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Re: Ginga and fonts-roboto-unhinted

Hi Ole,

Le dimanche 22 mai 2016, 18:17:16 Ole Streicher a écrit :
> > Some other package depends on the hinted version (e.g. texlive-
> > fonts-extra) which render the packages not both installable.
> Do they conflict?

Yes, both version conflicts with the other.  That means that ginga is not co-
installable with texlive-fonts-extra (in my case).
> > Is it possible to make it depends on the hinted or the unhinted version of
> > the font?
> I can change this; however I am not experienced with the fonts and do
> not know what the difference is (I know what a hinted and an unhinted
> font is; however I have no idea why one would choose the unhinted
> version, and why it is packaged in Debian).

Neither do I.  I don't know why the texlive-fonts-extra package depends only 
on the hinted version.

I rebuild the package changing the dependency and everything seems to be ok.



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