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Re: [Debian-astro-maintainers] Erin Sheldon's fitsio,package

Hi Klaus,

You should just test this with a normal (x86) Jessie, not on an embedded
system. If it works, just push the changes into a branch
"debian/jessie-backports" on our git repository


and notify me. I will then check and upload.

What concerns Stretch, we are in the way to make it stable. If you find
anything that does not work, please file a bug. That is the best way to
get it rock-solid :-)

Best regards


On 20.02.2017 13:58, Honscheid, Klaus wrote:
> Thanks Ole for the quick response . I'll check with the engineer at
> LBL. We are certainly willing to try that but the problem with our
> embedded system is the very small amount of ram and disk space which
> prevents us from installing the gnu tools otherwise we could build
> the package directly from github or install it with pip. I'm hoping
> that our developers have a setup that supports cross compilation.
> That should allow us to build the package.
> One of their concerns is that stretch, the new Debian version, is
> still buggy and not as stable as Jessie. Could you comment on this?
> Do you think Stretch has reached a point to be used in production?
> Thanks Klaus
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>> On Feb 20, 2017, at 2:47 AM, Ole Streicher <olebole@debian.org>
>> wrote:
>> Dear Klaus,
>> the best way to do this is to produce a "backports" package which
>> we could then upload:
>> https://backports.debian.org/
>> Check specifically the "contributing" page:
>> https://backports.debian.org/Contribute/
>> Would you volunteer to create such a package? Since the package
>> probably just needs recompilation, this should be rather easy. We
>> would be happy to help you with any complications there, and also
>> finally upload the package.
>> Best regards
>> Ole
>>> On 20.02.2017 01:54, Honscheid, Klaus wrote: Hi Astro
>>> Maintainers, Thanks for producing a package for Erin Sheldons
>>> fitsio package. Unfortunately, the Embedded arm controllers we
>>> will be using for the DESI instrument are constraint to run
>>> python 3.4which is the default versions for Debian Jessie. Your
>>> package requires python3.5. I talked to Sheldon and there is
>>> nothing in his code specifically requiring the latest python so I
>>> was wondering if you could help us out and prepare a
>>> python3-fitsio package for python 3.4.
>>> Thanks Klaus honscheid. Ohio state university
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