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Re: Trouble installing bullseye on Rock Pi 4 A

On Friday 24 September 2021 04:54:08 Christian Kastner wrote:

> Hi,
> For some reason, I'm not getting a signal via HDMI when running the
> bullseye installer from the prepared SD card images. I thought this
> might be a monitor issue, but booting a microSD card with the
> manufacturer's image shows that this is not the case.
> Any ideas what could be going on? There's an eMMC attached, but
> knowing that it might affect the boot process, I have zeroed it out.
> I'm doubtful that it's the installer. Yesterday, I finished an
> installation on a RockPro64, a similar platform, without issues.
> I'd attach a serial cable but the Rock Pi 4 requires on capable of
> 1.5Mbps and none of my cables are. I thought I'd ask here before
> purchasing one.
> Best,
> Christian

On  the R-pi4B, its a bit bitchy, and you have to edit something to up 
the signal swing before it works on the pi's. Since this too uses mali 
video, I would not be surprised if it didn't need a boost too.

But I can't tell you where to edit, everybody has to be different, and 
nobody has any for sale. My own experience with the earlier hardkernel 
(korean) version was nice running armbian but the spi didn't work and 
questions about it were ignored. Armbian also did not have a realtime 
preemptable kernel, a must for my application. I do have one for the 
pi3-4's, but I had to build it, no support from the foundation and then 
figure out how to install it. But it works well, with uptimes in months.
This does look like an upward step in capabilities so I might be 
interested in testing one.
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