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Re: casacore-data

On 23-06-14 11:33, heroxbd@gentoo.org wrote:
> Gijs Molenaar <gijs@pythonic.nl> writes:
>> For now I prefer to leave our organisational setup as is, since we can
>> easily install casacore and the data by just adding the launchpad PPA
>> to a system.
> Understood, the present setup on PPA just works.
>> Also I don't really see a proper solution to the problematic
>> casacore-data package that needs some sort of supervised upgrading at
>> regular intervals. But nobody at astron is able to give a sane answer
>> to what and how. I tried, I really tried to get this information but I
>> have other things to do also.
> How about storing the md5sum of casacore-data tarball as a meta-version
> tracer? Git revision are sha1sum after all.

I don't think that works much better than just date based versioning.
I'm not 100% sure what the update script does, but most of the action is
in FTP'in to FTP servers around the world and downloading all kind of
data files. I think a date based versioning schema is better, since then
you can see how old the data is :)

But other problems are:

 * how do we test if the data is valid?
 * What do we do if some of the data is missing or corrupted?
 * How can we be sure the data retrieved from all the FTP servers is up
   to date?
 * What do we do when the data is not valid?


 - Gijs

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