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Please categorise scilab-celestlab and wxastrocapture for Debian Science or confirm whitelisting

Hi Sylvestre and Steffen,

as you hopefully remember from previous mails I try to categorise
packages maintained by Debian Science team to make sure we can provide
proper metapackages for Squeeze.  The packages scilab-celestlab and
wxastrocapture IMHO belong to astronomy but as per decision of the
Debian Astro team the astronomy task was droped from Debian Science
and is replaced by more fine grained tasks inside Debian Astro.

This means that I need to whitelist the packages inside the query I'm
regularly running to check whether everything is categorised.  It would
be nice to confirm that this is OK for you - may be you contact the
Debian Astro team to take over these packages if this makes sense and
that this team adds the packages to their tasks.

Kind regards



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