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Astropy affiliated packages for Debian


I am the maintainer of the python-astropy package for Debian (which is
also used by Ubuntu, Mint, and other derivatives).

Since astropy is gaining speed, and more and more affiliated packages
are developed, it would be nice to get this infrastructure packaged into
the distribution. For this, we are looking for volunteers that package
one or the other affiliated package. A list of most-wished packages
would also help here :-)

If you are interested, please contact me, either directly, or through
the Debian Astronomy Mailing list <debian-astro@lists.debian.org>. We
will help you in the packaging process and try to answer all the
questions that may occure. Newcomers are especially welcome.

Generally, it would be nice to keep some common structure of affiliated
packages between different Linux distributions. I don't know about any
actual problem here, but if there are, we should discuss them as well.

Best regards


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