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Re: Please categorise your packages for the Debian Science metapackages

Hi Thibaut, Andreas,

On 05.01.2017 14:39, Andreas Tille wrote:
> I realised that the astronomy task fully vanished from Debian Science
> since now there is a Debian Astro Blend.  IMHO it makes sense to
> consider at least a task that sumarises all Debian Astro metapackages.
> Currently it looks as if Debian does not have any astronomy packages if
> somebody would have an uneducated look at Debian Science. 

When I removed the astronomy tasks from Debian Science, I added two
transitional packages directly to debian/control.stub: science astronomy
and science-astronomy-dev, to provide a smooth transition between the
old tasks and Debian Astro.

I think, now Debian Astro should just (manually) mentioned somewhere on
the Debian Science Web page and linked to the home page. Meta-tasks that
pull other Pure Blends completely is IMO a bit overkill. But we should
make a common decision here together with the other Blends that somehow
relate to Science: DebianMed, DebiChem, etc.

> I have also *not* included yorick-mira into any Debian Astro which you
> definitely should if you think it should be part of some metapackage.

You (Thibaut) could put yorick-mira into the "datareduction" task of
Debian Astro. Yorick itself (yorick-full) is already listed under


We also have yorick-cubeview ad yorick-spydr in viewers, and yorick-yao
in simulation. Please adjust these as well if you like.




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