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Re: new siril package ready for upload, again

Hi Cyril,

Cyril Richard <cyril.richard42@gmail.com> writes:
> We have a new stable release again and an updated debian package for
> Siril. Indeed, we found an important bug in previous version so we
> decided to release this new one asap.
> New version is 0.9.3-1, and all committed on git, tagged with no
> lintian message (this version is very close from the previous one).
> Could you review what we did and upload the package if everything
> looks good to you ?

Sure. I will do it in a moment.

One wish from me for a perfect maintaineability: if you could add a few
build time and CI tests, this would be great. The package is built on
quite a number of platforms, and many derivatives recreate it from the
sources (f.e. Ubuntu), so it would be nice to see automatically whether
at least some basic functionality works. Also for backports (to Debian
stable) this would be nice.

CI tests are great since they are executed whenever a dependency of
your packages changes. This way you can check for future
incompatibilities and such. I know that Siril is interactive, but maybe
there is a non-interactive way to do some tests or you have a better

> Moreover is this upload will cancelled the migration of 0.9.2 to
> testing ? It would be great.

Note that the usual way from preventing a package migration to testing
is to create an RC bug for the specific version. It is totally common
that you do it even as an upstream or Debian author.

In the changelog you can then just close the bug with the next version.

Best regards


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