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Re: Siril 0.99.6 is ready for upload

Hi Vincent,

Vincent Prat <vinceprat@free.fr> writes:
> The Developer's reference (paragraph 6.3.2) states the following:
> The release team have indicated that they expect most uploads to
> unstable to use urgency=medium. That is, you should choose
> urgency=medium unless there is some particular reason for the upload
> to migrate to testing more quickly or slowly.

I am surprised; my understanding always was that "medium" is usually
used for RC bugs only. But in fact it seems an old change, see


So, I do not insist in using "low", but would still ask to use it in
cases where a slow migration may be useful since it gives more time to
others (reverse dependencies and such) to react.

For "medium", the migration time is 5 days for packages without or with
only superficial CI tests, and only 2 days for packages with substantial
CI tests.



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