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Re: Bug#753620: wishlist: idl/gdl-written software

Hi Axel, hi All,

Thanks for quick reply.

On 04/07/14 00:32, Axel Beckert wrote:
While the gnudatalanguage package is their main dependency, this is
actually nothing we can fix in the gnudatalanguage Debian package

Bascially for each software you listed, there should be an RFP (need
to be filed against the pseudo-package "wnpp", neither without package
attribution nor attributed to the gnudatalanguage package).

I've already reassigned the GSHHS stuff to the wnpp pseudo-package.

I can reassign and clone this bug report for each of these programs,
but you will likely need to add some more details (licenses, etc.)
afterwards to make the proper RFPs.

Alternatively you can write new RFP bug reports (against the wnpp
pseudo package) on your own and I'll close this one afterwards. If you
are on Debian you can use the command "reportbug wnpp" to get assisted
filing of the RFP bug reports. (Not sure if that works on Ubuntu, too.)

I'll of course do the resubmission myself. Although I did not recall the "wnpp" tag yesterday, I had intentionally linked this discussion with gdl package - perhaps before starting submitting multiple RFPs we can discuss some issues here?

- where to place the IDL/GDL-written software in the system
- how to inform GDL package about their location?
- how to make these packages usable for IDL / PV-WAVE users?
- how to name these packages?
- should idlastro be splitted into multiple subpackages?
- should idlastro become a dependency of gdl?
- can you guys from the debian-astro team maintain these packages?
- what other IDL/GDL-written software is of interest?

Looking forward to hearing your comments,


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