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Re: Siril is ready (again) for upload

Dear Cyril,

somehow the pristine tar does not fit to the upstream. When try to build
the package with "pdebuild", I get a number of changes in
siril/build/flatpack/shared-modules and in
siril/subprojects/librtprocess. Both directories are empty in the
tarball created with pristine-tar; Also, the file
subprojects/kplot/Makefile exists only in the tarball, but not in the

Can you make them synch?



Cyril Richard <cyril.richard42@gmail.com> writes:
> Dear Ole,
> We are deeply sorry to announce we have another (upstream) version to upload.
> Indeed, apparently because of a bug in a wcslib function (or an error in the doc, or maybe in our
> understanding) we had a serious bug with some FITS files. Therefore we have had to produce a
> newer upstream version quickly.
> I sent an email to wcslib upstream too to clarify what's wrong.
> So I'm sorry for that. I hope everything is ok in the package,
> Sincerely,
> The Freeastro team.

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