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Re: Siril 1.0.3 is ready for upload

Hello. Looks like it is because this file has also a:

And the spec says:
Please note, that very-long-line-length-in-source-file tagged files are likely tagged source-is-missing. It is a feature not a bug.

So how can I handle this? I've tested it on my computer with: lintian -I -E --pedantic and I haven't seen the error.

Le mer. 29 juin 2022 à 14:01, Nilesh Patra <nilesh@nileshpatra.info> a écrit :
On 6/28/22 5:24 PM, Cyril Richard wrote:
> Hello everyone, I've pushed the Siril update to the git repository.
> Please could you review and upload it if it is ok?

There is a lintian error though

| E: siril source: source-is-missing [commands_reference.html]

I think that is not valid so you might want to override it.

But I uploaded anyway, thanks!


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