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Re: Request for Rawtran packaging review

Filip Hroch <hroch@physics.muni.cz> writes:
> The updated version is available in git repository.
> Please, check the next attempt.

Two more issues:

* The test name may not contain underscores. You can use lintian to get
  this issue, BTW.

* debian/changelog should only contain the versions that are actually in
  Debian. And since this is still the first Debian release of the version
  0.3.7, the version number should be 0.3.7-1.

> How will you test its correctness?

At the end, I usually just upload it once it looks fine for me :-)
This may however require some iterations...

You can setup a schroot for the CI test testing, but this seems too much
work for that purpose.

Best regards


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