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Re: Siril 0.99.6 is ready for upload

Hi Ole,

The Developer's reference (paragraph 6.3.2) states the following:

The release team have indicated that they expect most uploads to unstable to use urgency=medium. That is, you should choose urgency=medium unless there is some particular reason for the upload to migrate to testing more quickly or slowly.


Le 24/09/2020 à 08:54, Ole Streicher a écrit :
Hi Cyril,

I just uploaded it. Next time, could you set the "priority" in
debian/changelog to "low" as long as there are no RC bugs to solve?
"medium" is basically meant for a faster-than-normal migration (5
instead of 10 days) for urgent changes.



Cyril Richard <cyril.richard42@gmail.com> writes:
Hello debian astro team.
We have packaged a new version of Siril on the debian astro git. Could
you review it and upload it someday if everything is ok?



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