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Re: RFC: casacore-2.1.0-1 debian package

Hi Gijs,

Gijs Molenaar <gijsmolenaar@gmail.com> writes:

>    Do you mean "libcasa-mirlib2" and friends? Are you suggesting they
>    should be named "libcasacore-mirlib2", or "casacore-mirlib2"?
> yes. Don't use the name casa.

Why does the upstream name its shared libraries libcasa_meas.so, etc.?

> no the story is more complex than that, but basically casa just uses
> casacore. 

Could you point me more details about the history?  Because casa is also
on our list to be packaged.

>     Sorry. A email is enough to track the issues. I just happened to
>     miss
>     them.
> ok sure . There is no public method for reporting bugs and having
> discussions?

This mailing list is public.  Issues can be grouped into threads.

>     I am not sure. Python3 builds alright and is put into
>     "libsasa-python2" along with python2 bindings. "2" in the package
>     name means casacore soname 2, a bit misleading to include python3.

> Shouldn't we split those in true debian fashion? 

The scheme I am using is practised by boost-python:

$ dpkg -L libboost-python1.58.0

python 2.7, 3.4 and 3.5 are packaged into a single Python binding

>     Yeah, I agree. Gijs, feel free to push to the git repo.

> Can I? I don't remember setting up any keys.

Your name is listed in the Alioth project:


Just upload an ssh pubkey at


>     > Gijs, would you write an ITP for the python-casacore package? I think
>     > this would be the logical next step here. ;-)

> eh, how do i do this? :)



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