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Astropy Affiliated Packages tutorial


to make it easier to start packaging Astropy Affiliated Packages, I
collected all the needed information from various sources and wrote a
step-by-step tutorial, which can be found on the Debian Wiki:


The tutorial takes wcsaxes as an example. The affiliated packages are
all quite similar in their structure, so it is quite easy to create a
Debian package for your favourite package.

So far, we have packages for astroquery and wcsaxes ready, and glueviz
is in preparation. Packaging for sncosmo and astroml was started, but
can be taken over.

I also would like to remind that we will have a packaging workshop on
our Sprint meeting in Heidelberg (Aug 14), where everyone is welcome.


In case of questions regarding packaging, please contact me, or write to
our mailing list <debian-astro@lists.debian.org>.

Best regards


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