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Re: Cloudy package ready for review

Hi Ole,

OK, I've done the following:

 - fixed the distribution and date in changelog
 - fixed the Zlib license in copyright
 - changed the license of my debian files to Zlib
 - added -h output to man page
 - added a watch file
 - split the package as suggested
 - also fixed definitions of paths so that the program can find its data
after installation

I also updated some copyright information for routines in thirdparty.cpp
and thirdparty_interpolate.cpp.  A statement on the CHIANTI web page
says their data can be used freely so I added that information to the
copyright file as well.  I'm working on determining licensing status for
the rest of the routines and data files, and will add this information
as I get it.  I uploaded the latest packaging files, in case it's
worthwhile to re-review in the meantime.


On 07/06/16 09:21, Ole Streicher wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> thank you for your packaging. This package will be a great contribution
> to Debian Astro! I have a few remarks:
> - in debian/changelog, change the distribution name from "trusty" to
>   "unstable". Also update the date in debian/changelog.
> - Please specify the license of the data. While many data files are
>   (probably?) covered by the main license, the Chianti database files
>   are copied from Chianti. In the README_CHIANTI file it is just stated
>   that the data are "distributed freely", but no license is specified. I
>   could imagine that it is the same (ISC) license as ChiantiPy
>   https://github.com/chianti-atomic/ChiantiPy/blob/master/LICENSE
>   but please ask the Chianti people for an advise (recommend to use the
>   ISC license as for ChiantiPy).
>   You should also add the origins of all other data files (see the
>   READMEs in the different subdirs of data/)
> - The first license is "Zlib", not "custom", please adjust the short
>   name. This makes it easier for the ftp-masters to approve that it is
>   free according to the DFSG.
> - You should also investigate the licenses of the file
>   "source/thirdparty.cpp". The file states in the header "Use and
>   distribution of these works are determined by their respective
>   copyrights." Please ask upstream about these copyrights and licenses,
>   and/or try to find their origins yourself.
> - Please consider not using GPL for the Debian files. This makes the
>   whole package as GPL, which may give problems if one links it to
>   incompatible versions (f.e. repackaging with non-free data). Also, if
>   someone wants to take something out of your debian files into his own
>   packaging, he has to use GPL for his own files. For simplicity, I
>   would recommend the same license as the main files (Zlib). This is
>   however just a hint -- you are perfectly allowed to choose GPL, and I
>   will sponsor it also when you decide to keep it as it is.
> - The build in a clean "unstable" environment fails; the build log is
>   attached.
> - The manpage is a bit short. It should include at least the help
>   output. BTW, there is a package in Debian, "help2man" which can
>   convert help output (as long as it is somehow standard) into a
>   manpage. That may be used as a start.
> - please include a debian/watch file
> - Please split the package into the program itself, the documentation,
>   and the data. The documentation and the data are quite large, and the
>   package is architecture dependent. That means that the package will
>   be built for all architectures available in Debian (which are
>   currently 10 official and 12 non-official), and each binary then
>   would include all ~60 MB data and documentation. This is quite a
>   waste of space. If you build architecture-independent data files
>   (with "Architecture: all"), the data files and documentation are
>   stored only once. People then may also have the option to remove the
>   documentation if they don't need it.
> Best regards
> Ole
> On 07.06.2016 00:41, Roger Wesson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've just uploaded the files for a package of cloudy, a widely used
>> astronomical simulation code which had had an RFP since 2013.  It's
>> ready for review.  First time I packaged someone else's software so I
>> hope I haven't made too many mistakes.
>> http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-astro/packages/cloudy.git/
>> Thanks!
>> Roger

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