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Re: Please categorise scilab-celestlab and wxastrocapture for Debian Science or confirm whitelisting

hi Andreas

On Sat, 4 Mar 2017, Andreas Tille wrote:

as you hopefully remember from previous mails I try to categorise
packages maintained by Debian Science team to make sure we can provide
proper metapackages for Squeeze.  The packages scilab-celestlab and

Are you sure you mean old-old-stable?

wxastrocapture IMHO belong to astronomy but as per decision of the
Debian Astro team the astronomy task was droped from Debian Science
and is replaced by more fine grained tasks inside Debian Astro.

That's something I've been wondering about.  Do we have keywords or
tags or something equivalent for software covered by the Debian Astro
team? It would be useful for someone in the situation, "I want to
calculate quantity X for objects Y interpreted within standard (or
non-standard) model M; in principle I could write this up myself in
10-15 minutes, but I'd rather use the debugged, robust, fast,
documented library functions already thoroughly checked by the
community" and who asks the question "Apart from the grapevine (social
networks), how do I search through debian to decide what is already
available, so that I can check the development history, maintenance,
choice of languages (high-level, C with or without wrappers) for
library or command-line functions that might do this...?


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