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Re: Trouble installing bullseye on Rock Pi 4 A

On 24.09.21 16:10, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On  the R-pi4B, its a bit bitchy, and you have to edit something to up 
> the signal swing before it works on the pi's. Since this too uses mali 
> video, I would not be surprised if it didn't need a boost too.

The weird thing is, until Thursday it was running a vanilla Debian
install flawlessly, I just wanted to re-image cleanly.

> This does look like an upward step in capabilities so I might be 
> interested in testing one.

If you mean the Rock Pi 4, I must say I do like it. It's compact, and
the optional heatsink + M.2 extension board fit together snugly. I'd
also add an RTC battery.

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