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Re: Request for Rawtran packaging review

Hi Ole,

many thanks you for your tips.

I added both kinds (build and CI) of the tests. Now, 
I see that the idea wasn't so good because there are 
no small CR2 files due to the race of manufacturers 
about mega-pixels.

I've problem with interaction of uscan and my 
ftp (vsftpd). The list of files (uscan --debug) 
is sometimes empty with no reason. This is the
problem reported also on QA pages.

Please, check the latest changes.

Thank you very much.
F. Hroch      e-mail, jabber: hroch@physics.muni.cz, tel.: +420549494470
Dept. of theor. physics and astrophysics, MU Brno, Kotlarska 2,CZ-611 37

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