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Re: Feedback from the community -> ARM

On 2021.06.13 00:53, Paul Wise wrote:
The Raspberry Pi 4 UEFI firmware has been an official EDK2
implementation for some time...

Hmm, then I don't understand the point of the rpi4-uefi.dev project
then. I guess it only exists because people don't want to compile
edk2-platforms themselves,

Yes. That is the point.

EDK2 did not have CI when we started integrating this work into it, and the popularity of the platform made it obvious that people would want pre-built version of the UEFI firmware that they can just drop on SD/USB and run.

Even at this stage, it is not clear whether EDK2 is planning to dedicate resources to have CI builds of platforms like the Raspberry Pi. So the folks that have been responsible for the development and integration of the UEFI firmware took matters in their own hands and created an independent RPi4 GitHub repo, which essentially exists to provide builds for end-users, as well as allow them to report issues with the firmware.



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