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Re: Taking over the packaging

Hi Benda,

For now I prefer to leave our organisational setup as is, since we can
easily install casacore and the data by just adding the launchpad PPA to
a system.

Also I don't really see a proper solution to the problematic
casacore-data package that needs some sort of supervised upgrading at
regular intervals. But nobody at astron is able to give a sane answer to
what and how. I tried, I really tried to get this information but I have
other things to do also.


 - Gijs

On 22-06-14 10:18, heroxbd@gentoo.org wrote:
> Hey Gijs,
> Gijs Molenaar <gijs@pythonic.nl> writes:
>>>> you can give me access to your maintenance tree, but I don't know if
>>>> I'll do much - since we already have our solution for the short term.
>>> Alright, so I won't give you the access this time. Ole and I was
>>> discussing about moving the packaging repo back to alioth. You are
>>> welcomed to join at that time. It'll happen within a month.
> I have moved to casacore pkg repo under the umbrella of debian-astro
> project.
>   https://alioth.debian.org/projects/debian-astro/
> I see you are already in the member list, so access granted.
> Would you like to merge the repos into it also?
> https://github.com/ska-sa/casacore-debian could mostly be
> superseded by Ole's finer partition of sub-packages, IMHO.
> For https://github.com/ska-sa/casacore-data-debian,
>>>> One of the problems is the measures data package, which I name
>>>> casacore-data. There doesn't seem to be a central place where this data
>>>> is available in a consistent and versioned way. What we do now is just
>>>> update the package manually from time to time. I'm curious what your
>>>> approach is for tacking this problem.
>>> I am also worried about this piece of data. And what license is it?
>>> (hey, is it really LGPL?[2])I couldn't find any statements in the
>>> tarball. For packaging we may provide a script for the users to download
>>> by themselves, like how we dealt with the proprietary drivers in Debian.
>> I’m not sure, but I believe I asked it and they said that. But I can’t
>> find the email.
> So let's pack it LGPL and put it into debian-astro, too?
>>> Another problem is that casacore needs to use this piece of data for its
>>> unittests, which is suspected to fail from the updates of measures
>>> data[1]. I have no idea right now.
>> I prefer the packaged solution, I don’t trust the astron FTP
>> server. I’ve been in contact with the maintainers of the tarball, but
>> that discussion got sort of stuck also. They can’t really promis much.
>> I think it is important that there is a good and trusted measures_data
>> archive somewhere, always, but that seems to be quite difficult.
> No problem. Once we get it packaged, the world will mirror it for us :)
> PS, casacore-1.7 gets release, and 2.0 soon
>   http://code.google.com/p/casacore/issues/detail?id=58#c5
> Cheers,
> Benda

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