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Re: latency test results for armhf vs arm64?

On Saturday, 16 July 2022 18:19:31 CEST gene heskett wrote:
> > You said raspios which sure looks like raspian.  Raspian/Raspberry Pi
> > OS is armv6.  If you are running Debian armhf, then it is armv7 but it
> > would be a lot less confusing to call it Debian and not raspios in
> > that case.
> raspian/raspios is available in all 3 flavors.

Raspbian(.org) was created by Peter Green (plugwash) (and Mike Thompson who's 
name is still attached to raspbian(.org)'s GPG key, but otherwise moved on) 
precisely because the RPi 1 did not meet the armhf/armv7 qualifications that 
Debian uses.
The Raspberry Pi Foundation (RPF) started with (Debian's) armel (armv5) 
architecture, but that was slow and didn't optimally use the HW that was 
available on the RPi 1.

So Plugwash (and Mike) started a recompilation of the Debian archive which 
makes better use of the HW available in the RPi 1. Confusingly, they labeled 
it armhf, while it was and is NOT the same as Debian's armhf.
To add to the confusion, RPF called their OS also Raspbian :-/

AFAIK it's still Plugwash that runs the buildd which compiles the packages for 
Raspbian/RaspiOS, but those packages are now also mirrored on RPF servers/
archives. That is still ~armv6 (+hardfloat+sth IIRC).

The RPi 2 (and newer) can run Debian's armhf (armv7).

The RPi 3 and newer can also run arm64 and that is the same as Debian's.

I am *quite* sure RaspiOS is not available in normal/Debian's armhf, but only 
in their own armv6+ (but labeled armhf) and arm64.


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