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Replacement for raspPi


I've been following the recent thread  Subject: Re: Debian on Pine64

I'm looking for suggestions for a new SBC, please. Ideally something
more than 2M RAM. I see that a few a happy with Pine laptops. Does this
translate to their SBC?


I've just set up a new SDCard with raspberryOS. Set myself up as a
user, and set root passsword. When I sshfs to my laptop, the mount
point AND all subdirectories are owned exclusively buy user pi.  Not
even root has access.  So I'm out of raspberry as quick as possible.
I'm in the process of writing debian to a SDcard in the hope that that
will let me get on.
Some will recall the discussion around raspberry adding a MS repo to
sources.list last year.

All the best

Keith Bainbridge

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