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Re: latency test results for armhf vs arm64?

On Sat, Jul 16, 2022 at 08:41:07AM -0400, gene heskett wrote:
> I wish you would admit that the raspios I am running IS armhf (kernel7l)
> I've no clue where you got the impression it was v6. It is not.

You said raspios which sure looks like raspian.  Raspian/Raspberry Pi
OS is armv6.  If you are running Debian armhf, then it is armv7 but it
would be a lot less confusing to call it Debian and not raspios in
that case.

Doesn't matter what your kernel is.  What is your userspace you are
actually running?

> The card its running on right now is over 2 years old, zero problems,
> and has had all updates, including a daily update of linuxcnc from the
> the buildbot, or if the buildbot is down, my own scripts also building
> installable deb's. The secret is use a big enough card that it has enough
> room to do its maintenance. 64G card has around 15G's on it.

Backups once in a while of the card is still nice to have.

Len Sorensen

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