closes: #374899)
     + [RA] Check the syntax of the new Python-Version field.
     + [RA] Check for missing build dependencies on python-central or
       python-support.  Thanks, Raphaël Hertzog.
     + [RA] Check for old << dependencies on Python in Python packages that
       lack a Python-Version control field, as these are probably packages
       that don't follow the new Python policy.  Thanks, Raphaël Hertzog.
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Provide a better explanation of why Debian packages shouldn't
       ship files in /srv.  (Closes: #379176)
     + [RA] Warn about files installed into /etc/gconf/schemas.
     + [RA] Warn about files in /usr/lib/site-python.  Thanks, Thomas
       Viehmann and Raphaël Hertzog.  (Closes: #372748)
   * checks/manpages{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn about manpage short descriptions of the form "manual page
       for program" (usually generated by help2man).
   * checks/menu:
     + [RA] Ignore trailing whitespace in doc-base files.  Patch from Bas
       Zoetekouw.  (Closes: #379749)
   * checks/nmu{.desc,}:
     + [RA] When checking for an NMU changelog entry, require "NMU" be
       surrounded by word boundaries.
     + [RA] Warn if the changelog incorrectly indicates an NMU.  Thanks to
       George Danchev for the report.
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Except mkstemp from possibly-insecure-handling-of-tmp-files for
       maintainer scripts written in Perl.
     + [RA] Mention [[ ]] explicitly in the possible-bashism long
       description as requiring a Korn shell and make it clearer that the
       primary arbiter of this test is the POSIX shell specification.
       (Closes: #381800 by clarification)
     + [RA] Use the Dep library to check dependencies.  Add php5 to the
       interpreter list and correctly handle the dependencies for
       version-less PHP scripts.  (Closes: #379558)
     + [RA] Check for proper dependencies if gconf-schemas is called in
       maintainer scripts and diagnose calling gconftool(-2) directly.
       Thanks, Josselin Mouette.  (Closes: #333311)
   * checks/version-substvars{.desc,}:
     + [RA] New check from Adeodato Simó for proper use of substvars for
       versioned dependencies between packages built from the same source
       package so that NMUs will work properly.  Also catch use of such a
       substvar for a versioned dependency on a package not built from the
       same source.  (Closes: #377141, #376596)
   * collection/changelog-file:
     + [RA] Be much more careful about changelog files that are symlinks.
       Don't skip over changelog symlinks just because they point to
       non-existant files, mark unsafe symlinks or symlinks to non-existent
       files by creating copyright as a symlink to a non-existent file in
       the lab, and don't create an empty dummy changelog if we couldn't
       find a changelog.  Correctly handle changelog files that are
       symlinks to other files in the same directory.
   * debian/copyright:
     + [RA] Add Subversion repository location.
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [JvW] Give error if there is no "Description" field in .changes, this is
       required by dak
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [RA] Add the -t or --tags option that, given a tag name, prints out
       the description.  (Closes: #376109)
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [RA] If a tag has been overriden via any mechanism, do not add it to
       any of the statistics (tag, severity, or significance).  Before, the
       override only suppressed a record for the specific statistic the
       override was based on, meaning that classic tag-based overrides
       didn't suppress severity statistics.  Overridden error tags would
       therefore cause lintian to exit with non-zero status.  Thanks,
       Andree Leidenfrost and Martin F. Krafft.  (Closes: #377182, #374314)
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Better document the --archivedir and --dist options and how
       lintian constructs the path to an archive.  (Closes: #383203)
     + [RA] Document new version-substvars check script.
   * man/lintian-info.1:
     + [RA] Document the new -t or --tags option.
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [RA] Include the lintian version in HTML page footers.  Thanks,
       Thijs Kinkhorst.  (Closes: #377616)
 lintian (1.23.22) unstable; urgency=low
   * checks/debconf:
     + [JvW] Teach lintian to know about the 'error' debconf template
       question type. (Closes: #374399)
     + [RA] Exclude debconf templates with "for internal use" in the short
       description from style checks and document this in the log
       description of the tags most likely to trigger on internal
       templates.  (Closes: #368206)
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Add amd64 to the standard architectures.  (Closes: #367324)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [RA] Use the Dep library to check debhelper build dependencies
       rather than parsing Build-Depends with regexes.  This avoids false
       positives due to matching package names ending in debhelper.
       Reported by Fabio Tranchitella.  (Closes: #366531)
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Allow build-depend on quilt if clean depends on the xsfclean
       rule, for packages maintained by the X Strike Force.
     + [RA] CDBS packages that use the python-distutils class should list
       Python in Build-Depends, not Build-Depends-Indep, since CDBS wants
       to use it in debian/rules clean.  Thanks, Jan Lübbe.
     + [HE] Add check for build-deps on build-essential. Yes, people do that.
     + [RA] Recognize direct invocations of quilt in clean rules and allow
       Build-Depends on quilt in that case.  Reported by Sam Hocevar.
       (Closes: #374878)
     + [RA] Fix handling of versioned Build-Depends to avoid spurious
       build-depends-without-arch-dep warnings.  Reported by Marcus
     + [RA] Don't require Build-Depends on perl even if run explicitly in
       debian/rules clean, since perl-base may be sufficient.  Catch more
       ways perl could be run, including the common idiom for packages that
       use Build.PL.
     + [RA] Downgrade build-depends-without-arch-dep to info from warning.
       Policy doesn't require using Build-Depends-Indep for
       arch-independent packages and the test has a lot of false positives.
     + [RA] Require ant in Build-Depends when using the CDBS ant rule.
     + [RA] Bypass the build-depends-without-arch-dep check entirely when
       using ant, since determining which Java dependencies are then
       permissible in Build-Depends is too complex to do a proper job.
       Reported by Peter Eisentraut.  (Closes: #372190)
     + [RA] Only allow patch in Build-Depends for yada unpatch, don't
       require it, since yada depends on patch.  (Closes: #375479)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [RA] Don't consider templates.in to be a stray translated template
       file.  Thanks, Thomas Huriaux.  (Closes: #367534)
   * lib/Util.pm:
     + [RA] Pass the --wildcards option to tar, now required by a change in
       the default tar semantics.  (Closes: #375246)
 lintian (1.23.21) unstable; urgency=low
   * checks/menus:
     + [RA] Tell Perl where common_data.pm is since we're now including it.
       Doh.  Thanks, Nelson A. de Oliveira.  (Closes: #366481)
 lintian (1.23.20) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Policy backlog clearing is a wonderful sight" release
   * checks/debconf{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add checks for the Developer's Reference guidelines for debconf
       templates.  Based on a patch by Thomas Huriaux.  (Closes: #362145)
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] xfonts-encodings is also not an xfont package.  Thanks, Drew
       Parsons.  (Closes: #365503)
     + [RA] Report errors for dependencies on python-minimal.  Thanks to
       Steve Langasek for the analysis.
     + [RA] Allow a build-dependency on patchutils when using CDBS with one
       of the patch systems, as patchutils may be optionally used to check
       for bad patches.  Thanks, Marc Dequènes (Duck).  (Closes: #365466)
     + [RA] Since some packages should be in Build-Depends and some should
       be in Build-Depends-Indep, report all of the misplaced ones rather
       than just the first one.  That way, users know which to move.
     + [RA] Allow perl in Build-Depends if invoked in clean rules.
     + [RA] Allow patch in Build-Depends if yada unpatch is invoked in
       clean rules.
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add an explicit check for non-world-readable executables to
       provide a more detailed explanation and tighten the accepted
       permissions of setuid and setgid executables to just the permissions
       mentioned in Policy 10.9.  Add Policy 10.9 references to the
       descriptions.  Reported by Piotr Engelking.  (Closes: #365452)
     + [RA] Add a request to the descriptions of setuid and setgid tags to
       add a lintian override for documentation if the permissions are
     + [RA] Report a more specific tag for binaries that are owned by group
       games but are not setgid.
     + [RA] Remove the check for files in /usr/lib/cgi-bin.  This policy
       change was reverted.
     + [RA] Allow files installed in /usr/include/X11 and /usr/lib/X11 but
       require Pre-Depends on x11-common (>= 1:7.0.0).  Remove the
       duplicate check for files in /usr/bin/X11 since it no longer adds
       additional information.
   * checks/menus{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Check that all files referenced in doc-base control files are
       present in the package, based on a patch by Robert Luberda.  Also
       check that Index references only one file and that Format names a
       known format.  (Closes: #196122)
     + [RA] Fix incomplete diagnosis of missing calls to update-menus.
     + [RA] Change postrm to prerm in the check for a useless install-docs
       call; calling install-docs in postrm is always a warning and useless
       calls in prerm were not being diagnosed.
   * checks/po-debconf{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Exempt packages that use yada from the POTFILES.in check and
       from checking for up-to-date templates, since yada does this at
       build time.  Reported by Piotr Roszatycki.  (Closes: #321139)
     + [RA] Check for stray debconf-mergetemplate files in packages
       using po-debconf.  Thanks, Martin Quinson.  (Closes: #232442)
     + [RA] General cleanup of tag descriptions for grammar and markup.
       Move man page references into Ref fields.
   * checks/shared-libs.desc:
     + [RA] Document that exceptions to the -fPIC rule for shared libraries
       are possible and ask that such exceptions be documented with lintian
   * checks/standards-version:
     + [RA] Update to 3.7.2.  (Closes: #366233)
     + [RA] Report the current standards version when warning about too old
       or too new versions.  Thanks, Jari Aalto.  (Closes: #366104)
   * debian/control:
     + [RA] Update standards version to 3.7.2 (no changes required).
     + [RA] Update description to note calibration for Policy 3.7.2.
 lintian (1.23.19) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Policy 3.7.0" release
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] python-all-dev also satisfies dh_python's requirements.
       Thanks, Marc Dequènes (Duck).  (Closes: #364943)
     + [RA] Allow python in Build-Depends if it's invoked explicitly in the
       clean rule.  Thanks, Marc Dequènes (Duck).  (Closes: #365030)
     + [RA] Recognize the CDBS included rule files that indicate dpatch or
       quilt will be used, check those dependencies, and require that they
       be in Build-Depends since they're used for clean.  Thanks, Marc
       Dequènes (Duck).  (Closes: #365041)
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add the references to Policy for the deprecation of X11R6
       directories now that Policy has been updated in
     + [RA] Policy now mandates FHS 2.3.  Update tag descriptions.
     + [RA] Warn about files installed in /usr/lib/cgi-bin.  Policy now
       states they should be installed in /usr/lib/cgi-lib.
     + [RA] Warn about scripts installed on the user's PATH with names that
       include language extensions (.sh, .pl, .py), per Policy 10.4.
     + [RA] Report directories under /usr/share/man that don't match the
       directory layout specified in the FHS.  (Closes: #176683)
     + [RA] Fix a very long-standing bug that caused the check for
       executable manpages to be silently skipped.
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Debian etch release policy explicitly forbids scripts without
       #! magic and they rely on being run from a shell.  Revert the change
       that permitted the Perl magic without a #! line.  Thanks to Piotr
       Engelking and Steve Langasek for pointing this out.
     + [RA] Don't syntax-check *.dpatch scripts in /usr/src.  bash -n
       doesn't stop at exit 0 and then may choke on the patch.  Thanks,
       Matthias Klose.  (Closes: #364521)
   * checks/scripts.desc:
     + [RA] Using invoke-rc.d is now required by Policy.
   * checks/standards-version:
     + [RA] Update to 3.7.0.
   * debian/control:
     + [RA] Update standards version to 3.7.0 (no changes required).
     + [RA] Update description to note calibration for Policy 3.7.0.
 lintian (1.23.18) unstable; urgency=low
   The "brown paper Python" release
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Redo handling of build dependencies to allow a custom tag to be
       specified and to allow a general dependency string to be required
       rather than a simple package name.  As a result, dh_python handling
       is no longer a buggy special case.  Allow either python or
       python-dev for dh_python and the cdbs Python rules.  Thanks, Torsten
       Merek and Aaron M. Ucko.  (Closes: #364297, #364330)
     + [RA] Require at least quilt 0.40 if /usr/share/quilt/quilt.make is
       included.  Thanks, Michele Baldessari.
     + [RA] Packages using dh_installxfonts must build-depend on 5.0.31 or
       later of debhelper for the X.Org 7 transition.
 lintian (1.23.17) unstable; urgency=low
   The "happy Nanaimo hacking" release
   * checks/binaries:
     + [RA] Detect klibc binaries from their requested interpreter and
       allow them to appear static.  (Closes: #328850)
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [RA] Include all combinations of cpu and os from the dpkg cputable
       and ostable files (as of dpkg 1.13.16).  (Closes: #337034, #357433)
     + [RA] Include a list of known X metapackages.
   * checks/control-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn if debian/control in a source package is a symlink.
   * checks/copyright-file{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Don't assume mentions of GPL or GNU General Public License
       after what look like mail headers are referring to the license of
       the package.  Be a bit more specific in the old FSF address check
       to avoid false positives on other Cambridge, MA addresses.  Reported
       by Adam C. Powell IV.  (Closes: #205934)
   * checks/debconf:
     + [RA] Allow Indices as a template field.  cdebconf uses it and
       debconf ignores it.  Reported by Frans Pop.  (Closes: #361986)
   * checks/debdiff{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn if the diff contains debian/substvars.  Based on a patch
       by Michael Ablassmeier.  (Closes: #359646)
   * checks/debhelper.desc:
     + [RA] When explaining the warning about deprecated debhelper
       compatibility versions, mention that debhelper defaults to version 1
       if not set anywhere.  (Closes: #360711)
     + [RA] Move simple man page references from Info into Ref.
   * checks/fields{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Allow dpatch in Build-Depends for arch-independent packages if
       it is invoked in clean, build-arch, or binary-arch.
     + [RA] Only list examples of non-standard architectures, since there
       are now too many combinations to list completely.
     + [RA] Catch dependencies on X metapackages, based on a patch by Josh
       Triplett.  No packages are allowed to build-depend, and only
       packages that look like metapackages (arch: all, no files outside of
       /usr/share/doc) are allowed to depend.  (Closes: #347169)
     + [RA] Look for an explicit section of unknown, probably left over
       from dh_make templates, and diagnose it with an error rather than a
       warning.  Reported by Jari Aalto.  (Closes: #355032)
     + [RA] Reorganize dependency checking based on debian/rules analysis.
       Diagnose missing build dependencies on the helper packages we know
       about, catch cases where Build-Depends-Indep should be Build-Depends
       because of the clean target, and make sure users of dh_python
       build-depend on python.  yada is no longer a special case.
       (Closes: #242789, #278290)
     + [RA] Check for conflicting with dependencies and build-conflicting
       with build dependencies.  (Closes: #122760)
     + [RA] Allow xfonts-utils in dependencies.  It's not actually an X
       font package.
   * checks/files{.desc,}:
     + [RA] For the X.Org 7 transition, add explicit checks for fonts and
       binaries installed in /usr/X11R6.  Rename the existing check for
       other files in /usr/X11R6 since the tag had a pluralization error
       and we want package maintainers to see the error again and
       reconsider whether to ignore it.  No packages should be installing
       files in /usr/X11R6 going forward.  Remove the policy cross-refs for
       right now until policy catches up.
   * checks/manpages:
     + [RA] Use system_env instead of system and sanitize the environment
       before running man -l out of caution and to avoid extraneous output
       when CDPATH is set.  Reported by Marc Haber.  (Closes: #360217)
   * checks/nmu{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Warn if debian/changelog in a native source package is a
       symlink and skip checks rather than aborting if it was a symlink to
       a file we didn't unpack.  (Closes: #257650)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [RA] Use system_env instead of system out of caution and to avoid
       extraneous output when CDPATH is set.
   * checks/rules{.desc,}:
     + [RA] A new set of checks that parses debian/rules and checks for
       required rules, debian/rules as a symlink, and the correct first
       line.  Based heavily on previous work by René van Bevern.
       (Closes: #294926, #311786)
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Ignore text inside single quotes and, for most checks, text
       inside double quotes when checking for bashisms.  Reported by Frank
       Küster.  (Closes: #344266)
     + [RA] Change canonical zsh path to /bin/zsh at the request of the zsh
       maintainer.  (Closes: #360534)
     + [RA] Change the check for broken error handling with invoke-rc.d to
       maintainer-script-hides-init-failure to be more generic and explain
       what the test looks at.  Add the script name and line number and fix
       a typo.  Thanks, Marc Haber.  (Closes: #360214, #360216)
     + [RA] Warn when maintainer scripts run init scripts directly and
       don't use invoke-rc.d.  Thanks, Lars Wirzenius.  (Closes: #353659)
     + [RA] Find missing ucf dependencies and restructure the code to allow
       easier addition of similar checks.  (Closes: #261891)
     + [RA] Add python2.5, lua50, gbx, and gbx2 to the list of valid
       interpreters.  (Closes: #361601, #361644, #362566)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [RA] Limit shlib-without-PT_GNU_STACK-section to only those
       architectures where gcc always adds the section.  Thanks to Frans
       Pop for the report and Bastian Blank for the architecture list.
       (Closes: #357636)
   * collection/objdump-info:
     + [RA] Unset CDPATH before running cd to avoid strange effects from
       the user's environment.
     + [RA] Run readelf -l to collect interpreter information.
   * lib/Dep.pm:
     + [RA] Add initial support for analyzing architecture information in
       dependencies instead of ignoring it.
   * lib/Read_taginfo.pm:
     + [RA] Add support for formatting man page references from Ref.
   * lib/Util.pm:
     + [RA] Add system_env, like system but sanitizing the environment.
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Mention the new rules check class.
 lintian (1.23.16) unstable; urgency=low
   The "What's this Russ guy up to?" release
   * checks/binaries{.desc,}:
     + [RA] Add a check for the new "Invalid operation" error from
       objdump -T.  Skip shared-lib-without-dependency-information for
       files in /usr/lib/debug.
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [FL] Add line number to output of wrong-bug-number-in-closes.
       Inspired by #349761 from Steinar H. Gunderson.
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [FL] Add armeb to %non_standard_archs as requested by
       Martin Michlmayr. (Closes: #350653)
   * checks/debconf:
     + [RA] Packages that depend on dbconfig-common are allowed to have
       config scripts without templates or an explicit debconf dependency.
       Reported by Marcus Better.  (Closes: #344421)
   * checks/debconf.desc:
     + [RA] Clarify the necessary dependencies for packages using SETTITLE.
       (Closes: #349616)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [RA] Recognize setting DH_COMPAT with := in addition to = in
       debian/rules.  (Closes: #349272)
     + [RA] CDBS sets DH_COMPAT to 4 but doesn't export it.  It does create
       debian/compat with that value if none was present.  Reflect this
       behavior to avoid spurious compat level warnings when using CDBS.
       Based on a patch by Jay Berkenbilt.  (Closes: #350228)
   * checks/fields:
     + [RA] Allow a quilt build-dependency for arch-independent packages if
       the quilt makefile rules are included.  (Closes: #349273)
     + [RA] If clean depends on a rule that calls dh_clean rather than
       calling it directly, still allow debhelper in Build-Depends for
       arch-independent packages.  Reported by Michael Stilkerich.
     + [JvW] Commented that Uploaders no longer will hit the multiline field
       issue, updated testsuite accordingly
   * checks/manpages:
     + [FL] Ignore more warnings ("cannot adjust line", "can't break
       line") in non-English manpages. (Closes: #349792)
     + [RA] cd into the parent directory before checking man pages with man
       so that .so inclusions are processed correctly.  Based on a patch by
       Nicolas François.  (Closes: #349614)
   * checks/menu-format:
     + [RA] Look for binaries in /usr/X11R6/bin, not /usr/bin/X11, per
       Policy 11.8.7.  Thanks, Matej Vela.  (Closes: #354890)
   * checks/menu-format.desc:
     + [RA] Use "menu manual" rather than "menu" for references to more
       clearly distinguish from the Debian Menu Policy.  (Closes: #347510)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [RA] If there are template files in debian, assume the package uses
       debconf; don't require a dependency or config script.  Patch by
       Thomas Huriaux.  (Closes: #353294)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [RA] Allow /tmp in variable settings.  It's likely to be a false
       positive.  Reported by Frank Küster.  (Closes: #344998)
     + [RA] Make the syntax checking of shell scripts more robust against
       filenames containing shell metacharacters.  Reported by Michael
     + [RA] Add fish and expectk to the list of valid interpreters.
       (Closes: #351624, #353770)
     + [RA] /usr/bin/tcl is provided by tclx8.3, not tcl.  Reported by
       James R. Van Zandt.  (Closes: #351324)
     + [RA] Allow more variations on leading magic to invoke some
       interpreter rather than then shell.  Bypass the ELF magic check for
       scripts using magic that relies on having no leading #! line.
       Reported by Frank Küster.  (Closes: #344269)
     + [JvW] Add check against package suffering from debhelper bug #337664,
       per Joey Hess, which had broken error detection (Closes: #358523)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [JvW] Fix postinst-must-call-ldconfig to also get emitted when there is
       no postinst at all, instead of just one lacking a ldconfig call
     + [JvW] Implement checks for "udeb:" lines in shlibs files
       (Closes: #357541)
     + [JvW] Consider also the soname version for shlibs checking, preventing
       some bogus 'duplicate' warnings, and actually throw a warning when
       soname version doesn't match
     + [JvW] Added error when udeb postinst calls ldconfig, that must never
       happen (thanks to Frans Pop for noticing, see #203056)
   * debian/{control,copyright}:
     + [RA] Add Russ Allbery to Uploaders and copyright.
     + [JvW] Version dpkg-dev requirement to >= 1.13.17, for
   * frontends/lintian-info:
     + [RA] Avoid Perl uninitialized value warnings when given output that
       looks like lintian messages without tags.  (Closes: #352606)
   * collection/objdump-info:
     + [RA] Pass "Invalid operation" errors from objdump -T on to the check
       scripts instead of failing.  (Closes: #249435)
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [RA] Add references to dh_make, debhelper, dpkg-buildpackage, and
       linda in new reference sections.  (Closes: #322288)
   * man/{lintian.1,lintian-info.1}:
     + [RA] Left-justify and disable hyphenation for readability.
   * unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l2:
     + [JvW] Use -q with dpkg-source to surpress warnings about unsigned source
       packages. Requires dpkg-dev 1.13.17
 lintian (1.23.15) unstable; urgency=low
   * The "www.no-name-yet.eu" release
   * debian/changelog:
     + [FL] Fix wrapping of last changelog entry (Closes: #344899)
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [FL] Add xlibs-dev and debmake to %known_obsolete_packages
   * checks/debconf:
     + [CW] Show template name for empty-translated-choices,
       mismatch-translated-choices, and unknown-field-in-templates.
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [FL] Also check for debhelper build-dependency in debhelper-using
       cdbs based packages
     + [FL] Indicate where we found which compat version in
       (Closes: #329953)
     + [FL] Add dh_installtexfonts to list of commands that modfiy
       the maintainer scripts
     + [FL] Try a little harder to find the DH_COMPAT setting in debian/rules
       (Closes: #348380)
   * checks/fields:
     + [FL] Allow version numbers of 0 by correctly checking the output
       of _valid_version for definedness and not the boolean value
       (Closes: #345005)
     + [FL] Better check for false postives of build-depends-without-arch-dep.
       Should fix false positives for cdbs, dbs, dpatch and yada. Based on
       a patch by Russ Allbery (Closes: #344609, #321135, #339750)
     + [FL] Also check for build-dependencies on obsolete packages not
       only dependencies (Closes: #234531)
   * checks/fields.desc:
     + [JvW] Fix typo in description
   * checks/init.d:
     + [FL] Only try to validate update-rc.d calls where the name of the
       script matches [\w.-]+. That accounts for all today known init
       scripts and eliminates false positives like shell variables in the
       name (Closes: #343865)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [FL] Fix stupid mistake in regex to strip of filenames from roff
       output (which was hidden by another stupid mistake in the test
       suite). Patch by Nicolas François (Closes: #347999)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] Make mknod-in-maintainer-script an error since this is now
       a must in policy. Pointed out by Bartosz Fenski (Closes: #344928)
     + [FL] dpkg --print-installation-architecture is deprecated
       so delete dpkg-print-architecture-in-maintainer-script
     + [FL] Add parrot to list of valid interpreters (Closes: #346335)
 lintian (1.23.14) unstable; urgency=low
   * The "fix those frontend regressions" release
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [FL] Fix exit status computing so that we exit with 1 again
       if we found any error. (Closes: #329458)
     + [FL] Re-enable reporting unused overrides.
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [FL] Some fixes to the statistics code to make the fixes
       in frontend/lintian possible
   * checks/binaries{.desc,}:
     + [FL] support c2a suffix in soname check, too (Closes: #340856)
     + [FL] fix typo in description of package-name-doesnt-match-sonames
       (Closes: #339360)
     + [FL] The Debian specific patches from coreutils to call strip with
       --remove-section arguments on install -s have been dropped. Adapt
       description of binary-has-unneeded-section accordingly and demote
       it to "info" because many packages will get this now.
   * checks/debconf{.desc,}:
     + [FL] drop seen-flag-requires-versioned-depends and
       multiselect-without-dependency and drop version requirement from
       missing-debconf-dependency-for-preinst. All due to the fact that
       woody shipped with 1.0.x and therefor versioned depends on versions
       lesser than that don't make much sense anymore (Closes: #333736)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [FL] debhelper compat level 3 is deprecated as well now (Closes: #340222)
   * checks/files:
     + [FL] forgot /lib(32|64) (more #328612 fixes)
   * checks/menu-format:
     + [FL] Drop su-to-root-with-usr-bin and su-to-root-without-usr-sbin,
       and add su-to-root-with-usr-sbin to adapt to current menu package
       and policy (Closes: #332400)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [FL] Fix logical error in search for files (Closes: #342707)
   * checks/scripts{.desc,}:
     + [FL] Drop install-fvwmgenmenu as valid interpreter. Was dropped
       from menu package before sarge. (also for #332400, see
     + [FL] Change path for install-menu from /usr/sbin to /usr/bin (also
       for #332400)
     + [FL] Merge most of the wrong-path-for-* and *-script-but-no-*-dep
       tags to two tags wrong-path-for-interpreter and
       missing-dep-for-interpreter. This makes maintaining the list of
       valid interpreters way easier. Some tags with special text have
       been special cased (php\d? and (m|g)awk).
     + [FL] Add speedy and slsh to list of valid interpreters
       (Closes: #333955, #336700)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [FL] forgot /lib(32|64) (hopefully finally closes: #328612)
 lintian (1.23.13) unstable; urgency=low
   * The "doesn't contain all the fixes I would like but that's no
     reason to let the others wait forever" release
   * debian/control:
     + [FL] Fix typo in description. Noted by Bill Allombert
       (Closes: #327859)
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [JvW] Demote FSF address check to warning
   * checks/description:
     + [HE] Change description-synopsis-is-duplicated to only be emitted if
       the synopsis is copied without being extended. (Closes: #316523)
   * checks/files:
     + [FL] Add some formats to the exception list for extra-license-file
       (jpe?g, gif and svg) (Closes: #324944)
     + [FL] Don't complain about lib(32|64) as unusual directories. Noted
       by Matthias Klose (partly fixes #328612, see checks/shared-libs for
       the rest)
   * checks/infofiles:
     + [FL] Don't issue install-info-not-called-with-section-option if
       the call in postinst is really a removal. Experienced by Ben Pfaff
       in autoconf (Closes: #329170)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [FL] Previously we only run the checks if we found a templates file
       and a debconf dependency. Since the latter is mostly generated by
       ${misc:Depends} nowadays, we now also run the checks if we find
       a templates and a config file. (Closes: #331672)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] PythonX.Y dependency can also be satisfied with pythonX.Y-minimal.
       Noted by Matthias Klose (Closes: #326643)
     + [FL] Only match 'local' at the beginning of a line. The check is too
       ambigious otherwise. Reported by Marc Haber (Closes: #330548)
     + [FL] Better reflect the current discussions wether some of the
       XSI:sms should be allowed in shell scripts by moving some of
       them to a separate check possible-non-posix-code-in-maintainer-script.
       Not doing that for kill -NAME as reuqested since -s NAME is available
       and should be perfectly portable. (Closes: #323053)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [HE] Apply patch from Bastian Blank to check for executable stacks in
       binaries. New checks are called shlib-without-PT_GNU_STACK-section,
       shlib-with-executable-stack, thanks waldi. (Closes: #321750)
     + [FL] Add lib(32|64) to ldso directories. Pointed out by
       Matthias Klose (Closes: #328612)
 lintian (1.23.12) unstable; urgency=low
   * The "bad, bad SONAME check" release
   * all files:
     + [FL] Update FSF address
   * debian/control:
     + [FL] Depend on dpkg-dev since we use dpkg-source. How old exactly is
       this bug? (Closes: #324673)
   * checks/binaries:
     + [FL] Only use sonames from files in common library directories for
       the soname checks. This avoids many false positives. Patch by
       Russ Allbery (Closes: #321564)
     + [FL] Convert the SONAME to lower case before comparing with
       package name. Suggested by Josh Triplett (Closes: #321206, #325225)
     + [FL] Try to remove strings added for transition purposes from
       library package names before comparing package name with SONAME.
       Pointed out by Rene Engelhard (Closes: #322241, #324121)
     + [FL] Also remove -udeb strings and substitute lib64 with lib in
       package name before comparing with SONAME
     + [FL] Replace any occurence of _ in the SONAME with - since the
       former isn't allowed in package names but occasionally used in
     + [FL] Remove trailing .so from SONAMEs
     + [FL] Also ignore static binaries in sub directories of /boot,
       not only in /boot itself. Patch by Guillem Jover
       (Closes: #320382)
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [FL] Detect old FSF address additionally to the even older
   * checks/{cruft,files}{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Also check for .arch-ids/ {arch}/ .arch-inventory and .bzr/
       in packages and sources (Closes: #324255)
   * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Warn about using debhelper compat version lower than 3
       like debhelper itself
     + [FL] Drop package-lacks-versioned-build-depends-on-debhelper
       tag for compat versions < 5. With debhelper 4 even in oldstable
       issuing an error here is silly
     + [FL] Fix typo (s,debian/control,debian/compat,) in description of
   * checks/description{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Avoid double warning about description-is-dh_make-template
       in the same way we do it for the corresponding debmake tag
     + [FL] Policy section of Description field has changed
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Fix a lot of off-by-one errors in the policy references
       (caused by the addition of the Uploaders field). Unknowningly
       pointed out by Russ Allbery
     + [FL] Also use non_standards_archs when checking source package
       relations. Patch by Russ Allbery (Closes: #322291)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [FL] Don't issue warnings about 8bit characters in translated
       man pages. Patch by Denis Barbier (Closes: #321650)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] Don't issue bashism warning on POSIX character classes ([[:foo:]]).
       Noted by Stephen Gran (Closes: #323098)
     + [FL] Remove some useless groupings in the bashism regexes
 lintian (1.23.11) unstable; urgency=low
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [FL] Don't use dpkg --print-installation-architecture since
       it is deprecated, use dpkg --print-architecture instead.
   * debian/control:
     + [FL] Depend on libparse-debianchangelog-perl, require
       >= 0.6 since prior versions have bugs regarding parse
       error handling
   * checks/binaries:
     + [FL] Check that the package name of a shared library matches
       the SONAME as defined in the "Library Packaging guide"
       (Closes: #305575, #313118)
   * checks/changelog-file{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Use libparse-debianchangelog-perl to parse the changelog,
       which detects a lot of syntax errors
     + [FL] Add a new tag debian-changelog-file-missing-or-wrong-name
       which is issued if we found no Debian changelog but an upstream
       changelog since the further checks will treat the
       latter file as the Debian changelog and only issuing
       debian-changelog-file-missing would be confusing then
       (Closes: #285152)
     + [FL] Detect closes: statements with non-valid bugnumbers,
       suggested by martin f. krafft (Closes: #294409)
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [FL] Fix typo (hurd-386 -> hurd-i386) from last release
       that lead to spurious warnings about unknown architectures
       (Closes: #318110)
   * checks/control-file:
     + [CW] Break control paragraphs at lines containing only whitespace, not
       just on zero-length lines. (Closes: #319370)
   * checks/fields:
     + [FL] Actually mention which architecture we're complaining about
   * checks/manpages:
     + [FL] Report errors from man when parsing man pages. Based on
       a patch by Kevin Ryde (Closes: #285540)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [FL] Abort check if the package doesn't seem to use debconf to
       avoid false positives in case maintainers use debian/po for
       other Debian specific strings (Closes: #262749)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] increase search limit for exec hack by not counting comments
       and empty lines (Closes: #294661)
     + [FL] detect more bashisms, suggested by Clint Adams and
       martin f krafft (Closes: #253498, #296233 and addresses #253012
     + [FL] Adjust check for positional arguments after ". file" to detect
       more shell control and piping commands that are all allowed.
       Noted by Thomas Hood. (Closes: #319212)
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [FL] Fix counting of binary package names
     + [FL] Generate mostly valid HTML (id and name attributes still
       aren't valid in all cases)
 lintian (1.23.10) unstable; urgency=low
   * The "Ah, it's LinuxTag and I still have free time!" release
   * debian/control:
     + [HE] Updated description to say that we're calibrated for Policy
       version 3.6.2. As the changes between 3.6.{1,2} aren't stuff we
       (can) check, this is actually true! (Closes: #317049)
   * testset/runtests:
     + [HE] Fix symlinking of original tarballs to allow run directories
       outside the lintian source tree.
   * checks/control-file
     + [HE] Check for duplicated fields. (Closes: #299792)
   * checks/fields:
     + [HE] Change unknown-architecture a bit: We don't complain about
       "known" non-standard archs (like amd64, ppc64, *bsd-i386) and only
       print out an info message for those. (Closes: #253405, #311471)
   * checks/files:
     + [HE] Allow backupninja configuration files in /etc/backup.d/ to be
       0600. (Closes: #307639)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [HE] Allow Scripts in /etc/Xsession.d/ to be not executable, as they're
       not directly called, but only sourced. (Closes: #309203)
     + [HE] Check for use of adduser and update-inetd and warn if the package
       has no (pre-)dependency on adduser/netbase. Patch by Russ Allbery,
       thanks for the work. (Closes: #308569)
     + [HE] Check for use of "." as a deprecated separator between user and
       group names in chown call. (Closes: #88340)
     + [HE] Fix to work $interpreter-script-but-no-$pkg-dep with more than one
       dependency if needed. First use case is depending on build-essential
       to provide /usr/bin/make. (Closes: #294894)
     + [HE] Add lefty as a valid interpreter and check for a correct dependency
       on graphviz. (Closes: #295093)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [HE] Don't allow non-PIC shared libraries. This conforms to the new
       etch release policy. Thanks for the report and patch to Kurt Roeckx
       <kurt@roeckx.be>. (Closes: #309220)
 lintian (1.23.9) unstable; urgency=low
   * The "Wow, so much time at hand" release
   * [FL] Convert build process to debhelper
     - debian/rules    - adapted
     - debian/compat   - new
     - debian/dirs     - new
     - debian/docs     - new
     - debian/control  - add build depends
     - debian/postinst - remove (Closes: #292981)
     - debian/conffiles- remove
     - debian/prerm    - adapted
   * debian/control:
     + [FL] Update Standards-Version to 3.6.2
   * checks/conffiles:
     + [JvW] Warn on /var files being a conffile too (Closes: #293443)
   * checks/debconf:
     + [FL] Also report postinst-does-not-load-confmodule and
       postrm-does-not-purge-debconf if the related files don't
       exist at all. Spotted by Gerfried Fuchs (Closes: #301056)
   * checks/menus:
     + [FL] New check menu-file-in-usr-lib because /usr/lib/menu is
     + [FL] Also find menu files in /usr/share/menu (Closes: #314187)
     + [FL] Rename executable-in-usr-lib-menu to executable-menu-file
   * checks/menu-format:
     + [FL] Adapt to changes in collections/menu-files
   * checks/standards-version:
     + [FL] Update to 3.6.2 (Closes: #314879)
   * collections/menu-files:
     + [FL] Also collect files from /usr/share/menu
 lintian (1.23.8) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Hm, this is the team's one year anniversery of maintaining lintian"
   release[1], and still using the "temporary" subversion repository...
   Featuring Steve "R." Langasek in a guest appearance.
   [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-lint-maint/2004/01/msg00014.html
   * checks/*.desc,doc/lintian.sgml:
     + [JvW] Stop bugging us for exceptions, mmkay, just install overrides.
       Hints like this should be in the general documentation anyway, not in
       per-tag descriptions. The general documentation will now only ask to
       contact us if in doubt
   * checks/changelog-file{,desc}:
     + [JvW] (new test) Bark on @toplevel email signatures in changelogs
     + [JvW] Display invalid debmake email address upon detection
   * checks/common_data.pm:
     + [CW] Add tclx8.4 to %known_tclxs.
   * checks/description:
     + [SRL] Do not generate warnings when a short description starts with an
       article; this is good grammar and should not be discouraged.
       (Closes: #290505)
     + [JvW] Drop description-synopsis-starts-with-a-capital-letter by popular
       demand (Closes: #288568)
   * checks/files{,.desc}:
     + [JvW] Warn only for hardlinks in /etc or amongst different directories
       (Closes: #288634)
     + [JvW] Only check for desktop files in GNOME's and KDE's obsolete places,
       not in all the package, as KDE uses .desktop files also for other
       purposes (Closes: #289773)
   * checks/nmu.desc:
     + [JvW] Be more precise in explaining why lintian thinks this is a NMU,
       and copy explanation to changelog-should-mention-nmu
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [CW] Add checks for tclsh8.4 and wish8.4. (Closes: #288287)
 lintian (1.23.7) unstable; urgency=high
   * lib/Lab.pm:
     + Fixed creation of static lab if the directory already existed, this
       failed in 1.23.6
     + In temporary lab mode, try to create the directory several
       times before giving up
   * testset/runtests: Extend the static lab test
 lintian (1.23.6) unstable; urgency=low
   The "Let's see if I can upload myself now" release, made by Marc, Frank and
   Colin, uploaded by Jeroen.
   * checks/description
     + [HE] Warn if the short description start with an article or a capital
       letter. Patch by Tobias Toedter <t.toedter@gmx.net>, thanks. (Closes:
   * checks/fields:
     + [HE] Warn if the debian revision has three parts, as this is the sign of
       a binary NMU. New check's name is binary-nmu-debian-revision-in-source.
       (Closes: #244830)
     + [HE] Warn if people use the Bugs field to refer to the Debian BTS, the
       new check is called redundant-bugs-field. (Closes: #245883)
   * checks/files:
     + [HE] Check that .desktop files are placed in /usr/share/applications.
       This seems to be the standard place for those files that are used
       to create menus. The check is called desktop-file-in-wrong-dir.
       (Closes: #200171)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [HE] Don't compare the manpage filename extension and the content of
       .TH case-sensitive. Report + patch by Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>,
       thanks. (Closes: #285335)
     + [HE] Emit binary-without-english-manpage if a package only provides
       translated manpages for a binary. (Closes: #259227)
     + [HE] Skip all comment lines when checking for .so links in manpages.
       Thanks for the report and fix suggestion to Steinar H. Gunderson
       <sgunderson@bigfoot.com>. (Closes: #284662)
   * checks/md5sums:
     + [HE] Strip off ./ at the beginning of the filenames in md5sums
       files (this seems to happen on some systems, though we don't know
       how). (Closes: #284728)
   * checks/standards-version:
     + [CW] By definition, udebs aren't required to conform to policy, so
       don't issue no-standards-version-field for them. (If they happen to
       have a Standards-Version field anyway, we still check that it's
   * lib/Lab.pm, frontend/lintian:
     SECURITY (CAN-2004-1000):
     + [FL] Overhaul lab directory handling. This also fixes the issue
       of removing a lab that never was created (Closes: #286681)
 lintian (1.23.5) unstable; urgency=low
   The "learn how to use intltool-debian correctly the hard way" release
   * checks/po-debconf: Set INTLTOOL_EXTRACT to fix invocation
     of intltool-update (Closes: #285419, #285471)
 lintian (1.23.4) unstable; urgency=low
   The "A little pause from the sarge release work" release.
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [FL] file has apparently changed its output format for
       symlinks sometime in the past. This broke symlink detection.
       (Closes: #276504)
   * checks/deb-format, unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1, unpack/unpack-binpkg-l2:
     + [CW] Fix binary package data member extraction to work with arbitrary
       compression algorithms instead of hardcoding data.tar.gz.
   * checks/debconf{,.desc}:
     + [FL] The SETTITLE command was introduced in debconf version
       1.3.22. Check the depends for that (Closes: #261890)
     + [FL] Warn about incorrect usage of commas in translated Choices
       fields. Patch by Denis Barbier after a suggestion by Andreas
       Metzler (Closes: #282030)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [FL] Update list of debhelper scripts that modify maintainer
   * checks/menu-format.desc:
     + [FL] Adjust references to the menu documentation. Noted by
       Jack Moffitt (Closes: #277393)
   * checks/po-debconf{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Check for outdated .pot files when using po-debconf.
       This requires a new dependency on intltool-debian. Patch
       by Denis Barbier with corrections by JvW (Closes: #242345)
   * checks/scripts{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Fix copy-and-paste error in description
       of wrong-path-for-gnuplot (Closes: #276945)
       Thanks to Lionel Elie Mamane for reporting.
     + [FL] Add tclsh8.3 to list of valid interpreters as it is used
       in at least one package. (Closes: #280080)
     + [FL] Issue wrong-path-for-{ruby,python} even if the path contained
       a version number. Change the description of the tag to reflect that.
       (Closes: #257904)
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [FL] Overrides start with O:, not with 0:, d'oh!
       (Closes: #258815)
   * lib/Tags.pm:
     + [FL] Add missing "use Util;", noted by Robert Luberda
       (Closes: #278513)
   * testset/debconf/*,testset/tags.debconf:
     + [FL] New test package for debconf and udeb tests
   * testset/diffs:
     + [JvW] Remove the shipped ELF binary, can be compiled at test-time
   * testset/runtests:
     + [FL] Make checks of udeb packages possible
 lintian (1.23.3) unstable; urgency=low
   The ``the others must be busy releasing Sarge or something'' release,
   prepared by yours truly
   * checks/conffiles.desc:
     + Note the most likely cause for duplicate-conffile in the description
       (thanks Chris Anderson for running into this problem and asking me
       about it)
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + Revert the extra pedantic check introduced in 1.23.0 that
       complained about unstrict dependencies when one as a
       /usr/share/doc/<package> that is a symlink (Closes: #249414)
   * checks/debconf:
     + Don't warn when the Choices field of a debconf question is
       not translated, often it makes no sense to translate it
       (Closes: #262649)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + dh-make also creates sample files named .EX, so make that check
       case-insensitive (Closes: #251262)
   * checks/fields.desc:
     + Adjust package-has-a-duplicate-relation to warning, and note that
       this sometimes happens to you when using ${shlibs:Depends}, and you
       shouldn't bother too much if that's the case (Closes: #274286)
       Thanks Peter Eisentraut for the suggestion
     + Fix English language depends-on-essential-package-without-using-version,
       thanks to Peter Eisentrautf for noticing (Closes: #261603)
     + [FL] Clone depends-on-essential-package-without-using-version as
       build-depends-on-essential-package-without-using-version to give
       correct policy reference (Closes: #261602)
   * checks/init.d:
     + Don't warn for missing init.d scripts in package and conffile list
       if a variable is used instead of a real name (Closes: #264218)
   * checks/manpages.desc:
     + Demote binary-without-manpage to warning, and adjust description,
       to be consistent with policy, which says a manpage should be available
       (and doesn't use "must" for it). Thanks to Robert Millan for his patch
       (Closes: #271014)
   * checks/nmu.desc:
     + Note in source-nmu-has-incorrect-version-number's description that
       the mistake could also be the other way around (Closes: #258604)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + Don't give missing-file-from-potfile-in on empty lines
       (Thanks Adam Conrad for noticing)
   * checks/scripts:
     + The php commandline interpreter is now provided by php4-cli, and
       not php4-cgi, update dependency check accordingly (Closes: #268077)
     + Give an error if the 'config' script uses a non-essential
       interpreter (Closes: #274832)
   * checks/shared-libraries:
     + Ignore comments in shlibs files (Closes: #275124)
   * doc/lintian.sgml:
     + Document that you can use comments in overrides (Closes: #87805)
   * frontend/lintian:
     + Fix overrides so that they allow all of (1) <package> <type>:,
       (2) <package>:, and (3) <nothing> as prefix to tags you want to
       override, and modify documentation accordingly. This used to be buggy
       (Closes: #261435)
 lintian (1.23.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * The "of course it had to go wrong on my first own lintian
     upload" release.
   * Tigthen versioned Build-Depends on sed to (>= 4.1-4) to avoid
     be hitten by a bug in sed that changes the permissions of files
     when processed with sed -i (Closes: #259109)
 lintian (1.23.1) unstable; urgency=low
   The ``Now featuring over 500 checks'' release, prepared by the usual
   * checks/*:
     + [JvW] Changed from executables to check-plugins
     + [HE] Drop the misuse of charset when we want to say "encoding".
       Renamed 2 tests for that:
       unknown-charset-in-po-file -> unknown-encoding-in-po-file
       debian-changelog-file-uses-obsolete-national-charset ->
       (Closes: #248194)
   * checks/binaries:
     + [FL] Change check for binary-compiled-with-profiling-enabled on
       hppa to look for _mcount instead of __gmon_start__ since the
       latter can't be used as an indicator on that arch (Closes: #207063)
     + [JvW] Exempt ocaml binaries from the 'is the binary stripped?' test,
       since they cannot be stripped harmlessly. See #256900 (Closes: #252695)
     + [JvW] Parse the output of file a little bit more strict, and make it
       consequent across checks (Closes: #257898)
   * checks/changelog-files{,.desc}:
     + [HE] New check latest-debian-changelog-entry-without-new-date, comparing
       the dates of the last 2 changelog entries. (Closes: #111215)
     + [FL] New tag invalid-date-in-changelog which is issued if
       latest-debian-changelog-entry-without-new-date encounters a
       parse error
   * checks/common-data.pm:
     + [JvW] Add libgl(u)-dev to list of virtual packages (Closes: #255595)
     + [JvW] Added amd64 to list of known architectures, as the name has
       settled and it'll likely enter the archive soonish (Closes: #257503)
   * checks/control-file{,.desc}:
     + [HE] Introduced new check script. New checks:
       - build-info-in-binary-control-file-section, triggered
         by a Build-* field in a binary section (Closes: #94928)
       - debian-control-file-uses-obsolete-national-encoding, stolen from
         changelog-file (Closes: #247197)
   * checks/cruft{,.desc}:
     + [JvW] cvsignore-file-in-source is now info, because it happens so often
       by upstream, and is only very minor in size
     + [HE] New check: source-contains-cvs-conflict-copy, triggered by
       .#file.version files. They are created by cvs when it tries to merge
       local changes and an update from the repo. (Closes: #246060)
     + [JvW] Also check for source-contains-svn-conflict-copy (for .r123 and
       .mine files)
   * checks/debhelper:
     + [FL] Avoid Perl warning about undefined values. Noted by JvW.
   * checks/fields{,.desc}:
     + [JvW] Added debian-revision-should-not-be-zero, suggested by Adam
     + [FL] Downgrade build-depends-without-arch-dep to warning as it's
       heuristic. Reword explanation. This partly handles #247171.
     + [JvW] For build-depends-without-arch-dep, fix detection of debhelper
       usage in clean when used by means of CDBS (combined with above change,
       now fully closes: #247171)
     + [HE] Check Build-Depends(-Indep) for virtual packages without a
       real dependency. Fix based on patch by Steinar H. Gunderson
       <sgunderson@bigfoot.com>. (Closes: #255593)
     + [HE] Don't issue virtual-package-depends-without-real-package-depends
       if this happens in Suggests. (Closes: #254367)
     + [FL] Allow whitespace in relations after the version number
   * checks/huge-usr-share:
     + [FL] Skip check for packages that don't have usr/share at all
       (Closes: #247708)
   * checks/manpages:
     + [FL] Comment check for no-manpage-in-correct-directory out until
       I know if it's worth keeping it at all (Closes: #253011)
       Thanks to Stephen Stafford for pointing this out.
   * checks/menus:
     + [FL] Fix regex which checks for update-menus calls (missing
       whitespace) and allow path before executable name (perhaps this
       should be another warning, though?) (Closes: #254420)
     + [FL] Some clean-up and warn that wm-menu-config is deprecated
       (Closes: #248997)
     + [FL] Demote executable-in-usr-lib-menu to warning as executables
       are supported (but seldomly used) (Closes: #254498)
   * checks/menu-format:
     + [FL] Fix su-to-root checks to cope with the new -X option and
       improve the option parsing to better handle unknown options
     + [FL] Allow a comma separated list in the package test. Pointed
       out by Gerfried Fuchs (Closes: #246507) Change incorrect-package-test
       to pkg-not-in-package-test which is issued when the package is
       not in the list. Don't issue menu-command-not-in-package when
       we have a list.
     + [FL] Commands for window manager's modules can't be expected
       to be available as executables, so don't issue
       menu-command-not-in-package in this case. Thanks to
       Manoj Srivastava for reporting (Closes: #247805)
     + [HE] Change menu-command-not-in-package to also look into the standard
       PATH. (Closes: #255155)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [JvW] Simply fail if stuff from gettext is missing.
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] Don't issue executable-not-elf-or-script for files
       that are named *.exe (Closes: #251075, #255083)
     + [CW] Add python2.4 as a valid interpreter (Closes: #254482)
     + [FL] Add ruby1.[68] as valid interpreters, introduce new
       ruby-script-but-no-ruby-dep error, copied from the python stuff
     + [FL] Don't issue script-not-executable for menu-methods. There
       are reasons why they are sometimes not executable (Closes: #250632)
     + [FL] 'and' and 'or' are no bash keywords (Closes: #194283)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [FL] Don't report shlib-with-executable-bit and
       shlib-with-bad-permissions on symbolic links to such files
     + [JvW] Fix the pic-detection code (Closes: #185816)
   * debian/{control,rules}, frontend/lintian:
     + [JvW] Insert version number at package build time, no need to commit a
       change to frontend/lintian on every version number change... Requires
       sed version 4 at build-time.
     + [JvW] Start depending on gettext.
     + [JvW] Start depending on libdigest-md5-perl on woody, for using md5 on
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [JvW] Partial rewrite: checks are now plugins loaded into lintian,
       rather than executed as separate executables. Makes it easy to make
       common functions available, tags are done centrally, etc etc. Should
       also save quite a number of forks, thus more speedier.
   * lib/Util.pm:
     + [FL] dpkg supports comments in control files now, handle them
     + [FL] a space after the colon is not mandatory in dpkg control
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [FL] Document new control-file check script
   * reporting/harness:
     + [FL] Correctly support udeb packages
   * reporting/html_reports:
     + [FL] Correctly support udeb packages
     + [FL] Remove some unused code for bug references
   * reporting/bug.status:
     + [FL] Remove
   * testset/filenames:
     + [JvW] Fix two lintian warnings in lintian itself by touching files only
       on clean target, and not distributing them in the source
   * unpack/list-srcpkg:
     + [FL] Some packages don't specifiy a standards-version, e.g. d-i ones.
       Prevent Perl warnings.
   * unpack/list-udebpkg:
     + [FL] Fix sort of copy & paste error which caused the whole
       script to behave ill
   * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l2:
     + [FL] While fixing permissions, also enable write access
       so we get no problems on removal. Disable group write
       permissions, we need nobody to interfere with us.
 lintian (1.23.0) unstable; urgency=low
   The ``moving forward'' release, prepared by Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt,
   Frank Lichtenheld and Jeroen van Wolffelaar.
   * [FL] add udeb support (Closes: #216117)
     Thanks to Joey Hess for his input. Many changes, mostly to
     frontend/lintian, checks/debconf and checks/files
   * checks/binaries:
     + [JvW] Ignore static binaries in /usr/lib/debug
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [HE] Check for the debmake template email address in the changelog
       entries. Patch by Steffen Moeller <moeller@pzr.uni-rostock.de>,
       thanks! (Closes: #199903)
     + [JvW] Loosen up checks for -0.x versions, could be either native or
       upstream + Debian revision, so some tests cannot be performed because of
       that uncertainty
   * checks/copyright-file:
     + [HE] Change usr-doc-symlink-to-foreign-package check to throw an
       error when a package doesn't depend on the *same* version of the
       package its /usr/share/doc/$foo dir is symlinked to. This is supposed
       to ensure that both come from the same source and the same source
       version. (Closes: #201470)
   * checks/cruft.desc:
     + [HE] Reworded some parts and bumped the Standards-Version after
       checking for changes. (Closes: #235735)
   * checks/debconf{,.desc}:
     + [JvW] Add an error for a bogus default for a boolean template
       (Closes: #236846)
     + [HE] Check for duplicate fields in templates. Fix based on
       patch by Denis Barbier <barbier@linuxfr.org>, thanks! (Closes: #233116)
     + [HE] Check if the translation of a Choices: field is empty, leading to
       skipped questions. (Closes: #149451)
   * checks/debdiff:
     + [HE] Check for accidental native packaging. This is done by checking for
       a dash in the version number (though -0.\d+ and -0.\d+.\d+ are allowed
       for (binary) NMUs) and the existence of a .diff.gz. (Closes: #216327)
     + [JvW] Implement source-tar-is-posix-tar, which checks for upstream
       tarballs that are tar --posix tarballs, which cannot be untarred by the
       tar version in woody (Closes: #245138)
   * checks/debhelper{,.desc}:
     + [JvW] Add error if debian/compat is empty, happens once in current
       sid and gave internal error before
   * checks/debian-readme:
     + [HE] Add check for the debmake template email address. Patch by Steffen
       Moeller <moeller@pzr.uni-rostock.de>, thanks!
   * checks/deb-format:
     + [HE] Add a check for the data member of a deb. dpkg 1.11 introduces
       support for configurable compression algorithms (bzip2, for example),
       but this shouldn't be allowed before dpkg 1.11 hits stable.
       (Closes: #159874)
   * checks/fields:
     + [HE, FL] Nearly complete rewrite for clean up:
       - bad-relation seems to work better now (Closes: #171763)
       - duplicate relations checking now works for different fields, too
         (Closes: #234978, #235356)
     + [HE] Add check for an Origin field with "Debian" as value.
       (Closes: #119618)
     + [HE] Reintroduce build-depends-without-arch-dep check with the patch
       I proposed in #214231. (Closes: #242484)
     + [JvW] Check for well-formed Debian-revision
     + [JvW] Check for correct realname when QA mailaddress used
   * checks/fields.desc:
     + [FL] Fix some wrong policy references
   * checks/files:
     + [HE] New check for compiled python files (*.pyc). Patch by David
       Kimdon <david@kimdon.org>, thanks. (Closes: #236606)
     + [HE] Check for gzipped zero byte files. (Closes: #172052)
     + [FL] Don't complain about read-only *.ali files as requested by
        Ludovic Brenta. This makes #226879 wishlist again.
     + [FL] Warn about ancient files with the value of
       Dinstall::CutOffPastYear from dak CVS as limit.
       (Closes: #204801, #218304)
     + [HE] Check for *.ali files introduced, warn if their permissions are !=
       0444. (Closes: #226879)
     + [HE] New checks for deprecated X11 dirs (/usr/{bin,lib,include}/X11 and
       usr/X11R6/*). (Closes: #81004)
     + [HE] Check for README for other distributions/platforms and warn if
       they're installed. Based on patch by Jay Bonci. (Closes: #178441)
   * checks/init.d:
     + [FL] output-of-updaterc.d-not-redirected-to-dev-null should be
       only a info tag since it is more a aesthetical issue, not a
       policy violation. (Closes: #149700)
   * checks/lintian.desc:
     + [JvW] Added missing Type: tags
   * checks/manpages:
     + [FL] New checks:
        - Section number of directory and file differ
        - Section number of file differs from what is expected
          from the location of the binary. (Closes: #203831)
     + [FL] Parse contents of man page and implement more new checks:
       - Section number of file and header differ (Closes: #89488)
       - Try to search for hyphens that should be minus signs
         (Closes: #205924). First patch by Eduard Bloch, final
         regex by Josip Rodin.
       - Search for FSSTND directories referenced in man pages. Only
         an info tag. (Closes: #111098)
     + [FL, HE] Fix false positives of
       manpage-for-non-x11-binary-in-wrong-directory when a link
       from a normal bin/ is pointing to a binary in an X11 dir. Based
       on patch by FL. (Closes: #203389)
     + [JvW] x11-games-should-be-in-usr-games is now error, because it's
       mandated by policy
   * checks/menus:
     + [JvW] Stricter checking for whether update-menus is actually called
       (Closes: #244628)
   * checks/menu-format:
     + [FL] Only issue one warning about needs=dwww, not two
     + [HE] Check if the command given with command= is in the package
       (Closes: #199346)
   * checks/nmu{,desc}:
     + [JvW] New series of checks: Check whether NMU's have correct NMU version
       number, and whether maintainer uploads have correct maintainer version.
       Also, check whether NMU's and QA uploads are identified as such in the
       changelog (Closes: #111948)
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] Add /usr/bin/php as valid interpreter. (Closes: #239115)
       Thanks to Peter Eisentraut for pointing this change out
     + [FL] Reflect new suidperl handling. /usr/bin/suidperl
       shouldn't/can't be called directly anymore so add a new
       error and remove it from the list of usual interpreters.
       (Closes: #240806)
     + [HE] Don't warn about files with a shebang line which are not executable
       when they are called *in, as they're probably just templates. (Closes:
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [HE] Add some new logic to cope with symlinks from /usr/lib to another
       dir to fix false positives of postrm-has-useless-call-to-ldconfig and
       friends. (Closes: #190714)
     + [HE] Also handle case statements in postrm scripts. (Closes: #179435)
   * checks/standards-version:
     + [JvW] Also emit warning if standards version is 3.6.0, and not yet 3.6.1
   * collection/diffstat
     + [HE] The diff.gz file name does not include the the epoch, so strip it
       before trying to get the file.
   * collection/override-file:
     + [FL] add support for source overrides (Closes: #129510)
       See the User Manual for more information.
   * collection/source-control-file:
     + [FL] New collection script to extract field information
       from debian/control in source packages. Currently used
       in checks/debhelper to guess udeb packages.
   * debian/control,debian/copyright:
     + [FL] Add Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt to Uploaders and
       to copyright file
   * doc/lintian.sgml:
     + [FL] Some updates, some more verbatim explantions
       (Closes: #197955)
     + [FL] Reworked the override section to handle udeb and
       source packages, too
   * doc/README:
     + [FL] Update options
   * frontend/lintian:
     + [HE] Added a --dont-check-parts|-X option to allow users to specify
       which tests should not be run. Also added infos about this to the
       manpage. (Closes: #206674)
   * frontend/lintian-info:
     + [JvW] Fixed that lintian -I also displays info for I: entries
   * lib/Dep.pm:
     + [FL] Fixed some semantic errors (since noone ever observed the
       correspoding perl warnings the fixed parts are probably never
       used in the current code)
   * lib/Utils.pm
     + [HE] Changed {read,parse}_dpkg_control a bit to cope with the fact
       that template files sometimes contain lines consisting only of
       whitespace which do *not* separate to blocks. (Closes: #242479)
   * testset/runtests:
     + [JvW] Rewrote so that it is actually useful:
       - sort output to nullify filesystem directory ordering differences
       - run lintian just once
       - check that all tests that are triggered have a description, if verbose
         specified, warn about tests that are not tested
   * unpack/list-binpkg:
     + [HE] Try to open Packages.gz if no Packages file can be found. Fix
       based on patch by Robert Lemmen <robertle@semistable.com>, thanks!
       (Closes: #198617)
 lintian (1.22.12) unstable; urgency=low
   The ``Fix those false positives, mkay'' release, prepared for all Debian
   Maintainers by Frank Lichtenheld and Jeroen van Wolffelaar.
   Best served cold.
   * debian/control:
     + [FL] Make Uploaders a single line field. It didn't really
       break, but at least DDPO had its difficulties
   * man/lintian.1:
     + [FL] sync man page with the --help output by adding missing options
       Based on a patch by Robert Lemmen. (Closes: #198615)
     + [FL] sync man page with the current list of checks and collection
   * checks/binaries:
     + [FL] Don't complain about non-stripped kernel modules.
       Patch by Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsaker (Closes: #203373)
     + [JvW] Exclude binaries and packages named *-static from the
       binary-is-static test. Exception for sash removed. (Closes: #215235)
   * checks/changelog-file:
     + [FL] Check that encoding of changelog file is UTF-8, based on a patch by
       Denis Barbier (Closes: #175318)
   * checks/copyright-file{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Don't advise to point to the perl packages' copyright file.
       Thanks to Martin Orr for pointing this out. (Closes: #193293)
     + [FL] Fixed false positives of
       copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-gpl due to
       the GFDL. Thanks to Ross Burton for reporting this. (Closes: #192278)
   * checks/deb-format{,.desc}:
     + [JvW] Fix perl variable-name clash causing unusually formatted error
       output (only important if you do automatic processing on it)
     + [FL] The current script is by Denis Barbier, correcting author in
       .desc file
   * checks/debhelper.desc:
     + [FL] correct reference to debhelper manpage. It's debhelper(7), not
       debhelper(1). Thanks to Brian Nelson for pointing this out
       (Closes: #188245)
   * checks/debconf:
     + [JvW] Update valid types, since currently 'title' is supported now too
       (Closes: #234379, #234608)
   * checks/description:
     + [FL] fix description-is-dh_make-template check. (Closes: #215125)
       Fix suggested by Josip Rodin
   * checks/etcfiles.desc:
     + [FL] correcting abbrevation of etcfiles to 'etc', was 'ini' which
       is already used by init.d
   * checks/fields:
     + [FL] Really check only "real" dependency fields for needlessy
       depends (Closes: #185035)
     + [JvW] Don't consider depending on coreutils bad, as this is in a way a
       versioned depend (Closes: #216536)
     + [FL] Remove the build-depends-without-arch-dep check. It produces
       way too much false positives and can only be replaced by
       a sophisticated debian/rules parser
       (Closes: #192037, #202950, #214231)
     + [JvW] Test syntax of Uploaders: too
     + [JvW] Accept more whitespace in relations, which is allowed according to
       policy, thanks Adrian Bunk for noticing, FL for patch (Closes: #200280)
   * checks/filenames:
     + [JvW] Revised the symlink detection stuff, it is now more rigorous, and
       has seperate warning for recursive symlinks that are otherwise not
       necessarily wrong (Closes: #118080)
   * checks/files:
     + [FL] only issue package-installs-nonbinary-perl-in-usr-lib-perl5 if
       there is no binary perl file at all in the package, since this
       reflects the way the Installer module behaves (Closes: #199898)
   * checks/huge-usr-share:
     + [JvW] Check for a big /usr/share (currently 1-2MB will trigger it) in
       arch-dependent packages. Currently just I:. Thanks Steve McIntyre for
       the idea. (Closes: #232849)
   * checks/menus{,.desc}:
     + [FL] Remove non-exectuable-in-etc-menu-methods as it doesn't
       reflects the current menu manual (Closes: #229460)
   * checks/po-debconf:
     + [JvW] Check whether files listed in debian/po/POTFILES.in actually
       exist, and only positively detect po-debconf usage if dependency is
       there. (Patch by Denis Barbier <barbier@debian.org>, only minimally
   * checks/scripts:
     + [FL] Fix check for "exec ..." line. Fix suggested by Josip Rodin.
       (Closes: #212811)
     + [JvW] Tighten up mknod, dpkg --print-architecture and killall detection
       in maintainer scripts, would need rewrite to be really sane.
       (Closes: #148548, #161820, #192300)
   * checks/shared-libs:
     + [FL] Be more tolerant to variations when checking for
       postrm-unsafe-ldconfig. Thanks to Martin Godisch, Steinar H. Gunderson
       and Aidas Kasparas for their input. (Closes: #218543, #233740)
   * unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1:
     + [FL] tar uses now h to signal hardlinks which breaks a lot of our code.
       so sed'ing it away. Many many thanks to Theodore Y. Ts'o for bringing
       this to our attention (Closes: #234545)
 lintian (1.22.11) unstable; urgency=low
   Jeroen van Wolffelaar <jeroen@wolffelaar.nl>
    * Upgrade lintian itself to policy 3.6.1
      + Drop question about removing lab on purge, just do it.
    * Update to Debian Policy 3.6.1, all references broken by
      section-reorganization are updated (Closes: #194257, #208945, #214949,
      also closes: #217384, #231884)
      (Patch by Nicholas Breen <nbreen@ofb.net>)
    * Support for dash scripts (Closes: #194787)
      (Patch by Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org>)
    * checks/binaries.desc:
      + Fix typo (Closes: #202856)
    * checks/deb-format, debian/control:
      + Rewrite by Denis Barbier, slightly cleaned up, renders
        libarchive-tar-perl dependency unneeded (Closes: #232875)
    * checks/filenames (and more):
      + Check for Subversion version control leftovers (Closes: #190067)
      + Ignore empty __init__.py files in /usr/share/doc (Closes: #215234)
        (based on patch by Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org>)
    * checks/cruft:
      + Check for CVS and Subversion cruft in source packages (Closes: #189776,
        also closes: #190067)
    * checks/po-debconf
      + Rewrite in Perl
      + Obsolete PO files are no more checked because po2debconf now
        automatically runs debconf-updatepo if PO files are older than
        templates files.  Of course PO files might be outdated (e.g. when
        downloaded from a BR), but it should occur seldom.
      + PO files are processed through msgfmt to ensure they are valid.
      + Based on patch by Denis Barbier <barbier@debian.org>, Closes: #210576
      + Check whether po-debconf is used at all, and warn if it isn't
      + Check for required POTFILES.in and template.pot in debian/po
    * checks/menu-format
      + Drop menu-icon-has-bad-colors, it doesn't apply anymore (Closes: #199341)
      + Menu sub-policy 3.6.0 added two sections (Closes: #207529)
      + Added three checks for correct su-to-root usage (Closes: #188095)
      + Understand icon32x32 and icon16x16 (Closes: #200046)
      + Missing required tags are now an error (and check name changed)
      + Check tag-quotation
      + Rewrite needs check properly, being more precise what is allowed
      + Complain about needs="dwww", as this is obsolete accordint to menu
        (parts menu-format updates based on patch by Bill Allombert
    * checks/scripts
      + Recognise the 'tcl' interpreter, not the same as tclsh (Closes: #230182)
   Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org>
    * checks/debhelper:
      + fix parsing debian/compat for needed
        version (Closes: #198611)
      + update list of existing debhelper commands
    * checks/manpages:
      + push back the extension after testing for
        manpage-not-compressed (Closes: #225293)
    * checks/copyright-file: don't complain about missing reference to
       the GPL if we already detected a wrong reference (Closes: #225837)
    * checks/debconf:
      + don't complain about partially-translated-question, if
        Choices is only a substitution variable (Closes: #200802,#222648)
      + fix testing of dependencies to eliminate false
        positives of missing-debconf-dependency (Closes: #195201)
 lintian (1.22.10) unstable; urgency=low
   * Lintian maintainance is now in the hands of the `Debian Lintian
     Maintainers' group
   * Add check for tar bug #230910
     (tar check written by Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt <marc@marcbrockschmidt.de>)
 lintian (1.22.9) unstable; urgency=low
   * config.* files from 2000-09-05 and such had the timestamp in a
     variable called version, not timestamp, so check for that as well
     to detect the really old ones as well.
   * Made sharedobject-in-library-directory-not-actually-a-shlib an E
     because it uses the same method as
     pkg-has-shlibs-control-file-but-no-actual-shared-libs does, and that
     one's pretty reliable and already E, closes: #197951
   * Fixed logic error in detecting whether the uncompressed changelog
     file is really a symlink, closes: #198171.
   * Ripped out those few remaining bits of code that watched over /usr/doc,
     closes: #193598.
   * Don't whine about policy 3.5.10. No changes.
   * Avoid install-docs' --no-update-menus when checking for update-menus
     calls, closes: #183193.
   * Close the IN filehandle in menus:check_script() so that $. gets
     properly reset (sloppy coding -- argh!).
   * Fixed a $1 overwriting thinko in debhelper checks.
   * Demoted build-depends-without-arch-dep from E to W. "Most likely"
     isn't non-heuristic, dammit.
 lintian ( unstable; urgency=high
   * Fixed a small logic oversight in the new debhelper compat check,
     closes: #187415.
 lintian (1.22.8) unstable; urgency=low
   * Updated the list of valid archive sections, closes: #187111.
   * Ignore symlinks in the image-file-in-usr-lib check, closes: #180280.
   * Updated the list of virtual packages, closes: #179614, #180421.
   * Fixed typo in the LaTeX license exception, closes: #184640.
   * Removed anal-retentive check for a bug in debconf << 1.2.9,
     closes: #185721.
   * Updated policy version in the description, closes: #185882.
   * Checks in debian/compat for debhelper compat version, and warns
     if it finds that as well as DH_COMPAT, closes: #186269.
 lintian (1.22.7) unstable; urgency=low
   * Adjusted Policy references for changes in the shared library stuff.
     Updated standards-version checks to recognize 3.5.9, and shifted
     old/ancient borders to 3.5.7/3.5.2.
   * Allow for ${1+"$@"} as well in the evil exec line check, closes: #179145.
   * Removed the CXXABI check because it's not reliable enough, not all
     C++-linked programs include libsupc++ which provides those symbols.
     Sorry. Closes: #179278, #184729.
   * Allow /usr/lib/$pkg in the rpath check, thanks to Matej Vela,
     closes: #173610.
   * Added /usr/share/pixmaps to the icon file path, closes: #181552.
   * Ignored symlinks in the gzip -9 check for changelogs, closes: #181899.
   * Ignore LaTeX license in the common-licenses check for GPL, thanks
     to Peter van Rossum, closes: #184640.
   * Included (tcl|tk)8.4 on their respective lists, thanks to Chris Waters,
     closes: #184655.
   * Ignore alternatives in the check for duplicate relations, closes: #184660.
     It's still not inclusive, but the remaining cases should be rare enough.
   * Added Denis Barbier's po-debconf checks, closes: #173823.
 lintian (1.22.6) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added missing description for empty-manual-page.
   * Adjusted some descriptions for -dev symlinks.
   * Updated the policy section for copyright files from 13.6 to 13.5,
     closes: #177769.
   * Updated the policy section for changelog files from 13.8 to 13.7,
     closes: #176946.
   * Added extended-description-line-too-long, closes: #176784.
   * Warn against lack of CXXABI, thanks to Colin Watson, closes: #175920.
   * Allow for all the other tricks scripts play with their interpreters
     by making the check generic, /^\s*exec\s*.+\s*.?\$0.?\s*.?\$\@/.
     Thanks to Colin Watson, closes: #175602.
   * Changed the dh_testversion checks to also find disparities between
     DH_COMPAT and debhelper build-dep version, closes: #175295.
   * Ignore packages that build-depend on autotools-dev in the config.*
     date check, since they probably copy stuff around, closes: #178347.
 lintian (1.22.5) unstable; urgency=low
   * Ignore Zope's license in
     copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-gpl, thanks to
     Matej Vela, closes: #172211.
   * Don't require \S+ but .+ while parsing @packages, closes: #172444.
   * Rewrote the chunk of code dealing with names of manual pages, because
     it was done all wrong, closes: #173548.
   * Ignore files consisting merely of .so links completely, thanks to
     Matej Vela, closes: #173609.
   * Added code to check for bad-so-link-within-manual-page.
   * Also added code to check for empty-manual-page.
   * Added a few more cases of safe ldconfig invocation in postrm,
     closes: #174042. Didn't handle the one with the "case" statement,
     it's too bothersome. Oh well, the check is a warning instead of
     an error for a reason.
   * Added a check for the timestamp line in config.guess/sub files,
     closes: #171295.
   * Renamed the full-stop check to
     description-synopsis-might-not-be-phrased-properly and rephrased its
     description. This is where I draw the line :) closes: #174150.
   * Added a warning on .pl and .pm files within /usr/lib/perl5,
     closes: #174595.
   * Renamed pkg-without-shlibs-has-shlibs-control-file to
     pkg-has-shlibs-control-file-but-no-actual-shared-libs and improved
     its long description.
   * Added sharedobject-in-library-directory-not-actually-a-shlib,
     which should properly address the issue of SONAME-less libraries,
     closes: #174928.
   * Exclude files that match "LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR PYTHON 1.6.1" from the
     copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-gpl check,
     closes: #174929.
 lintian (1.22.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed typo in the description of description-synopsis-ends-with-full-stop,
     closes: #172049.
   * Slightly clarified the text as well, and added a pointer to Policy 5.7.1.
   * Made it a warning, not an error which it was by mistake, closes: #172541.
   * Removed an extra colon from copyright-file-lacks-pointer-to-perl-license.
 lintian (1.22.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed typo in copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-gpl
     which caused it to have no description. Also moved the opening of
     the pipe to lintian-info before the first print E: line so that
     bad-distribution-in-changes-file and other tags in lintian.desc
     actually get displayed, closes: #171737.
   * Updated the description of link-to-undocumented-manpage to better
     match the current Policy and be more helpful.
   * Added missing \Q and \E around the variable in
     description-synopsis-is-duplicated, closes: #171721.
   * Don't warn on _any_ mention of update-rc.d in postinst, just those that
     follow whitespace or something else and a semicolon, closes: #171472.
 lintian (1.22.2) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Fixed some random glitches.
   * Change rgb-vs-cmap to first include the hex codes of colors in cmap.xpm,
     and then go searching for names in rgb.txt. Updated the cmap.xpm
     location in the description. This hopefully really closes: #170860.
   * Added exception in the shell syntax checks for evil rep scripts,
     thanks to Kevin Ryde, closes: #171175.
   * Added checks for multiple dependencies on libstdc, tcl, tclx, tk, tkx
     and libpng packages. This is currently beind done in a hardcoded manner,
     but that should do for now, closes: #80447, #129548.
   * Added a regression test as part of the relations regression test for
     the above multiple dependencies.
   * Don't barf on /var/local in the FSSTND-dir-in-var check, just in
     non-standard-dir-in-var, closes: #119414. The normal packages
     shouldn't install anything there anyway, and base-files can have
     overrides :)
   * Prepend a slash to the file names in file-in-etc-not-marked-as-conffile,
     closes: #122285. We already don't have the prepended thing normalized,
     so why not indulge this.
   * Added dh_suidregister-is-obsolete, closes: #94031.
   * Added copyright-lists-upstream-authors-with-dh_make-boilerplate,
     closes: #107815. I am now the official maintainer so I get to do that >:)
     This time I've written the description much better, so there should
     be no confusion like there was the last time.
   * Added description-synopsis-is-duplicated first by comparing the
     lowercased synopsis with the lowercased start of the extended
     description, and then if that fails, the letters and numbers are
     removed and the strings are compared. This may not catch _everything_,
     but should be satisfactory, and it closes: #118098.
   * Added a regression test for the above error to the other relations test.
     It seemed handy. :)
   * Added an error for depending on libdb1-compat, just in case, as advised
     by Colin Watson.
 lintian (1.22.1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Handle the $statistics_file rotation in harness.
   * Warn on dh_dhelp use, thanks to Chris Tillman, closes: #130016.
   * Exempt awk from the virtual-package-depends-without-real-package-depends
     check, and add an error when there's a non-versioned dependency on awk,
     closes: #136831. The description may be considered vague for some
     cases, but I'll wait until someone actually complains about that
     before rewriting it.
   * Moved the generic exceptions before the script-without-interpreter check,
     which should fix Daniel Kobras' dx false positive, closes: #165574.
   * Added a warning for full stop in the synopsis line, thanks to
     Colin Walters, closes: #131747.
   * Added a warning for daemon stopping stuff in postinst, without
     a dependency on debconf (>= 1.2.9), thanks to Martin Godisch,
     closes: #168621.
   * Based on hints from in Jim Van Zandt's otherwise rather flawed patch
     posted in bug #94928, moved the diff file stuff from the cruft check
     into the diffstat collector, and made it simply extract the patch into
     a file called "debian-patch" which is then used elsewhere, instead of
     zcatting it over and over again.
   * Added a regression test for the debian/files and config.* checks.
   * Added config.log to the list of configure-generated files to warn about.
   * Updated menu icon colors with a little script I wrote, closes: #170860.
   * It appears File::Find has changed semantics since woody and now refuses
     to follow a symlink as the name of the directory to scan. Obviously,
     a simple readlink() fixes it.
   * I realized that bug #122855 couldn't have been fixed the diff scanning
     code anyhow, since dpkg-source ignores file deletions in the first place.
     Removed the hours of work and simply expanded on the description of the
     error instead. Oh well.
   * Added an error for GPL copyrights that don't refer to
     /usr/share/common-licenses, thanks to Edward Betts, closes: #99885.
   * Added a warning for some popular architecture-independent image files
     in /usr/lib which suggests moving them to /usr/share per FHS, thanks to
     Bill Allombert, closes: #114474.
 lintian (1.22) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Further updated the python script checks to ignore obsolete -base
     packages and watch versioned python interpreters better, thanks
     to Federico Di Gregorio and Luca De Vitis, closes: #169872.
   * Added an exception for sash in the statically-linked-binary check,
     as reported by H. S. Teoh.
   * Moved descriptions for two manual page location consistency checks
     from shared-libs.desc (?!) to manpages.desc, and clarified them,
     as reported by Othmar Pasteka.
   * Accept /var/games as an exception for setgid stuff, closes: #169382.
   * Removed the /etc/ppp perms exception as per discussion on debian-devel.
   * Fixed the add-log-mailing-address check by not re-my-ing the prefix
     and suffix variables in each iteration of the loop, closes: #129581.
     Added the word obsolete in the name of the error and a paragraph break
     to further clarify it.
   * Added Apps/Science as a valid menu section. This and the removal of
     the error for calling ldconfig anywhere in the postinst in 1.21.5
     make Lintian Policy 3.5.8 compliant, closes: #170093.
   * Exclude .png files from the extra-license-file check, closes: #164017.
   * Exclude .php files from the extra-license-file check, closes: #116384.
   * Added documentation-package-not-architecture-independent warning in
     the cruft check, closes: #120261.
   * Check if $action is defined before comparing it to avoid a warning with
     the -C option, closes: #129582.
   * Added Kevin Ryde's patch that implements menu-icon-too-big,
     menu-icon-has-bad-colors, menu-icon-cannot-be-parsed, closes: #71396.
   * Make .nfs* files trigger the backup-file-in-package check, closes: #95140.
   * Added an error for .xvpics directories, closes: #169831.
   * Added more misspellings from Matt Zimmerman, without the British
     English stuff, with the four language names in a special arrangement,
     closes: #119786.
   * Made package-contains-CVS-dir an error, closes: #147301.
   * Added an error for /usr/share/doc/<something>/examples/examples
     directory, closes: #153144.
   * Added an error for referring to the Perl license terms without actually
     pointing to their location on the file system, thanks to Gergely Nagy,
     closes: #157449.
   * Check for localhost(.localdomain) in the Maintainer fields,
     closes: #162248.
   * Fixed the needs=dwww exception in the menu file check for an empty
     section, thanks to Colin Watson, closes: #170437.
   * Check for debian-qa@l.d.o in Maintainer fields, thanks to Colin Watson,
     closes: #126687.
   * Updated standards-version check to declare anything lesser than 3.2
     ancient (1999!), and anything lesser than 3.5.6 old (2001).
 lintian (1.21.6) unstable; urgency=high
   * Fix two regexps in the scripts check in order to fix *sh -n checking,
     closes: #167079.
   * Added duplicate-conffile error, closes: #131632.
   * There doesn't appear to be any provision in the Policy or in the FHS
     for random compatibility symlinks, so I've just added "or symbolic
     link" to the description of file-in-unusual-dir, closes: #135546.
   * Fixed the regexp for package-contains-CVS-dir to actually recognize
     directories that are printed with the trailing slash, closes: #146831.
   * Made unregistered-script-in-etc-init.d a warning, renamed it to
     script-in-etc-init.d-not-registered-via-update-rc.d and updated
     its description to mention why it may not be an error, closes: #118823.
   * Added dash into the regexps in the scripts check.
   * Added a crude check for code within another shell (foosh -c something).
     I say crude because it works with oneliners only -- anything that spans
     lines sounds like pretty much impossible to do in without actually
     _being_ a shell script interpreter :) closes: #166483.
   * Added an exception for /etc/ppp being 750 root:dip, and complain if
     it exists and it's not like that, closes: #169260.
   * Expunged the notion of a global override file from the tag descriptions.
 lintian (1.21.5) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Removed postinst-unsafe-ldconfig warning as per the discussion in
     #120585, which also conveniently closes: #117260, #114123.
     Note that postrm-unsafe-ldconfig stays!
   * Further improvements to reporting/harness, reporting/html_reports
     and related code.
   * Fixed the display of info for python-script-but-no-python-dep on
 lintian (1.21.4) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Just check for bashisms in sh files, thanks to Jay Bonci for
     pointing me a this.
   * Recognize python source packages called pythonX.Y, which should fix
     third-party-package-in-python-dir for all of them, closes: #114281.
     Also extend the checking of that directory on all X.Y and not just 1.5.
   * Fixed policy references in several init script related tags, made the
     init.d not conffile check a warning since Policy allows otherwise and we
     can't check reliably, extended the rc.d file check on rc(\d|S).d and
     excluded sysvinit and file-rc from the check. All this closes: #118824.
 lintian (1.21.3) unstable; urgency=high
   * Do _not_ close STDERR before running dpkg-source in unpack-srcpkg-l2.
     The logname stuff has been fixed ages ago so there shouldn't be any
     remotely valid reason to do this. This should explain bugs like #159474
     and #162813 to the submitters, but I'll have to wait and see, since
     I still can't reproduce it myself.
   * Fixed the cruft check not to check the diff file just once, not for
     every damn subdirectory of the source, d'oh.
   * Backed out the --remove-lab move to postrm, lintian doesn't exist there
     any more, silly, closes: #166309.
 lintian (1.21.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Changed the default path for ksh to /bin/ksh, as per the change
     in the pdksh package, closes: #131484.
     Maybe /usr/bin/ksh should still be allowed, but it seems inconsistent
     to allow several paths like that... perhaps the same should be done
     for zsh? Although, I suppose there are less zsh scripts out there
     compared to ksh.
   * Added $link to the usr-doc-symlink-to-foreign-package error message,
     hopefully properly closes: #116309 (untested).
   * Eradicated the remaining Packaging Manual references, from
     Chris Tillman's patch in #116488. Also removed FSSTND references.
   * Fixed typo in description-is-dh_make-template, closes: #145802.
   * Replaced /usr/share/doc with /usr/doc in checks/copyright-file.desc,
     thanks Matej, closes: #157423.
   * Set binary mode to be able to grok UTF-8 with Perl 5.8 when reading
     override files, thanks to Colin in #158119. Maybe this is all wrong,
     but it shouldn't hurt anyway. :)
   * Added Colin's patch check manual pages for correctness with lexprog,
     along with the appropriate versioned dependency on man-db, closes: #52524.
   * Cleaned up some typos in copyrights.
   * Added *sh -n checking for syntax errors in shell scripts, closes: #42348.
   * Moved script checks from control-files to the second part of scripts,
     and also noticed and fixed a bug -- if a script e.g. called killall and
     had a bashism on the same line, it would escape undetected.
   * Check the .diff.gz file (if it exists) for config.(cache|status) that
     includes no added and a number of removed lines and don't print the
     configure-generated-file-in-source error for those files, closes: #122855.
     The diff output analysis isn't perfect, but it oughta work.
   * Clarified the virtual-package-depends-without-real-package-depends
     warning with an additional paragraph, closes: #164813.
   * Updated the testset/check_info.pl to work, similarly to lintian-info.
   * Updated the testsets (this verified my s/elsif/if/g bug fix in
     checks/scripts mentioned above).
   * Updated %known_essential as per my sid available file.
   * Updated %known_virtual_packages as per Policy's virtual packages list.
 lintian (1.21.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Removed FHS transition stuff from lintian's own maintainer scripts.
     Lintian is now Lintian-clean. :o)
   * Moved the purge stuff from the old prerm to postrm, and made the
     (possibly redundant; to-do) question more forgiving.
   * Added a doc-base file and run install-docs, closes: #129509.
   * Removed spurious no-manpage exception for binaries that end in
     numbers, closes: #118479.
   * Fixed lintian-info's broken $ENV{LINTIAN_ROOT} use.
   * Fixed --setup-lab to ignore already-existing packages, thanks to
     Chris Tillman, closes #83593. Let's hope it all works out :o)
   * Updated the list of allowed distributions, closes: #150466.
   * Removed the leading ./ from filenames in %linked_against_libvga which
     actually makes it work, thanks to Matej Vela, closes: #157317.
   * Warn against all uncompressed changelogs, thanks again to Matej Vela,
     closes: #157318.
   * Nuked the code that checked that that for every /usr/share/doc/foo -> ...
     symlink there exists an equivalent /usr/doc/foo -> ... symlink;
     seems to be a leftover from the FHS transition days, thanks yet again
     to Matej Vela for the patch, closes: #161716.
 lintian (1.21) unstable; urgency=low
   * New maintainer.
   * Applied the ever so appropriately named ``unfuck'' patch to the lab
     code. It includes but is not limited to:
      + code to read the pool from Bas Zoetekouw
      + other changes to support new style distributions from myself
      + fixes for the breakage induced by Shaleh's blitheful insertion of
        "use strict" everywhere
      + an array of assorted fixes from Colin Watson, myself and perhaps
        others which I've accidentally forgotten.
     The lab code is now officially not entirely broken. Yay! :)
     There's still work to be done, but this still closes: #157369, #157942.
 lintian (1.20.19) unstable; urgency=high
   * revert the frontend to using require as use is a compile time only option
     which was causing the environment variables to not be read.
     Closes: #160819
 lintian (1.20.18) unstable; urgency=low
   * "I release once a year whether I need to or not" release
   * updated debhelper command list, closes: #119094
   * applied lab patch from Joy, et. al., closes: #157942
   * added python version 1.5, 2.{1,2,3} to checks/scripts, closes: #114164
   * applied Colin Watson's patch for needs=dwww handling in menu files,
     closes: 115486
   * renamed autoconf-generated-file-in-source to
     configure-generated-file-in-source, closes: #115744
   * updated php checks in checks/scripts, closes: #116386
   * yet another checks/script update.  This time we allow for unusual
     interpreters when the file is not in a bin/ directory, closes: #116584
   * updated policy revision, closes: 118694
   * applied Colin Watson's patch for a bug in deplib which made A | B => A,
     closes: #122742
   * applied Chris Tillman's patch to clean up policy references,
     closes: #123585
   * applied Kevin Ryde <user42@zip.com.au>'s patch to better check for emacs
     local variables in changelogs and updated the error message as well,
     closes: #129581, #138216
   * accept *-proposed-updates in distribution field, closes: #139288
   * removed check for postrm removing usr doc symlink and inverted the
     postinst check to now make sure the package does NOT set the symlink.
     Closes: #154005
   * removed global override file, it was getting ancient
   * converted all uses of 'require' to use statements
   * more use strict cleanups
 lintian (1.20.17) unstable; urgency=high
   * Colin patches:
     fixed typo in man page causing incorrect formatting, closes: #114118
     duplicate relations check is a lot more intelligent, closes: #119048
   * urgency set to high to reflect the fact that the relations check is
     reporting many packages violating policy when in fact they are following
     it correctly.  This is especially true for the new python policy.
 lintian (1.20.16) unstable; urgency=low
   * the "next day bug" release
   * give an error if a package declares a relation on the same package twice,
     i.e. Depends: libc6, libc6 (<< 2.0).  Closes: #27442.
   * objdump-info collection script now handles UPX binaries (closes: #113497)
 lintian (1.20.15) unstable; urgency=low
   * the "collecting unemployment and have time to code" release
   * no longer use syscall to exit from pipeline handler, now uses POSIX::_exit
     Closes: #112205.
   * Accept Joy's NMU patch (he applied it as
     Closes: #110991, #109244.
   * Warn if the copyright file contains dh-perl-make boilerplate as suggested
     by James Troup.  In the process debmake-templates-in-copyright became
     helper-templates-in-copyright.  Closes: #110337.
   * Oops, used the same argument name (-s) twice.  Reverted back to -s meaning
     "source".  Updated manpage and source to reflect this.  Closes: #109631.
   * added a warning when hardlinks are used.  Closes: #103893, #97518.
     I am closing #97518 here as well which asked that I warn about hard links
     that link to files in another directory.  Since I warn about hardlinks
     existing adding a separate check for where they link seems silly.
   * applied Edward Betts patch to detect .cvsignore and CVS/.  Closes: #74684.
   * applied Daniel Schleper's patch for Build-Depends v. Build-Depends-Indep.
     Closes: #92472.
   * applied Edward Betts patch for detecting a misspelling in common-licenses.
   * added 'debain' to list of spelling errors.  Closes: #112083.
   * applied Steve Kowalik's patch that adds out-of-date-standards-version.
     This will be defined as the policy shipped with the last stable release.
     Closes: #112043.
   * Made doc-base-references-usr-doc inform which file is the culprit.
     Closes: #111020.
   * Applied Steve M. Robbins' patch for improved handling of ldconfig checks
     in maintainer scripts.  Closes: #110465, #113285.
   * do not complain about static binaries if they are called "foo.static".
     Closes: #98288.
   * testset/runtests now calls dpkg-buildpackage with a '-d' so build-depends
     are not checked.
   * oops I left 'debian' in the spelling check list.
   * backed out Gergely Nagy's suggestion for checking for 'Author(s)'.  That
     is just overly pedantic and lame.  Reopens: #107815, tagged wontfix.
   * checks/etcfiles now complains about ANY file found in /etc that is not a
     conffile.  The finer grain checks have been removed.  Closes: #103940.
     Added a new testset 'etcfiles' to go along with the test.
   * debconf check now looks for the 'seen' flag and gives an error if the
     package does not have a versioned dependency on debconf 0.5.00.
     Closes: #113164.
 lintian ( unstable; urgency=low
   * Another non-maintainer upload blessed by the maintainer, to clean up
     after the last such NMU. :)
   * Fixed spurious postinst-has-useless-call-to-ldconfig warnings, patch
     from Colin Watson, closes: #109721. Also fixed the silly error in
     shared-libs which broke shlib-missing-in-control-file.
   * Fixed checking for /var/lib/games, patch from Andrew Suffield, amended
     by me not to warn for the files but just that dir, closes: #109970.
   * Have debian-changelog-file-contains-user-emacs-settings checked only
     at the start of the line (wonder if Emacs allows indentation in there?),
     closes: #109971.
   * Force LANG=C because of a bug in debiandoc-sgml, closes: #110891.
 lintian (1.20.14) unstable; urgency=low
   * Non-maintainer upload blessed by the maintainer. Kudos to Colin Watson
     and Steve Kowalik for helping in the preparation of this upload.
   * Skip shared objects which aren't in %ldso_dir in some shlib checks,
     as per changes in Policy 3.5.5, finally closes: #42399, #41613.
   * Fixed Policy section in package-contains-upstream-install-documentation,
     closes: #94267.
   * Added Adrian Bunk's patch for pike/pike7 stuff, along with pike7 stuff
     in checks/scripts.desc so it's consistent, closes: #94902.
   * Added an error for leaving files generated by autoconf in the source
     package, patch from Colin Watson, closes: #107679, #94316.
     This pulled in renaming checks/debian-cruft* to cruft*, logically.
   * Added checks/infofiles* for everything related to info files, moved
     parts of checks/menus* in it and added compression related errors,
     closes: #95785.
   * Added Brendan O'Dea's patch for checking Perl module directories,
     and for not checking the source for each matching file in a !$is_python
     package, closes: #96350.
   * Removed lc() from checks on whether a debconf field value is valid,
     closes: #106324.
   * Improved binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath description, closes: #94901.
   * Fixed the references to /usr/doc in the manual page using the patch
     from Stephen Stafford, closes: #103177.
   * Added debconf's "config" among %maintainer_scripts in
     checks/control-files, closes: #108123.
   * Added "Debian/GNU Linux" among the corrections in checks/spelling,
     closes: #35761. It required some other modifications but oh well.
   * Added a new warning, doc-base-file-references-usr-doc, closes: #46582.
     This required adding collection/doc-base-files* and using that in
   * Added a new error, debian-changelog-file-contains-user-emacs-settings,
     closes: #84750. This required using collection/changelog-file in
     checks/changelog-file (doh! :).
   * Complains on manual pages located in /usr/(share|X11R6)/man instead of
     man* subdirs, closes: #93056.
   * Added php4 as a valid interpreter, closes: #94534.
   * Fixed a little bug in checks/spelling.desc, it lacked a comma in its
     Needs-Info field.
   * Added a warning when there's common-licenses and not
     /usr/share/common-licenses/ in the copyright file, closes: #99886.
   * Added a warning when there's "Upstream Author(s)" in the copyright file,
     closes: #107815.
   * Removed -v from command(1) invocation check, patch from Colin Watson,
     closes: #96227.
   * Mention the language in select-with-translated-default-field and
     partially-translated-question, patch from Colin Watson, closes: #95795.
     Also, fixed some thinkos in the code for the latter warning.
   * No longer barfs on debhelper-generated safe ldconfig calls, patch from
     Paul Martin, closes: #82479.
   * Added the recent Policy versions up to 3.5.6 to standards-version,
     and moved the threshold for ancient versions up to 3.2.0 because that
     version was released a bit more than one year ago, closes: #104766.
   * Added a new error, package-depends-on-an-x-font-package. The pattern
     is ^xfont.*, that ought to work fine (xfntil2 et al will go undetected,
     but that's obsolete).
   * Colin tweaked lib/text_utils.pl to display indented and empty stuff in
     Info: tags properly.
 lintian (1.20.13) unstable; urgency=low
   * debhelper check for lacks #DEBHELPER# token now checks if -n was passed
     to the dh_ script. Thanks Chip for pointing this out. (closes: #92624)
   * list of debhelper programs that want to write to maintainer scripts updated
   * now check for Build-Depends on essential or build-essential packages
     (closes: #92372)
 lintian (1.20.12) unstable; urgency=low
   * 'farewell to Fabrizio Polacco' release
   * checks/debhelper's dh-make-template check did not include the $type in
     its output.
   * removed spurious debug message from zero-byte-file check in checks/files
   * lintian no longer runs its regression test when it builds (closes: #92192)
   * unpack-src-l2 now ensures that we have sufficient permissions to later
     remove the package (closes: #92224)
   * bashism check now looks for bash style arrays, thanks Torsten Landschoff.
     also added to testset.
 lintian (1.20.11) unstable; urgency=low
   * 'where is my mind release'
   * added science to list of known sections, Closes: #91798
   * cleanup override handling, was using chop instead of chomp
   * checks/binaries checks a binary for profiling symbols now, Closes: #91837
   * removed false report of prerm failing to remove a doc link when there is
     no doc dir, just a symlink to another package.
 lintian (1.20.10) unstable; urgency=low
   * 'I think I remember perl' release
   * checks/menu-format would die if the last line of a menu had a line
     continuation character.  Seems the function was not getting called with
     all 5 arguments.
   * added a list of exempt paths for static binaries, currently only /boot
     is listed.
 lintian (1.20.9) unstable; urgency=low
   * 'rule monger' release
   * checks/debhelper: make regex case insensitive, Closes: #89070
   * checks/debhelper: modify search logic so it does not report false postives
     when both Build-Depends and Build-Depends-Indep are defined, Closes: #89069
   * Fix the decription for package-contains-upstream-install-documentation,
     Closes: #89257
   * dh_testversion is deprecated, patch applied.  Closes: #89624
   * lintian now detects that the deb/dsc/changes file it was told to parse is
     zero bytes and skips it.
 lintian (1.20.8) unstable; urgency=low
   * 'wearing my "fuck redhat" shirt and loving it' release
   * checks/menus, the check for whether or not the doc symlink is removed
     fails for people who do not use the -f option to rm (or any other options)
     thanks Oliver Elphick, Closes: #88182
   * checks/scripts handles 'wish' better (I hope), Closes: #88333
   * checks/debconf, the registry check is ignore if the package being tested
     is debconf itself.  Closes: #88526
   * frontend handles files that are referenced but do not exist better
   * this is looking like one of the last releases for a while
 lintian (1.20.7) unstable; urgency=low
   * 'test everything' release
   * updated architecture list -- hppa, ia64, mips, mipsel, s390, sh added
   * added 'Enhances' to list of known fields
   * removed libwraster2 from list of obsolete packages, Closes: #85584
   * Colin Watson's debconf checks added, still need a testset though,
     Closes: #85876, #84759
   * checks/menus now checks for proper use of install-info,
     Closes: #25823, #30192
     need a testset for this too
   * checks/files.desc now points to the FHS in /usr/share/doc/debian-policy
   * applied Joey Hess' app-defaults patch.  This allows app-defaults to be
     conffiles as well as adding a check for app-defaults in old dirs.
     Closes: #86707, #76811
   * lintian now knows more about 3.5.x's X policy in 12.8.  Added check for
     Xresources file but no conflicts on xbase (<<  Closes: #63542
   * applied Joey Hess's perl patch.  Now know that pm's in /usr/share have
     no need for the +x bit.  Closes: #86709
   * check for INSTALL in /usr/share/doc now knows about INSTALL\..+ (i.e.
   * checks/standards-version has an error for packages which declare a source
     relation (ie Build-Depends) but are not at least policy 3.1.x.
     Closes: #86711
   * checks/fields now checks that the arch definition in source relations
     follows policy.  Closes: #86710
   * added wish8.3 to list of known interpreters in checks/scripts
   * warning description cleanups, Closes: #87528
   * added more bashism checks -- '|&', '$[foo]', '${parm:len[:offset]}',
     '${parm/pat[/str]}', '${parm//pat[/str]}'
     Closes: #32113 (the suiregister stuff happened a release or three ago)
     you guessed it, need a testset
   * bashism check now tells you what it thinks the bashism was.
     Closes: #81738
   * bashism checks now ignore here documents, Closes: #87527
     teset/maintainer-scripts now has a here document in a script and extended
     bash triggers.
     Also, various other bashism test cleanups and improvements.
   * typo in scripts fixed, now I really do work on python2, thanks Jerome.
     Closes: #87772
   * hmm, versioned-provides message was often wrong, made it better and it
     reports the perceived relation, i.e. foo (= 4).
   * removed the -w and strict from reporting/ scripts
   * update-menus checks enhanced with knowledge about wm-menu-config.
   * added 'asmodule' to list of known menu tags
   * depends-on-essential-package-without-using-version now is only reported
     for actual depends or pre-depends.
   * interpreter checking handles arbitrary whitespace now
   * fixed scripts check for ocaml, now know about ocamlrun.
   * unusual-interpreter messages were being caused by not prepending '.' to
     the interpreter name when checking %executables in checks/scripts.
   * still more fun with ++ )-:  menus is now even more paranoid with
   * ensure $setuid, $setgid is set in checks/files, thanks to the luxman
     package for triggering the perl oops.
   * collections/scripts handles files that only contain '#!'.
 lintian (1.20.6) unstable; urgency=low
   * 'people who depend on side effects should be flogged' release
   * lintian had code which set a variable to undef, then used it.  Without
     -w and use strict, this silently became a zero, but now it causes errors.
     So, since it obviously was meant to be zero, I set it to zero instead of
     undef.  Closes: #85326
     Fun part was this only happened when run on more than one version of a
     single package i.e. lintian foo_1.changes foo_2.changes.
   * checks/scripts updated to deal with python2.x and there being two versions
     of python.  Closes: #85441
     while doing this, collections/scripts was updated to support the use of
     /usr/bin/env.  I probably added bugs here )-:
     added a scripts testset, very early still.
   * my modification to checks/menus to support /usr/share/doc/package -> other
     had a problem with special chars.  Now calls quotemeta().  Annoying because
     I have a ++ package name but it did not trigger this particular case.
     So, I added a package to foo++ which links to foo++.  Closes: #85530
   * added a TODO to the private dir.
   * left off a closes in the big perl closings 2 revisions ago, Closes: #80192
 lintian (1.20.5) unstable; urgency=low
   * 'people who name a lib libfoo-X.X.so should be shot' release
   * checks/shared-libs handles libraries of the form 'libfoo-X.X.so' now
   * the virtual package check I added in the last release failed to check
     the field it was testing, so errors were reported on fields other than
     Depends.  Ooops.  The description also should have referred to packaging
     not policy.  Closes: #85225
 lintian (1.20.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * 'why would you ever do THAT?' release
   * lintian-info sets $ENV{'LINTIAN_ROOT'} if it is not set
   * added a check to checks/files for packages which ship the upstream INSTALL
     document.  This is almost always useless for users of a package.
     testset/binary now includes such a file
     Closes: #81970
   * checks/menus -- the walk over package contents now has logic to run file
     tests on files, link tests on links, etc.
   * checks/menus -- if there is a /usr/share/doc/$pkg symlink, assume it links
     to a package it depends on and do not warn about setting the usr/doc
     symlink.  There is code in checks/copyright-file that makes sure policy is
     followed with regards to what is actually linked against.  Closes: #48048
   * checks/fields is now less strict about Section: non-US handling
   * added debconf files to list of known control files in checks/control-files
     Closes: #46863
   * perl mistakes are no longer checked for. Closes: #47076, #75889
   * FHS 2.1 cleanups, Closes: #75878
   * lintian will not complain if you symlink your doc directory to an essential
     package and leave off the depends, because since it is essential you must
     not depend on it.  Closes: #48296
   * lintian now gives and error when a package declares a depends on an
     essential package without using a versioned depends.  Closes: #33250
   * extra-license-file is not given if the file is just a symlink.
     Closes: #35224
   * checks/fields: now complain if a package declares a depends on a virtual
     package without first depending on a real packages as an alternative.
     Required adding a known_virtual_packages list to checks/common_data.pl.
     Also removed redundant info/registered-virtual-packages file.
     Closes: #70673
   * added a library (mostly empty right now) and non-us testset
   * runtests now runs the tests in alphabetical order
   * lintian's --version info is being updated automagically again
   * moved some hashes around in checks/ to common_data.pl
   * checks/changelog-file reorganized so it knows the size of the files.  Now
     it can check that the changelog is sufficiently large to require
     compressing.  Also modified the desc file to reflect this. Closes: #84400
   * --info now outputs all info.  Silly bug in how I used split and defined.
     Closes: #82970
   * added a testset/check_info.pl script.  It verifies that every lintian
     check referenced in a desc also has an info section.  runtests now runs
     this test as well.
   * suidregister warning is now an error.
   * checks/menus: fixed the if link case pattern match -- one more perl erro
     down, 3 billion hidden ones to go.
   * Following items thanks to Colin Watson
   * updated checks/standards-version so it does not give perl errors when it
     encounters a newer standards version than it knows about. Closes: #84083
   * updated references to policy for policy 3.5.0. Closes: #84088, #83969
   * Added a warning for packages containing a link to undocumented(7) as
     suggested on debian-policy list.  Also includes a testset (manpages)
     Closes: #83188
   * At the moment checks/copyright-file just tests for a slash in the link;
     I've changed it here to test for an initial / or ../, and then after that
     check it strips off everything from the first slash on, so that tests on
     the package name work correctly when people link to subdirectories of
     other /usr/share/doc directories.  Closes: #84066
   * It was unpacking to level 2 even though I had Unpack-Level: 1 and no
     associated collection scripts. Of course, it wanted override files from
     /usr/share/lintian/overrides/$pkg. Fair enough - except that if I said
     --no-override it wanted the override file information anyway, and still
     unpacked to level 2.  No obeys non-overrides.  Closes: #84722
 lintian (1.20.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * 'Does the pain ever end?' release
   * oops, lintian can not create a static lab due to an error check too
     early in the code.  While fixing this I also added a static lab check in
     testset/runtests. Closes: #83411
 lintian (1.20.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * 'Where or where did my changes go' release
   * fixed --help option to not show escaped chars
   * changed regression test to also do a run with --info on
   * seems lintian always used the lintian-info script from the path, changed
     to look in LINTIAN_ROOT if passed
   * perl problems cleaned up, Closes: #82970
   * removed randomization of output strings when refering to policy documents,
     not only is this silly but it makes regression tests impossible
   * moved manual_refs.pl list of policy manuals to an external file.  This will
     allow automated updating when releases occur.  It also removes the perl
     warnings (-:
 lintian (1.20.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * the change hurts release
   * every perl script now calls use strict and passes -w to perl
     The long road of bug tracking because of this has begun.  Thanks Joey H.
   * testset/filenames now has a lengthy-symlink bug to show how that code works
   * typo in checks/control-files in a bashism check, the correct POSIX call
     is 'read foo' however the code was checking for the existance of whitespace
     before the call, not the existance of the variable to read into due to a
     mixed up regex.  Thanks Adam Heath for pointing this out. Closes: #81453
   * checks/control-files, the check for whether '.' takes more than one
     argument did not take into account things like 'and'.  It does now.
     Closes: #81737
   * fixed interpreter check code to hand a space between the #! and the
     interpreter (really), also allows bash,ksh,ash as valid sh shells. Also
     knows to look for an ELF header and stop parsing the script. Thanks
     Colin Watson.  Closes: #80348, #82541
   * testet/binary-1 added.  This is a small C program to test lintian's
     handling of binary files.  See the changelog in this directory for info
   * fixed message for 'manpage-has-wrong-extension', Closes: #82452
   * 'N: Unknown interpreter' message now only printed once per script,
     Closes: #81644
   * added equivalent file-directly-in-usr-share-doc messages (et al.),
     Closes: #82654
   * added new message: suidregister-used-in-maintainer-script. this replaces
     the old messages suidregister-used-in-maintainer-script-other-than-postinst
     and suidunregister-not-called-in-postrm due to suidregister being phased
     out of Debian.  Closes: #81868
   * binary-has-unneeded-section upgradeed from info to warning
 lintian (1.11.15) unstable; urgency=low
   * Hack Hack
   * checks/perl disabled until it can be improved
   * fixed typo in checks/description: s/%type/$type/
   * fixed mental typo in checks/*: $foo == 'string' is not the same as
     $foo eq 'string', Closes: #80813
   * Added Colin Watson's patches, Closes: #80373, #80376, #80377
 lintian (1.11.14) unstable; urgency=low
   * more fun with interpreter checking, seems a space is allowed between bang
     and the interp path.  So, fixed the regex (again).  Also store the name
     of the interpreter in $interp and use that rather than $is_sh, this will
     allow for other interpreter checks later.  Closes: #80348
 lintian (1.11.13) unstable; urgency=low
   * (Joy) fixed a typo in binaries.desc
   * (Joy) checks/debhelper now passes $type with the lintian message
   * (Joy) libs/text_utils.pl, reporting/html_reports fix maintainer name
   * checks/control-files now checks if the postrm calls update-alternatives
     with the --remove option, this is considered harmful, Closes: #80255
     checks/control-files.desc explains the problem in detail
   * fixed checks/menus setting of is_sh, $foo = split() sets foo to the number
     of items, not the first item -- duh (-:  How did this make it thru testing?
     added a maintainer-scripts testset to help catch this in the future
 lintian (1.11.12) unstable; urgency=low
   * new command line option: --show-overrides, displays tags even if
     they have been overriden, marked 'O: .....'
   * shared-libs.desc text changed to give more info when a shared library is
     present, but the SONAME is not set or set improperly, Closes: #78277
   * removed references to libtool-workarounds.txt (it never died ....),
     Closes: #78420
   * my reformat of the code in checks/menu-format changed the regex from
     m/^#/ to m/^	#/, I changed it back (kind of).  The test is now
     m/^\s*\#/ just in case a space snuck in.  Also modified the code so it
     does a if (m//) { next;} rather than if (! m//) { ........ }.
     Closes: #78532
   * checks/menus now checks which interpreter the maint script uses and varies
     its checks accordingly -- works for sh and perl currently, Closes: #78880
     Updated menus.desc while I was at it.
   * fixed typo in scripts.desc, pike error message should have referred to pike
     not to make, Closes: #79744
   * killed use of \b in bashism checks, now uses (^|\s+), Closes: #80122
 lintian (1.11.11) unstable; urgency=low
   * Finally, lintian's version number is automagically set
   * lintian.sgml updated to document per package overrides info.
   * the /usr/share/lintian/overrides/<package> actually works now (-:
 lintian (1.11.10) unstable; urgency=low
   * Dammit, + sign in package name problems again
     added a regression test for a foo++ package. Closes: #77216
   * removed the libtool text in the rpath message, libtool no longer sets rpath
     the upstream finally saw the light.
 lintian (1.11.9) unstable; urgency=low
   * Moved the override files from /usr/share/doc/<package> to
     also added a check to catch override files in the old directory
   * Removed calls to defined in checks/perl, Closes: #76339
   * copyright-file-is-gpl renamed to copyright-file-contains-full-gpl-license
   * magicfilter should be in /usr/sbin, not /usr/bin, Closes: #76686
   * modified testset/empty.  dpkg-genchanges now requires a Maintainer
 lintian (1.11.8) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed Description too long message, Closes: #75570
   * removed description-may-be-too-long
   * Fixed description of package-uses-debhelper-but-lacks-build-depends,
     I left the 's' off of lacks
   * zero-byte-file-in-usr-doc changed to zero-byte-file-in-doc-directory
   * added documentation for zero-byte-file-in-doc-directory, Closes: #75744
   * renamed package-source-contains-debian/files to
     debian-files-list-in-source, Closes: #75746
 lintian (1.11.7) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed lintian's handling of autouse, Closes: #75115
     Thanks Stefan Hornburg for helping me with this
   * Fixed silly manpage filename parsing bug, Closes: #75246
   * Removed now out of date libtool-workarounds.txt, Closes: #75324
   * unpack-srcpkg-l2 used a silly regex to parse dpkg-source output, this
     has been fixed to simply read some string of non-whitespace, Closes: #58943
   * checks/spelling should now work with high ascii chars, Closes: #70974
   * added debiandoc-sgml Build-Depends-Indep, Closes: #74751
   * added checks/debian-cruft.  Checks for the debian/files file, Closes: #38710
   * fixed checks/debhelper -- it actually works now.
   * added tixwish to list of known interpreters, Closes: #47775
 lintian (1.11.6) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed manpages check to handle oddly named files, now uses
   * fixed debhelper check so it will detect a need for Build-Depends even if
     a script which needs to modify maintainer scripts is not used.
   * lintian-info now outputs info for source messages too, Closes: #51811
   * used a different syntax in checks/perl rather than set $2, Closes: #54710
   * if dh_testversion is called by a package, ensure that the package uses a
     versioned Build-Depends
   * Maintainer Upload (with Darren's blessing)
 lintian (1.11.5) unstable; urgency=low
   * /etc/pam.d are now checked to ensure they are conffiles, Closes: #50293
   * fixed the typo in checks/copyright-file, Closes: #53626
   * fixed description, lintian is at policy, Closes: #55083
   * fixed checks/standards-version, knows about policy version 3.2.0,
     Closes: #68655
   * check for zero byte length files in /usr/share/doc/<package>,
     Closes: #59508
   * added a fail function to frontends/lintian, Closes: #69259
   * checks/files.desc now refers to FHS 2.1, Closes: #69422
   * ran ispell on checks/*.desc files, Closes: #69423
   * added checks for suidregister and suidunregister, Closes: #29444
   * lintian now checks the length of the short description, Closes: #33411
   * lintian now verifies that /etc/cron.{d,daily,monthly,weekly} files are
     marked as conffiles, Closes: #46332
   * Description: is checked to make sure it is not a dh_make template,
     Closes: #59141
   * fixed URL in README, Closes: #59733
   * added magicfilter to list of interpreters, Closes: #60361
   * added check if debhelper is used by a package, it is included in
     Build-Depends, Closes: #70438
   * for menu files, if the menu needs=foo and foo is the package name, assume
     this is ok.  Also, sections that match the package name are also assumed
     to be ok.  This affects mostly window managers.  Closes: #64674
   * Checks whether the icon used in a menu file is in xpm format.
   * added {g,k,p,y}forth as valid interpreters, Closes: #51778
   * More checks/ dir cleanups
 lintian (1.11.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Brought lintian.sgml up to date
   * cleaned up the layout of frontend/lintian
   * Dep::implies did not parse Depend: foo | bar | baz correctly, this is why
     things like wmakerconf gave bogus errors.  This is duct taped, real fix
     some day.
   * Closes: #43706
 lintian (1.11.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added 'Format' field to dsc file checks
     New dpkg versions seem to write a Format version to dsc files, lintian
     flagged them as an unknown field.
   * lintian failed lintian (-:
     changed copyright to point at /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL
 lintian (1.11.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Official maintainer change
   * Package specified overrides
   * Fixed perl dep check bug
   * Added perl modules: (#46118) (#51457) (thanks ardo)
   * Added interpreter ocaml (#50933)
   * Cleaned up some overrides -hopefully not yours (#48703, #48769)
   * SUID allowed for packages named *-suid
   * Applied Frank Belew's patches (#39832 #48794)
   * Added checks for /usr/[share/]doc/copyrights references in copyright
   * Added change in directory checks based on changes by the Great X
   * Added check for text version of changelog no matter what
   * Added check for /var/lib/games
   * Added checks for Build-* source-depends fields
   * Updated standards-version to accept 3.1.0 and made anything 2.x ancient
 lintian (1.10) unstable; urgency=low
   * Richard's changes:
   * Darren's changes:
     + changed rm of /usr/doc link to look for rm and rm -f (closes: #46740)
     + changed numerous overrides to account for tar (closes: #46903)
     + added doc-base override (closes: #45999)
     + changed of URI:: functions liburi-perl (closes: #45770)
     + added recognition of HTML::SimpleParse (closes: #45081)
     + added "hints" to the known menu tags (closes: #47248)
     + changed example checks to include ./ (closes: #44897)
     + moved data/dumper to perl|perl5 (closes: #42036)
     + changed perl|perl5 check to allow perl5|perl (ver) (closes: #44425)
     + caused lintian to skip many file related checks for the files in
       directories /hurd and /server (closes: #36680)
 lintian (1.9.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Richard's changes:
   * Darren's changes:
     + Added a check for /etc/pam.conf.  Precursor for reserved
       /etc/* files
     + Added a check of postinst and prerm for /usr/doc symlink manipulation
     + Added the /usr/doc symlink to lintians scripts
 lintian (1.8.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Richard's changes:
   * Darren's changes:
     + Added /var/lib to the FHS check
     + Fix for the new tar
     + Make libraster2, not libraster1 obsolete
 lintian (1.7) unstable; urgency=low
   * Richard's changes:
   * Darren's changes:
     + This time.. added Help as a valid root level menu option
     + Changed FSSTND directory Infos to Josip's suggested wording.
     + Removed /var/lib from the FSSTND check
     + Fixed non-US/section check
     + Added text about bashism checks perfromed to N: tag
     + Fixed bad-link-to-undocumented.man.page N: tag
 lintian (1.6) unstable; urgency=low
   * Richard's changes:
   * Darren's changes:
     + Added some bashism checks from Shalah
     + Added /usr/share/doc as valid directory
     + Added /usr/share/man as valid directory
     + Set warning for FSSTND directories
     + Added Help and App/Databases to valid menu entries
     + Added patch from Steve Haslam to recognise /etc/menu-methods and
       check for update-menus calls
     + Added overrieds for dh_make requested by C. Small
     + Added patch from Roderick Schertler to skip comments/blank lines at
       top of menu files.
     + Changed the relative shared-library check to look for either
       rela.text or rel.text, not just rel.text.  This is needed for PowerPC
       and other non-i386 architectures.
     + Added ruby as a valid interpreter
     + Added notice when unrecogized file format is found that it might be
       due to a missing package: binutils-multiarch
 lintian (1.5) unstable; urgency=low
   * Richard's changes:
   * Darren's changes:
      + Changed file error message to indicate it's file's
        fault(closes: #37259)
      + Changed perl depends to perl | perl5 to cover both
 	   Also added perl-5.004 and perl-5.005 since they are valid perls
 	   (closes: #41041, closes: #39835)
      + Remove a undefine causing spurious unknown-tag error (close: #40699)
      + Ancient-ized standards-version 2.4.0 and 2.4.1
      + Added policy 2.5.1 to the accepted number for standards-version
      + Check for use of /etc/nntpserver.  Only major change in policy v2.5.1
      + Added perl-5.005 and perl-5.004 as valid interpreters (close: #39834)
 lintian (1.4-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Richard's changes:
      + When reporting errors in .changes files, report filenames the way
        they were listed, rather than as absolute pathnames.
      + Don't exit with code 1 for errors that were overridden.
        This fixes bug#37353, reported by Wichert Akkerman.
      + Correctly handle escaped characters in menu items (bug pointed
        out by Raphael Herzog).
      + bltwish scripts should now depend on blt, not blt8.0.
        This fixes bug#38092, reported by Gordon Russell.
   * Darren's changes:
      + override requested by christian kurz for ppp.  Several of the
        files/dirs have non-standard permissions.
      + override requested by adam kleine for gtk-engines-gtkstep.  Contains
        libraries not meant to be linked.
 	 + override requested by Manoj Srivastava for latex2html.  Fixes
      + hugs added to the list of interpreters.  Fixes bug#37668 reported by
        Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho.
 lintian (1.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Richard's changes:
     + For install-docs, accept --remove as well as -r.  Fixes bug#35664,
       reported by James Van Zandt.
     + In explanatory text for prerm-does-not-call-installdocs, give a
       correct example for the prerm (not the postinst).  Fixes bug#35665,
       reported by James Van Zandt.
     + List gmp2 as obsolete package (replaced by libgmp2).
     + Don't generate depends-on-obsolete-package for -dev and -dbg packages
       that depend on their library.
   * Darren's changes:
     + override requested by julian gilbey for menu.  Menu can't call
       update-menus in postrm since it won't exist then.
     + added requested override for vtwm update menus.  Fixes bug#36457
       reported by Branden Robinson
     + override requested by Oliver Elphick for postgresql-pl.  Has shared
       libraries not loaded by ld.so
 lintian (1.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Darren's changes:
   	+ added the -1 to denote purely packaging changes
   	+ added fvwmother to menu needs= check (fixes bug#35057)
   * Richard's changes:
     + Added new tag package-installs-packlist.
 		This closes wishlist bug#33827, reported by Joey Hess.
     + Mark all versions of libgtk1.1 as obsolete for
 		depends-on-obsolete-package tag.
     + For tag arch-indep-package-contains-binary-or-object,
 		tighten up regexp that detects "ELF".  This fixes bug#35237,
 		reported by Mark Brown.
 lintian (1.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Zapped compiled-with-bad-libc check.
   * Corrected spelling error in spelling check (it flagged "interchangeable"
     as a bad word; this should have been "interchangable").  This fixes
     bug#33252, reported by Santiago Vila.
   * Silenced non-standard-dir-in-usr check about /usr/$arch-linuxlibc1/,
     which will go away at some point and is not worth moving now.
     I'll file a policy proposal for it at some point.  This fixes
     bug#33114, reported by Marcus Brinkmann, and bug#33374, reported
     by James Troup
   * Silenced non-standard-dir-in-var check about /var/www/, since it's
     Debian policy to use it.
 lintian (1.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * New tags:
       E: non-standard-toplevel-dir
       W: non-standard-dir-in-usr
       W: non-standard-dir-in-var
       W: file-in-unusual-dir
       E: dir-or-file-in-mnt
       E: binary-in-etc
       E: use-of-compat-symlink
       E: subdir-in-bin
     These cover much of the FSSTND and FHS.
   * No longer emit executable-in-usr-doc for scripts.  It's just too
     controversial.  I've added an info-level tag script-in-usr-doc
     for people who are interested.  This closes bug#28560, by
     Stephane Bortzmeyer.
   * Only emit compiled-with-bad-libc if the register_frame symbols
     are UNdefined.  This closes bug#31867, submitted by Michael Meskes.
   * Don't emit compiled-with-bad-libc for binaries linked to
     libgnustep_base.so.0, which also defines __register_frame_info.
     This closes bug#31004, submitted by Matthias Klose.
   * Changed a lot of "error:" messages to "internal error:", to make
     clear that they are errors in Lintian's execution, not in the package
     being checked.  This closes bug#31013, submitted by James Troup.
   * (frontend/lintian) Select STDOUT again after closing OUTPUT_PIPE.
     This fixes bug#31574, reported by Julian Gilbey.  Thanks for the patch!
   * (checks/copyright-file) Lintian was confused by "libident(=0.22-1)",
     i.e. without separating whitespace.  Fixed.  This closes bug#31821,
     reported by Paul Slootman.
   * Man page fix: mention that lintian can be run on .changes files.
   * Depcheck pages: fixed version comparison bug.
 lintian (0.9.5) unstable; urgency=low
   * Do not abort when run as root; print a warning instead.
     --allow-root still overrides the warning.
   * Only generate non-standard-file-permissions-for-etc-init.d-script
     tag for regular files.  Reported by Martin Schulze.
   * Corrected libtool-workaround sample configure.in snippet:
     Look for *-*-linux-gnu, not *-pc-linux-gnu.
     Fixes bug#30756, reported by James Troup.
   * Made lintian abort with an error message when objdump can't handle
     a binary's file format.  Also made lintian Suggest binutils-multiarch.
   * New error tag: arch-dependent-file-in-usr-share
     This closes bug#30742, reported by Matthias Klose.
   * Added gnuplot as a known interpreter.  Suggestion by Rafael Laboissiere.
 lintian (0.9.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * New features (summary):
     - 112 new spelling corrections.
     - Minor efficiency improvements.
     - Checks __register_frame_info problems.
     - Updated to policy 2.5.0
   * (lib/util.pl) Exit with code 2 when failing, like the manpage says.
   * (checks/files) Print octal permissions in
     bad-permissions-for-etc-cron.d-script, not decimal.
   * (checks/files)
     Ignore .xpm extensions too when hunting for extra license files.
   * (checks/conffiles, checks/conffiles.desc)
     Renamed -may-not-be- tags to -must-not-be-, for clarity.
   * Replaced most bash scripts with perl scripts, for faster startup times
     and fewer subprocesses.  This speeds up lintian by some 30% on my machine.
   * (collection/objdump-info)
     Add -T flag, to collect dynamic symbols table too.
   * (checks/binaries)
     Look for __register_frame_info and __unregister_frame_info.
     New tag: compiled-with-bad-libc
   * (checks/*.desc) Use new (2.5.0) section numbering for policy references.
   * (checks/changelog-file) Accept changelog.html.gz files.
   * (checks/standards-version) newer-standards-version is warning, not error.
     This fixes bug#29366, reported by Julian Gilbey <jdg@maths.qmw.ac.uk>.
   * (checks/standards-version) Updated to standards-version 2.5.0.
   * (info/overrides) New overrides.
     Fixes bug#29449 reported by Marcus Brinkmann (libc5 overrides)
   * (checks/standards-version.desc) Remove the link to the upgrading-checklist,
     which I can no longer find and which is probably not maintained anymore.
   * (checks/control-files) Fix check for mknod-in-maintainer script:
     pipes are made with p, not -p.
   * (debian/control) In the package description, mention which policy
     version Lintian checks.
 lintian (0.9.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * (checks/binaries) Warn if a package with ELF binaries does not have
     a Depends line.  New tag: missing-depends-line.
     (Suggested by Charles Briscoe-Smith)
   * (checks/menus) Don't warn about /usr/lib/menu/README.
     (Noted by joost witteveen)
   * (checks/binaries.desc, checks/binaries, checks/shared-libs.desc)
     Renamed "shlib-without-dependency-information" to
     "shared-lib-without-dependency-information", to avoid confusion with
     the shlibs control file.  (Suggested by Branden Robinson)
     Also moved the tag info from shared-libs.desc to binaries.desc, where
     it belongs.
   * (checks/shared-libs)
     Suppress "shlib-with-executable-bit" error if a library has an
     INTERP header.  This catches the libraries (such as libc or libm)
     that print a little banner when executed.
   * (checks/fields)
     Report maintainer addresses that have no dots in the domain part.
     (Suggestion by James Troup)
   * Teach fields check about non-us.
   * (info/perl-modules)  Updated modules info.
   * (lib/deplib.pl)  Fixed handling of versioned dependencies.
   * (checks/files.desc)  In executable-in-usr-doc tag, suggest examples
     directory as a place for executables.
     (Suggestion by Stephane Bortzmeyer)
   * (checks/fields, checks/fields.desc)
     New tag: depends-on-obsolete-package, to flag dependencies on
     old libraries.
 lintian (0.9.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Look for more misspellings:
       dependant -> dependent, dependancy -> dependency,
       definate -> definite, definately -> definitely.
   * (checks/scripts) Correctly deal with the terminating newline when
     parsing dependency lines.  Fixed bug#27694, reported by Rob Tillotson.
   * (checks/menu-format) Added Apps/Technical and Apps/Hamradio as sections.
   * (checks/copyright-file)
     Don't report copyright-file-is-gpl unless it is GPL version 2.
     This fixes bug#27793, reported by Milan Zamazal.
   * (checks/menus) Add newline after bad-menu-file-name tag!
   * (lib/manual_refs.pl) Update urls to manual sections, so that
     they refer to www.debian.org.  Regenerate index of devref sections.
 lintian (0.9.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added overrides for imap daemons being sgid mail.
   * Updated info/perl-modules from new Contents file.
   * (lib/read_pkglist.pl) Don't fail on 0-size package lists.
     This fixes bug#27121, reported by Adam P. Harris.
 lintian (0.9) unstable; urgency=low
   * (frontend/lintian, reporting/html_reports, checks/*, collection/*)
     Make rigorous distinction between source and binary packages.
     Pass "source" or "binary" as second argument to check scripts.
     Report source package tags with "pkg source:" instead of just "pkg:".
     Binary package tags stay the same.
     (The check scripts always report "pkg type:", and the frontend strips
      the type again if it's "binary").
     This involves several changes in the web-report scripts as well.
   * Add command-line options for the things that could only be set via
     environment variables or the configuration file.  (--cfg, --root,
     --lab, --dist, --arch).
   * Really rename obsolete-ldconfig-call-in-postinst to
   * Really rename changelog-file-missing-in-native-debian-package to
   * (checks/scripts) bltwish now lives in blt8.0, not blt4.2.
 lintian (0.8.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * (checks/menu-format) Added "sort" as a known tag; it's documented in
     the menu package.  This fixes bug#26373, reported by Marcelo E. Magallon.
   * (checks/scripts, checks/scripts.desc)  Added /usr/bin/js as a known
     interpreter (in ngs-js), as suggested by Brian Bassett.
   * (checks/shared-libs)  Brian Bassett reported inaccuracies in detection
     of "ldconfig" calls in maintainer scripts.  Fixed.
   * (checks/menu-format)  Skip checks on "section" if the "needs" tag had an
     unknown value.  This deals with bug#26375, reported by Marcelo E. Magallon.
   * (checks/manpages)  Fixed: check for links to "undocumented" manpage
     should not react to link destinations like "ilu-undocumented".
   * changelog-file-missing-in-native-debian-package shortened to
   * wrong-name-for-changelog-file-of-native-debian-package shortened to
 lintian (0.8.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Ignore common programming-language extensions when looking for
     extra-license-files.  (Fixes bug#26252, reported by Manoj Srivastava,
     who had a file vm-license.el).
   * Use -z flag for tar, rather than piping through gzip -dc explicitly.
     This allows tar to detect and pass on errors reported by gzip.
 lintian (0.8.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added /usr/bin/guile and /usr/bin/scsh as known interpreters.
     (This fixes bug#26093, reported by Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@debian.org>)
   * Renamed tags:
     to postinst-has-useless-call-to-update-menus
     to postrm-has-useless-call-to-update-menus
     to postinst-has-useless-call-to-install-docs
     to postrm-has-useless-call-to-install-docs
     to postinst-has-useless-call-to-ldconfig
     The first two are also downgraded from error to warning.
     (This fixes bug#26118, reported by Wichert Akkerman <wakkerma@debian.org>)
   * Renamed tag use-of-killall-in-maintainer-script to killall-is-dangerous.
   * More overrides.
 lintian (0.8) unstable; urgency=low
   * (checks/perl) Don't emit warnings for perl scripts in /usr/doc.
     This closed bug#25728, reported by Manoj Srivastava.
   * (info/overrides) Change the non-standard-*-perm overrides to match
     the new format of those tags.  (was changed in 0.7.5)
   * (checks/control-files)
     "possibly-insecure-handling-of-tmp-files-in-maintainer-script" now knows
     about mkdir.
     New tag: W: possible-bashism-in-maintainer-script (Suggestion by Joey Hess)
   * (testset/filenames-2)  Don't rely on installer's umask for testset.
   * (collection/menu-files, collection/menu-files.desc,
      checks/menu-format, checks/menu-format.desc)
     New check for correct syntax in "menu" files, written by Joey Hess.
     New tags:
       E: old-format-menu-file
       E: whitespace-after-continuation-character
       E: bad-test-in-menu-item
       E: unparsable-menu-item
       W: incorrect-package-test
       W: duplicated-tag-in-menu-item
       W: menu-item-missing-important-tag
       W: menu-item-contains-unknown-tag
       W: menu-item-uses-icon-none
       W: menu-item-needs-tag-has-unknown-value
       E: menu-item-adds-to-root-menu
       W: menu-item-uses-apps-games-section
       W: menu-item-creates-new-section
       E: menu-item-creates-new-root-section
     The check follows current practice on two sections:
       Window-managers -> WindowManagers
       Screen/Screen-saver -> Screen/Save
     The menu docs will be updated to match.
   * (lib/pipeline.pl) Bugfix: Use syscall SYS_exit when exiting from
     children that failed to exec, because the perl function exit() would
     run END blocks and such.
   * (checks/standards-version) By now, is more than one year old;
     mark it as 'ancient'.
   * (reporting/html_reports) Bugfix: Apply quotehtml() to the tag text
     *before* adding links to bug pages.
   * Many small adjustments to checks:
   * (checks/scripts) Be less picky about package names when checking
     dependencies.  (The check was confused by the package blt4.2)
   * (checks/description) Ignore case when looking for synopsis lines
     that start with the package name.
   * (checks/files) Don't give executable-in-usr-doc error for executables
     in /usr/doc/examples/, since that directory does contain examples, and
     it's already flagged by old-style-example-dir.
   * (checks/control-files) Don't warn about references to "/tmp" unless the
     full filename is "/tmp" or "/var/tmp".
   * (checks/binaries) Split tag "binary-not-linked-against-libc" into
     "program" and "library" tags.
   * (checks/files, checks/scripts) New tag "executable-manpage", which
     replaces "executable-not-elf-or-script" for manpages.
   * (checks/files) Shortened file-directly-in-usr-share-not-in-a-sub-directory
     and file-directly-in-usr-doc-not-in-a-sub-directory to just
     file-directly-in-usr-share and file-directly-in-usr-doc.
   * (checks/md5sums) Added md5sums-control-file-is-empty tag, to avoid
     spewing many file-missing-in-md5sums errors in that case.
   * (checks/scripts) Suppress interpreter-not-absolute tag if the
     filename ends in .in and the interpreter looks like #!@PERL@
   * (checks/control-files) Suppress mknod-in-maintainer-script tag if
     mknod was called with -p.
   * (checks/shared-libs) Emit no-shlibs-control-file tag for each shared lib
     found, rather than just once.
   * (checks/files) Emit old-style-example-dir only for directories, not for
     every file.
   * (checks/perl) perl-script-needs-dependency
     Bugfix: realize that a package does not need to depend on itself.
   * (checks/description) possible-unindented-list-in-extended-description:
     Only emit this tag if there are at least two things that look like
     list items.
   * (checks/scripts) List /usr/bin/env as a known interpreter.
   * (checks/binaries) unstripped-binary-or-object:
     Instead of an exception for /lib/modules specifically, suppress this
     tag for all .o files.
   * (checks/control-files) Bugfix: check for == bashism works now.
   * (checks/files) Introduced new tag lengthy-symlink, which supersedes
     and corrects the relative-symlink-enters-same-toplevel-directory tag.
   * (man/lintian.1) Document the check and collection scripts added to
     lintian in the last few months. (oops)
   * (collection/perlmods, checks/perl)
     Refined scanner so that fewer spurious perl-script-uses-unknown-module
     tags are emitted.
     Perl tags are no longer 'Experimental'.
 lintian (0.7.5) unstable; urgency=low
   * (checks/perl) Exchanged order of arguments in
     perl-script-needs-dependency tag, for clarity.
   * (info/perl-modules) Added some module dependencies.
   * (info/overrides) More overrides.
   * (checks/shared-libs, checks/shared-libs.desc)
     Fixed: erroneous shlib-missing-in-control-file if a shared library
     had more than one symlink to it.
   * Renamed obsolete-shlib-entry-in-control-file to
   * (checks/copyright-file) Changed size-requirement for copyright-file-is-gpl
     tag from 17000 to 12000 bytes, because some packages (casio) extracted
     only the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS" part, which is shorter.
   * (reporting/html_reports) Count packages as well as tags, in tag index.
   * (checks/control-files, checks/control-files.desc)
     New tag: W: mknod-in-maintainer-script
   * (checks/files, checks/files.desc)
     New tags:
        W: package-installs-into-etc-rc.boot   (rc.boot is obsolete)
        W: extra-license-file                  (for COPYING files, etc)
   * (checks/shared-libs, frontend/lintian)
     Get rid of dependency on File::Basename; use a simple regexp instead.
 lintian (0.7.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * (collection/perlmods)
     Fixed: perl script scanner is now POD-aware.
     This should cut down on the number of spurious warnings.
   * (doc/CREDITS)
     Install credits file.  My apologies if I have forgotten anyone.
     There were far more people than I would have guessed -- Thanks to all! :-)
   * (checks/perl)
     Skip 'autouse' keyword when parsing use and require directives.
   * (frontend/lintian)
     When processing a .changes file, turn md5sum checks OFF by default.
     A new -m flag is provided to turn them back on.
     The .dsc file is still always checked.
   * (frontend/lintian)
     Saner interrupt handling.  Lintian now dies immediately if ^C is hit,
     and does remove the temporary lab (if any).  This is mostly a side
     effect of avoiding system() (in favour of the new functions in
     lib/pipeline.pl), but did involve some tinkering about with perl's
     signal handling.  Thanks to Ruud de Rooij and Graydon Hoare for
     their help.  This closes bug#24975, reported by Yann Dirson.
   * (checks/copyright)
     Fixed copyright-is-gpl tag so that it actually works.
   * (lib/dep.pl, checks/perl, checks/perl.desc, info/perl-modules)
     Much smarter perl module analysis.  Lintian now has a list of
     perl modules and the packages that provide them (in info/perl-modules),
     and a dependency processor (in lib/dep.pl), and uses these to
     check "use" and "require" lines in perl scripts.
     New tags:
       W: perl-script-needs-dependency  (Experimental)
       W: perl-script-uses-unknown-module  (Experimental)
     Tag "script-needs-full-perl" has been dropped.
 lintian (0.7.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * (frontend/lintian)
     Fixed: --display-infotags option wasn't working.
   * (reporting/harness, reporting/html_reports)
     Have the archive check generate infotags but not display them on the
     web pages.  This way they are still available in the log file.
   * (checks/fields, checks/fields.desc)
     New tag: W: doc-package-depends-on-main-package
   * (checks/menus, checks/menus.desc)
     New tag: E: bad-menu-file-name
     This is emitted for packages that install "/usr/lib/menu/menu", which
     overlaps with the menu package.  (I've seen it happen a couple of times).
   * (checks/binaries, checks/binaries.desc)
     Allow unstripped-binary-or-object for any package with "debug" in its
     name.  (This is in addition to the exeption already made for "-dbg").
     Allow binary-not-linked-against-libc for libc itself :-)
   * (lib/pipeline.pl)
     New helper functions for starting pipelines from perl scripts, without
     involving the shell.  This makes it easier to pass filenames literally,
     and often saves a shell invocation.
   * (collection/diffstat, frontend/lintian, unpack/*)
     Use the new pipeline functions.
   * (checks/description, checks/description.desc)
     New tag:
       E: description-is-debmake-template
   * (reporting/html_reports)
     Quote < and > in displayed tags (such as occurs in email addresses).
     This fixes the maintainer-name-missing tag output.
   * (checks/copyright-file, checks/copyright-file.desc)
     New tag:
       E: copyright-file-is-gpl
     Generated for copyright files that contain the complete GPL text.
 lintian (0.7.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * (unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l1, unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1, unpack/unpack-binpkg-l2)
     Speedup: replaced system("mkdir ...") with mkdir() calls.
   * (unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1)
     Speedup: avoid extracting control info twice.
     More speedups are possible here.
   * (unpack/unpack-binpkg-l1, unpack/unpack-binpkg-l2)
     Speedup: avoid using dpkg-deb to unpack debs; construct a pipeline
     with ar, gzip, and tar instead.  It turns out to be far faster.
   * Together, these changes made for a speed increase of some 30%
     when checking packages that have to be unpacked.
 lintian (0.7.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * (reporting/html_reports)
     Fixed: Print bug number with tags that were reported as bugs.
   * (checks/scripts, checks/scripts.desc)
     Added /usr/bin/expect (provided by expect) as known interpreter.
   * (unpack/unpack-srcpkg-l2)
     Fixed: chmod -R the right directory when unpacking a source package.
   * (collection/diffstat, collection/diffstat.desc)
     New collection script that runs diffstat on the Debian diff.
   * (debian/control)
     Depend on diffstat, version >= 1.27-1 so that it can parse Debian diffs.
   * (checks/debdiff, checks/debdiff.desc)
     New check that look at the filenames included in the Debian diff.
     New tag:
       W: patch-failure-file-in-diff foo.rej
   * (checks/control-files, checks/control-files.desc)
     New tag:
       W: dpkg-print-architecture-in-maintainer-script
     (dpkg --print-installation-architecture should be used there)
 lintian (0.7) unstable; urgency=low
   * (reporting/html_reports)
     - Rewritten (more modular).
     - Create a page for each different tag, which gives the lintian-info
       for that tag and then lists all occurrences of that tag, with each
       tag line also being a link back to the page for the package in
       which it occurs.
       This closes bug#21390, reported by Gregory S. Stark <gsstark@mit.edu>.
     - Instead of listing the lintian-info text with every different tag
       in every package, make every tag a link to the page for that tag
       (which will have the lintian-info for it at the top).
       This should make the reports a lot smaller, and also more readable.
     - Make a "Sorted by tag types" page and link to it from the index page.
   * (doc/TODO) Entries [L3] and [L4] now complete.
   * (checks/spelling, checks/spelling.desc)
     Check README.Debian file as well, since we now collect it anyway
     for the readme-debian-is-debmake-template tag.
     New tag:
        E: spelling-error-in-readme-debian
   * (checks/fields) Added hurd-i386 to the list of known architectures, at
     the request of Marcus Brinkmann <brinkmds@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de>.
   * (checks/scripts, checks/scripts.desc)
     Added trs to the list of known interpreters, as /usr/bin/trs provided
     by konwert.  Suggestion by Yann Dirson <dirson@debian.org>.  This
     closed bug#24998.
   * (checks/files)
     - Fixed: tags dir-in-user-local and file-in-usr-local did not print
       the filename involved.
     - Fixed: some tags were erroneously output as "setuid-gid-binary"
       even though only one of suid or sgid was set.
   * (checks/fields)
     - Fixed: change a few cases of "maintainer-address-malformed"
       to "maintainer-name-missing".
 lintian (0.6.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Inserted GPL boilerplate text in every file whose format allowed comments.
   * (doc/lintian.sgml) Use new <url> tag.
   * (info/overrides) New override for the file in kbd-data with the strange
     name.  Having lintian handle that file correctly would be too expensive.
     This "closes" bug#25107.
   * (checks/control-files, checks/control-files.desc)
     New tag: use-of-killall-in-maintainer-script (experimental)
     Added at the recommendation of Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es>.
     This closes bug#22206.
   * (depcheck/deppages.pl, reporting/html_reports)
     Added arm and hurd-i386 to the list of architectures to check.
   * (doc/libtool-rpath-workaround.txt, checks/binaries.desc)
     Revamped doc file at Rob Browning's suggestion, and renamed it to
     doc/libtool-workarounds.txt because it describes both -rpath and -lc
     workarounds.  Updated the info for the tags binary-not-linked-against-libc
     and binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath to refer to the new file.
   * (doc/desc-files)  Moved from private/DESC.
     Briefly describes the meanings of the fields used in lintian's .desc files.
   * (doc/TODO)
     Updated and restructured version of what used to be in private/TODO,
     various bugreports and mailed suggestions.  This will become the
     central place for potential improvements to lintian.  I hope that
     having it in /usr/doc/lintian will inspire some people to help.
 lintian (0.6.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * (checks/shared-libs)
     Corrected bug that made lintian complain about shared modules without
     version info (thus ending in ".so") with a "non-dev-pkg-with-shlib-symlink"
   * (info/overrides)  Added overrides:
     libtricks is like fakeroot; nothing is compiled with it.
       libtricks: no-shlibs-control-file
     slrnpull has been split off from slrn, and shares some of its overrides.
       slrnpull: non-standard-dir-perm var/spool/slrnpull/ 2755
       This fixes bug#24668, reported by Joey Hess.
   * (collection/perlmods)
     Collector script that greps perl scripts for use and require directives.
   * (checks/perl, checks/perl.desc)
     New check script that checks perl "use" and "require" directives.
     New tags:
        E: script-needs-perl-version   (Experimental)
        W: script-needs-full-perl      (Experimental)
        I: cannot-parse-perl-directive
   * (frontend/lintian)
     New flag --print-version that prints the unadorned version number.
   * (reporting/config, reporting/html_reports)
     Instead of requiring $LINTIAN_VERSION in the config file, query the
     lintian frontend for the version number.
 lintian (0.5.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * (reporting/html_reports)
     Lintian web pages now use dists/unstable/main in the path for
     "Getting Lintian", rather than hamm/hamm, where it doesn't exist anymore.
     (Pointed out by Ruud de Rooij)
   * (checks/scripts)
     Add /usr/sbin/install-fvwmgenmenu as a known interpreter.
     This fixes bug#23783, reported by Joost Kooij.
   * (checks/binaries, checks/changelog-file, checks/manpages)
     [speedup] Don't skip blank lines in file-info file, since there
     shouldn't be any.
   * (checks/manpages.desc)
     - Added note to manpage-in-wrong-directory info that only
       sections 1 through 9 should be used.  Refer to policy 5.1.
     I had a rewrite of the manpages check in the works, but I deferred
     it to a later lintian version.
   * (info/overrides)
     New override from Joel Klecker: binutils: no-shlibs-control-file.
     Added overrides supplied by Joey Hess, in bugreport #24425.
   * (checks/changelog-file)
     Corrected regexp used for changelog-file-not-compressed;
     This really fixes bug#23683, reported by Joey Hess.
   * (checks/files)
     New warning: package-installs-perllocal-pod, inspired by
     Manoj Srivasta's recent bugreports about such files.
   * (checks/fields.desc)
     No longer experimental:
       E: alternates-not-allowed
       E: versioned-provides
       E: bad-version-in-relation
 lintian (0.5.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added overrides supplied by Ray Dassen.
   * (frontend/lintian-info)
     Made lintian-info aware of X (experimental) tags.  (oops)
   * (lib/read_taginfo.pl)
     Add a paragraph to the info output for experimental tags that explains
     what experimental status means.
   * Added test package "relationships" to test weird dependency lines.
   * (frontend/lintian)
     Instead of specifying /usr/bin/lintian-info, use just lintian-info
     and let the path search find the script.
 lintian (0.5.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * (checks/menus) The menu package doesn't need to check for the
     existence of update-menus :-)
   * (testset/runtests) A harness for running regression tests on Lintian.
   * (testset/*) A collection of broken packages on which to test Lintian.
     Currently, only an empty package is provided for testing.
   * (debian/rules) Run the tests in the build target.
   * (checks/*.desc) Added "Tested: empty" to tags that are tested for
     with the "empty" testpackage.
   * (collection/file-info) Use a better parser for the index file, so
     that weird filenames are handled correctly.  This fixes bug#24079.
   * (collection/md5sums) Adapt index-file parser from file-info collector,
     this saves a "find" operation on the unpacked tree.
   * New test package filenames-1, which contains various evil filenames.
   * (checks/shared-libs, checks/menus, checks/manpages, checks/files,
     Handle filenames that contain spaces correctly.
   * (frontend/lintian, reporting/config)
     Update version number.  This fixes bug #23555, reported by Yann Dirson.
     These will have to be kept in sync manually, because the lintian
     source package has to be directly usable by the lintian web page
   * (checks/changelog-file)
     Allow the upstream changelog to be a symbolic link.
     As a side-effect, allow it for the Debian changelog too.
     This handles bug#23300, reported by Manoj Srivastava.
   * (checks/changelog-file, checks/changelog-file.desc)
     The wrong-name tags are now warnings, not errors, because the
     relevant section of policy uses "should usually".
     This fixes bug#23757, reported by Gregory S. Stark.
   * (checks/changelog-file)
     Limited the changelog-file-not-compressed tag to only complain
     about changelog and changelog.Debian, because policy 5.8 does not
     mention other changelogs.  (These would fall under section 5.3, I guess.)
     This fixes bug#23683, reported by Joey Hess.
 lintian (0.4.8) unstable; urgency=low
   * (checks/fields)
     New error tag: "multiline-field" flags control fields that span multiple
     lines when they shouldn't.  (According to the Packaging manual,
     "Except where otherwise stated only a single line of data is allowed").
   * (checks/fields)
     Check dependency relationship fields as well.
     New tags:
       E: alternates-not-allowed
            (generated for use of | in Provides, Conflicts, and Replaces fields)
       E: versioned-provides
            (generated for Provides fields that use a versioned package name)
       W: obsolete-relation-form
            (generated for use of < and > in versioned relationships)
       W: bad-version-in-relation
            (generated if the version number in a versioned relation
             is not syntactically correct)
       E: bad-relation
            (generated if lintian cannot parse an element of a dependency line)
       W: package-relation-with-self
   * (checks/fields)
     Bugfix to maintainer-not-full-name tag, it works now.
     Added maintainer-address-looks-weird warning for obscure cases.
     I doubt anyone will ever see it.
   * (checks/fields)
     Added new-essential-package warning, to highlight such packages.
   * (checks/fields.desc) Descriptions of new tags.
 lintian (0.4.7) unstable; urgency=low
   * Removed Christian's name wherever it appeared as a contact address.
   * (depcheck/buglist) Entered newly reported bug numbers for dependency
   * (checks/menus) Distinguish between install-docs and install-docs -r.
     (closes #23049).
   * (checks/files) Added new tag backup-file-in-package.  This warns
     about emacs-style backup files that got installed in a package.
   * (frontend/lintian) Allow I: tags to be overridden just like any other.
   * (frontend/lintian) Add support for "Experimental" tags.  These are
     handled like other tags, but an "Experimental: yes" flag in the tag
     description tells lintian to output them with "X:" rather than "E:"
     or "W:" or "I:".  This is used for new tags that might still misbehave.
   * (doc/lintian.sgml) Add a paragraph to explain the new tag type.
     "The displayed message is one of types listed above, but has been
      flagged as `experimental' by the Lintian maintainers.  This means
      that the code that generates this message is not as well tested as
      the rest of Lintian, and might still give surprising results.  Feel
      free to ignore Experimental messages that do not seem to make sense,
      though of course bug reports are always welcomed."
 lintian (0.4.6) unstable; urgency=low
   * (debian/control)
     Lintian now depends on perl, since perl-base is not enough. It already
     uses Text::Wrap, which is only in perl, and soon it will also use
   * (reporting/html_reports)
     Report all dates in GMT, in rfc822 format.
   * (debian/rules)
     In clean target, delete byte-compiled python files (*.pyc) as well.
   * (depcheck/dependencies.py)
     Check "Cannot satisfy without packages in base" before checking
     "Cannot satisfy with required packages", because a dependency will
     be listed in only one category, and the former is more important
     to flag.
   * (frontent/lintian)
     Rewrote option handling to use Getopt::Long, thus allowing nifty
     features like bundling of single-character options.  Closes wishlist
 lintian (0.4.5) unstable; urgency=low
   * (depcheck/) New directory, containing scripts for generating reports
     about broken dependency relationships in the main distribution.
     These are not installed by the lintian deb, they are intended for
     use by the lintian web pages, which use the source package directly.
   * (reports/harness) Added hooks to call the depcheck scripts to generate
     the depcheck page.
   * (reports/html_reports) Add links from the lintian root page to the
     depcheck page.
   * (checks/menus) A tag was still generating "existance" while its
     description had been corrected to "existence"; the html report
     generator complained about that.  Fixed.
   * (unpack/list-binpkg) Bugfix in lintian --setup-lab.  Instead of
     looking for files in binary-$arch and binary-all, look only in
     binary-$arch and follow the symlinks.
   * (lib/text_utils.pl) Changed "&maint;" name from Christian Schwarz
     to Richard Braakman, and changed mail address to lintian-maint@debian.org.
   * (checks/standards-version) If checking a package with a Standards-Version
     that is newer than the one lintian is written for, warn that lintian
     should be upgraded.  (closes: #22919).
   * (checks/standards-version.dsc)
     New tag: newer-standards-version
   * (checks/debian-readme) New check: at James Troup's suggestion,
     scan for unmodified deb-make templates in README.Debian files.
     New tags:
   * (checks/debian-readme.desc) Describe new tags.
   * (collection/debian-readme) New collection script for README.Debian file.
   * (man/lintian.1) Describe new check and collection script.
   * (doc/libtool-rpath-workaround.txt) Explain how to achieve the same
     result without touching configure.in and rerunning autoconf, provided
     certain conditions hold.
   * (lib/text_utils.pl, frontend/lintian-info, reporting/html_reports)
     Do not split words that are longer than a line.  This fixes the
     "Poli cy" bug in the lintian HTML reports.
   * (checks/standards-version.desc) Corrected the URL to Christian's
     policy upgrading checklist, which seems to have changed from
     "upgrading.html" to "upgrading-checklist.html".
   * (info/override) Removed another *.pm warning, I missed it the last time.
 lintian (0.4.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * (checks/scripts) Suppress script-not-executable warnings for files
     in /usr/lib that match *.pm.  These are perl modules, which often
     have a #!/usr/bin/perl line at the top but are not intended to be
     executed directly.
   * (info/override) Removed now-suppressed warnings from the overrides file.
   * (info/override) Added more overrides.  (closes #21028).
   * (checks/scripts) At Oliver Elphick's suggestion, do not emit
     *-script-but-no-*-dep tags or csh-considered-harmful tags for
     scripts that are not executable.  (These already produce a
     script-not-executable warning).
   * (checks/binaries) At Yann Dirson's suggestion, added a tag for
     stripped binaries that still have the .comment and .note sections.
     This tag is info-level, thus not normally displayed.
     dh_strip and install -s have been patched to strip these sections,
     but most of the distribution has not been recompiled with the patched
   * (checks/binaries.desc) Described the new tag.
     (closes #22495).
   * (man/lintian.1) Documented the options that were added in lintian 0.4.3.
   * (checks/fields) Produce informational tags no-section-field and
     no-priority-field.  These were removed in a previous version, because
     nearly all packages do not pass -isp to dpkg-gencontrol when building
     packages, but the new handling of info-level tags makes them useful again.
 lintian (0.4.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Christian added more overrides.
   * debian/control: New maintainer.
   * debian/copyright: Mention that lintian has no separate upstream source.
   * debian/rules: Got rid of 'dirs' file.
   * Moved manpages from doc/ to man/ in source package.
   * debian/rules: Restyled :-)
   * New overrides, read all about them in /usr/share/lintian/info/overrides.
     (closes #22001)
   * Corrected typo in frontend, added --allow-root option at Johnie Ingram's
     suggestion to override lintian's refusal to run as root.  (closes #22162).
   * Ran ispell over .desc files, fixing lots of typos, including the
     word "existance" which occurs in several tags.
   * checks/files: At the advice of the python maintainer, added a warning
     against files installed in /usr/lib/python1.5 that are not in the
     site-packages subdirectory.  (closes #22236)
   * checks/fields: Reduced unknown-field-in-dsc and unknown-field-in-control
     tags from "warning" to "info", because such fields can only be
     introduced deliberately anyway.  ("info" tags are not normally reported,
     but can be queried when someone is interested.)  (closes #20521)
   * Made the above comment about info tags true, by adding a --display-info
 lintian (0.4.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * This release contains updates for Policy 2.4.1
   * Fixed `changelog' check:
     - don't report not-max-compression tag if changelog file is a symbolic
       link (thanks to Santiago for noticing that! fixes:bug#20842)
   * Improved `description' check:
     - recognize if extended description is `Missing'
   * Changed `files' check:
     - symbolic links within /etc and /var have to be relative!
   * Fixed `scripts' check:
     - package name is "blt4.2", not "btl4.2" :)
   * Updated `shared-libraries' check:
     - check if postinst calls ldconfig if shared libraries are installed
       in a directory controlled by ld.so
     [2 new tags]
   * Changed `standards-version' check:
     - added Standards-Version 2.4.1
     - only check first there digits of Standards-Version field
   * Changes to the `lintian' frontend:
     - unused overrides are displayed per package
     - display `Processing changes file...'
     - use $TMPDIR environment variable for creation of the temporary lab
     - clean up lab if C-C is pressed
   * Added more overrides
 lintian (0.4.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed `changelog-file' check:
     - don't treat "NEWS" files as changelog files
       (thanks to Manoj for pointing this out! fixes:bug#20787)
   * internal: small changes to the reporting harness
 lintian (0.4.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * Changes which make it possible to check the whole archive with Lintian
     each day without having to check all packages all the time:
     - Reworked creation and handling of info/{binary,source}-packages files:
       - the list files contain a version number now, which allows checking
         for old file formats
       - each entry has a timestamp now
       - don't remove $LAB/info/ directory on --setup-lab
       - just process changed packages when doing --setup-lab
     - added command line option: `-p X' makes lintian only process all
       packages which are listed in file X
     - changed meaning of command line option `-U': specifies info to
       collect _in addition to_ the usual info (necessary to extract
       the changelog files on master--see below)
   * Improved `binaries' check:
     - objects and binaries in a *-dbg package may be unstripped
     - libraries in lib/profile or lib/debug may not be stripped
       (suggested by Fabrizio)
     [1 new tag]
   * Added new `changelog' check
     (thanks to Juan Cespedes for the idea! fixes:bug#19695)
   * Improved `control-files' check:
     - improved RE that searches maintainer scripts for /tmp security bugs
   * Improved `description' check:
     - fixed RE to check for description-starts-with-package-name
       (thanks to Roderick Schertler)
   * Fixed `fields' check:
     - internal: check for source pkg using "-l dsc" instead of "-e dsc"
   * Fixed `files' check:
     - disabled possible-name-space-pollution tag since policy is not
       defined yet
   * Improved `manpages' check:
     - fixed silly typo in binary-without-manpage tag info
       (thanks to Robert Edmonds for noticing that!)
     - disabled tag binary-without-manpage for `versioned binaries'
       (thanks to Dirk for the suggestion! fixes:bug#20186)
   * Fixed `menu' check:
     - report maintainer-script-does-not-check... tag only once per package
       and maintainer script
     - recognize `$(which update-menus)' as valid check for the existance
       of update-menus; same for install-docs
       (thanks to Fabrizio for pointing this out!)
     - recognize `command -v update-menus' as valid check for the existance
       of update-menus; same for install-docs
       (thanks to Adam P. Harris for pointing this out! fixes:bug#20759)
     - fixed tag infos
       (thanks to Adam P. Harris for the input! fixes:bug#19810)
   * Improved `scripts' check:
     - added new interpreters:
         nawk, pike, rexx, regina, burlap, wish8.0, bltwish
   * Improved `shared-libs' check:
     - added check if shared libraries contain non-pic code
       (thanks to Gregory S. Stark for the idea and the patch!
     [1 new tag]
   * Added `changelog' collector script
     This makes it possible for Lintian to extract all changelog files
     on master for use by Apt (fixes:bug#20546)
   * Incremented LAB_FORMAT version to 3 because of
     incompatible changes in the objdump-info collector script
   * Internal: fixed bug in read_dpkg_control() utility function: empty
     tags have not been handled correctly
   * Internal: html-reporting tool: don't chop of text after hash (#)
   * Added a lot new overrides and removed unused overrides
 lintian (0.3.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Bug fix release:
     - check if lab in /tmp already exists (fixes security bug#19799)
       Thanks to James Troup for noticing this and thanks to Joey Hess
       for providing a patch!
   * Added one override entry
 lintian (0.3.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Bug fix release:
     - `unknown-control-file du' message disappeared
     - fixed `executable-in-usr-doc' to not display files in
     - fixed tag parameters for
   * Added overrides
 lintian (0.3.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * This is (intentionally) an `unstable' upload--we've decided to not
     include the lintian package in `frozen' since it doesn't make sense to
     maintain a `stable' and `unstable' version of a package in such an
     early state. The maintainers should get Lintian from the `unstable'
     distribution to check `frozen' uploads though.
   * Added `menus' check. This check checks for common mistakes WRT
     /usr/lib/menu and /usr/share/doc-base files.
     [16 new tags]
   * Fixed `shared-libs' check:
     - removed `shared-library-uses-its-soname' check since this produced
       way too many false alarms (thanks to David Engel for the input!)
   * Fixed `binaries' check:
     - skip `unstripped-binary-or-object' check for kernel modules
       (thanks to Michael Meskes for noticing that!)
     - fixed pattern which parses the `file' command's output to be able
       to handle files without info text correctly
       (thanks to James R. Van Zandt for pointing this out!)
     - mention in tag info that shared libs should be stripped with
       `--strip-unneeded' options (thanks to Brian for pointing this out!)
   * Improved `manpages' check:
     - check if manual pages are compressed with gzip -9
       (thanks to Holger Rusch for the idea!)
       [2 new tags]
   * Improved `files' check:
     - for files in /usr/doc:
       - executables may only be in /usr/doc/<something>/examples
       - files should be owned by root.root (thanks to Joey)
       - files should not be directly placed into /usr/doc/
     - no files may be installed into /tmp and /var/tmp
     - renamed file-directly-in-usr-share to
       (thanks to Santiago)
     - fix tag info for "symlink-should-be-absolute"
     [3 new tags]
   * Improved `description' check:
     - lists (starting with a dash or asterisk) have to be indented
       (thanks to cpb4@ukc.ac.uk for the idea and the patch!
     [1 new tag]
   * Fixed `scripts' check:
     - packages with python scripts might depend on python or python-base
       (thanks to Gregor Hoffleit for pointing this out and to Richard for
       the patch! fixes:bug#19162)
     - remove wrong policy quotation for `script-not-executable' tag
   * Fixed `init.d' check:
     - ignore update-rc.d calls in preinst and postinst scripts, if
       "remove" option is specified (thanks to Roman Hodek and Herbert Xu
       for pointing this out--this change also removes a lot of other false
       alarms WRT update-rc.d calls)
   * Improved `control-files' check:
     - scan maintainer scripts for references to /tmp or TMPFILE since this
       might be insecure (thanks to Topi Miettinen for the help!)
     [1 new tag]
   * Improved `copyright-file' to issue a special error message if a
     symbolic link /usr/doc/foo refers to a directory outside of /usr/doc
     (thanks to Darren for pointing this out!)
     [1 new tag]
   * Fixed `fields' check:
     - added architecture `arm' (thanks to Roman Hodek)
   * Fixed `lintian' frontend:
     - run lintian scripts with LC_ALL=C
       (thanks to Yann for pointing this out! fixes:bug#19166)
     - changed handling of `#' comments: for comments in the overrides
       file, the hash (#) has to be in the first column
     - changed all tags which used `#' for comments
   * Fixed `lintian-info':
     - multiple HTML tags haven't been converted into text format in all
     - preformatted text is now handled correctly
     - merged with code that produced the HTML reports
     - code much cleaner now
   * Improved Lintian's documentation:
     - fixed libtool/rpath workaround file: don't wrap long line
       (Thanks to Yann for pointing this out!)
     - stress in docs that the "lintian-maint@debian.org" address should
       be used to contact the lintian authors (thanks to Adrian Bridgett
       for pointing this out!)
   * Added more overrides (fixes:bug#19163)
 lintian (0.3.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added `scripts' checks and collector, written by Richard. This check
     checks the #! lines of scripts in a package.
     [40 new tags]
   * Added `spelling' checks, written by Richard. This check searches
     the "Description:" field and the "copyright" file for common spelling
     errors (typos).
     [2 new tags]
   * Improved `files' check: No package should install files directly into
     New tag:
   * Fixed `files' check WRT files in /usr/lib/sgml and
       -	ignore directories and symbolic links when checking for correct
         file permissions
       - display permissions in octal format
   * Fixed `control-files' check: really ignore `control' control file
   * Improved `lintian' frontend:
       - parse command line parameters before reading the configuration
         file. With that, `lintian -h' even works if the cfg file has
         errors.  (fixes:bug#19031)
       - issue a warning and ignore `-all' option if packages are specified
         at the same time (in older versions, this make lintian abort with
         an error message)
       - really check all packages listed in a .changes file
   * Fixed `md5sums' check to handle file names with spaces correctly
   * Put conffile /etc/lintianrc back in (fixes:bug#19031)
   * Include information about libtool/rpath workaround by Yann Dirson
     (Thanks Yann!)
   * Added more overrides
   * Internal changes:
       - Each error tag has a (bug) `Severity' field now which can be used
         to file bug reports with the correct severity
       - Each helper script has an `Author' field now
       - Fixed `unused overrides' report
 lintian (0.3.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * Lintian now also works without a configuration file and without
     a static laboratory!  (Since Lintian is so easy to use now, there
     are no excuses for not using it! ;-)
   * Changed handling of lab:
       - if no lab is specified, it is created dynamically by the
         `lintian' command (the average use does not have to worry
         about the lab anymore)
       - since the dynamically created lab is placed in /tmp, several
         users can run lintian at the same time without having to know
         of each other
       - the commands `lintian-setup' and `lintian-remove' have been
         removed (fixes: bug#18707).
       - a `static' laboratory can be created/updated or removed by
         specifying the `--setup-lab' or `--remove-lab' options for the
         `lintian' command
       - added a lot of sanity checks to make removal of lab less risky :)
   * Changed handling of configuration file:
       - configuration file is not necessary anymore
       - changed search path for the configuration file to:
       - all configuration variables have reasonable defaults and can
         be overwritten by environment variables of the same name
       - removed configuration file /etc/lintianrc--the file is now
         installed as /usr/doc/lintian/lintianrc.example
       - renamed all configuration variables to LINTIAN_xxxx
       - relaxed syntax of configuration file. It's now also possible
         to use `~' and `$HOME' in the configuration file (fixes:
       - added LINTIAN_ARCH configuration variable so that Lintian
         handles distribution directories correctly if these contain
         several architectures
   * Changed parsing of command line arguments:
       - if a package name is specified (instead of a file), look for
         this package in the distribution directory and in the lab (in
         earlier version, only the distribution directory was searched
         for packages)
       - added `--all' option to check the whole distribution
         (in earlier version, this was the default operation)
       - removed buggy `-n' command line option (this option wasn't
         really useful anyways)
       - the `-h' option displays a short description of all available
         options now
       - debug option `-d' can be specified several times to increase
         the verbosity level
       - recognize `--' as the end of options on the command line
   * Improved overrides handling:
       - the override files does not include the leading `[EW]:'
       - the parameters of an error tag may be omitted to disable
         a certain tag for a whole package
       - when checking the full distribution, unused overrides are
       - cleaned up overrides file and added/removed a few overrides
   * Improved documentation:
       - there is now a `Lintian User's Manual' which explains how to
         setup and use Lintian to check ones packages, and which gives
         insight on the design issues behind Lintian
       - added a manual page for lintian-info (has been split off
         from lintian(1))
       - updated the documentation files and the example lintianrc file
       - merged QUICKSTART file into the README
   * Improved `binaries' check: check if a binary or shared library
     defines RPATH
     (Thanks to Ray Dassen for the suggestion! fixes: bug#18519)
     New tag:
   * Improved `files' check:
      WRT symbolic links:
       - issue errors instead of warnings
       - links between different top-level directories should always be
       - check for relative links which contain to many `../' segments
       - check for symbolic links which contain segments like `foo/../bar'
         (Thanks to Manoj for the patch and the ideas!)
       - some additional checks for wrong file permissions
     New tags:
       bad-permissions-for-etc-cron.d-script (renamed)
   * Fixed `control-files' check: check file permissions correctly;
     also check file owners of control files
     New tag:
   * Fixed `copyright' check: check for package dependencies correctly
     (fixes: bug#18611)
   * Improved `conffiles' check: files in /var/lib/games should not be
     tagged as conffile, in general.
     New tag:
   * Improved `manpages' check: files in /usr/X11R6/man/man6 usually
     indicate X11 games in the wrong directory.
     New tag:
   * Fixed `init.d' check: skip comments in init.d file
     (Thanks to Joey for pointing this out!)
       - don't collect info for unselected collector scripts (internal bug)
   * Internal changes:
       - don't refer to package `ftp.debian.org' for bugs in the
         $LINTIAN_DIST directory--refer to package `general' instead
       - made list-binpkg and list-srcpkg more verbose
       - made lintian-info less verbose (don't give detailed info more
         than once)
       - create control-index file which lists all files in control.tar.gz
       - fix permissions in the lab after a package has been unpacked
       - chdir to lab dir before running the checker and collection
         scripts (this makes it easier to write checks in awk or even sh)
       - pass vars to helpers via environment
       - don't link static info/* files into lab
       - implemented dpkg_read_control to parse all controls
       - don't use dpkg-deb to get control information about a .deb
       - collection and checking scripts `registry' is now done dynamically
       - move tag descriptions from collector and checker scripts into
         separate `.desc' files
       - each base directory in the lab has a .lintian-status file now, which
         can be used to detect incompatible lab changes, for example
       - moved unused files and internal documents into a private/ directory
         of the source package
       - cleaned up code
 lintian (0.2.4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added `fields' check for control fields. (That's the first check
     written by Richard--and it's all Perl!!! ;-)
     [32 new tags]
   * Added `binaries' check.
     [6 new tags]
   * Improved `shared-libraries' check:
       - use objdump instead of ldd and ldconfig
       - this should fix all problems where Lintian couldn't check
         python/perl dynamic objects, etc.
       - allow cross-checking of packages, e.g., to check non-i386 .debs
         on a i386 system (note, that this requires a multi-arch objdump)
       - recognize if the shared library uses its SONAME
     New tag:
   * Improved `control-files' check:
       - Don't check the `control' control file for correct
         permissions, because dpkg doesn't care and this file isn't
         installed on the systems anyways
   * Improved `files' check:
       - Games are allowed to be setgid games
       - svgalib programs are allowed to be setuid root
       - usually, files in /usr/doc/foo should not be executable
     New tag:
   * Fix bug in `manpages' check: symlinks in /usr/bin, etc. also need
     a manual page! (Thanks to Joey Hess for pointing this out!)
   * Use `.' instead of `source' in lintian-{remove,setup} /bin/sh scripts
     (fixes bug#18421)
   * Define default values for configuration variables in
     lintian-{remove,setup} scripts (fixes bug#18354)
   * Fix bug in `copyright-file' check: Don't report
     usr-doc-symlink-to-foreign-package if we don't know whether the
     referenced package comes from the same source or not.
     (Thanks to James A. Treacy for pointing this out!)
   * Internal change:
       - process source packages before binary packages so that a binary
         package check can use info from the source packages (if these
         are unpacked, too)
   * Added more override entries--and removed a few obsolete entries
     (the checks are smarter now! :)
   * Added "Depends: binutils" for `objdump'
   * Changed maintainer email address to lintian-maint@debian.org
 lintian (0.2.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed manual-pages check: Check for the `undocumented' symbolic
     link failed on X11 manual pages (fixes #18343).
   * Improved files check. New tag:
   * Improved control-files check:
       - the `du' control file is not allowed anymore
       - check file permissions of control files
     New tags:
   * Fixed bug: ldd-info collection script stopped when ldd failed
   * Fixed (internal) bugs:
       - collect data for collection scripts too
       - don't collect init.d data every time again
   * Error handling code improved again :)
   * The lintian frontend script checks if it has root permissions and
     aborts if this is the case. (Running it as root is unnecessary and
     simply too dangerous.)
   * Added one override entry
 lintian (0.2.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed bug in lintian-setup: don't try to create $LAB if it already
     exists (fixes bug#18227, bug#18252)
   * Added "Depends: file" (oops!)
   * Rewrote package "Description:"
   * Added a lot more override entries (thanks to all that told me about
 lintian (0.2.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed bug in ldconfig collection script: script aborted without
     error message if a shared library had errors (thanks to Kai!)
   * Fixed bug: `standards-version' check didn't collect necessary data
     (actually, this was a more general bug--thanks to Joey Hess!)
   * Fixed bug: init.d checker script didn't notice if several of the
     required options (start, stop, etc.) have been included on a single
     line (thanks to Joey Hess!)
   * Don't check duplicated packages more than once (thanks to Joey Hess!)
   * Error handling code improved once more
   * Added more overrides (Thanks to Joey Hess!)
   * Mentioned Lintian's home page in the README file
   * Set package priority to `optional' (requested by several developers)
 lintian (0.2.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * First public release
   * Fixed bug in shlibs check: Sometimes, ldconfig doesn't install any
     symbolic links at all (e.g., for `acroread' package).
   * Changed lintian-setup: Don't remove the whole lab if it already
     exists--just remove the info/ directory.
   * Changed handling of critical Lintian errors (abort on error)
   * Built package using fakeroot (first time i tried fakeroot--it's great!!)
   * Checked package with latest Lintian :)
 lintian (0.1.3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Next beta release (hopefully the last one :-)
   * The lintian-info script is available now! You can either pipe the output
     of lintian through it, or specify the `-i' option when calling lintian.
   * Lintian can check .changes files now! New tags:
   * Lintian now detects if packages have been changed, even if they
     have the same version number as before.
   * Improved shlibs check (this fixes the "error: bad ldconfig-info file"
     bug). New tags:
   * Improved files check! New tags:
   * New check for /etc/init.d scripts! Tags:
   * Fixed manpages check: Subdirectories of /usr/bin (e.g., /usr/bin/mh)
     have not been handled correctly.
   * Added new override entries
   * Cleaned up Lintian's source code
   * Updated documentation
   * Lots of small changes
 lintian (0.1.2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Beta release
   * Two major bugs have been fixed
   * Debugging info increased
 lintian (0.1.1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Beta release
 lintian (0.1.0) unstable; urgency=low
   * First release
 3d1bb1ef7c9abdd0170a72ff67e11acee23fa958 1261 lintian_2.2.18~bpo50+1.dsc
 a1fd47b45ae766c10ccfc35df3301c02607d5489 749990 lintian_2.2.18~bpo50+1.tar.gz
 157d02a224367f670483d2424852af3871bcd474 482998 lintian_2.2.18~bpo50+1_all.deb
 3668d9e1e23afd0b95dbef80427126ecc66717ae0dd1133e8fefa1fe8fb10f0c 1261 lintian_2.2.18~bpo50+1.dsc
 cee38cd09bcdb929b6c4c2474966cbfea1bf71b0fce3d839fc94c4dbaecc6c34 749990 lintian_2.2.18~bpo50+1.tar.gz
 893886152c5d502e72a1d9d9639c6cac83cac6e984cdd8ba83bfa0bb18a55120 482998 lintian_2.2.18~bpo50+1_all.deb
 5bf6a22eb5fa91cf955f444ea3aa583c 1261 devel optional lintian_2.2.18~bpo50+1.dsc
 daeb214961c08775a924dc9f4ff31ca0 749990 devel optional lintian_2.2.18~bpo50+1.tar.gz
 e67108453679974f8ece145da582b17f 482998 devel optional lintian_2.2.18~bpo50+1_all.deb

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