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Re: casacore-data

On 23-06-14 15:34, Оlе Ѕtrеісhеr wrote:
> Hi Gijs, Benda,
> I still don't see why this is a big problem yet. What I have seen is
> that the only thing that is changed are the leap seconds and the
> geomagnetic field. Leap seconds come every 1-2 years or so and are well
> known before, and the geomagnetic field data seem to be updated (from
> the differences in the time stamp) every few months (twice a year or
> so).

Hi Ole,

Sorry for the delayed response. Probably you are right. Also since now
people are installing the data once and often don't update, it doesn't
seem to matter that much.

It has been told to me that the data requires regular updates, why
exactly I never questioned.


 - gijs

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