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Re: Tycho-2, star catalogs in Debian, and the stardata-common policy

Hi Noel,

Am 25.09.2015 um 16:52 schrieb Noel Torres:
> I would be interested in taking back the task of packaging for KStars.
> I abandoned it due to the amount of time spent in discussions about
> the License. Let's see the best way to have the smallest footprint in
> the Archive and in bandwith. Count on me! Noel er Envite 

Please have a look at the git repository


If you are/become a member of debian-astro on alioth, the best would be
to directly submit your patches to the repository. Otherwise, you could
send them to me and I would incorporate them. My original plan was to
upload the package next week or so (if this discussion doesn't give a
better package structure), but I will delay it until you added your code

Best regards


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