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Re: Siril 0.99.4 is ready for upload

Thank you.

I've fixed it and updated the deb version.
Ole, I've reduced the test time, if you could upload it. Thx a lot for your patience.

Le mar. 25 août 2020 à 12:56, Sergio Gelato <Sergio.Gelato@astro.su.se> a écrit :
* Ole Streicher [2020-08-25 10:41:37 +0200]:
> Cyril Richard <cyril.richard42@gmail.com> writes:
> > However, on debian tracker I see:
> >
> > * Migration status for siril (0.9.12-3 to 0.99.4-1): BLOCKED: Rejected/violates migration
> >  policy/introduces a regression
> > * Issues preventing migration:
> > * Updating siril introduces new bugs: #957805
> > But the bug #957805 was fixed and closed. What is the issue?

I see it was fixed in 0.9.12-3 but the changelog file for 0.99.4-1 skips
that version. Nothing a message to control@bugs.debian.org shouldn't be able
to cure; but maybe it's better to repair the changelog in the next upload.

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