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Bug#818376: ITP: libcds-astro-java -- CDS Astronomical Units conversions

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package: wnpp
Owner: Paul Sladen <debian@paul.sladen.org>
Severity: Wishlist

* Package Name:         libcds-astro-java
* Version:              1.2
* Upstream Author:      François Ochsenbein, Strasbourg astronomical Data Center (CDS)
* URL:                  http://cds.u-strasbg.fr/resources/doku.php?id=units
* Programming Language: Java
* License:              Educational-use only (non-free)
* Description:          Java-based library for units conversion in the astronomical Virtual Observatory

CDS Astro is a units conversion library that provides library
functionality under the 'cds.astro' namespace.  It is one of the
dependencies of the Aladin Virtual Observatory (VO) client; see:

The library was written by the Strasbourg astronomical Data Center
(CDS) and source code is made available by CDS as a zip file from:


(This states it is from November 2006, but contains files modified in
February 2007).

This package is one of the dependencies for the CDS Aladin package,
see: 'vo-aladin', ITP: #818373.

At present the read me information on the homepage at:


contains a link to:


which includes restrictions on use, only allowing for:

  "the reproduction and representation as a private copy or for
  educational and research purposes outside any lucrative use" /

  "la reproduction et la representation a titre de copie privee ou
  des fins d'enseignement et de recherche et en dehors de toute
  utilisation lucrative"

This is incompatible with the GPLv3 licence under which the rest of
Aladin is already published and distributed.  Contact has been made
with the authors in the of gaining a clear confirmation of GPLv3

This would need to be done prior to acceptance of Aladin and its
dependencies into Debian.
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