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Re: Bug#1018076: mini-transition: gjs built against mozjs102

Control: retitle -1 mini-transition: gjs built against mozjs102
Control: unblock -1 by 1018819
Control: tags -1 = pending

On Thu, 25 Aug 2022 at 11:19:30 +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
> I think we need to be looking at the possibility of doing
> architecture-specific removals of gjs and dependent packages from armel.

We were able to get mozjs102_102.3.0-1 compiling and passing most of
its test suite on armel and all other release architectures (thanks
to Adrian Bunk and Mike Hommey for providing the necessary patches),
and gjs_1.74.0-2 has built successfully against it on all release
architectures and is also passing tests, so I'm now hoping we can keep
the full GNOME 43 family of packages on armel for Debian 12.

If these versions reach testing without incident, which should happen
next week if all goes well, then no release team action will be required,
and the only remaining cleanup before closing this bug will be to remove
mozjs91 from unstable (which I'm intentionally not doing until after
mozjs102 migrates).

I would still consider armel (among other architectures) to be "at risk"
for subsequent GNOME releases, but the next GNOME release (GNOME 44) will
be halfway through the Debian 12 freeze, so it isn't a concern for Debian
12 and will be something for the Debian 13 release process to deal with.


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