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Re: OT: Huge Right to Repair Win for Consumers

On 6/10/21 12:53 AM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 6/10/21 2:08 AM, Paul Wise wrote:
The report and its recommendations may provide a means
to pierce the veil of closed platforms, like closed-sourced firmware.

It seems unlikely to me that we will ever see a "Right to Repair" for
software, firmware or gateware.

So, why should laws protect the intellectual property of software companies
but not the IP of hardware companies?

What supporters euphemistically call a "right to repair" is in reality an
initiative against the right of companies to protect their intellectual


When you are bringing the question of property up, just ask yourself what happens when you buy an item. Who is the owner of the item you've just bought? Who decides from that point on how are you going to use the item? Is it you, or somebody else? Has your property been protected? Do you have any rights?


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