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Re: Taking over the packaging

Hey Gijs,

Gijs Molenaar <gijs@pythonic.nl> writes:

> Benda, I don't know if you know but I'm maintaining Ubuntu packages for
> casacore also here:
> https://launchpad.net/~ska-sa/+archive/main
> https://github.com/ska-sa/casacore-debian
> https://github.com/ska-sa/casacore-data-debian

No I didn't. Thank you for pointing this out. When I was browsing the
ppa, I am quite amazed by the packages there.

> you can give me access to your maintenance tree, but I don't know if
> I'll do much - since we already have our solution for the short term.

Alright, so I won't give you the access this time. Ole and I was
discussing about moving the packaging repo back to alioth. You are
welcomed to join at that time. It'll happen within a month.

> But I'm all ears for an approach where we are not duplicating effort.

Me too. Seems that you have already done a lot. Thumb up :D

> the last couple of months I've been trying to streamline various
> processes and trying to understand who is responsible for what. I sort
> of got stuck since everybody seems to be just too busy with other stuff,
> including myself.

Ha, this is the most difficult part of the job. Let's find a way to do
it incrementally.

> One of the problems is the measures data package, which I name
> casacore-data. There doesn't seem to be a central place where this data
> is available in a consistent and versioned way. What we do now is just
> update the package manually from time to time. I'm curious what your
> approach is for tacking this problem.

I am also worried about this piece of data. And what license is it?
(hey, is it really LGPL?[2])I couldn't find any statements in the
tarball. For packaging we may provide a script for the users to download
by themselves, like how we dealt with the proprietary drivers in Debian.

Another problem is that casacore needs to use this piece of data for its
unittests, which is suspected to fail from the updates of measures
data[1]. I have no idea right now.


1. http://code.google.com/p/casacore/issues/detail?id=67
2. https://github.com/ska-sa/casacore-data-debian/blob/trusty/copyright

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