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Re: Cloudy package ready for review

Hi Roger,

Am 09.06.2016 um 14:50 schrieb Roger Wesson:
> Hi Ole,
> OK, I've done the following:
>  - fixed the distribution and date in changelog
>  - fixed the Zlib license in copyright
>  - changed the license of my debian files to Zlib
>  - added -h output to man page
>  - added a watch file
>  - split the package as suggested
>  - also fixed definitions of paths so that the program can find its data
> after installation

OK so far. One hint for the debian/cloudy-data.install file (and the
other as well): You don't need to specify each individual file here, as
long as it is unique it is enought to use the paths, and you may use "*"
placeholders. So, a simpler version of debian/cloudy-data.install would
just be


which is also easier to maintain. If there are individual files that you
*dont* want to have installed, I would just remove them in

> I also updated some copyright information for routines in thirdparty.cpp
> and thirdparty_interpolate.cpp.  A statement on the CHIANTI web page
> says their data can be used freely so I added that information to the
> copyright file as well.  I'm working on determining licensing status for
> the rest of the routines and data files, and will add this information
> as I get it. 

For Chiantiy, "Free to use" is not enought. The license should at least
also cover "Free to modify" and "Free to redistribute" (modified and
unmodified). See the Debian Free Software Guidelines


You should contact the Chianti people here.

 I uploaded the latest packaging files, in case it's
> worthwhile to re-review in the meantime.

The package still does not compile, I guess you didn't touch that, right?

Best regards


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