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Re: Debian on Apple M1 hardware

On Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 8:57 AM Pip Cet wrote:

> I'm using the kernel image provided at
> https://downloads.corellium.info/linuxnvme.macho.

I read that Corellium haven't participated in upstreaming Linux
support for the Apple M1 devices, so this is likely to be superseded
by the work Asahi Linux is doing within Linux mainline at some point.
More in the Hacker News discussion of the latest post from the Asahi
Linux folks about their progress bringing up Linux on M1 devices.


> So how do we proceed once a fully free kernel is available?

Once the Linux kernel changes are upstreamed, any needed config
options can be enabled in the Debian Linux kernel build. The same
process will be needed for u-boot, TianoCore or whichever bootloader
ends up being used. Then flash-kernel support can get added. Then the
d-i bits for M1 concatenated images can get added. There might need to
be some glue running on macOS in order to get d-i booted though given
the following item...

> apart from the non-free firmware required for some of the hardware.

As I understand it from the Asahi Linux post, a copy of the signed
iBoot2 blob appears to be needed on the boot partition in order to run
any alternatives to macOS.



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