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Re: Munipack review

Dear Ole,

I'm very sorry, but I forget to commit all changes to
control files. The version number is the manifestation.
There is more serious corrections with new features
and solving CI and unreproducible problems.

Moreover I found problem with using of --exclude-vcs,
--exclude-vcs-ignores switches of tar which works
a little bit unexpected way.

I corrected all the problems.

Thank you very much for patience.

On Fri, 2017-07-14 at 12:24 +0200, Ole Streicher wrote:
> Hi Filip,
> Filip Hroch <hroch@physics.muni.cz> writes:
> > I am sorry to disturb your during summer holiday.
> > It's cold outside so I prepared new upstream 
> > version of Munipack.
> > 
> > I'm requesting for a review of the code.
> Uploaded. For the next version, please bring the Standards-Version
> (currently set to 3.9.8) to the newest version (currently 4.0.0), and
> check the policy changes whether the package needs an update there:
> https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist.html
> Also, just curious: Why did you remove the GPL copyright text?
> Best regards
> Ole
F. Hroch              e-mail: hroch@physics.muni.cz, tel.: +420549494470
Dept. of theor. physics and astrophysics, MU Brno, Kotlarska 2,CZ-611 37

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