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Re: Replacement for raspPi

On donderdag 9 september 2021 00:21:27 CEST Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:
> DRAT - I mistyped - the Rock64 and the RockPro64? - the Rock64 has 4G of
> memory and a good selection of I/O, 1G Ethernet and the potential for eMMC
> storage. The RockPro has even more.

I'd suggest going for the RockPro64 instead of the Rock64.
I have (several) Rock64's and several things don't work (as well) as one would 
expect. Hopefully some things can still be improved over time.
Things seem better on the HW side with the RockPro64 and it's more powerful.
Before buying f.e. some PCIe card, it's wise to first ask/check on the forum 
(f.e.) whether the device you want to buy will actually work properly. Several 
do, but not all of them.

And you likely also want to buy some cooling device/case for it.

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