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Re: bootcmd for buster on TS-209

* Luigi Bai <debian-arm@kandl.houston.tx.us> [2021-01-24 14:06]:
> I unfortunately migrated by Debian to buster before reading the notes
> for the QNAP. Now I have an initrd ~ 6M. I did move my /boot partition
> to a non-LVM partition, so I can skip adding LVM to my initrd. Even so,
> it's large, with the main culprits apparently libcrypto and libc.
> Is there a way I can put the initrd into any extra unused NVRAM? I saw
> an email about RootFS2

RootFS2 is only 1 MB on TS-x09, so that (4+1=5) is still less than the
6 MB of your initrd.

Martin Michlmayr

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